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Editing and Q&A, Part 2

So now I'm going to have to show you all fifty four times just going to click through them and what I'll do is I'll save these into a second file so that you can have these poses is a pdf okay so I'm gonna work through them from the start so if we could go hear one trying to double up there actually kicked out that that that that you can let me go back up right so subtle shifts in the posers make huge difference she's in cut she's infection quarterly she goes down she touches the ney and then she comes up smiling three different shots but I really don't want to show three different shots I want to get the best off love that love that okay good body line good sparkle in the dress absolutely beautiful that's neither here nor there for me I think it's nice but you know I can kick that and that's cute but that's almost exactly the same so I have to decide whether I like it and horizontal vertical and I like it hard and I love that so I've got to decide whether I like that that more okay th...

at's a hard decision so is that that's going out? Um that's cute but it's not here nor there for me I want to go well that makes me go well much more I love that but do I love that more I think I do so love that and I love that so that's beautiful this is cute um same shop in reverse and I think the first one stronger I really liked that smile that's a little bit too much I think that's cute but it's not strong enough to save for me that's cute but we've got a lot of laughing looking down but she does have a beautiful smile so I'm going to keep that and as far as I'm concerned I like that one been a so this is my process of elimination now and I love that so straight away more in this little dancing sequence that's cute that's cute too that's bitter um neither here nor there that's really cute that's been a I love that crack up and if there was a siri's then I differently could make a cute siri's out of that I really like that and I really like this this and this so out of those three I struggle but then do I have nine one two three four five six, seven hey no I died the case I just miss on the nine out frame I could bring one back and try and sell her nine up but I would be better to eliminate I think okay this one he's cute but it's no cigar no yes that's cute if swimming in the waist the arm looks too big deer that's a cute smile but I don't think that's worth saving I don't like that uh that's getting there because they'll be good taper in the waste out of the two of those are like the first one love that okay so straight away love that so there's my stick around and I met twenty eight images so now I'm gonna win twenty images fantastic okay, so one of the things that I've been working with that I've bean loving absolutely loving and really enjoying his alien skin okay alien skin is a plug in for photo shop and um I've just been really enjoying editing with it so I'm just going to go hear this open this up so when you use photo shop in this format and that is alien skin dot com yes it iss okay so just take me off there for a second guys cause I'm just with my plugin got a little bit of her I don't know what's going on here like I asked me some more questions will d'oh well, one of those was what was the thing that you use for black and white? I know I have been editing with and skin and enjoying every minute of it slips of look question from r f pick how do you feel about looking at the back of the camera frequently during a session I've heard other photographers say its a bad but you seem to correct a lot of poses by doing this and saving yourself time, you know, it's a funny thing I don't think I look terribly matching the back of my camera I guess ideo I don't really think too much about it there. Is there a good or bad? Like I think if you were taking too long looking in the becky your camera you might be it might be a little annoying, but ultimately the idea there is that you you know that you're getting good shots so absolutely have a look tonight I'm not too worried about it, all right? Keep going. Yep more kristen great bail? Fuji asks, do you still do all of your own editing or do you ever farm it out? Um, I do have an emitter that does some of my editing and then I have I do it um myself look, I'm a photo shopper, I love it, I love it more than anything always have I would choose to do photo shop before I would choose any other part of my business before shooting. Um not so much shooting because I love shooting so much, but if I was a fetish shop awaking for a really good photographer, I would love it because they'd probably be a better photographer that may I'm too may creating images is like creating at work and um I just think it's that yet it's differently my favorite thing uh spirit had to give it up okay if we come back here the first thing I don't everybody knows this if you've seen me editing you know that I use the clone stamp for all things skin I also use image gnomic portrait series a plug in for the body I don't need to do it on somebody with skin beautiful is krista's so I I used a very basic retouching the first thing I do is make sure that I removed all the shadows on the face you know anything out of the eyes anything on the forehead I keep it really really simple. Okay, now remember I want to try and do a two minute eat it on twenty eight images because I need to set up the images in under an hour for my client it's got to be cost effective and it's got to be fast for me the one thing I don't want to do is spend hours and hours and hours on photo shop sitting at my images it's just a waste of time and it's a waste of money the faster you can get it better when I get to the stage the first thing I do after I retouched the most basic skin is I look at the arms because first thing woman's going to do is kick in image because of her arms I do not slim round with liquefy ione he's walked all um I only use walk told because I think it's bigger, faster and more accurate than liquefied so there um I think once you learn how to use the walk tall and so it's lesser either copy it paste or you can sit up in action, right click warp free transform warp and then you can move the box around and then you're just doing a simple basic walk like this, okay? And it makes a really big difference to an image, so I always look