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So a question from la belle, too. How do you deal with clients who do not want you to display the images on your website? If they grant you the release never had it happen where you go if you were to have it happen, what would you recommend anyone? Why would they say, I don't want you to use these images? I don't know, maybe they feel, um if they're boudoir images may be they might feel there too private, right? Um, uh if anybody is showing skin, I will ask them before I put on the website, so I will say, can I put these on my website and I've never had anybody say no, okay, but I have had people say at the model release stage before they've seen the images, I feel uncomfortable about signing this because I don't want any nude images or buddha images showing, so I will write that there's a note on their contract, okay, that pleased to ask before any images air released because that's really important that's great, because that, um, is something that cat lady for one one for had asked t...

hat most of her clients get nude portrait it's and she only asked for the release it's personal work or that she's using for her sight, yes, no, you mask get a release anyway, because a lot of laws in different states are different in different countries. And if somebody commissions you to do a photo shoot and they don't sign a model release, they are in the images. They only yes. You have to be very careful about how that's worded and very careful about what your model release states to protect you, not them. You're not doing yourself a favor by not signing model relates. Yep. So if your client does not want the images showing you still own those images in the rights to those images because you took them. So if you don't sign that release, you died. And so, regardless of whether they want you to show them or not, you still own them. Now, if they don't want you to display them that's. Fine. You can put that on your model ral. Yes, but you still must own them. Great. Thank you. Okay. Question from brenda j is what size files do you give with the purchases? Internet or full size? Full size. Whatever you pictures will be given to you on sunday. And so that's if they purchase an eight by ten. Is it in eight by ten for matt, because fantastic, and you talked about your ambassadors? And if you could just clarify again for passion portrait, how do you incentivize your ambassadors, the people that work for you? So I called them evangelists because I find that some people just really run with you and they get so excited that they just want to go and tell everybody else about you. Um, if angelus, uh, rewarded lots of different ways, I will give them more shoots, I will give them credit toward shoot, I'll buy them wine, I'll take them out to lunch or get in my time, I will give them images for the business. I will mac up my business with them, but they always people that are very similar to may in terms of start up businesses, they know how hard it is, you know, they always want to speak about you because they know that you're helping them, and I'm always on them as quickly as I can because they are really, really important. I have some clients that are coming to see me next week that have been referring me to so many people that I actually run them and said it's been a year since your last shoot, why don't you come into another shoot with may and they were wrapped, so they're coming in to do another shoot for me, and I'm going to give them that shit because they just give me away to everybody they tell me everybody about me and so yeah, I reward them any way I can everybody went yep everybody all right great. So when you were talking about all the points of interaction with their with your clients yes, karen had asked at what point during the sales call do you send the portfolio priceless and then booked the client cause that seemed to be to calls for her? Yes ok, so the the initial one was about cost and then enticing them right at that moment I will see in the pdf while I'm talking to them, okay, I find ninety percent of the time they don't go away and think about it. They will book right then so if they book right, then then I say, would you like to do a consultation about what to wear, what to bring now or would you prefer that I renew a week before your showed so I asked them if they have the time because I've already spent maybe five or ten minutes selling the shoot to them and if they say okay, well, I've booked it in on the state. So if you give me a call by the tuesday, just make sure that you make that call if you don't make that call, you missed the opportunity to educate them about these shoes we don't educate them about the shoot there were two enough unprepared or they won't turn up at all how much of the time do people just go ahead and say let's talk about it now versus they always want to talk about it I'd imagine because they always going that I'm so excited because you're actually gonna create the chute for me, right? Yeah so I'm not at that stage talking about myself I write that stage talking about what they want and at that stage it they're not scared because they're not here so they're not about to be photographed they're not about to be sort of revealed and they they sort of, you know, safe sitting at home in their dream sequence I could do this and I love it just about every single female client that I've ever photographs is give me three weeks and give me time to lose seven pounds and, um you know, and then they turn up and they've got I know I said I'm gonna lose seven pounds and I didn't on I always to say you don't need to do that just trust me trust me yeah, right, right so then do you have the call again? Do you always say you already have that call? Would you talk to them again right before the shoot? Yes um the more I connect with them the more they're committed to coming in so I get lady on this and it's reflected in my sales I can't say that enough, it just happened to me over and over again. The more I'm connected to them, the more I know them and it's really neat when women booker shoot, they're very open they tell you with a red who they're bringing why they're bringing them why they're getting the shoot down, why they feel a sit and why, but I really need to do this because I feel so bad about myself because I just broke up with my boyfriend they'll tell you the whole story, so if I remember that and take notes, I'll be talking to them again and I'll say, how you feeling? You know you're feeling a lot better or you do this number you remembered, and I always think that, you know, these people become really great clients and heatly evangelist for your business