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Client Image Reveal

I love, how are you? How are you? Welcome back. Thank you. So what we're doing is we're still editing away here, and we're running out of time today because, you know, we've been out three, not two questions and editing to come and sit close to me just watch you think so what? I'm gonna do it I'm just gonna take the stray the images that I've changed, then I've taken and we'll talk about what we like and what we don't like. And then I'm gonna show you some different visions and black and white as well so that you can decide with you would like to keep the image where you'd like to keep it in color or with you'd like to keep it up like a mine. Okay, okay. So first have always started with the black dress, which I absolutely loved, by the way, way funds. Okay, so I'll just say that office color, all of the visions I have a black and white, a gorgeous and one of the things that I've been doing is actually this, um, the black and white style that you really like, which is what I use with t...

iffany's image was actually quite muted in the highlights, so instead of a thing, really black blacks in sort of a real contrast in black and white I actually dropped the contrast down the way I did that was I took it into this editing here and I actually went through the faded doc I'm going take the aging off and then at the stage here when I dropped it um bag then I put it into black and white and so I'm just going to show you a couple of visions of black and white to show you that really gorgeous, dark black and white that you like okay, the color is beautiful is it isthe love it okay, just hang on a minute it just seemed to be going so slow right now guys, I'm so sorry for that. I know it's painful to watch the rainbow wheel of death okay when I got back into any and skin here and this is something that I would see it in action for the black and white films that I use um a ll fabulous and because I've dropped the contrast down in the whites it's not so high contrast. So what I'll do is unlike this go into this one and I really love these dark black and white and I'm just going to drop the grain out um when I do put my images into dark black and white but this the first thing I do is bring the eyes back up so it's I call it film noah it's like dad like my film I try and keep it it's really doctors I can and then I try and bring my highlights back upstream yeah in a soon as I do that and I left the eye back up in the eyes pop straight back out again with dark ride people when you use black and white it's a really good tip with dark road people when you do black what you can drop the ice back too quickly I too prefer this image in color yeah I mean I like the black and white edit a lot but I think I'm with you on that okay but I beat you when we go through this because I'm sorry hang on she she's gonna go back to here so cool I love man okay let's take you through all of the color first and then we'll go through I love this um tape it beautifully I love all of that that's gorgeous body oh my gosh what's that colonel you've got such a beautiful smile thank you and love that that's a really fun yeah that's you you've got greatly I just love everything about it I am going for that into black minds love it see if we jump in here all of that laughing paid off I really like hanging people all right I love that like in this beautiful who thank you for your time yeah, I love that uh I love it and I think that would probably be my favorite and black what what I actually do is I'll carry on working through the blackened wides and I'll give them so that they can put them on their lago wherever they put them so that everybody can see the proper black and whites and colors because just cause I've run out of editing time I don't want everyone out there to not see where we got where we take them yeah ok ok that's beautiful absolutely beautiful gorgeous connection through the eyes love the body line everything about that is cute last thing is uh so I love this what I will do to is put a beautiful little highlight through here and just pick up that highlight and you're here because I think that's such a gorgeous connection shot I love the shot I always do it it's one of my favorites I love that I love you really that's nice change directs we should yeah vehicle I really love that fun thirty right smile. Mmm mmm mmm oh, my god. So not in black and white but again quite wanna chromatic so that's where I was going for it there because I know you like it really simple and like white so I'm that for me is just sorry angelique I love that a black white I would love that with that movement grain I think that that's why I shot it like that so I can't wait for that and dark black and white and that's beautiful it's just such an open you face yeah the eyes really pop to me on the on the white background oh my gosh who is that person I know yeah a little just a little bit of motion just enough to make it again uh like to see them like a white so we'll carry on with those I'll carry on entertainment so that you can see the whole thing that's the net over the white window oh yeah cool yeah let's get a team to beautiful look I love how it changes the color in the background does yeah but you still get a little feeling of backline amazing that's amazing thank you for my guys that's flowers I really like them I love you too fun uh okay there's a really nate sequence here which is so gorgeous and I love this these could easily be a triptych um every single one of them well, thank you my gosh yeah that's son like that, huh? Beautiful too easy your smile is just crazy beautiful yeah, I love that really really pretty so beautiful wow, I feel like I should have more words other than wow but that's what I'm thinking love that teo and I'd love that black mine I really like, you know oh, gorgeous, that dress is amazing. It is it is so beautiful through there, totally defending off really pretty like that I like you here flip back to what it was different and last e todo mi but it's crazy beautiful, so fun. Oh, that's really pretty like that too. This is definitely my first choice there love that beautiful and that wow. Okay. Wow. That's amazing what I'm gonna do is I'm going teo carry on with they eat it in black and white and color and you and I can sit down later on and do our final selection, okay? And then they can post it for everybody to see is too what you finally chose and with you chose black and white in color and then we can write about the images and what you liked about the ones that you chose. So do that. Absolutely. Is everybody okay with it? Because I didn't want to I don't want to kick everybody off, but at the end of the day I could sit here for hours doing this and there's something I want to finish with and show you so, um, you and I can keep doing this process and then we'll keep showing people from the like your love, hm thank you so much, it's they're amazing. I can't wait to see what you choose out of there. I no, I don't it's going to be hard yeah, I can't wait to see what you choose is your enlargement too? Because that is the key shop that I think I know which one of this so you know I'm gonna guess and then you can pick them and I'll see if I get the right one because I pretty much get the right one do you want to swap out with kenna? Just sit up and you and I can care answer that garnie we have all right today the idea is this um my poses are all very repetitive. The places I shoot a very repetitive I do stay within the