A Shoot with Sue

Lesson 10/16 - Shoot: Fluffy Pink Skirt, with Movement


A Shoot with Sue


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Shoot: Fluffy Pink Skirt, with Movement

So if the boys can bring in the backdrop now I'll get you dress but if they wanna just if I can have any camera on here will bring it over okay, so, krista, I'm worried the pink doesn't match that pink so I'm thinking, can you lift the serpent? See if it's going to match that that's not going to met you there there is a pink now are no that's two salmon there is a prank lace it was in the suitcase and little pink lace no, a pink lace. Um but do you have a new bra? Uh, I'm just thinking see that node base? That node bodice? Um, I put it in one of the pep in the gift bag should've got unpacked. Ok, that's it is that gonna match two that's two peaches? Well, we're all very peach today. Nets too peachy. What I do is step into this and take that top pink single are it's like a busty and that's a bottom on it and then we'll try and put something over that just try it on, okay? And a safety pin girls one of you come and show me the tone against it I hadn't seen this yet, so I didn't actually ...

know how pink it was gonna be that's a bit too nude all right let's go I like it with that which is good on him look yeah ok well I can probably pick it up so just a safety pin one of the safety pins would be good it was I can't just leave it on your hip so I can show your waist pull us down further yeah all the way downtown that's it so I kind of like it on your hips because it shows your waistline um in some reflectors coming back this way on this side so we'll be right out in the open I don't mind changing the tine of something I'm fetish up because I didn't really um anticipate the color of this paint no that's too new so I don't mind changing the time if it's not gonna work it's quite busy anything that works well we'll say I'm sorry I'm come back to the big backdrop and get those reflex away pull him out so we got some light you come and stand on the brown backdrop I love the movement of this it's gonna be incredible okay, now we're gonna make you dance okay? I need them out in bouncing light back this way so to deflect on the side of good go away I've a tip to the other side yeah with the lightest weight I'm gonna put this right over him yeah, anything I can bounce back from that side back to here is good I just didn't want it to block my life. Um can we bring the backdrop out so she's standing on it perfect and pull it out a little bit more so that there's not a trace should be perfect themselves. Okay, so obviously you can only walk along about to here to come onto here try not to sit back to their you will bring down a backdrop upon you. Okay, this one here just give us a spray tiff well, um we're going to do lots of moving anyway, but this will be the last one we mess up, you hear? Perfect. Okay, so nothing is reflecting back to her face so if we can just bring avi flit around to her face that cancels you out. Sorry, but yet that's exactly right and it's. Perfect. All right, I'm gonna pull back with this shot and just get it quite long because I really want this dress. I just want to see what sort of movement you get. I don't want you to move too far, but just within the range to show me what you get maybe just yet you can pick up a bit and just remember that when you flip, I wantyou elbows to always come back to the body so we don't even flip out like this, okay, it's kind of like all rules of dancing when you see somebody dancing on the dance floor you always want them to be here nice and safe it's when people start throwing trying their alibis up that it all goes horribly wrong okay so I'm going to get kind of a constant flow going I'm going to shoot quite a lot in the sequence because I really like to do two things I like to use compass it layers of the dress moving and I also want to make sure you get the most perfect shot of you so just give me a simple twist and if you're going to go this way I want you to flip it out of the back okay so there goes that way but but now you're back that way so make sure your backhand is flipping yeah because I want to see some volume come out of there okay I want you to look down and I want you to use your shoulder a case I want you to flip the dress is matters you can k stay there go okay look down not up may okay just focus on your look down not up may stop I can't I'm just going to drop the exposure down and again that set and again okay move your body that chris that that's it now I want you to focus a little bit I'm getting these archers a case of really arching using your shoulders and really getting through this hatch um can we block that? So bring that reflector there and block it just there. Wanna block the light to her face and just slide it across the window and then fled in the second one. Okay, so have a little bit of a practice while she's just doing next. I'm just locking the life that's it and then blocked that one. Perfect that's one now look down now, arch. That's it now use your back. Good girl. That's some good movement. All right, from there. Go. Okay, flick it up at the back. That's it. I don't want to see your feet, so try not to lift it high. I just want to see you flip it out and flick it out that certain perfect perfect. You should shoulders aren't you back? Look down! Good girl. Stay there. Okay? And again that's the one I want right there. I love this okay, from there what I want you to do now is I want you to hold it in the front so reach down that's it maybe in a little bit more not to the outside so much and I won't need a flick and just stick towards me like this so put this foot back mermaid okay, and your left knee is gonna come up, you're going to point your toe and you're gonna flick the scared like that that's it but I want you to flick it this way you get your elbow can come out that it it now really bring it up and long chin towards may so really focused as you move on sitting that final face for me because when you're thinking about moving the face won't be this I want you to do this okay I want you to flicking like this I can't want you to really give me that face stop oh go okay from there flick it out kate your backhand stayed still flick it right out okay and yes and god yeah just take you back don't look down cause I just gotta pull your hair back it's falling on your face it's giving you too much shadow so let's do that again and go that's it now you're going like this with your hands a case for the ending out like this I want you to be more yeah that's it the more flamenco okay start work that chin ford that's where you're going to stay with your face for me okay and more flamenco hands go okay you just kind of went like this all right so what I want you to do is is don't come up so high I just come up onto knee and just flip like that so I just want youto flick could go again long chin work the face towards me good girl that's why I want you to big o okay you want to try and put that bodhisattva well let's just see what it looks like to match yeah too much I feel like we're unlike disney on ice okay so from here let's try movement this way so just gonna fall back that's it he was going for a good deal that's exactly right but this time you're gonna flip the drinks up you should shoulder that's it now work the face used to shoulder flick the dress up that's the one and go okay eyes down big laugh go