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Lesson 16 from: A Shoot with Sue

Sue Bryce

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16. Wrap-Up

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They are clapping on line do they are laughing online? I just think it's so cool that people thank you for looking for people really let us know how much they appreciate this event today which has been so different from what you have done here on eight other a day's here nine of the drinks here a creative life so again folks what we have done here today is allowed you to be a fly on the wall here with soup rice in the past we have had you here as supervise the teacher the instructor the educator and it is super ice the photographer that your client's connect with and I know as having been one of your clients and way don't get teo I mean that is something we've never done before like I said and um the ability how I don't know how many people must ask you all the time if they can shatter you they can if you can be their mentor again all that social media love folks that is why we're here today for you to be able to shadow sue just like it would be in her studio with her client with her c...

lient krista uh with her assistant susan with tiffany doing hair and makeup and let's just give them around my wrist just gorgeous um in any case today you can purchase this video the set of videos with soup rice for only seventy nine dollars, it'll be ninety nine dollars, but my goodness, thank you told those who have already been purchasing it today because this is an incredible deal. Seventeen dollars, to go and be su's fly on the wall sews well first sat shadowing suit that's what I'm trying to say in addition to that, we also got tio b and meat to the designer sue the stylist sue the editor through the post processor s oh, what a magical day! Even and even better than just today's workshop. Well, first, actually, let's talk about what is included in the workshop in addition to those videos uh, we have your full pdf yes, that we didn't even know we weren't. We weren't teaching too. Because today we were yes. Uh, it's all written down what to say? And what order? What points? To hit what points? To educate on very important you activate it. Now your sales are gonna double I guarantee it so full. Pdf folks thatyou get included with the purchase. A dedicated video of the hair and makeup that tiffany it was doing all day. Where? Earlier today. So we had cameras going on that all day that you will be able to download, and in addition to that the editing video and the p d a of the images yes and we'll take the seventy seven images that we got down to from the final selection will put them on a pdf for you and then we'll take christa's final choices out of there and will give you that as well no do that tomorrow fantastic fantastic so again everyone just a reminder that we are running a very amazing special on the supervisor glamour collection which is everything that suit has done here at crate alive what a year it's been who it's much I know so there are four different workshops essentially her first workshop of which was glamour photography was to bryce then we had the two days with hair and make up with you and simona and then we had three more days of a shoot with of inside the glamour studio with rice and then today shoot and I get so many hundreds of e mails a day asking to do workshops and I don't do workshops I'm still shoot I still have a fully booked diary this is the only option you get me is their creative life so if you want to come and do a workshop with me it doesn't get better than that and you could do it I'm right yeah whenever you want yes you're on speaker okay, listen you today it's two hundred ninety nine dollars if you already own uh one of the super ice workshops log in. Go to the collection page, and you will see a special price based on what you already own. So I know that answer is a lot of people's questions. So with that, uh, once again sue another amazing, creative live, can't wait to see you back in january. Oh, sure, reels with haley bartholomew. She will blow your mind, this girl, and we've simplified it to not something that nobody can do, but something everybody can do. Hayley was marketing who business with video when she was really bad at it, and doing really well, so she's going to show you even those videos, those first videos and how it worked in the connection and and how she shoots, just excites the hell out of me. So cool, so great. All right, everyone, thank you again, sue and big round of applause, and we will see you next time. That's a wrap, folks! Thank you.

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I love these video's!! Sue is just amazing! She know how to make any women look her best and brings out their beauty within! I am learning her style and putting it to use on my clients! My dream is to have her photograph me too! I want these kind of images of myself! Thanks Sue for your willingness to open up and share with everyone!


How good did her client feel after that session!!! Start to finish an excellent class- Shots were amazing, relaxed, well paced work flow.... enjoyed this class very much

beth guterman

Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!

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