A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager

Lesson 5/8 - Advanced Ad Creation


A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager


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Advanced Ad Creation

Then there is an advanced ad creation. So if you're more familiar with how ad sets work, and then ads within ad sets, that option would be for you. Because here, the process is a little bit different. You start with an objective. It's not, like if you see in the simplified version, you just go straight to the ad, and then you select the type of ad and all that. Here, you choose what you want to do first. Then you create ads sets, and then you create ads. And this is how the flow looks like. That's what we looked at the top. And then these are the five objectives that SnapChat ad can deliver. It can drive traffic to your website, so that was available with the previous ad as well. Drive app installs. You can re-engage your app users, which is really good if your product is an app and someone has not been using it for a while. You can drive video views, again this was available with the previous, simplified process. And grow awareness of your brand or of your product. So once you have se...

lected the objective, again it's very similar so you're not gonna get lost because they are serving you one screen and it's really easy. You add your company name, start and end, daily spending and lifetime spending. And these are the features that SnapChat added recently, for example, before you couldn't select a lifetime cap. But you see how it is slightly backwards? Because they want you to start with an objective. And then overview of campaign, and then you go to the targeting. So, for example, I've selected Web View, and then you can see the ad sets over there, and then you can choose whether you place your ads anywhere on SnapChat, or in one of those four categories. So you can actually control where you're appearing. And again, as the next step, you're taken to the place when you can control which audiences see your ad, and it's very similar, like similar design, but the difference is that, with the simple ad creation, you could choose the characteristics of the target audience and just go with it. Here, it's more advanced, so if you want to create a look alike audience, for example, you can do that. So if you have a list of customers that are your active customers, you can create an audience and run ads on SnapChat specifically for that audience. So, custom audiences are possible to create. And then here, you can also choose whether people are on Android or iOS. Device makers, you can see connection types, it's really getting granular, so if you know, again if you're promoting an Android app and it's only available on Android, or you have Android and iPhone app but you have to create different audiences, and select this to serve the right ad to the right person. And again, like bid and goal, this is fairly simple, and then you go and build your ads. So what we saw here, and before, those were ad sets, and now you're coming to creating an ad. And that's where you can change your, and test your headline, your call to action, your visual, or your creative. So the ads are different and you test for the performance of the ad within the ad sets. So ad sets can be targeting a very specific audience. Ads are targeting elements of your ad. And you run the ads and you see which ad is performing better within that ad set. Does it make sense? Okay. Especially if you have created ads, again, on Facebook before you know how that works. Again, you add all the information and then you see how your ads are queuing up.

Class Description

Snapchat is unique. Snapchat is complex. And until recently, the only way to run ads on Snapchat was to go through one of its ads partners. But that changed with the launch of the Snapchat Ads Manager.

Now you can create imaginative, engaging, full-screen video ads all on your own. Snapchat expert Inna Semenyuk, a seasoned marketer who’s worked with Facebook, Skype, eBay, Starbucks and others, will show you all the ways you can take advantage of the Snapchat Ads Manager to make a name for yourself on this popular platform.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop, create and launch a successful Snapchat ad campaign.
  • Optimize your ads by running experiments to see what works best.
  • Avoid common mistakes with Snapchat ads.
  • Use Snapchat Ad Manager and the Ad Manager Dashboard.
  • Identify your target audiences.
  • Monitor your ads and analyze their success.