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Shoot: Short Pink Dress

I'm so glad you got a spray tan, but you don't normally get spray tans, right? Love spray tans? Yeah, the problem of the spray tan is that can go tandoori, you know? And then you can look like a number, a number and a photo shoot. So I always make sure that you've had it before, you know, this is just the mildest. Yeah. Okay, so I love this because it's um it's in that outfit, but without being in that outfit, which I really loved, so I thought that was really beautiful on you in this color suits you so much. All right, I need that light off because it's bouncing in some pretty major shit over me and we need this to come around, okay? In fact, yeah, we're gonna go off so I would love to do because I've just pin this back drop for now I'm gonna get you, lena so hang on, see if I don't I don't want you to take your weight on it, but I want you to look like you out, okay? So I just want to do a really beautiful soft this gray and pink it's so beautiful on you, I'm going to bring this arou...

nd, all right, so I just want you to take your weight on your back foot I want this hand to touch the back of your booty I want you to open your body up to me okay so slide down the wall so I'm going to just pull your albert like this that's a girl so kick this forward that's it stay there don't move this hand goes onto your thigh slide it up and elbow back chin goes all the way around to the front don't move nice and tall three unique and shoulders lifting up good girl stayed there with my camera to them all right this hand goes to the back of your bet that's it and I just want some space in here that's it chin all the way around square to make a girl don't move all right so I always start you off steady before I make you move anywhere uh I need to push this towards may don't cover the camera just push it towards me not her me that's it no make me that it that it stop sorry all right stay there krista that's beautiful that move good girl relax it mouth long neck sitting up nice and tall so unique and shoulder siri does turn down just a touch okay starch and down just a touch he got at all right from thea bring this hand across that's it stuff their long chin that's one chin to the shoulder not the otherway so chin this way fear stop ego that's a long neck and shoulders longer work that shoulder forward now start that's exactly right reelection mouth you got it chin down a little wee bit and lips together a little bit more than just a tiny little smile in the ice to in this way more square up to maim or more more stop you got it that's the one okay from there I need your backhand in otherwise you've only got one arm so underneath no don't hold your belly a case to put it underneath your arm no you can hold your body just up under up underneath it that said yeah andi rabbi good girl okay from the arab drop your upper back drop the shoulder forward that set long chance good girl stay there kick your beauty back to the war that's the one thing around with shoulder relax a mouth chin around good gil stop all right always squaring up to may always always always ok what I want to do with this shot here is I want this fabric I don't quite know how I'm gonna work with it but I've got this idea that you have a dance well this is going to be fun dance like no one is watching I believe all right so I I think we'll go the lighter of the fabrics um because it's got the most amount of fabric and let's start with it doubled up and over your advice ok all they want here is movement so I just like this idea that I can throw it over your back and put it over your abbas ended it for that's it and I like this idea that I can just get any sort of form of movement into the shot okay so what I want to do from there is let's just try a real simple move so I'm gonna only do small most for you okay oh uh I'm sorry I just instantly started thinking of the laugh again I came to in this way and I want you to spend and just come back to the front that's it okay so you're gonna go to here relax your hands do it again spend okay from there I need you to move the other hand as well so just keep it yeah that's exactly right okay, now let's do that go back and hang on and go okay, I need you to do that with just a little bit more movement ok, so you went like this okay? I want you to be more like this so give me a little bit of ah sits so don't whip it okay but just flick it alright okay think of your hands too all right go okay I need a big smiles I say just give me a little bit more go gil stadia it's gonna flip back you hear all right, I want that one more time, okay and go that was cute. I like that need to pull back a little way butt and go stop beautiful love this ok what I want you to do now is I want you just to exactly what you doing kick into this head that's it I want you to long chin ok this is all freestyling when you when you're not posing freestyling for me is about finding moves that you doing naturally to don't hold their lets it it's perfect okay, now push your chin forward turn this way okay so if you're going to hold your hands and he did it yeah that's it now kick into this hit long chin that's it good girl don't turn your face away from me you've lost your squareness okay that's a long chin stadia no because she's going to move to match is going to try and pull it out looks like it's got a little bit of movement I can't use your body crystal kick it out this way that's it lets him out enough chin up a little lots of smile into your eyes good girl more okay from here I want you to end this way okay that's the one stay there ok from there kick your booty out okay other what letter with the shoulder forward and ice down your body life I kept hid forward this way that's it don't move! What? That shoulder forward stop! Okay, all I'm doing now is finding little pockets where you look really beautiful eyes too may were you just doing your own thing? That's amazing! Stop chin down with that shoulder a soft belly hands. Okay, sit up here that to go beautiful don't move! I can't give me a tip. Chin this way with that shoulder. I love this. Okay, turn around. Wow, you look