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Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

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Diet Tip for Aging Atheletes, Females & Kids

Ben Greenfield

Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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18. Diet Tip for Aging Atheletes, Females & Kids

Lesson Info

Diet Tip for Aging Atheletes, Females & Kids

Let's talk about aging athletes so there's kind of two main considerations when you're an aging athlete number one is your bone density is naturally going to start to decrease and automatically you get that response that we kind of touched on last time when we were in the last session we're talking about calcium is well, just take more calcium if you're getting older and I said getting older for most people we tend to see a lot of these effects once you start to kind of push fifty plus years old even though for different people that loss of bone density sarko pena or loss of muscle mass a lot of you know, inability to digest protein a lot of this stuff kind of sets in different ages but usually it's about fifty plus years old where you start to feel some of these effects s o eating a balanced source of minerals is really, really important the older that you get, andi I'm a big big fan of aging athletes going out of their way to do something like a trace liquid minerals and there's some...

really good trace liquid minerals out there and these air just like liquid mineral shots that you could take in the morning using like a full spectrum sea salt and then using some of the things that I really recommended for bone density okay, primarily magnesium, vitamin d and vitamin k so those are those are three of the biggies that an aging or an older athletes should really go out of their way to prioritize. The other thing is that you tend to produce a little less hydro pork acid as you age, and hydrochloric acid activates peps in in your stomach, which helps you digest protein. And so an aging athlete tens have a lot more difficult time digesting protein, and this can kind of be a catch twenty two because not only do you have a harder time building muscle, and you have a greater rate of muscle loss as you age, but if you have a harder time breaking down protein, you're also presenting your body with fewer amino acids to repair and recover. So I recommend that any older athlete who's starting to notice a loss of muscle, begin to use something like an hcl with pepsi in type of supplement again, like now, foods makes it makes the brand of hydrochloric acid begin to look into doing some of the things to support digestion, such as use of digestive enzymes prior to a meal. I'm amazed and want to think the older that you get about chewing your food more and more completely, really focusing on doing like a twenty or thirty bytes per chew that's. That is useful for anybody to do frankly, I think that with the speed with which I ate lunch today I was at about two to three bites per chew and then swallow and then you know back back down tio doom or creative live but basically a cz the older you get, the more important get it becomes to really focus on allowing digestion to occur and that might include focusing more on chewing as well. So those are two considerations for aging athletes your mineral intake and then making sure that you're helping out with protein digestion so let's touch on females and ah, and then we'll take another quick break for questions so there are there are a few issues for females and I have three listed here there's actually kind of sort of four, but there are specific issues that females and especially exercising females tend to face and there's this complaint that I get that when women start to work out, they say, well, I'm working out, but I'm somehow gaining weight I don't understand what's going on here, I especially run into this more mohr and endurance training athletes were getting ready for an iron man or a marathon or something like that and they start to balloon up and gain weight one reason for that can be exposure to excessive estrogen's in the environment, causing what is called estrogen dominance and that can really get in the way of females being able to lose weight so you really want to be careful to pay attention to tomorrow's session that just is going to go through on decreasing the amount of what are called xeno estrogen's or fake estrogen's that are present in personal care products as well as household cleaning chemicals on you want to be careful with with a huge amount of s she's an exposure from like doing a lot of tofu and soy milks and things of that nature, so we want to be careful to decrease success of estrogen exposure. Another thing that's really important is to detox the liver, which is where your body is actually going to process a lot of your estrogen's as a female and basically poorly working livers or one of the primary causes of like a modern female athletes inability to lose weight or a cause of that estrogen dominance thes they're some of my favorite compounds to detox the liver and this this could be the case whether you, you know, had a lot of alcohol or pharmaceuticals in her male or female or whether you're just female who wants to get deliver working properly so that you're turning over estrogen's green tea on a daily basis can be used cruciferous vegetables like like broccoli and cauliflower, for example, they're really high in a compound called die in the old methane they're not quite as high in that compound is taking and diane dl methane or a d I am supplement directly about two hundred milligrams on a daily basis can really, really help out with liver detox in case of a female who needs to go after estrogen exposure ah high dose vitamin b complex there is what's called a phase two liver detox pathway and it relies upon antioxidants and vitamin b complex can really help out with that as can curcumin and a full spectrum of antioxidants. So these are some of the supplements that