that's perfect okay did it again I stand big laugh shoulder that's the one okay now I want you to free stop okay you've had heat a little short movements I don't want you to think about it too much it's just find aaron group it's just like dancing but remember the rules your chin must come forward to me all the time so if you're this way I want you to keep working your chin that's it I want you to look down and look up and if I like something I'll get you to repeat it I want you to get lots of flick into the skirt and lots of movement around here and let's have fun with it all right good I like that slow down slow down your movements okay? I need a big laughing smile stuff I'm gonna pull us back because it looks really good back like that it looks more j lo and you got a pen on you tiff a hairpin can we just do a loose pin here so sits up under there we'll see if we can't get this that's right fine we won't see it and if we do see it well for the shop okay slow movements okay, not fast movements nice and slow deliberate lots of that go good girl look down okay don't bring your shoulders up to your chin bring your shoulder forward and your chin down so when you look down you look at your booty when you look down you look at the floor can I want you to swap over? You should ty was good girl lots of movement in that dress go lets it look at me look at me with a big laugh stop that was beautiful love that okay from there let's just go. Okay, girls you want to try and throw um who have sitting here has to go on to their knees because the light's gonna block you uh on the side no, not this throw this yeah let's just try. I don't think you, uh now it looks to pent if decides to okay big here and push it back there's too far forward yet second right? All right, so let's try and sink the body so they're going to throw the dress around you yeah and what I want for you is to be hands here like this so this harbor goes back okay in this elbow is here okay let's try this here swap it around for me that's it perfect don't move elbow and that's it okay long chin long chin and chin forward and down don't move okay lots of shape and girls don't throw too high so were your feet right now show me better stay there because if they show your feet I need them to look good alba bint that's her and girls I just want you to throw that okay square lift up stop okay I just want you to throw gently and go okay can one of you throw more than the other? Ok go you throw out you throw forward okay bend your elbows and go perfect love that okay no, not quite there and go got the shoulders down christa I can't do it we showed us down to in this way that's it and go. All right, so from here now let go tiff you hold this side okay, I want you to go like this all the way no elbow and you should shoulder that's it and when she does that you throw up so you uh you throw in you throw up not literally you shoulda seen your face go for it to fear in my life I love that that's good and again go do this time looking down big smile go okay love these dresses crazy okay from here all right? I'm just going to say how many of god all right last one let go okay what I want you to do is just see hold one side okay and I just want you to tune this way into the light give me lots of action to back and let me see this side okay too far so lean back that's it now do it again but this time more sweep of the frog lay back and use a shoulder and chin all the way excesses and go back and there for throw start chin down okay I just need body line can need more body line it's susan I need you back in their chin this way that's a girl okay they'll come back and throw that train okay so when she turns not too high just throw it work that shoulder chin, shoulder work it all the way go okay might be too high, girls okay, go okay, I need you to lean back krister that's it lean back not too may but lean back this way stop okay open your shoulders after may just your shoulders go back open your shoulders spring your chin this way stop don't move anything just flick this get in the front go chin down with that shoulder good girl to fact in this way then that way stop go stop guard chin stop go stop go ten shot a laugh yeah ten shoulder love throw up I'm are you get the right good girl good girl good girl you get sick of hearing that it's like a good girl okay from here maybe let's just let's do that I need you just to reach under and pull your top lay down that's getting too sitting to creasy and we're on the home run you hungry? That was you okay big here tiff just for the last shot big ugo big good yeah yeah maybe take it pin out you want some spray? Yes uh somewhere it's on the coffee table. Okay back that's perfect. Ok, what I want today isthe just bring you to this age a little bit more stop to inflict to may that salon and I'm just going to bring a reflector and his closest I can't I need you to hold it over the role just because this is more of a beauty type shot side and eat some it's like two her face yet he's gonna hold me just for a minute so I can finish the shot here okay said just give me a big spraying hit if that's perfect okay don't move that's great all right what I want you to do now is I just want you to go out bo back that's the one and really kick back with this one rock onto that hip more more stop long chin good girl push it forward okay I just need you to bring this forward and get next it that's where I want the light arrive and I move oh my god okay chin down teo asked to touch I want dear okay and very didn't they don't want you here can you reset susan and destroys his good at one side tiff can you car so that sorry okay lane and this night this way that's it more more more stop you get long chin don't move don't move don't move okay a little bit more come around stop just a little throw suze go gotcha okay maybe the other side through the back okay, more lane night I can't more lean that's it ok and now but that's the one that's the one state they're not too high though susan just right low okay go nice I like that little bit of volume ok, look down over your shoulder relax him out go okay susan this time throat forward okay, go two down, two down, two down go okay from there lucky last hold it yourself okay, don't move just three hand back to susan that's it and then just bring it forward and bring your chin all the way around go that's it do it again big smile go through it again ice down big smile go do it again relax your body kickback you're starting to get rigid ok want you loosened up stay there but keep your face because your face is and perfect like good girl good girl aren't you bet chin down beautiful big smile go give me spin there more good gilmore love that one more slow arms so I slow sly slow with its mile shoulder gun smile shoulder smile shoulder good girl that was beautiful right there perfect finished I'd have one in every color have one in every color so I'm really happy with that. I feel like I've got lots to work with um I feel like I know what it is that you want in your final results I I'm gonna go and prepare them so you have to go somewhere you can get changed let's have some lunch and I'm gonna come back and you don't get to see me it it your images but you get to see them after that so I think you're amazing and thanks for, um, you know, doing that life it's really also

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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