at that after I've done the basic warp so that's a structure of what I do with every single image I'm only getting this image to a point that sellable to hear that she's going to really love it, I don't have to overdo it, okay? So I always put a dodge in the eyes underneath there and I'm dodging mid tone at team between exposure this is by far the best way to lift the eyes. It doesn't look like you're doing match, but when you put it back to he can see the light come up in the eyes and then the first thing I do is I open alien skin from exposure for absolutely incredible I open it from photo shop now this for me if you are an iphone photographer which we all are it's like having instagram snap stayed every single editing software you could possibly imagine and one software is a plug in so it's better than any actions of either bought it's better than any system I've ever seen I just absolutely love it out of this you can run up and down here there are literally hundreds and hundreds of choices of films that you can use their are a fake there is aging a fix watercolor fix and they're not sort of bad action looking a fixed they're all really really amazing I love that you can go through color feeling you can make it look like that you've shot film from a certain era that you can put you know and and very few images required to do dusting or scratching but the changing of the images and then you can control the overall intensity or you can simply click open and it will open in photo shop and then you can drop your layer down your top layer down ever since I've had the software I've absolutely gone crazy over it all so you can set up a batch so let's say I go through and I do really fast eat it off her images and then I just sit one batch and then I take the overall color down when I open this on photo shop um I can simply just go open it will sit this action there and then I can do multiple actions on all my other images so I try and make my images that consistent and look the same straight away I can just put the most beautiful moods and you've still got a layer sitting up at the top you can drop europe a city down so if I take it off that was their original image I can bring it right down and there are so many layers that you khun dio I also I'm gonna delete there want to go back I'm gonna open any and skin again you can open your images from a folder it doesn't have to go through light room or photo shop and you can go straight to alien skin get at them and say verb etch from this you can open twenty images on alien skin itself and then you can sit them all and do it so I've been using lots of different ones and what I really love is they have these incredible black and whites so if reith single one of them a gutty gorgeous black and whites you can take the grain out of them you can go up to the black and white sections and and see entire films so you can actually see egg for a picks one hundred right through fuji one hundred bill for delta won hundreds and these are actually held these films used to look back in the day when we were getting the printed and they have replicated them so incredibly well, you can actually choose a style that suits you and every single one of them off the black and whites give the most beautiful black and whites, and I've just gone crazy on it. I just absolutely love it if every single thing I eat it now is on alien skin, and I'm enjoying it so much. I recently did that beautiful black and white horizontal image off taylor and what I did with taylor it wass I took it too, like a really gutsy black and white like this, so it was really gorgeous. I sort of kept it kind of about their memory, my effect, I think I was about minutes try go through here. I have amazing filters, edges. They're just so incredible, so beautiful to play with. I used this, I dropped down the grain, the iro grain, and then what I did wass I went to the age across here, and I actually brushed in some paper texture the cake, because I wanted to give it that little bit of an aging look, but you can protect the center so I can take the brush away and see how it's just sitting nicely is a filter on the outside, and I used it is kind of a vintage black and wide and so I did offer that I know that chris is gonna love anything black and whites I'm going to do as many black knights as I can and every single thing that I am editing now is I'm with this love it that's a loving did you use that then for tiffany's black and white yes yes I did absolutely did loved it I like to work absolutely perfect for it so I'll keep editing and you keep asking me questions well question for you is we've got a little bit less than ten minutes till we were going to break do you want to keep going after that or what would you like to do well I think um I wantto keep editing so what I'll do is I'll just keep going so um yeah I can come back and keep eating because I'm not going to show christina images until I finished them also I really want before you go on by anne and skin so if everybody's on the website now crashing it alien skin I run them up and said listen I'm going to show everyone what I'm using anyone's gonna love it and so they've given you a discount card so I think god is going to put that yep yep so it's saving ten percent off alien skins photo bundle with the promo co code s a b r one two eleven so sbr one two one one that is awesome I have never seen anybody use this and I love it I do teo it's actually crazy I I've started playing with it and I really in terms of and all the years since I've seen digital I've not seen an editing software that excites me like that very cool very cool let's see caz mob had asked she he or she says I agree that kristen has a beautiful smile do you try to find a few images that are not smiling just to have a balance um I actually my style would be to shoot more non smiling the smiling so um it's more the other way around try and find more smiling one she does have a beautiful smile the girl's definitely I'm more drawn to the non smiling images and the boys are differently more drawn to the smiling images s o I do try and balance sit out but I'm I have a team that sea to go more towards beauty which is not smiling and just smiling through the eyes than anything perfect question from ken davey dot com do you correct for it lensman yet in post um my canon camera has and uh what is