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Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

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Foods for Performance

Ben Greenfield

Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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12. Foods for Performance

Lesson Info

Foods for Performance

Before I jump in teo how to prepare this wonderful array of foods and how to make some of the most nutrient dense meals on the face of the planet using some of the most nutrient dense foods on the face of the planet and by the way you really are looking at what my kitchen and my refrigerator look like um I actually don't have just one big silver table in my kitchen I do own a refrigerator and the pantry but these are the type of foods that make up the majority of my diet and these are the type of foods that I've transitioned over the past several years to use as a way to feel fuel my body with thousands of calories per day without destroying my metabolism and without destroying my gut and I have a secret weapon I have I have a food ninja who lives with me who does a ton of fantastic cooking and knows how to make lots of these things taste incredibly incredibly good and she is also what I call the mother hen of the inner circle I have on my website what's called the ben greenfield fitne...

ss inner circle at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash inner circle where we do monthly webinars and we have a q and a forum and we teach people how to eat healthy how to be healthy howto detox their bodies detox their home howto work out the right way and my wife jessica green filled, is ah, a major face there in the inner circle and she's also here with us today as a guest to help walk us through how to use a lot of the fears that you see up there so I'd like to welcome my wife jessa, you could you do it and come out to the front here just in front of you before we before we watch into these foods, so just a just a quick thing as we go today and as we're taking each of these foods and kind of showing them to you and join you howto how to cook them and how to prepare them and how to make them digestible ask questions you up during the internet if you'd like to type things into the chat box, feel free to stop us along the way in the studio audience raise your hand if there's something is not clear and we're happy tio help you out just is there anything that you want to say before we launch into this? Um, I don't think so. I think you touched on it just I guess when I start out with teaching people that said, don't be intimidated by it um take small steps if that's the way you roll if you want to divert and go for that route, but um like ben said, this took us years to get teo, I think we really started doing a lot of this about six years ago. Oh, yeah? So? So take your time. Three store. You know, I talked about my mispronunciation of quinoa. You know, if I would walk in the grocery store and seeing this three years ago, I would have had absolutely no freaking clue like I mentioned yesterday, I was a peanut butter captain crunch iceberg lettuce guy so you can definitely make it told the stuff you have to start with with can fear in calm butch and all this stuff, but even if you guys just start with some of things we're going to show you today, you're going to really set, especially if you're an athlete and your training and you want your body toe look, feel and perform amazing. So let's, go ahead and start. Oh, go ahead. Yeah, make sure everyone at home who wanted to find the inner circle knew how to find that online. Yes, it's a little bit long, but it's been a bit angry filled fitness dot com slash inner circle perfect. So video so let's start with some of the things that they do actually form the base of the food pyramid and contains some of these healthy fats that we talked about now one of the one of the things that we use quite a bit in the green filled house are things that are derived from coconuts because coconuts are very high in a type of fat that's called a medium change legless ride or an m c t now a short chain fatty acid or a medium chain fatty acid like an m c t these air very readily absorbed by the body and utilizes a fuel really, really efficiently the other very cool part about something like coconut oil is it has a lot of antiviral and antibacterial properties so it can be used as a as a cleanse it's very good for the gut as well and we have a few kind of coconut e derived products up here. One of the things that we have here in its liquid form is coconut oil where we live it's solid for coconut oil yes, where we live where it's seven degrees right now in our kitchen probably hopefully hopefully the heat is on in our house or a pipe stone freeze is coconut oil and coconut oil has aton of different uses. It has a relatively high smoke point so you can use it for for some of your some of your sauteing some of your heating but there are also recipes that you can use it and what are some of the things that you use coconut oil for what I wouldn't use it for that wouldn't cook meat with it because generally you're cooking meat, you're searing it the outside of the high temperature and this would not work well that in that instance but I like tio cook vegetables and get you