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Using Gelatos on Clay

So this is actually done for right now, so we're going to just kind of put it off to the side and through the magic we have finished would uh paper clay piece is what we're going to tokyo is grab our clear jess oh, and basically prep all of these with just a nice thin layer of clear just because again what that does is it perhaps the surface and because these are porous and they're not prepped, anything we put on is just going to get sucked right in there, so we're just going to take a little bit of our clear, jeff so and I'm going to just lose this right now, um and just add that to the pieces to just give him a good layer to start with. So we're going tio ad are clear, jess oh, to our paper clay pieces and then just hit him real quick with the with the heat tool with a gun and that just gives us a really nice surface toe work on we left the clay pieces sitting out for what, five, ten, fifteen minutes is that right? Yeah so they're not actually drive these air some that I brought that...

were already pre pre dine because the ones that we've molded here will probably be another twenty four hours air drying because they're so thick um so we've got that cooking show magic of you put the cake in and magically open the other oven and king comes out while I uh so we've got boats that we pre made and some moons and things like that that were already done ahead of time because it does take a while for the paper clay to just dry, especially when it's a little bit of a thinker, a thicker piece so and that's why sometimes my patients runs out and I cheat and use the oven even though I don't have to it was funny my kids that I was making cookies one day when they came home because they saw cookie sheets out stuff and they got all excited like no, I'm just making a whole bunch of paper clay pieces wasn't nearly as exciting for them is what they had hoped was waiting on the other side. There were no chocolate chip cookies in the oven that day, just a bunch of owls and boats and moons that did not taste the way that they had hoped and that's all I do, I just put them actually like on a baking sheet, but I use parchment paper so they don't stick the same way if you were baking cookies or something like that just so that it comes off of the tray easy without any damage okay, so I got that done I'm gonna keep on these down and while you're doing that I have a question from kath holding uh or kathy hold him. Wait, I want to get anybody's name wrong cathy trying to be a purist at the time I deck a podge address form with tauron pages from book with beautiful handwritten text I always regret not having photocopied the pages rather tio uses now those pages are gone forever. Stephanie do you ever photocopy vintage papers deeds rather than dekel podge the originals? If it's something that I really love then yes, I will do that. We talked about that earlier with the photos and stuff but if there's a vintage something that I really like an image or something from one of the pages I will scan it into my computer before I do anything with it. Um and then I decide do I actually just want to print it out or do I want tio go ahead and use it? But then I have the image for later otherwise so it's just one of those things where I like to keep copies of that stuff and then kind of decide is it worth using the original or my better off putting out a copy? So I will do that? Because sometimes stops just so pretty do hate uh to do something and regret it later but I'm also the person who deck apologized the walls of my craft room with vintage papers and sewing patterns and my sewing look is like sewing patterns. We it's my furnace room and the there was sheet rock up in there when I got the room when we moved in your house and I thought, I don't want to mess with muddying and taping and painting and all this deck composite I probably would have been faster if I had done the muddying in the taping in the painting that it was the deck a posh everything, but it was lots of fun. Okay, so once these air dry yeah, because we're gonna put the gelato is over the top of it. So it's really just to make that base so the lotto's don't just get sucked right into the paper, clay okay, we're going to do that and now I'm going to grab my water pen. You need to get some water for it. Let me let me do that. Oh, this is my this is mine from home. You can tell by the cap because it's completely disgusting. This is the new one and I think it still has water in it. Fun and teaching classes, new supplies coming to open him up that's all that's, right that's what that looks like when you get it new mine don't look like that anymore, okay, so I'm going to basically start working with the gelato is you guys have those pallets so that's going to be the best way for you guys to start sharing the colors and really going to start filling up those pallets with all the colors and swap stuff around I'm going to do with the way that I do it at home which is I grabbed the gelato I turn it I get a little bit of water usually I use my hand a lot as a pallet which is probably really the wrong thing to dio that's just how I am and I'll just get water on here I'll go on to the gelato itself and just lift the color right off of the gelato kind of like you what if you were using water color paints you just go right into that paint color and off you go that's how I roll with this stuff I'm doing it wrong to the folks of fabric castelen very sorry this is just my my way of doing it so I'm going to take you know what before we do this I'm going to show you that one little trick I talked about because I do have a little bit of extra so there's a little bit of extra right here on the edge of my owl and you can just take the sandpaper that we had and that will just come right off so if you notice that