brand identity brand, you know, connection and brand loyalty starts on that first phone call, and I reckon a lot of studios I'm not doing this first phone call probably I feel like when you just said that it reminds me of when you go to your hairdresser and you will tell them anything it's like it's like somebody who is a little bit removed yet you trust and you'll you'll just reveal things that you might have revealed to your best friend and he twitches gossips right? I don't have that address is always like oh really oh no and they're doing you hear that oh and they must hear the amazing story there also if you think of yourself that way I do you know I always thought with the maker purpose it's something to do with touching the head e I think assumed she relaxed people and and they're a bit vulnerable and they didn't even you know I love that this part about having female that's fantastic okay j f noble asked when you were asking the client what images crystal what images are you drawn to and she answered black and white you mentioned a software that's really good for bo oh yes so after we photograph we're gonna go to morning tea we're gonna come back we're going to live shoot now interruptions and they were gonna have lunch and after lunch I'm going to eat it all of here images on the software and show you how amazing the black mites are I'm also with taylor's shoot that I put on my blogging on facebook I did a lot of dark moody black and whites with her redress shots because they didn't just wanted to have twenty five redress shots so I did a lot of dad moody black and whites and I used a lot of sort of like a vintage watercolor um print over the top just to bring it down and to make them look older because you dress had that mood to it so I'm gonna show you how I did that. So also all of that it too fantastic question from marcy was do you ask the same how questions to your team clients? My girls always seem hesitant to open up and share how they dream of being photograph okay however you think it is not an answer so when they say however you think I say okay that's not an answer and then they go oh, and so I don't just say how do you dream of being photographed? I'll say to them, what do you love about my work? What do you love on my website? Like, what do you remember here's? The weird thing how long since you looked at my say blaga website facebook mate yeah, uh, this morning, okay, so what's the first image that you think about from my facebook over the last two weeks over the last two weeks, well, I loved seeing did we see that dress or was that the pink knight? Because I haven't done that yet? Oh, that wasn't a text message hoops yeah ee oh, okay, so what I remember is all his images of you down in los angeles where you are doing behind the scenes of tiffany ok, yeah, so all of tiffany shots, obviously, these strong shots, so you're going to remember them everyone's gonna ask me for tiffany shot this black and white shot? Yes to more I actually update, then why update my images on facebook than more requests? I'll get for tiffany's work, and then if I go backwards through my shoot over the last month and look at what's on my block, those will be the most recent images other ones that people always refer to write, so they're the ones that you've just seen. If you're studying my website, you'll only remember one or two key images, okay, so when you think about my website, people will remember images that really resonate with them, but they might only remember one. Yeah, so I have a beautiful big album collection in my studio and you can have a look at through the album and say, I love this, I love this, I love this, I actually reference what people say, so if people look at their image up there with the flowers in her here and it's in the back light fleer, I will create their image for them, and I don't care if you're fifty sixty seventy if you've asked me for the image, your style, you'll get your vision of that so she's seventeen and she's got long long here, but if she should got short here are stored in the same shot. It's what you resonate with it's, what you like it's the style that you like I would rather find out what you identify with then just try and create it for yourself I think that's that's great because right if you're not being able to say like here's what I think of but you're able to say I like that I love that I love that I love that that's the other one now I remember on europe log is the sun flare yeah, I'm dissented everything everybody's been simply lightly also when I showed kristin the images inside the studio when I showed her the photos on the wall, I make it conversational but I'm still talking about money so the nine up frame is two thousand dollars frank so that's nine of my images it's equivalent to getting a tin teen box folio bugs for two thousand dollars I want to talk to her about it. I want to tell her how much it cost. I want to show it to her so that she likes it and then I want to shoot for it so the idea is by the time that I have showed her those nine shots, she's already got it in a head okay, I know how much that is, and I know it's beautiful, but until she sees her own images and there she went, I want to own it, but I've already planted the seed. I've talked about it twice, once in the consultation and the pdf priceless and on the phone and then once I've showed it to her in person. Also, a lot of people will stand there. And now look at the folio box and then they'll say, I wanna buy everything on the wall like I don't want to follow your books. I want images everywhere of myself or they go the other way and they say I want the folly about so as soon as they tell me what they like. I know that's, what they gonna buy? Yeah. Now you shoot for one of the years and I did say one thing to her. I said that folio bucks is I sell it to every single client walks in the door. I don't know if anybody heard me say that, but I made. That is my truth. Like I sell that folio box to everybody who comes here. But I not only plant that is a seed is a subliminal message. I make sure I do so I've said it to her in the consultation I've showed it to ruin the price list and I've said it again when she's singing so to me it's a done deal she's kind of by the polio box now I've just gotta shoot twenty images that knocked her over so that she puts him in the firebox nice we're going to see that we are yeah hopefully okay many g two had asked many photographers do not have a huge portfolio so they cannot really ask what do you love about my work? What else could you ask? Okay, you would only need to show to shoots to ask that question so um if I was to shoot a girl and get twenty images