will get a strong coconut flavor especially if you get a cold extracted coconut oil they're two different kinds there's virgin kind and then there's the expel our press explore presses when you use the use heat to remove the oil and the extra version is a cold process, which is better because obviously when use heat you ruined some of the elements of the oil so no extra virgin coconut oil you have to go to a special place to get that kind versus the expel er pressed their sold side by side and they'll say on the label what it is and like I said, explore press does not have a strong scent to it it's pretty mild the cold press, however, is got strong flavor so know that when you're cooking with it's gonna have a flavor of coconut so if you don't like that that's going to be riel bummer for you but if I'm like doing some kind of like gluten free baking, it works really well and baking because it's a good flavor have when you're baking so I will use that sometimes when I when I bake allow substitute whatever if they're calling for, like, some kind of canola oil or something like that, all use coconut oil and said and it's an even amount, you don't there's no ratio change or anything like that when you're baking with it, but yeah, I like it with vegetables I'm cooking curry or something like that. I'll put it in with their, except obviously very natural for occurring to be cooked in that, um um oh, good one I do is I actually could make kale chips with it, and it gives you just basically run it into everyone how to make kale chips with coconut oil? Well, you well, we have it's a solid form, and you just basically remove the middle stem of the kale, because that is where all the moisture is, so they'll never get crispy feeling that in that big giant veins, you remove that and kind to shred it up so it's like small pieces, and then you just rub coconut oil into almost massaging it, and then you just place him on a pan and cook it at three fifty for about fifteen minutes and then threw a little salt on afterwards and it's delicious it's good mike they are they're very tempting, but there's nothing, pouring it so snack and it tastes fantastic. Now there are some other oils that will use justin mention that we don't for example make meat and coconut oil some of the other oils that we keep around for heat based cooking that you should consider having around that are very stable of high temperatures avocado oil is a very good one mca damien oil is a very good one a grass fed butter is excellent to have around um yeah well it will burn that's a good point you can use it for your face cooking but it will burn and higher temperatures on g also is actually and um actually lard or tallow if it comes from a grass fed animal is actually very high, you know make three and is quite good for you very antiinflammatory now lord, how do you make lard lard? Well, there's there's several methods you can purchase you could feel like find a good source you don't have to make it, but um I generally will make a bone broth which we might get into later you make bone broth and you put in the fridge and all the fat rises to the top and solidifies and taught me you you going to skim it right off and then you can render it down, which removes a lot of the strong flavor because if you're using like a true talent has a real strong beef flavor and if you're using lard has a real strong pork flavor so he purchased it from a store just make sure it comes from a grass fed source otherwise it's very inflammatory and is not good for you so yeah yeah and that's great for cooking steaks and stuff like that if you it's got it's got already got that beef flavor in it so you're not gonna fantastic yeah like that it really lends a lot of flavor and it has a very height small plane yep sometimes people's people start to die a late in their eyes start to bug when we mentioned words like eating lard now it's important to point out and this is something I touched on yesterday a little bit that there are no studies that link saturated fat consumption to heart disease in the absence of other risk factors such as diabetes and high levels of fluctuating blood sugars and things of that nature so for example if you were going to be using lard in your cooking the last thing that you'd want to be doing at the same time would be eating gluten free crackers, drinking sports drink and eating an energy bar at your desk during the day all of which would cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar that would cause that cholesterol circulating in your bloodstream fromthe lard to become oxidized to cause a glucose to become attached to that cholesterol particle and render it non metabolize herbal by your liver and so it's very important when we talk about fat space in the form of the food pyramid to know that you can shoot yourself in the foot if you actually begin to use all these healthy fats that really are good for you, but you don't kind of taper off some of the carbohydrates and sugars and starches at the same time, so it's really important let's talk about some of the other coconut derived products that we use this is coconut milk now later on, we're going to make the ultimate human performance smoothie. Not only is that a bonus audio with this course, but I'm going to show you how to make a smoothie that