and you don't like it I want to show you this before we started painting you khun just sand that off and give it a little bit more of a smooth finished look sometimes I'll do that some personal this leave it's I just think it adds another little bit of character to the peace but the nice thing is it just it literally just comes right off so a simple nail file works fantastic for this it does make a bit of a mess so do it not over your pains now I did half of it I feel like I have to finish it so I can't leave it half undone all right and then from the back you just kind of take off any little bits that air hanging there okay so you put it back down we'll try this again I've got my jaw lotto's on here and I'm just going to start going in and adding color to my little owl and this really starts to be that creative process of the colors that you're using and what you like and just playing and having fun I'm I'm not kid that probably would have you know I never colored things the color their spokes to being so I think my owl should be purple and pink and all sorts of fun bright colors so that's what my I was gonna be so I'm just going to take and add that color in thank you and now it's just playing paint again I just the vibrancy and the color from the gelato zits for those of you who have never used them before they're kind of like if a cran and watercolors had a baby you would get jill otto's and it's every time I say everybody expects I'm talking about some start salted caramel yummy nous which nine out of ten times I'm actually talking about salted caramel yam penis but today we're talking about um these lovely art paint sticks from fabric estelle and they're just they're really nice because there portable they look like chopsticks almost and they just come in all these great colors and you could do so I mean what we're doing with them is so minimal compared to what you can do with them um but the color that they give off is just extremely rich and wonderful if you wanted to at home if you didn't have these and you're working long and you've got people clear you can use acrylic paint you know you can use water color if you want as long as you like I said prepped the surface you'll be fine but I what are some of the differences with using water color versus the jessica gelato I'm sorry the july does it's just a different product so you're going to get this to me you get a much darker by weren't color a lot faster than you do with watercolor you've really kind of gotta build especially if you're using like I'm not I'm not a watercolor artist, so I don't use the liquids um that are extremely expensive and you probably get a much richer color with those that I know you did you get a much richer color with those than you do with the little the little box that you know you had in school? Um but I just I like these from the standpoint of the other versatility that you have with them tio there there's a vaccine is to them when you use them without the water and things they're just a nice versatility with them that I really I really like ok take the longest on the owl because I just want him to have a lot of character means purple feathers on his head and what I really like to about the paper clay's once it's done your piece will have some natural cracks and little groups and things and it's just it doesn't look cookie cutter necessarily there's some character and things to it that it's just a lot of fun okay, we got the purple done I want to go through an ad in a little bit of other color. The other thing with the jola does is the colors next really well together so you can blend and mix your colors and get some really fun alternative results that was running a little bit yeah, a little too much water and there will just spread it out it'll be fine and just curious we have joni I was wondering how would you prepare the surface if you were using water colors just out of curiosity city? I would do that I would do it clear they're clear just or a white just so depending on what you got. I like the clear just because of what we're using the white that we have is very smooth and I like this because the clear has got a little bit of grit to its what grips that even better? I think so I would still just prep with like, a clear just so for using regular water colors and I've done that I've done that at home too, so and it works it works just fine I would probably do two coats of the clear just sel though just to be extra cautious for the best adhesion of the of the pain because without it sometimes what happens? Is it with what the paper clay it's either going to get completely probably get really sucked in there but on other surfaces if you don't prep it, it'll pool and do things like that so I always like to have that protective layer of just so to really prepped the space we'll finish this guy up and then we'll get the rest of our her piece is done again, you guys were tuning in to paint drink today but that's ok? And I really would feel if I was doing a natural art because hot pink and orange and purple or not the colors find the nature on an owl but I like it how are you guys doing out there very quiet you can tell everybody's focused the other thing is you can use these bright colors and then what we'll do is I'll show you how to go back in and use like a brown or a darker color to kind of just to stress it a little bit and that also helps to bring out some of the cracks in the creases in it and just give it a bit of a more antique vintage look rather than this being the stark bright colors on your owl everybody is whispering in studio and I hope that later on and I get to see what everybody if you're working along at home it's always fun for me to see what you guys were doing too and how you take the concepts and make him your own I love that because I am that person who will teach classes and I just want