you would include if you're a female athlete who struggles with not losing weight the way that you want to or if you're someone who's concerned about your liver a lot of times you need to bind toxins to help them to be removed. Claire l a is really good for that as is activated charcoal and so a combination of binders such is activated charcoal orc lorella, along with antioxidants can help support both phase one and phase two liver detox and really help out with estrogen dominance and female so this is a great kind of protocol to get on for about thirty to sixty days or so if you just need to cleanse out your liver eating adequate carbohydrates, excessive fatty acid exposure can actually decrease some thyroid receptor activity adequate carbohydrates are also necessary for the conversion of inactive t three in tow active t four females tend to be really sensitive to carbohydrate restriction or ketosis based diets in terms of a down regulation of metabolism and a lot of times even though I'm not a big fan of eating a higher carb diet aa lot of times when women come to me and they're having trouble losing weight or they're having trouble with performance or they're kind of having some hormonal issues related to sports even if they're eating enough calories sometimes all tweak that macro nutrient composition to maybe go from closer to like a ten percent carbon in a girl is being really careful like staying away from rice and potatoes and every starch on the face of the planet push him a little bit closer to twenty percent carbohydrates and it can really help out with like a sluggish metabolism and thyroid issues and some of those things that can happen and someone who's avoiding carbs pretty much the same thing with excessive fasting really interesting study that came out that they didn't athlete to big one last year on essentially uh neural endocrine profiles meaning like what all your hormones and everything are doing and how many calories that you're eating and what it comes down to is that one of the best ways to mess up your hormones really quickly is to combine excessive physical activity with inadequate calorie intake and this tends to be a big issue mohr so in female athletes intermittent fasting is something that's kind of sexy these days I've personally recommended it I like it as a way to detox the cells as a way to clean up cellular garbage, but in a lot of the female athletes who are worked with who struggle with energy levels and performance rather than doing like a twelve to sixteen hour daily fast and that's something called intermittent fasting where you go twelve to sixteen hours for each day like you go to bed at eight p m and then you get the eight a m and you have breakfast at nine a m so I would be like a thirteen hour daily fast rather than putting your body through those rigors you do something like once a month, a twenty four hour fast and instead right when you get out of bed in the morning, you eat a nice big breakfast and give your body a bunch of nutrients right off the bat, twenty to twenty five grand portion of protein and pretty much everything your body needs. And then you get the benefits of fasting by doing like a once a month, twenty four hour fast and in a little bit later section of this workshop today I'll teach us some other cool rules for fasting that'll help you get through something like a twenty four hour fast, which sounds like health to a lot of people, so um, let's, go ahead and stop right there before we move into young athletes and take some questions either from the internet or from you guys in the audience. We had a question in the audience for guarding estrogen, and some of the, I guess, fake estrogen found in, for instance, jenna mayer talks about anything sent it has estrogen in it, like perfumes and things of that nature, and we also had a comment about plastics having some types of estrogen in them. Do you have any opinions on these sort of other external factors? I mean, not your diet, but you could be exposed estrogen? Yeah, we're going to talk about about a lot of this during the detox section, but for example, we only use glass containers in our house to avoid a lot of those e know estrogen's from plastics. I personally use a fragrance even for me. I don't I don't want estrogen circulating in my body, and I don't want what are called, you know, aroma, taste is getting exposed to me with fragrances. I'ii just use essential oils as a franklin's rather than using cologne, and we're going to go over a lot of other things you can do with personal care products to avoid that excessive estrogen exposure, for sure, so kev one asked what your thoughts were on adding mock a route to a smoothie and also if drinking apple cider vinegar and water mix first thing in the morning if that will affect how well played decimal clu death ion and all carnitine is absorbed or how well it will work if you tonto published that's a two part of the first part was what again a mockery mockery that's right so ma cruz fantastic for your adrenal glands it can also help guys with building testosterone. I've experimented with a little bit I like the way I feel a little better when I use adaptive genic herbs rather than mock a rude but mark a ruse it's kind of cool has like this powdery kind of earthy case you can add it to smoothies it really is good for the adrenals you can get off amazon and get like a bulk mock a route and it actually is pretty decent in terms of adrenal support, I've gotten better results using chinese adapted jin's but mockery to certainly an option apple cider vinegar very l kalinic very good to take prior to a meal if you want to make sure that your blood sugar doesn't rise really high in response to that meal, I've never seen any evidence that it might cause decreased absorption of things that you take along with it but I'm not totally sure about that one yeah um well, let's, go ahead and talk about kids and we'll certainly continue to have plenty of time for questions so children burned fatty acids very, very