contains just about every nutrient known to man the same smoothie that I start every day with at home. Coconut milk is going to be one of the components of that on dh there are a lot of things that we do with coconut milk we get we get a full fat coconut milk tell people about the kind of coconut milk that we use we want the kind we purchase is called native forest and I particularly like that one because they use a bp a free can it's organic it's you're going to pay a dollar more? Maybe you can so it's not the cheapest but but it's even available like on amazon way get are storming, distorted mostly yeah organic full fat coconut milk and that's something that you do want to look for if you buy coconut milk at the store sometimes you look on the back and it has carrageenan in and it has extra syrups in it and it has preservatives in and in many cases that type of stuff is so yeah you're our only another issue for people's got so look for like a clean version of coconut milk when you're using coconut milk but not only do we use coconut milk for smoothies, borders and the other things that you'll do with the coconut milk well I I'll use it well we use a fair amount of it because one of our sons is actually is an allergy to milk and even raw milk so we don't I have a lot of really raw milk in her house for that reason so I use it when I bake I use it like a saying curry's using your smoothies um I make a really good mexican mocha for my kids with that so there's you know, not milks are also good not milks I would be, you know, like an old yeah, not milks I'd be weary wary about buying from the store because I guarantee you they're not soaking their nuts and they're not, um treating them properly adjusted bodies yeah how would somebody even even do something like make not milk at home because it's really quite seen you do it and I know it's super easy but explain to people if they if they just wanted almond milk and they didn't want all the risks of the almond milk from the grocery store because of those digestibility issues what would they do? All you need is a blender and you can use cheesecloth or you can use a nut milk bag or just a stranger if that's all you have you basically it's one cup of soaked nuts you suck so come overnight in salt salt gets rid of the digestive inhibitors that are present on the nuts s so you just do that overnight really put the nuts in like a jar with some salt and some water and you just so yeah so come overnight and then in the morning you put the cup of nuts and four cups of water in a blender and you these blunders are great because they really pulverize everything. This is a vitamin. Yes. You want to really blunder? Yeah, you can use the regular one might my sister using the argument and and then so you polarize it for a couple of minutes you can add a little vanilla flavoring if you like. If you want it a little bit sweeter you can add a little hunt karaha honeys really goods full of them got a lot of great qualities to it and then I actually put in a little gelatin in there so it has kind of the thickness and richness of a milk because gelatin will thicken and double that you don't want a lot of gelatin like maybe now when you say gelatin is that that great lakes jolson a great like him you know, just from what I mentioned yesterday that you can actually use to help repair your stomach you can get an organic gelatin great lakes is one brand off of amazon bernard jensen is another weakened by this gelatin and using late justice says so you put your soaps not so yeah you put it all in there and like I said, you could add to what your flight what you prefer maybe don't want sweet maybe do I pull so you're just for the kids because they're normally drinking it and and they used blended up and then you pour it's like you can news a strainer on this line with cheesecloth and pour it through and I'll catch all the polling put the strainer on top of the blunder no no no you know you have a straighter hair and like a bull and then you pour and he put the cheese cloth and there any port through it'll catch the poll what you don't want in your milk or you can use which is even better is actually here's a here's a cool trick is just wash old nylons cut the feed off and you can use your old nylons and that works really great however you should watch that would be great because nobody wants to jam with their home and milk s own iowans were great and of your woman you've got them you know I'm sure you all got some of the runs and I'm readily available and but they will break over time um not milks bags if you won't make the purchase there really really inexpensive anything there like eight bucks not milk bags will last a lot longer than a pair of nylons and you can get those online or at a natural food store or anything like that they'll have that stuff there and you support through and it's kind of like and you can use the same message producing if you don't have a juicer so those are all really inexpensive available usually available stuff so couple other quick things I wanted to mention when it comes to coconut based products now this is an actual commercial product this is made by by dave asprey is company dave has done a creative live which was it was an excellent one but this is actually m c t oil which is basically coconut oil