to I want to learn as much as I can while I'm there so it's fun to see how other people play an experiment in what they dio with what we're working on so be sure to share that on instagram and if you guys don't follow creative live on instagram you should and at them and then all be able to see it all ok, I feel like the owl takes the longest to complete so of course I started with the hardest on the longest piece here but one of our viewers is wondering if there's another name for paper clay that you know um some air dry clay's just go buy some paper claims just go by air dry clay but I usually find it and it's labeled as paper clay and ours that we have here is actually got that on the on the label as paper clay so typically you will be labeled that way there's other air dry cleaners you could try I just really like um how this one reacts to all the stuff they do to it so there's lots of different types out there that you can use um but this just happens to be the one that I like tio to use the most so but it should be labeled paper clay when you buy it would you suggest possibly there's obviously homemade paper clay use flour, glue and so forth is that something that we cannot project gives me yeah if you wanted to go for it I just I like consistency I'm all for if you've got a recipe in you want to try making your own go for it I just do enough of the work that ideal, but I tend to use the stuff that's premade just from the standpoint that the consistency is always there and I know what I'm getting every time I buy it where if I make it myself the humidity I live in a very you know it threw their super dry in the winter because we're running the heat or it's really humid in the summer, and so when I do homemade stuff, sometimes I lose some of the consistency that I get with a premade store by product, so I tend to try to stick more towards that and again, there's just that point where if you're doing it a lot and you're just wanting a different result, the store bought stuff just sometimes just gives you a better result, but I am all for giving it a world and trying to make your own and use that as well. So feel free and actually I want that recipe cause I want to try it so and we have another question here does go wash work for this I have I have never worked with it. I want to it's one of those things I really want to try, but I have never actually worked with that I don't know if anybody here has it can answer that anybody else, they're used it very similar to watercolors I'm a little bit heavier has more substance to it but it's also water based so I would think it would work so there you go thank you cappie this's when I go I haven't used it for fun thing about are in mixed media there's just so many options out there that you can try and do in play web so always more to explore again you hope I want to put my well off to the side I'm going to do my vote quick and my moon for the moon what I did wass when I did the first time and I kind of like this I'm gonna do it again because I just used a really really pale yellow and then while it was still what I mixed in some silver to give it kind of this nice shimmery feel and it was just a really light subtle treatment to the piece to just make it feel light fun a little magical I guess I have a new niece was only a few weeks old and I was kind of I had her on my mind because she was coming when I was making this and I had that I had her in mind and I had my word for the year in mind and then somehow I ended up with hey diddle diddle second my head and it turned into this whole dreamy moons and boats and and things and now that she's here one of these will be in for a room because she kind of inspired the whole thing her name's fern she was just a little nugget okay, so I'm gonna add in my silver and they do the metallics in this are great because they make they're just it's a great little shimmer and shine that you get with it that I just love the only thing is it just get puts a little bit of movement and depth into it instead of keeping it kind of this flat little moon do that that the silent dry and then I'm just going to my boat and my part boat looks like it's been seen better days that's okay it's a rough little boat that's all right, once we get things done and dried I will we'll get those pieces that I'll show you guys how to do some distressing on your owl if you want and then we'll get them attached to our peace here in a bit after they're completely dry and I know we mentioned using the oven as a way to dry as well one of our viewers wondering how long do you put the claim the oven to make it dry faster if it's at two hundred let's say I depends on how thick it is so if that's a really, really thick piece because like the the other owl that this owl is pretty thick and the other owl is definitely ah thicker piece I let those stay in there for a few hours but I did check on make sure like it wasn't cracking or anything like that um released not too much so I would say you know, a few hours if you're okay with that um the main thing for me it was just to get a nice dry heat going and then you can let it sit too, but if you really want to speed it up, you can leave it in there for I have left pieces in there for three or four hours before, um to try to just really speed it up because I was overly anxious toe toe work. So, um your best bet is to kind of that's one thing I'm not good at because I don't always plan ahead on what I want to make and if you can your best bets trying to make the clay pieces a day ahead so that you don't have to do that, but I never do that make it halfway through a project like, oh cute little clay something would be great right here and then I stop all I'm doing and build it and throw it in the oven quick so it's just a matter of being a little bit more prepared than I usually am, but three or four hours I've