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Fermented Foods & Sweeteners

Lesson 13 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

Fermented Foods & Sweeteners

Lesson 13 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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Lesson Info

13. Fermented Foods & Sweeteners

Lesson Info

Fermented Foods & Sweeteners

Now speaking of mitigating the damage and protecting your body, your immune system, as you'll learn later on in great detail is present in your gut like ninety percent of your immune system is in your gut and the bacteria in your gut are capable of producing vitamins they're capable of helping to produce neuro transmitters and one of the big missing components you know, we talked about notoriously neglected components of fitness yesterday notoriously neglected components of diet in many cases include fermented foods and we do aton fermentation and fermented foods and I for some examples are actually well the main example I think we have here is sour cross sauerkraut and we have some calm butcher here. Most cultures all around the world have some form of fermented food it's the oldest form of storing your food it's basically salting using salt to preserve food and unfortunate no it grows and the salt will grow bacteria to grow generally good bacteria can grow bad bacteria and if you get...

into fermenting you should obviously learn what to know what to look for when that is president. However, our culture on our world has become very fearful of just bacteria in general um and I mean there's good reason to be fearful of back bad bacteria but this is generally like I said, if you're going to ferment your own food you need toe obvious educate yourself on what a bad batch looks like and it's pretty obvious it'll be like mold in green and stuff on top, but you know people have killed themselves by growing that bacteria there is if you refuse to search, for example on the internet for jessica green field fermentation there's an entire almost a ninety minute long video of jessa demonstrating how to make some of our favorite fermented foods but we'll do things that like drink kombucha which is a fantastic form of fun is a linguist beverage oh I'm sorry that's good here yeah, the other day a liquid but you can buy this at the grocery store you need to be careful if you get it at the grocery store because it's chock full of syrups and sugars and in many cases it's even been pat mildly pasteurized was kills off a lot of this good bacteria so getting the beast of kiefer with none of the good bacteria how would somebody make their own kiefer if they just wanted to make something like this purchase they're called kiefer greens and it's not really even a green at all it's they look kind of like it almost looks like a cheese curd and you just basically it's super cottage cheese yes, it's really simple you should try to use raw milk because it actually ferments a lot better than pasteurized milk and it doesn't get that sour flavor to it I mean how do you say raw milk wearing somebody even find some states you cannot get raw milk but a lot more states air allowing it and we can get I get it from a lady we have a male co op and like I have to drive out to her farm like once turn once every six other way and we all meet pick up all our milk and distributed to everyone that stuff but you can like now in washington I know in washington say I don't know california wherever you all from um I don't know if you could get your store but we can get in their stores now generally it's in like a whole foods I don't know the whole foods here it would carry but like in washington they would be allowed to carry it in I know there are like it's called main street market that's our kind of our local whole foods grocery store is you can get it in the store it's used to be very expensive it's not as expensive as it used to be I remember when it was about eight dollars a gallon now things about where we're at is about six dollars a gallon so it's it's can be very expensive it's more expensive than you're pasteurized milk because you have to go through the farms have to go through a lot of regulations and stuff like that, and it takes a long time to become certified raw believe it's, raw milk dot or gore raw milk dot com I forget the exact name of the website, and perhaps someone on the internet can check first real quick and let us know, but but it gives you a full list of every state and the sources of raw milk in that state you do, it is risky. You know what we're talking about? Milk that is raw, that has been pasteurized gonna make sure from a clean source. No, if you don't care for for the taste of something like this, you may have noticed that a place like whole foods, for example, they make coconut key for now, they also have the radiant based kombu chokehold foods. Some of those aren't exposed to quite a cz much heat, and they still have some live bacteria present in them, so whole foods being example of a place that would have a pretty decent coconut kiefer or even a kombucha now calm butcher is also a fermented beverage. This is combat this's, not normally. We would keep our company, but in something that is more like a beer bottle kind of thing, but but very, very used to make can you give, like the thirty second overview of making your own kombu church? Yeah well first you well ok and I don't think I actually told me a lot of key for people you just need milk and the keeper greens and you put them together it's centered on your counter for a one to two days however sour you wanted to be in flavor and then it's done and then you put it in your fridge and the last up to like two weeks it lasts longer than regular milk because it has the lactic essence and it's preserved so there's a very simple explanation but that's really all it is it's very, very simple nine dollars yeah the purchase to kiefer greens though on dh then cam boucha you also have to start out it's called a mother it's our scobie it's like a giant boger really it's really quite ugly but you brew very strong tea and very sweet tea because the mother actually thrives on the sugar it and the tea now people always so concerned about putting white sugar into this and you really shouldn't be because what happens is the mother of the scobie will actually metabolize it and they consume it so it's not really even present and actually the longer you let a permit the morva vinegary becomes because less of the sugar is there so you can taste it generally takes two weeks to ferments you have the strong tea in the sweep team and you want it at room temperature because if you put a mother in hot tea it's going to kill it, it's alive, being it's actually alive, it doesn't move but it's alive, so you don't want to kill the mother, so you want the tv room temperature, and then you put the mother in and you're going to this is one of the few fermentation process is that actually has to have oxygen tio happen most of things like sauerkraut in cape fear needs seal, it needs to be sealed. So you put I put, like, a t shirt material because where we live in the summer, we get fruit flies on diffused cheesecloth, those things they love this stuff and they can get in there and then the late eggs and then you're