that's been fractionated and spun and in what's called a centrifuge toe isolate the emcee teas and make them even more concentrated now the reason that I use something like this, for example, in a smoothie or the reason that I would do something like mix this with coffee is because when you eat em cities like this, you especially do it on an empty stomach and you consume it with a little bit of extra fat, like, say, a butter or you mix it with something like coffee or you put it in a smoothie in the morning, it can actually cause your body to burn the emcee tease to burn the fats and create what are called key tones. We're going to learn a little bit more about ketosis later on, but the cool thing about that is that key tones are kind of like rocket fuel for your brain's neurons. And so this is one way to actually really turn on your creativity and spark your focus during the day. You do need to be careful with stuff like this. Once you fraction eight and isolate m cities like this, you can have diaper moments if you eat too much. So for example, if I were going to put this into a smoothie, I would use a cap full or I would just use coconut oil and they use about double the amount of coconut oil if I were going to use coconut oil and then another thing, of course, is coconut flakes and coconut flakes you know, I go through a lot of coconut flakes personally because they are low in calories on dh there's something that can add a little bit of texture to something like a smoothie or something like a protein powder and jesse use them sometimes to do like homemade macaroons yeah, yeah make macaroons out of them are using as like a topping like if we're going to do coke and ice cream in her house, I would do something does topping or you can use them and toppings for like curries and stuff like that yeah, almost like a nut like a lower calorie version didn't want the calorie load of something like a nut you can use like a coconut flake or coconut chip for buying more from now yeah, I think she knows she knows she knows I go like you know, we talked about coconuts for a little while and of course we have some fermented foods and some meats and things tio jump into but before we d'oh any any questions from the internet audience or from you out there in the studio audience about the use of coconut oils or cooking fats or cooking oils or things of that nature yes, peter well the digestibility of it so I know what one way we know if you have been too much fast, of course is no yeah, the disaster pants but still if you're not, but if you're still not if we get if you're not quite there but you do that notice no, you're still not getting some of your abilities there other enzymes that would go on his hand? Well, I'm glad you asked that question a lot of people have gall bladder issues a lot of people who switched to starting to include more healthy fats and their diet simply aren't yet producing enough digestive enzymes to allow them to be able to break down those fats properly. So this is where the use of something like digestive enzymes, which I'll talk about later actually our next session is the supplement sectional talk about digestive enzymes, but using a specific form of digestive enzyme called a lie pace can help out quite a bit and even using simple digest chiefs before you you eat a meal you know a lemon is a perfect example of the digest steve having a little bit of lemon juice and water before you consume a meal can help you with the digestibility of that meal helps you to produce ah hydrochloric acid those are some of things you could do also easing your way into a high fat diet you know gradually working your way into consuming more healthy fats is also really important because you congratulate get your body to produce more of those digestive enzymes and people have some real gall bladder issues or people who have had like a gall bladder removal or something like that they even make supplements you know ox bile extract is one example of a supplement that is actually bile and that's normally what your gall bladder would produce to help you to digest fat and you can take that supplemental form if you actually have gall bladder issues, so there are ways that you can kind of kind of hack your way into into allowing your body to digest fats little more easily. So you mentioned yesterday that heated olive oil can create free radicals? Is there a way that we can avoid that or how can we well, we use regular olive oil first of all, weigh were part of an olive oil club which is really cool it's it's called a fresh pressed olive oil club and they send three bottles of olive oil to our house every quarter but it's all usually extra virgin olive oil so we only use that for cold thing it's like cold salads or birds are actually believe they're not even taking olive oil shots all smear olive oil on my skin sometimes I didn't mention this but also smear coconut oil in my armpit sometimes it's a very, very good natural deodorant, but we'll get more into smearing step on your skin tomorrow screaming foods in your skin or olive oil we use the difficult of all those things right for cooking if I'm going to use it on I don't use it often you just use regular olive oil you don't get the extra virgin stuff it's e gets free radicals when you heat it um the other stuff are