done I've done up to five I think and I haven't had an issue but if it's then you shouldn't really need toe to do that and the other thing is if it's a flatter piece like the moon's usually I bake it for a little while and then turn him over kind of like you would if you were actually baking something um depending on what it is and that way I get the heat kind of distributed all throughout so and you'll start to see the spots where it's dry versus where it's not and you can really kind of from a color perspective and a textural perspective you could tell the difference so you'll know whether or not it's drying or not there's a color I want him that seeing it so I'm gonna go wander over here and snag it from the girls that one right there feeling there's is just rebecca she always has exactly what I need when I need it I'll cheat believe though in all this because you can do this too if you had didn't weren't here yesterday we the only thing you could do is color this straight on and then just spread it out with um a water pen you can use a baby wipe all those kinds of things and just like lift your color, spread your color and just play so I'll do that so she could have it right back since she's actually using it for her moon right now I don't want to steal it completely ok? I think I just love him they really need it's like a grownup cran at some level and I just I love I love me a good we talked about this a little bit, but I love a good ninety six pack of trail is like a five year old going to kindergarten would but um there's there's something about these there's just like the grown up version I'm sure everyone in fabric astellas cringing right now because I just called it a grownup cran but kind of in my mind that's what it is ok, so I've got the inside of my boat done so my dry it quickly e I love looking over there into single the colors coming together now it's fun to watch it evolve and the pieces come together and everything else my sad little beat up boats is done and to just add some distressed tio my owl so it's not quite so bright most likely to take the brown gelato and just kind of rub it around the edges of my piece and don't worry if you're looking at this going it's going to be so there because it won't be well take a baby wipe, which is my second favorite crafting tool and just remove a little bit of it and kind of spread it around and it just it really gets down into some of those grooves and just accents some of the detail you have in the piece you really wanted to you could do this with an oil pasto as well um you've got well not staying or walnut thank you could do it that way there's lots of options but we have jill otto's and so we're going to do with the jewel ottaway sounds like a scientific method were doing the gelato method today it's really not scientific at all but it sounds good ok, so now me little owl looks like he's been in the woods for a while you just have to be careful if you're doing this at home the it will take off some of the color if you push too hard so just be aware of that and if you're not thrilled with how it turned out, then you can always go back in and add from color back in but it does a really nice job of distressing the piece of making it feel a little bit more authentically vintage I took a little too much off of his eyes so he lost his pupil so we'll have to put that back in but otherwise and really like and how it turned out I mean wish I knew this users actual user name says they're five real just sat next to them and is enjoying watching it with a lot of ways like we're out of cran thanks the nice thing is what these u you khun do just basic coloring techniques but when you once you add the water and all the other things you just really conduce um cool some cool stuff you can use your cradle the water set to watercolor set to and have just a cz much fine I love hearing that the kids are watching because my son my nine year old is very much my kid and not that my older one isn't too but my younger ones just really into all this stuff and he was so sad because he's like I want to be ableto watch you make art with you I said we'll figure out a way that until he has his own spot in my room where he sits he's got his own chair and then he's got his own little art room so somehow he's take out his owns by like in our basement like in the nice part of basement, not the furnace room like the part that has carpet and painted walls and things he's gotta like little art area and then he's got an art table in his room and he's taking over part of my craft room so I think that he actually has more space in the house and I know which is sad but because you know you're the parent you're like oh look how cute it is you just hang everything and let him go. So so I like it's fun to hear that the kids get to watch, too.

Class Description

Three-dimensional art has so much character, but it can be logistically difficult to create and quickly become heavy and burdensome to handle. In 3D Mixed Media Art Displays, Stephenie Hamen will teach reliable techniques you can use to create pieces that are as structurally sound as they are beautiful.

This class will solve the mystery around how to create and recreate collage parts and pieces in a lightweight form, while keeping things interesting and detailed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a mold to produce additional parts
  • Use paper clay to make additions to your artwork
  • Incorporate found objects and ephemera

You’ll learn what materials work well together and what types of adhesive work best for securely adhering them. Stephenie will inspire you to explore and experiment, while making pieces that are fun and dimensional.

If you are ready to freshen up your work, need a boost of inspiration, or just a little guidance on the logistics – 3D Mixed Media Art Displays is the class for you.