A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager

Lesson 3/8 - What are Snapchat Ads?


A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager


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What are Snapchat Ads?

So what are Snapchat ads, specifically? They are 3 to 10 seconds videos and they are vertical videos. And that's a very important point, 'cause as you will see in some of the examples that we'll be showing to you later, even big brands that understand how platforms work and they have massive teams and massive budgets, they still sometimes miss that it's a vertical video. No one will be turning the phone when they are watching a story or an ad on Snapchat. You're seeing it in front of you and it's a vertical video and that's how Snapchat works. So, just as a number one crime and, please, if you do make a Snapchat ad, make it a vertical video. It does not have to be video, per se. It can be, it can have a cinematic effect, where only a part of the picture is moving or it can be a photo. But it's better that there are interactive elements because people will relate to it more, you can show much more if the pictures or video is interactive and you will have an ad that is more likely to gen...

erate results. Where Snapchat places their ads, there are multiple places and Snapchat always experiments with stuff. So the thing is, in a few months, they might offer a new format. Maybe you will be able to advertise within the Snap Map, which is gaining popularity, and it's resources have not been utilized fully yet. Maybe there will be a different type of ad served within the chat, like Facebook delivers you ads within the Messenger between the messages that you receive. So we will see how it goes but, for now, you can see ads in those four places: between Snaps, between the Stories, Shows and Publisher Stories. These are basic ad specifications; however, you don't have to write them down just because there's plenty of information and requirements on the platform once you start using it and Snapchat has a very detailed Q and A section on their website where you can find all the needed requirements and the recommendations that they have for the ads. And the thing is that, actually, you could only use videos before but Snapchat has relaxed the requirements and you can use photos in your Snap Ads since a few months ago. So keep an eye on the items that they are launching. In terms of the format of the video, there are three key formats but we will also go through the rest of the formats. The Long Term video, when you are promoting a video as a part of your ad. The App Install, when the objective is to drive installs of the app that you are promoting. And the Web View. So this is when a user swipes up and they see the page that is served to them as a result of your ad. This can be the landing page of your website, the product page, you name it. So these are three key formats; however, there are many more. So Top Snap Only, that's when you are using the video. Long Form Video is when you are attaching a longer form video. That's when you can create that Snapchat TV show, so to say, Snapchat Show, and attach it to your ad. There's Web View, as a link. Deep Link, if you know that your audience is already using your app and you want to serve specific content. For example, your, you have a meditation app and you want to serve content for college students specifically, to the people you are targeting. So you would use a Deep Link to do that. App Install because, again, it's very specific call to action that you will be using in that ad. And the Camera Filter, as something like geofilters that we have covered already.

Class Description

Snapchat is unique. Snapchat is complex. And until recently, the only way to run ads on Snapchat was to go through one of its ads partners. But that changed with the launch of the Snapchat Ads Manager.

Now you can create imaginative, engaging, full-screen video ads all on your own. Snapchat expert Inna Semenyuk, a seasoned marketer who’s worked with Facebook, Skype, eBay, Starbucks and others, will show you all the ways you can take advantage of the Snapchat Ads Manager to make a name for yourself on this popular platform.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop, create and launch a successful Snapchat ad campaign.
  • Optimize your ads by running experiments to see what works best.
  • Avoid common mistakes with Snapchat ads.
  • Use Snapchat Ad Manager and the Ad Manager Dashboard.
  • Identify your target audiences.
  • Monitor your ads and analyze their success.