not virgin all of oil has had heat extraction so it is you want kind of already been rest extra virgin olive oil ideally not over cooking but you wouldn't you wouldn't go near heat with something like that so and then for regular cooking you could use like a regular olive oil but some of these other fats like the makati mina oil avocado oil, coconut oil butter lard some of those are superior to even just like a regular olive oil well and I don't know I find like with the other olive oils especially if you're using larger amounts of them you it's much more satiating you don't get hungry as often s o I find that's let's talk a little bit more about fats and jump into the meat part of fat so let's start with fish which is really a fish is a real staple in our household even our kids go through gosh, I couldn't tell you how many cans of sardines and we get a specific brand of sardines itt's bella right? Yeah and why do we use bella? Well wild caught the can is bp a free it's that has all the bones intact and has all the skin intact which are great the skin is full of the oil that's where you get a lot of the oil from and the bones are so tiny that it's not going toe positive show calcium is going on a calcium available and the buzz and so it's that's there are others out there I think wild planet is another one that you can get pretty easily but bella is the one that I like so we go through a lot of sardines with skin with the bone and literally one of my one of my main meals during the day is what I call my big ass salad and it's just a bunch of vegetables topped with sardines and avocado and some olives and that's that's my go to almost every day and our kids will like it because you can actually locate the backbone in there to pull that out other boys like I think that's pretty awesome no we also do other types of fish here's a perfect example though of how to choose your fish this uh this fish right here this white one this is a cod now it's fine I believe it's a wild alaskan cod so it's not like it's a farmed fish that was raised on soy and omega six fatty acids but this is a very very lean fish caught it has far less fat nearly half the fat of something like a wild alaskan salmon, you can almost see the difference in the fat content when you touch it, when you feel it, when you cook with it, and so we're getting a lot fewer omega three fatty acids and a lot less d h k, which is again remember from yesterday that form of fat that's very, very crucial to healthy neuron health and healthy mile a nation of your nerves, when we consume a nice, fatty cut of fish first is like a leaner fish, like a cod or tow lappi, or something like that, working far more benefits. So even though fish in general is really healthy, extremely digestible and a really good source of protein, you do want to be careful to choose the fattier versions of fish when you can. Now there is, of course, a catch twenty two whenever we're talking about fats and meets, and that is that fat is very good at storing toxins. It's, why love times when you lose fat when you lose out of post tissue? Aa lot of times you break out in like a rash and a detox reaction is because your body is releasing a lot of these toxins that its stores in fats, well, an animal is no different, so if you're eating an animal, that's been farmed and exposed to a lot of environmental pollution and exposed tio unhealthy conditions during its life, and you choose a high fat piece of me like a fatty cut of commercially raised, you know, farmed beef, you're getting a lot of those toxins, a lot of those omega six fatty acids, so once again, a catch twenty two where you can shoot yourself in the foot with fats if you're not careful. So for example, when you eat salmon, you want to make sure this wild salmon fight order salmon at a restaurant and it's not like a wild caught salmon, then I will just go ahead and move on to something else on the menu and in many cases, when I'm traveling, if I can't find good meat, I will just skip me and eat more kind of vegan vegetarian plan. A lot of people are proud of it. If you are buying grasp, it means they're going to tell you because it's something to be proud about because it's not common anymore same thing with fish and a lot of times is they will definitely disclose it because it is a selling point and it's something to be proud of. So yeah, and another thing that you really need to bear in mind with with fish is what this justice nori nori nori, um we do a lot with this now I'm lazy I just take these nori sheets that you can buy at the grocery store which is basically like seaweed and I'll just roll up food in them like overall of leftovers from the night before and just make myself in nori wrapped and just eat it just a little more creative she'll actually make sushi actually used the nori correctly and you even have like a like a king juan nori cell of that you may growing yeah it's just it's kind of like a asians themes uh keeneland or solid scott like carrots norrie a little bit of sesame oil a little bit of uh soy ginger it's all those all those things that you would put in yeah but it's got it's got noreen and the reason I like I like nor and especially the reason that I bring this up at the same time that I talk about seafood is that nori is very very rich in minerals ls in