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Bonus Video: Coaching 101 - A Reverse Perspective

Hi, my name is eric all miss I'm going to do a little segment on coaching one of one a reverse perspective I saw a coach for years and it was tremendously helpful for me and one of the things that he started out with was what he called a reverse perspective he asked me to write down the list or what I wanted to be and what I wanted to have and everything that was around me three years forward. Now this is fairly classic and coaching that's why I call it coaching one on one but the reverse perspective is so much more powerful. A few weeks later, he said you might have seen this comin, but what we need you to do is to imagine yourself being in that place that you described having all those things that you want being creatively in that place and suddenly as you sit there and you talk about and feel the things that's around you you describe how you got there suddenly you're in that space that you want to be, you feel it, you sense it and then you start telling yourself how you got there? O...

h yeah, it was easy I met that in that person I did that in that picture and suddenly it all start to unravel and ask you talk about this to yourself as you write it down, you don't get a way to get there it seems so overwhelming and you're at the bottom looking up oh my god I can't meet that person oh my god I can't get that picture of my god I can't do this and can't without there's too many roadblocks that if you put yourself in that mindset where it's already done and you start telling yourself how you got there suddenly created rolled up for yourself on how to get to that place where you shoot for the people you want to shoot no you do the campaigns that you want to do we have the monetary stuff that you want you have the personal things that you wanted all that stuff start to make sense so they action items in this that I want you to do would be to put yourself in a quiet place and write down your ideal life no restrictions whatsoever the monetary restriction no creative restriction nothing is inhibiting you from creating your ideal life on paper then you write that down I want you to put it away for a few weeks and then come back to it again put yourself in a quiet place and in that you imagine the stuff that you written down you see it in front of you you sense it the place you live, the people you're with the coins that you have, the people who shoot for and of course the money that you make doing what you love the third action item in this would be to tell yourself the story of how you got to that place, and this is very this reverse psychology. Come in it's, so much easier to tell a story of how you got somewhere rather than imagining from the bottom up. So you write that down and this list the lead to the fourth action item, which might be the hardest one, and that is to commit to it to really get within yourself and say these other things that I told myself. But I need to do to get to where I want to be now. Commitment. This may be the biggest thing, and one of my favorite words his tenacity, tenacity and compass is all these things that deals with reaching your goals and staying with it and holding yourself to in some ways now, the way I do that it's on my phone here it says to do and I four items on there that I remind myself of every day, every time I turn on this phone every time I look at it. But I want to do and accomplish so that I sign off for the reverse psychology coaching one a one.

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In this 90-minute workshop, Erik will navigate your path through the world of advertising photography — what it takes to get there, both in terms of photographic work and vision and the marketing behind it. Erik will offer tools to craft a unique portfolio based on your vision and show you how to build a marketing plan to reach your ideal commercial clients.


a Creativelive Student

This was a good overview. I liked his recommendations for finding your style, creating your portfolio and marketing to others.

Chris Johnson

This is exactly what i needed! currently watching and receiving Gems!!