going to a big mess. So t shirt material works really, really great. They can't get in there and allows oxygen to come in and you put it away in a closet for about two weeks, and then you come back, taste it, if you like the way it takes longer if you want to be bubbly. Er if you leave, you leave it there longer. It's going takes more vinegary, too, so, like I said, the longer you ferment, the more vinegary becomes you can add a lot of people like to add juices to it, to give it a nice flavor. My favor is just putting ginger. I make a ginger syrup and I put it in there and it gives it a nice ginger flavor. So that's, my particular feel fantastic for the tummy. But you can project it, too, at store later on. When we talk about fixing your gut rebooting your gut, I will talk about one situation and when you in which you actually want to avoid fermented food. There's, a condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth very easy to test for, but it is an issue with a lot of folks these days, and if you tend to get a lot of bloating, fermentation gas, et cetera with fermented food consumption, it could be that you have cibo and you can actually test for that. Now, I'd like to take some more questions before I jump into a live demonstration of, well, first, an explanation of the most powerful juice on the planet, but then also a live demonstration of the best smooth. But you mentioned about sweetening with a ginger based syrup on before we take a few more questions, I want to ask you about sweeteners and us, we have honey down here, and I get a lot of questions from people about how to sweeten your foods and you know what we used as a sweetener and whether you should just use stevia and avoid sweeteners altogether what's kind of your take when it comes to the to using sweeteners and what do you use when you're cooking baking, etcetera I'm going to use a sweetener I'm using the real deal I don't like stevia and I don't like what any of those because basically what it does is ends up tricking your body and to thinking that it's receiving these calories and it's actually not receiving and then your body ends up craving these calories because it never received them so one of the wide diet soda makes you that argument it's it's the fact that you consume an artificial sweetener your body releases digestive hormones because it senses that it's tasted something sweet and then you've got all these digestive hormones circulating in your hungry and so you want to go eat something so usually uh using artificial sweeteners comes back to bite you later on here I like to use local raw honey if you buy local honey it's generally always rob because the pasteurization process is so expensive for them to do that it is not worth it for them to do so if you're buying local honey, your chances of it being wrong are really good even though it doesn't say it wrong on there which I learned from my honey bee keeper friends and I've actually never understood what organic honey is because these kind of generally just go wherever the you know what I mean? And they generally stayed a radius but I don't quite understand or getting a eso buying raw honey has all of the hits what's the word I'm looking for him it's got a ton of antibacterial I use it like chinese people have been using it forever honey on wounds it has burned is actually and them really benefited from honey and reduce scarring in that sort of thing so I use it as I use it in topical body products I use it to sweeten things um it's also got my my blinking on the word like berries of it oh lots of polly finals and antioxidant yeah antioxidants it's got john of andy auction in senate and so sorry is blinking on the word that's okay you rescue thank you. The bra and local honey is so important to buy well a if you have allergies it's really good for allergies because they have the poland president in and so small doses boost your immunity to local allergenic triggers so that's one and then rot when if it's been pasteurized you lose a lot of the antibacterial properties of it and you lose a lot of the accidents I want to keep thing antibacterial destroy a lot of the nutrients in many food when you expose them to heat so you so you need to be careful and I've also noticed that you'll occasionally use things like coconut sugar molasses basically well well, molasses is actually god if it's using a black strap molasses especially for women it's got one tablespoon of black strap molasses has your iron intake for the day s o it's it's got its own benefits however it's it's that's probably its main when it's got a lot of minerals and it to a lot of magnesium but it is really high on the glass in make next and even though it would be high yeah, I was going to say but some are more so than others and I just find that there's more benefit in raw honey there's I mean, you got all these other benefits going along with it that it makes it a much more desirable choice in my opinion, you know, I'm a big fan of honey as well I think it's one of one of the top sweeteners out there again using moderation but great sweetener now before we get in recipe time let's take a few more questions so how about out there in the in the studio audience, peter all this stuff quality of these foods I'm going to cost a bit more can you expound um why it is so important to you you kind of suck it up and pay for that you're not doing yourself any favors of going to the cheaper route the primary reason for that would be your health care costs in the future which is a hard concept sometimes to grass but the fact that you're going to live a better quality of life and spend less time in the doctor's office and at the hospital as one reason to do this another reason is that you really are in a way when you buy better ingredients you are purchasing your way to better living through science I mean really in the same reason that you'd use supplementation sure, maybe not everybody can can afford to use creatine or maybe creating is an extra expense but will improve strength and power so it's kind of where your priorities lie and you know today we're talking about ultimate human performance and if that's where your priorities lie versus subpar digestive performance or brain performance or muscle performance than becomes important so well from the internet yeah they had a question I'm here about where you get the mother for the computer so I know you're no it's alive doesn't e you know I could get into how to grow your own mother but that would take too long um you can actually grow your own mother or um I know what our local like health food store you can actually purchase them in the fridge and the refrigerated section, um, you can order them online. They generally, if you I can't, you just use kombucha that you've purchased. Yeah, but when you order, they're generally about fifteen dollars, which is really not that much, considering a bottle of computers purchased at health food stores running close to five dollars, and that'll last you a long time, assuming that you don't expose it to high temperature or anything, well, and what will happen is it grows new one that actually, like, grows new ones. So it's a constant. So I want you to be a christian.

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