iodine on in especially a lot of the things that help to mitigate some of the damage that consuming fish that can be heavy in medals can cause so when you consume seaweed at the same time as you consume fish they're synergistic foods it's kind of like turkey and cranberry nor he helps you to almost like detox some of the things that you might be eating along with the fish such as you know heavy metal so fishes naturally high in selenium, for example, which is going to take care of some of the medals that aaron the fish but nori and seaweed will help you balance that out even more it's also very good for your thyroid, the amount of iodine and nor is really good it's it's kind of like coconut flakes like a really good low calorie crunchy snack kind of similar though you know you can take your chips. Tio it's actually pretty good exactly help don't see there are other forms of seaweed that fall into the same category is nori we go through a lot of nori and again, like a lot of times I'll make that big ass allah that I talked about, and rather than eating it with the fork I'll just got a few pieces of nor in literally like eat my salad by wrapping it into nori and that's a great way to get your seaweed and your iodine and all the minerals from that, along with the sardines and the salad and all the all the minerals and the nutrients from the salad. So a lot of cool things you could do with seaweed recipe that it's I make a salmon tartar and I do I do it kind of like a like a asian thing where I dio sesame oil and a little bit of there's something spice in there so there's some jalapeno and ginger so you make a tar tar I don't feel like it tar tar is just basically raw chopped fish or meat on dh then you get a little bit of rice and just wrap it in a nori wrapped and it's a good kind of like yeah I think a little meal fantastic fantastic the last kind of seafood that I want to talk about that's incredibly nutrient debts this has about one thousand percent of the amount of vitamin b twelve that you'd need innit shellfish clams, oysters, mussels any of these are excellent sources of zinc which if you remember from yesterday is extremely important for supporting testosterone it is not a myth that these air libido enhancing foods and it is because of that increase in testosterone and the presence of zinc now we actually don't cook a lot with shellfish because not only do we live in new england area but usually when willie oysters, clams, mussels things like that will simply order them when we go out to eat at a restaurant so we're not going, teo said, appearing pretend that we have actually one of my best my favorite meals but I was actually in italy in this lady just steam them in lemon water so they're steaming lemon and then just dipped and garlic but just wait for him to open as you think that's a pretty traditional way of seeing them but making sure that you include shellfish and your diet especially if you're concerned about vitamin b twelve or if if you've tested low on testosterone for example and you want to increase testosterone much much more bio available source of zinc than say for example using like a high dose inc supplement so and speaking of testosterone of course we can't ignore the mighty beef now we are part of a psa which means that we can go to a local farm and we get shares of milk and eggs and dairy in things from a local farm but in addition to being part of a c esa we also buy a quarter to a half of organic grass fed cow once a year it's a lot financially it's extremely inexpensive financially they butcher it for you and they keep it in a freezer out in our garage so we have access to all these different cuts of beef out in our garage and you even get the bones right I get yeah and that definitely will give you the organ meat for free tio free which is which is amazing eat it anymore you know awful or organ meat which is not actually that awful they're really good recipes for organ meat is chock full of nutrients on dh fat soluble vitamins and it's one of the the best ways to support especially a healthy thyroid we talked about adrenal fatigue yesterday one of the best ways to dig yourself out of overtraining or adrenal fatigue is to consume a high amount of organ meats because they're chock full of the nutrients that help to restore adrenal health. He just can't get past the taste of organ meats. There are supplements out there like desiccated liver powder and thyroid extract, and I'll talk about some of those things during the supplement section, but we go through a lot of beef just because of its ah it's high amounts of healthy fats as long as it was, it was grass fed and preferably grass finished, meaning that they fed it grass during its entire life and you can ask former yes, you want aggressive and interesting thing is when you actually purchase meet a good rule of thumb is, if you see marbling all the way through the meat is generally means it's been corn fed and soy generally, if you're buying grass that meet the that stays to generally look together and to the side and it's more yellow. Um, so those air good ways if you're questioning whether or not it's grass fed that those are good ways of identifying it so the actual fats in the meat itself there are full of metabolism, supporting foods and testosterone supporting foods like