corner a lot and if you bring me up to the keynote at the inn guys, I've got something called uh listen, which is really, really important. I make sure that I pre sit my chute so that I can work fast and I tried to hold to it as quickly as I can. So this is all on the pdf so you can see what I chose and how I chose in order in order to create them we start shooting this is one of the biggest lessons that I've lain is a photographer I don't need to place other photographers, eva I give it even ever that you don't pay me I need to please the people that come to my studio uh the more service I give, the more money I make the more consultation I give, the more money I make, the more I make it about my client in the list about myself the more money I make it is that simple when you find yourself getting stuck on the poor me what am I doing wrong blah, blah blah and all the rest of it to knit all of your attention towards your client and serviced them and what they need there are certain things you will never get to experience by being a fly on the wall you'll never get to experience a female client opened up about her personal life because she's not going to in front of all these people that's a cool connection that I get it it's something that you guys can get in your own studios you don't have to make yours you don't have to make your sitting a personal journey if that's not what you want it's definitely something that happens with may but not with all of my clients just with some of them so what's more important is that I service my client's here's a really, really awesome story and it's really quick. About four years ago, one of my photographers who was one of my favorite photographer's. She got the flu and she called me and she said, would you please do my viewing tonight or should I cancel it? I've got the flu and I didn't want to cancel the viewing. I wanted to do the viewing, so I came and met her client. Now I had not photographed a client or bonded with her client says even though I owned the studio, she didn't know who I was. I could have been the the maid for washing you, and so there was no personal connection to me or this client I set down, I started to show her images, and she started to narrow them down and she got down to three five by sevens. Now three five by sevens was five hundred dollars, so I knew I was under my average by about seven hundred dollars. Now, in order to be under your average by that fire, you've done something wrong either didn't ask you didn't provide the service that you promised you would. You did not deliver with the work or you did something, but look at what you did. Did you not educate your client and how much the images cost it's really simple it's a it's, a it's, a cake recipe and you make it every day he educate your client you talk about what they want and then you deliver it to them if you don't get the sale you've done something wrong so you either haven't delivered or you haven't talked about it or something so I went back through and my mind and I looked at the images and I looked at my client and I did something I've never done to a photographer that works for me I said to my client I feel like we didn't kept for you the way I want you to be captured you know I feel like you didn't get um she didn't quite get you so I would like to re photograph you so the next morning I re photographed this girl in her sale went from five hundred dollars to three thousand eight hundred dollars and this was not an exercise and I'm better than you because I am better than here I've been shooting twelve more years than here this is an exercise in sometimes we get lazy complaisant whatever and we don't go for the hero shot we don't really deliver to our client what they ask for and we I still do it this year I have failed twice I've done two shoots this year and I obviously did not deliver what I said I was going to and my clients went you just didn't bring it I'm the first person to say it on the face pearson to remind myself that when you don't deliver, give yourself a good swift kick in the butt get on with it and delivered to the next person. Okay that's how you make money in business you deliver a quality product and service this is the image that my girl took and this is the image that I took. This is the image that my girl took and she did a good job. She photographed here in her daughter she did, and it's not a before shot, by the way, it's before I photographed here. And this is the image I took. Now, as far as I'm concerned, these are two different women. The woman on the left is forty five years old. She's quite mumsy she's, quite shy, she's uncomfortable in front of the camera and the woman on the right is the sixty vixen. Now, when I set the girls down to talk to them about this experience of what the first thing I did was show them the shots. Now remember the photographer that took this image on the left is one of my best photographers that I've ever trained. She is the closest to me in talent that I've ever seen working with people in portrait, but she dropped the ball and I picked it up and it's reflected in how the sale went, okay, the lesson here is you ask and then you listen and then you deliver because it has nothing to do with how good you hours of photographer and everything to do with how she feels about herself. They don't buy great shots, they buy great shots of themselves. If you are not creating those, you will not sell them. End of story. I could just say that over and over again. There is the bottom line to making money. Do not stand in front of me and say my client and buy anything because she didn't like herself. If you are not taking the best vision off herself, you have not delivered to your client. You will not get paid. Please turn all of your attention to service, okay? Not too. Are you good enough? And don't cry about it when you don't deliver, apologize and try to make it right. I have re shot people to try and make right what I've done wrong when I've dropped the ball. Please do that really important. Uh, if I could go back through everything I told you on the pdf everything's there, the way you say it, the way you sell it, the way you deliver it, the experience, this is not about anything other than delivering, I'm the best work you can to the people that come to you to pay you your service provider so when you can take your at work and your service providing to the next level you will become successful and it took me many years as a photographer to make money and now I make money easily but I do not eva ever get complacent because when I do I'm reminded that I am not a rock star I am a service provider and if I don't provide that had occupied so go forward and create beautiful images for people love what you do connect with them connect with what you do enjoy it and thank you so much for being a fly on my war I wish you could be a fly on my wall every day it's been so wonderful having you and I must say one hundred percent gratitude for the support you guys give me on social media is just outrageous and I think every day I am grateful that I have it and you just amazing friends and it's just lawson thank you thank you creative life because you guys just rock well soup rice as I'm looking in the chat rooms and people are just saying thank you bravo bravo you are amazing su you are a rock star um and so just on behalf of the internet audience here and everyone here creative live please help me give soup rice a huge global round of applause no

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!