efficiently it's amazing. You know, I talked about the fatty composition of breast milk and it's amazing the blood levels of key tones and a young baby and a young child the amount of fatty acids that a kid can burn. I suspect that in many cases in a typical westernized diet or a sad standard american diet that we have almost kind of destroyed our metabolisms in a way by switching our diets to cereals and jams and pop tarts and fruits and lunch boxes full of crackers and grapes and dinners full of macaroni and cheese and pasta and basically taking our children who burned fatty acids very efficiently as a fuel and forcing them to instead burn carbohydrates is the fuel, and I think that that's one one big issue when it comes to chronic disease and obesity and even the inability of athletes to really efficiently burn fats during exercise or propensity of athletes to bunk during exercise is our shift away from allowing kids to burn fatty acids efficiently as a fuel. So it's okay for your kid to go out and, you know, say, have some you know, some eggs for breakfast and go out and play the soccer game without necessarily taking in you know, gatorade the whole time or the, you know, the special kool aid packs they hand out or eating oreos know our energy bars like kids do very, very well. Up to about seventy five minutes is a research has shown is the point which kids do really, really well, using just fatty acids is the fuel so it's okay to be that person whose kid maybe doesn't come along with gatorade to practice, but maybe you just got water kids do really, really well. Using fatty acids is a fuel if you let them that being said, you need to pay close attention to hydration. Children do have a very small surface area to body mass ratio, which means that they heat up a lot more quickly than adults. And in a situation where you might feel that you wouldn't need water to actually stay hydrated or stay cool, kid a lot of times does need more water than adult might need or more water than you think they might need to. You need to pay close attention, the hydration. When you see a kid getting red in the face or sweating or kind of starting to pant, you want to make sure that they get water, so water is important, but exogenous sources of carbohydrates up to about the seventy five minute mark. They're really only they're really not. Kids are pretty good at using their own storage carbohydrates and fats up to about seventy five minutes. Commercial sports drinks are mixed in about a four to six percent ratio, and that ratio empties ok from from the stomach of an adult. I think that that a ratio that's in some cases, even slightly weaker than that, we'll empty even better. There's, a great book that talks about this have actually got it right here. I wanted to mention this book during the last session anyway, so I might as well bring it up now. It's called feeds own portable lt's it's, written by the physiologist, a nutritionist for a professional cycling team, and it's, chock full of really recipes like rice cakes with bacon that you can wrap in aluminum foil and take out with you on bike rides and, you know, like many rice balls with blueberries that you can take out with you on runs and really fantastic book full of recipes that even include, you know, like gluten free derivatives, it's a little bit higher carbohydrate than I feel the athletes necessarily need to be eating, but for like longer events for you older marathoners out there for people going out in a really long bike ride, things of that nature great book called feed zone portables one of the things that feeds own portables goes into, though, is the fact that some of these sports drinks or makes a very good ratio and that four to six percent ratio, especially for kids, it doesn't empty from their stomach very quickly at all. So if you are fueling a kid with gatorade, not only might they not need those carbohydrates, but you need to understand that it may not even empty from their stomach and it can actually cause things like stomach distress and and side cramping and things like that and kids so understand that those ratios empty well for adults, but not necessarily for kids question stomach distress on drinking gatorade as an adult. I mean, I still can't get I can't go near gatorade, powerade anything mixed in a four to six percent solution doesn't work for me. I think this case is a lot of people people get stomach upset and basically use using a solution. That's mixed perhaps a little bit more weak. I'm like a three to a four percent ratio or using in very, very limited amount something it's mixing even a higher ratio can sometimes help. You can experiment with those ratios it's pretty easy, even make your own homemade uh, you're on your own homemade electrolyte drinks.

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Professional athletes and elite exercisers may be able to train full-time, but what about those of us who want a better body or to achieve amazing feats of physical performance but have busy lives and jam-packed schedules? Athlete and author Ben Greenfield will arm you with the tools, strategies, and systems you need to look, feel, and perform at your peak physical and mental capacity, without spending your entire day exercising or dieting.

In this course, Ben covers topics such as how to avoid injury, imbalances, or overtraining, how to address crucial elements that most exercise enthusiasts overlook, and how to quickly develop natural, ancestral strength, balance, mobility and physical function. You’ll learn how to customize your daily nutrition and workout fueling protocols so that you can get adequate calories without destroying your metabolism or expanding your waistline. From your gut-brain connection to mind-hacking tactics to sensory system enhancement, Ben will show you the crucial role the nervous system plays in fitness, and will reveal strategies for being mentally and physically prepared for any challenge life may throw at you.

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