conjugated linoleic acid. Some of those omega three fatty acids that we talked about, etcetera, so a nice marvulli cut of meat. You know, when I used to shop at the grocery store, I should look for the leanest cuts possible on dh, like the marbling was something I'd shy away from. And now that I understand that that's where a lot of the benefits and that's where a lot of the nutrients are, I'll choose the marble lee kind of more fat in them are really means that see nomar really means some corn. Oh, finished or court wolf it's if it's marble e all the way through, yes, but you don't what basically what I'm getting at is you don't want to choose extremely lean cuts of beef per se, and you want you want beef that's actually fatty beef. So ok, um, you're saying something out let's, go over let's, go over a few other foods here, and then we'll take some more questions. Let's go over one other fat, and that is the mighty avocado. Not only is an avocado a another libido enhancing food that can help with hormonal support, but it's great for adding creams and textures to everything from smoothies, too dressings two sauces, I will often simply open up an avocado, I'll take some c sold which is which is right here I'll dip a little bit of sea salt in, sprinkle it over the avocado and just eat that with the fork, and sometimes I'll toss like a nice sliced tomato on top of that and that will just be a snack for me during the day. An avocado is chock full of really healthy fats, very nutrient dense what's one of your favorite ways to use avocado I I like to cubit and cute and cut up tomatoes and a little bit of cucumber and salt and a little bit of, um, lemon or line, and we just eat that either on top of salad or make flack seen crackers, and we just did those in their eight that it's delicious it's really easy, really easy to make. Yeah, so avocados are fantastic and I promised I'd take questions, but let me go over one of the thing because I want to get into fermented foods in just a second after take some questions, but the egg we talked about eggs yesterday and the effects of eggs and the lutein content and eggs on vision when you eat a whole egg with the yolk, but eggs are also an excellent source of amino acids they're an excellent source of some of those omega three fatty acids you always want to make sure that you eat it in its whole form you don't want to necessarily egg whites that have been separated from the yolk you want to be careful with eggs not to expose them to huge amounts of heat that's why you never want to go near like the eggs that say like a like a hotel continental breakfast because usually those air the powdered scrambled eggs that have been exposed to enormous amounts of heat in many cases but you want to be careful with eggs because the the fats in them can become easily oxidized if they get really hot but eggs are a really, really great source of proteins and fats and again one of those really nutrient dense foods I talked about eggs people I generally took um think of um I mean this is this is this concern port an entire human or life you know what I'm say it's going to grow a whole life it possesses everything that it needs to grow a life and that's all the proteins all the vitamins all the fats everything is present in this little thing to grow life so it's not dependent on a mother like a human child is so there's a lot packed into that little thing right now what do you look for when you buy eggs at the grocery store general? Well, I look for I generally by them locally because unfortunately the usda is definition of free range is a one foot by one foot area that's not nearly enough that's. Not a very sick woman. Yeah. It's long and there's. You know enough there's a one foot by one foot space for the chicken that's free range. So knowing where your eggs come from, who is producing them that's why I buy my locally is because I know the people who are raising them or you. So you buy yours locally. You're talking about actually going to the local farm? Yes. And you can google like the name of your city plus the plus the abbreviation si esa and actually find community supported agriculture groups that you could join and just groups of people who join up and take turns driving out to a farm or meeting a farmer in a designated location in the city on dh they drop off their goods to you and you pay them. And it's it's kind of a win win. Yeah, and generally, if you're if you're if your eggs are free range, they're going to have a much different color. The yolk is going to be a lot more orange, which means there's a lot more vitamin a president and a lot more a lot of other things president, but looking for a really orange yolk. So if you if you don't have access to a c e s a r, you just want to start at the grocery store. One book that I recommend to a lot of my clients is called rich food, poor food. This is written by jason and miracle mets and it's, extremely digestible, pun intended book that teaches you how to navigate your way through a grocery store, even something like wal mart, and be able to find a lot of these foods that actually are pretty healthy. Organic. Yeah, maybe it's not the same as your local farm, but this book offers you but it's a little brown jumping off point. Yeah, and it'll it'll even teach you how to do cool little