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Intro from Jason

Lesson 1 from: A Complete Guide to Color in Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Intro from Jason

Lesson Info

Intro from Jason

Hi, I'm Jason, and I'm here to show you color and illustrator. Whether you're a seasoned user or just a beginner, an illustrator, we're gonna walk you through all the different aspects and all the different features that illustrator has to offer on color. Starting off with the swatches panel. How to understand the swatches panel. Create your own swatches. Go into the color picker to pick colors using hue, saturation, brightness, RGB or C N y que. Then we get into the color panel where we can explore color even further. So depending on whether you're creating something for a website or a logo or a graphic or for film or mobile, we're gonna talk about the different types of color modes and how we adjust for those and how we build color swatches to fit our artwork. Then we're going to go on to more intriguing things, like the Adobe color themes panel on how you can research themes and how you can edit those themes as well as going into the Adobe color Guide panel. And the guide allows you...

to go through and mixed colors differently and see different versions of those colors. We even get you to go online to colored adobe com where we can do even mawr exploration. We can edit colors their online, and we can also upload images to sample colors from those images as well. A sample colors to make greedy INTs from those images, saving that to our creative Cloud library. We talk about libraries on how we can store colors for use in illustrator or using these same colors that we've chosen to use them another adobe applications and also share them with our friends and co workers or anybody else that may be working on this project with us. We'll also show you how to explore colors from different types of color themes, using the adobe color commas well, moving on to other interesting things like radiance. We show you how to make an edit. Grady INTs and create some very interesting techniques and looks with these type of Grady INTs. I'm also going to show you best practices for being able to build your own palettes of color. But also talk about accessibility and accessibility is something that's really important these days to make sure that the artwork that you build is going to be accessible and compliant. We also get into more technical things like blend modes and opacity and not to leave the print people out. We're also gonna talk about spot colors and how those work as well. So this pretty much covers the entire gamut of color and illustrator from the simple to the very interesting complex and also probably answer a lot of questions that you may have on why certain things work the way they dio and illustrator. And this will also help to expand the color that we create an illustrator beyond just illustrator by being able to put these into our libraries and share them beyond. So come along with me. We're gonna have a great journey of color here, and I hope you enjoy it.

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