it? Abbreviation correction lynn's vinick correction ng yes I turned it off because I don't want it to be corrected I want the vinick to be on the s I photograph it with it off I tune the correction off on my camera seating toys have I really like the natural brunette that comes in now on digital cameras and it looks good to me so I'm gonna go keep it great question from question from dj photo eighty one totally off topic but a few weeks ago, taylor sin kata did an impression of your accent and mentioned that you could do a really good new york one if you're willing tio okay, just so you know, when I do self and carla's new york accent, I have to swear and I made a promise I would nava sway on creative lives so I can't do it I can't do it although I had this complete fascination and pity and when I was there that somehow I would hit somebody's bonded of somebody's car and say I'm walking he on walking here, which I ended up doing because this guy sprayed us with a hose we're like we're walking here and there we go great that lap because we thought we were in new yorkers oh that's good cheeky question from g two if the expression on the face is good in the arms and the shoulder well connected, do you crop out bad leg posture? Totally get rid of that bad leg? In fact, if you're getting a good connection to the eye and you've got a good connection to the arm and usually they wouldn't be legal there anyway because in order to get the league that close with a good connection you would have to be quite high, which means you'd be shooting down on them, which means they shouldn't be leg there because you need to square it up question another question from g to do you delete all of your discarded captures? Yes okay there's a difference between discarded and and final round so in my final round I had seventy images in my sick and finally I had twenty eight I've keep seventy seven so I know that I have got some backup if I have to and no, I would never delete the other ones but anything above that were deleted immediately and they never existed as far as I'm concerned that's freeing yeah, a question from hey jude from ohio if the background she's saying it from ohio does she edit the corner out of the shots to make the background smooth always but often not when I'm doing the viewing I don't need to worry about stuff like that when I'm doing the viewing at least I feel like for any reason it's not going to sell the shot question about finish up deep from de marseille are you using s rgb or rgb? What is yur color space? Several people that say that barney on you alright remember folks, I'm a heck you want to know about the shot watch darrin next week twenty weeks for fighter shop on my um it's a bb and pretty sure alright yeah and somebody just turned off the computer and discussed but that's okay not now there's some things you don't need to know if that's true okay let's see so many questions okay so you can see how fast I'm planning right? You're still watching the screen and you can see that I'm right up and then just going as fast as I can I'm not gonna worry about backdrops like that not while I'm doing this notice how the scarf comes down the back of the arm really slimming on any arms skinny ass because it doesn't matter scars always looked really good when they're interrupting like that and coming into the line which I think is great she needs very little photo shop he's a very little kind ng so I'm just taking the best off I can't there's a classic example of what you were talking about having that removed I would not remove that for the viewing I will remove it for the print absolutely I will probably crop out that cheer is well I'm more interested in simple things like does who league look big because it's coming forward towards the camera and if it is how can I slim that so that she buys it also women are really funny they say dumb things like that like you look at the wrinkle on my elbow we don't get to see out all those very much so when we do see them were quite mean to them, so if you feel like it's gonna sell you more photographs removed the wrinkle okay at the stage here little things like this these are important to women, okay? You guys might not think that this is important. This is important because it's a little muffin top wait here these things all the time we look for them, we don't like things like that. So again, if you think it's going to sell you a photograph from move it it's more important that you take, you know, thirty seconds to remove something like that so that we never see it on the bass part about fix somebody sent it to me the other day. The best part about selling two women is the first thing they'll look at an image is the stuff that they don't like if you remove the stuff we don't like what's lived is just the stuff we like, so I know it's a dumb thing to say and I know it. I know it doesn't make sense, but if you take away bags, wrinkles and federals, we lift with eyes, smiles and beautiful faces in here and we will go to the first thing we dislike before we'll go to the thing we like okay everybody does it so if you can remove that first so that we never get to see it then we will like the image more it's that simple okay thank you for that yeah j f noble asked su how do you know an outfit will be great on on the photo even if not in person often the based outfits you can't wear in public so the best outfits to be photographed in a something see through something short something tight so even someone is kivi is me or coup via could we're a really tight reace that they would feel really can't uncomfortable in in public but it's going to be more flattering on my body if it's fitted to my body and then using curves and in using warp told to make sure that there's no little extra bits hanging up because the idea is what look fitted and is going to hug me more so I will always choose something like that but you know I hate block colors like whites because they're not very flattering on this it's the tight white dress or a single it I don't like any flowing tops that don't hide their cover girl sorry that hide the hourglass shape of a woman because as soon as you take away the hourglass shape woman you lose her body line and you lose that femininity that looks really good so I would take you know off anything like that

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.