things, like make your own superfast bread and, you know, little little tricks in there that they kind of go above and beyond. But it's, extremely easy to read, it's, one of my favorite books to recommend to my clients, and for kind of a more traditional cookbook. One of our standby books in the green filled house is the book nourishing traditions, which, when we talk about making foods digestible, learning how to soak, learning how to sprout, learning how to what we'll talk about in a second here ferments it is really good at teaching people how to what you say because some things you soak in way somethings you spoken sounds like first what two hundred pages air just like how to how to soak and sprout and kind of start into somebody didn't like research in their little you know it zits and it's also good at young learning teaching people how to ferment food or like the basics of some of these things obviously you khun go beyond and further but um it's really good it yeah excellent book good educational book so let's let's take a few questions before we jump into fermentation and fermented foods and probiotics jeff I like toe work out in the morning and I'm looking to lose fat while still retaining lean muscle there's a lot of information and I feel misinformation as to what you eat and when whether before or after or during. So what do you recommend to still boost metabolism in terms of breakfast and uh I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that certainly if if you're trying to gain muscle and you're not necessarily wanting to lose fat at the same time, then it's not a very good idea to do fasted morning workouts I mentioned yesterday that for ideal muscle building you need to work out with amino acids near bloodstream, which means you're either using an amino acid supplement or powder before you go work out in the morning or you're doing something like consuming eggs or beef or some type of ah protein source now if you're trying to build muscle and loose that at the same time, you can get away with the forty five to sixty minute fasted morning workout after which you eat preferably within a sixty minute window after that workout, a good healthy meal consisting of a mix of carbohydrates and proteins and once again like I mentioned yesterday about your maximum digestion for protein is going to be up around twenty five grams of protein in a like a portion and so you can have a twenty five grand portion of protein after that workout and then continue to consume twenty to twenty five grand portions of protein spread throughout the day for an optimal scenario and of course, if that's annoying to you and it's much easier for you to say logistically get away with three meals each during the day that each contained thirty five grams of protein that's not going to kill you you know it's it's just one of those deals where we're kind of balancing what's ideal with what's logistically feasible for you but an ideal scenario you'd finish up that work out your protein and then continue to have a few other protein sources throughout the day, so uh, any questions from the internet? Lots of questions, a lot of the things you've been talking about there's an interesting one here regarding seafood this is from mallory renee and she says I heard that even wild salmon is starting to become unhealthy due to the oceans pollution especially because of japanese radiation I'm really afraid he'd either version of fish but what's your suggestion my suggestion is to mitigate the damage a little bit of course be careful with farm salmon they there is some risk out there that they may begin allowing genetic modification of salmon, in which case we will have to encounter the same issues that we do right now with with crops the fact that some genetically modified seeds can corrupt naturally grown crops and that could happen genetically modified farmed salmon could technically escape and corrupt wild salmon. Now when it comes to radiation, my recommendations are to mitigate the damage of radiation and there are things that you can consume is a part of your diet to detox your body of radiation this's a perfect example iodine if you really wanted to get a more dense source of iodine to mitigate the effects of radiation there is a form called nascent iodine that you can take in supplemental form about six drops of that in a glass of water per day if you were very concerned about radiation exposure or you lived for example on the pacific coast which is exposed to a lot of that radiation from japan, another really good mitigation for radiation is edible earth or clay some people will use something called dia tenacious earth as a cleanse. There's, a company called magnetic clay that makes a really good, edible form of clay that helps your body to detox some of that radiation on dh that's, literally called edible earth. This name is a compound cookies made out that so kids can actually eat it, right. So children came in tijuana. You're concerned about your children and radiation exposure. S o, my recommendation is to not live in a bubble anti your wild salmon to avoid farm salmon, but to include seaweed sources in your diet, and also to include things like iodine, edible earth, things of that nature. So, great question. Yeah.

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