from it and then shoot another girl and get twenty images from it, I would have forty images of my failure of two different girls I don't know a photographer this marking themselves on two shoots usually marketing themselves on a hundred sheets, but what they're doing is not my killing all of them because they don't like most of the work because they're getting better and better all the time to the kicking out their older images so I don't agree with that statement at all I could sell I could sell a folio on one shoot if I was diverse enough in my shooting right? So make sure you've got laughing images make sure you've got up close beauty images, make sure you've got son flee outside images and you've already hit three genres if you know what I mean. So if somebody says to you, I'm not really the serious type. I want to be laughing and running up a hill well, clearly that's where you want to photograph them, so you only need three examples from one shoot to show that amen, because everybody gets so caught up about I don't have enough, I don't have enough, I don't have enough. Well, I had to start somewhere, right? And, you know, I was selling really bad work, I'm not going, I don't mean that I wasn't selling really bad work compared to now I look back and I think, well, but here's, the thing about me, I'm not trying to create a a photograph and I see a lot of really good technical photographer is creating an image. I'm not trying to sell an image to you or a photographic brilliance to you. I'm trying to sell you a great photo of you, so I do not ask. Is this a good photograph? I ask, is this a good photograph off you? Because if it's a good photograph, most clients most public don't know the difference between a good photograph in a great photograph. But I bet you you can tell the difference between a good photograph of you in a bed full enough of you sow and you will by a good man so I'm always trying to go after you your face your expression not the image it's more important to me agreed a question from shar lowry in his wardrobe styling hair and make up an extra charge or part of the whole pack it's part of the whole package but in saying that my package is more expensive when I used to work in the studio in new zealand average cell was eight hundred dollars but we did not do wardrobe styling here make it was included because we think it's an integral part of glamour but we did not include any starling what so either way we get team to bring in four or five outfits and you never knew what you were going to get you could have got some really, really bad outfits I had girls turnout for shoots with one top and I had to try and produce twenty five images from one top I get kills tune up with you know I'm washed here wait here you know, because we weren't spending enough time on their consultation just because it's something I offer but the whole point today is not that I'm trying to convince you to do wardrobe in styling it's that I want to show you how I do what I do and how I get my average sale so I do this because I really love it um I don't make dresses because I think it's going to entice entice my client I actually love doing it so it's really may if it's you it's gonna work if it's not you get somebody else to do it but there are not many women in this world that don't wanna play dress ups there's not it's true I've been my whole life you juice up bobby so now I'm just play dress up big bobby way might deny it but yeah really fun it is it is fun well when I photographed you you're in a white single so but oh yeah purple no people dress purple just in football so hated people saying goes far but you're in a white sands and that we looked at those images this morning I've got an example of you that I'm going to show everybody oh yeah uh it's actually really beautiful and I really want to show it. So when I photograph kenna after my last creative live and everybody saw the images because they're incredible, I asked mckenna not to wear anything frilly or security because kim it is one of the most naturally beautiful woman I've ever met, so if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you get to see her on the internet every day but when you get the pleasure of actually meeting her in person one of the most amazing things about kepner is that she has this incredible natural nous about it so I've got this beautiful collection of images and I want to show you um very few people can do this how I took kenya from who fist image shot through to a real soul photograph and the irony is the listen in it is you no longer look at the photograph because she was too busy looking at who keener is and the weird part is is I thought you were wearing a white segment and you know, people think that it's crazy because but that's the whole point is that look you've stopped looking at the image now you could just see kinnah andi I mean in tight kenna not what ken it's wearing on the outside so I'll show you that on my flush red yet okay really well you hate it so it sounds like she's so beautiful moving on so we did have a lot of questions about dressmaking I could die from bail fuji the dye colors of the red dress pieces look quite different do you fix that all in photo shop or you do you look for things that are closer in tones? Yeah good felt good question now I didn't fix it I I thought they looked different I photographed that on a cloudy day in new york and I had my white balance it too cloudy which put a warm time and it seemed to bounce all the reds up return really had to photograph but I would have fixed it on camera I don't care about one time I like times okay, great from chris a miller where do you look to hire clothes from and also if you could just explain the word higher way but we were wondering if you meant rent or buy or commission okay, so we don't say rent rent is something you do with a house, not a dress. So uh and where I come from, you hire it higher costumes high close all costume you know, places have gowns and outfits course it's childress is sometimes they get a little bit costumey, but you just gotta try and get through and mix and match with some stuff that you already have any borrow but yes, higher meaning rent like from a costume. So when peptide her shape, she hired that beautiful course said I've put it on my block that beautiful vintage course it and she hide an ostrich skirt for her show she's the blonde kills on my website just really beautiful and she just wanted something a little bit more special that she didn't earn and it cost about sixty dollars to hire for two days nice william

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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