incredible. Tip this way. Top of your head. Chin around with your shoulder. Good girl. All right, from the I come back to the front and let's see if I can't get some movement here bring it down to your hands until you're holding it and I just want you to turn low tune so a little bit of a flick that's it, sis even get a little bit of volume so try and stretch their way out let's just see if I can't get any movement other way other way that tipped albert and I always out this way always alba's in lots of flick around that this okay, you should need to get to go to cross your knees over that's it lots of smiles, okay, tiff you're gonna have to help me make this your last look down I want you to look down okay more shoulder more shot him or shot at okay, so I want you here I want you to really come into this shelter that's it and I want you to look down and laugh and look after you yeah e j mom I got it wait there's some bad laughing way in the end it's going to be like really uh e want more of that I want more bed laughing I want more flick I want more flick into body more laughing up a dance more separate so let's like healthy ah you could be professional off e I can see them I gotta get more more just more chin report they say this dark like tio don't move give me a smile night kid therefore that's and go oh ok start let's look here back and let's see if we can get more I want more of that girls yeah e t o k people are actually watching you know better cameron okay I want lots of they have been back flick again here we go okay don't stop I want you from here cross you coming over like this and I just want teo to me at that today's teo but keep you ten foot lots more should be forcing me more e a back a little bit I got more. Show me more. Show me a guy here. A guy, maybe a little half turn at the state of the front that's a lot to flick. Lots of luck to shape that someone again. Turn around, turn around, turn around. That's a go. I've got tea. Oh, my goodness. I get it enough. Okay, we'll get there. White box in there. Oh, my goodness. Ee oh, yeah, uh, I might need a white. Okay, behind the box, please. Thanks. Either way, you go that kristin can do it the times of your the times of your here and skin. And this is so beautiful in the gray green, so just sit up there. I didn't even look at the big of the camera for the whole secret. Oh, my goodness. That's fantastic. I'm sure we have something here that we can play. Okay, nathan, why not one down? Okay, so just cross that one under, but you don't need to cross them over because I can't have you scared to just point your toe towards may come right up onto that toe and I just want these hands all the way in and down that it's a go now this hand can go on the inside of your thigh, but towards may so I need you to pull come talk that's it with you everybody I want you to tune this hand away from me don't hold her leg just relax it keep a slight bend in that elbow part here and I want you to bring the chin long to may the sway stop don't move okay and I just want to hear long chin down now wick this shoulder that's a girl and pull this one back and elbow and that's a drop the shoulder down though it's not natural yet hand is still not relaxed bring this hand in okay towards may and tune it this way that's it but towards me down your leg that's it elbow tuck in this one now with this shoulder towards me more so actually show me the shoulder okay that's the one chin down a little we better move uh oh my goodness okay stay there come right up onto this toe bring this near cross that's it don't move that's the one with the shoulder towards me long chin down don't make good jill this is such a beautiful color and I love it okay I need you to tip this way stop need your shoulder to come with you keep abandon this keep ballet hands that's it so you can come now I know inside that's it that's it okay tim this way working that shoulder stop chin down! Down! Don't move! You're right albert needs to tuck in don't move could girl relax him out now ok relax relax it miss like tip this way stop lips together little smoke real one through your eyes okay let's together good gil that's better no fake ese okay okay from here he bring this hand up and it goes just inside your door line hold you hear out stop and the intimate this way back to you now very gently drop your chin down don't both I sort of wanted to touch your throat that's it I want this hand to come in because I can't see it but I just need you to push against your breast sign that said and I want you to do it with that in there don't move chin down nicely done oh sorry good to blink don't move I need you to bring your chin this way stop bring your shoulder into me that don't move good girl this is beautiful I want to wait with this bring your chin down put those fingers really move slowly back here don't move pulling away from your face down don't move don't move don't move now give me a smack little wheel when real ones come through the eyes chris is gonna come through the eyes drop that right shoulder it's getting too far in okay that's it the k from here gives me a slight took this way auntie throat back back that's it bring your chin down, hits the one, okay, straighten out, just a slight, a huge big smile. Go, okay. I love their beautiful from there. Just cross both alibis ever come forward. I don't want them symmetrical. That's it so, yeah, that's it leave one straighter, that's it perfect long chin point, toes, both feet. Okay, straighten you hit up to may. Drop the shoulders down. Good girl, straighten. You'll heat up this way, chin down a bit. Stop stay there being the elbow just a little bit more. Take this one, threw in down or down here. Yeah, ok, just drop this hand down so that they're not symmetrical, that it longtan towards mei you need to drop your shoulders down, both of them, they're getting too together. Okay, chin down. Okay, big smile, guy. Gotcha. Ok, love that absolutely beautiful.

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Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.


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Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!