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Homemade Body Products for Active People

Lesson 27 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

Homemade Body Products for Active People

Lesson 27 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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27. Homemade Body Products for Active People

Lesson Info

Homemade Body Products for Active People

All right, so body products I kind of trying to when I did the shows the body products when I wanted to kind of lean towards kind of the athletic crowd what you might need um the stinky people yeah, the people who sweat a lot of stuff like that so I kind of geared it towards that so first we're going to start off with deodorant. Um coconut oil is uh what what does anybody know what causes you to smell bad? Is that this does anybody know? Yeah, the bacteria so coconut oil is anant natural anti bacterial so that is the base of our our deodorant. So what you're saying is that your sweat doesn't your sweat is not going to make you stink gets the bacteria feeding on the stuff in your sweat? Yes, now so what can be unsightly? So I'm this I'm not going to I'm going tell you straight out this is not like an antiperspirant it's not going to stop you from sweating but it's going to make you not smell bad when you sweat so I do not believe that it's going if you're the math teacher with you know ...

the sweaty armpits sorry about that with making soda even if there's baking baking soda will absorb it to a point but there's a point where it it stops and like so you know it's a give and take kind of it'll make you not small bad I'll tell you that right now but ok so this is a sorry this is six eight tablespoons of coconut oil it can very um and I'll tell you why as they go along and then this here is a quarter cup of error route which is also very absorbent so we're putting in some a lot of ins orbit absorbent stuff in here and then a quarter cup of baking soda which is also and absorb it through you can also use white clay white clays what woman put on their faces the mask it draws out like toxins it also is an absorber to so you want to use that to and we're going to just basically this one requires some stirring it's going to get really really solid here in a bit um and if it doesn't that's ok because coconut oil the cooler it gets, the more solid it gets and actually a really nice way to keep your daughter is in the fridge because it's very cooling when you put it on so but we don't have to do that in the northwest cause it's just cold everywhere right now and I will be that that lazy athlete who admits that sometimes I just walk into the kitchen, grab a spoon, dip it into the coconut oil jar dab some in my hand going this before I head out sometimes I don't even dip into this now you can also send this however you like with whatever you like spearmint is also an immense are nice ones because they're cooling it's got a cooling effect also another good one is teacher oil which is what we have here which is also an antibacterial now what about sandalwood or clothes what either of those be ok especially where a guy well you kind of smell muskie yeah he's going to see they clothe might be ableto burning I would say because it's kind of got a warmer certain essential oils trigger different feelings like peppermint is cooling and spearmint and all those men even tea tree oil tea tree oil is cooling but they're also ones that like oranges invigorating gingers and figuring all stimulate a different a different emotion and some are warm so I would say clovis kind of warm I wouldn't use it but you're more than welcome tio so now as you're mixing that you may have noticed that I brought this little bottle appear there's a company called hammer nutrition that I get what's called my shammy cream from and this is kind of gross but shammy cream is what you smear inside your bike short so that you don't get things like hemorrhoids and rubbing and shaping and stuff down in your crotch regions they also make this powder called cool feet all use this in my feet very erm issues very similar to how we're making this deodorant here, and if you look at the ingredients it's, arrowroot, baking soda, clay, peppermint oil, basil, base aged, tea tree and clothes and this is something that say, if you're on a long airplane flight and you don't want to get to be the guy, you know, slips off your shoes and has the sticky shoes or say, if you've got, like, sporting equipment that you want to kind of makes smell okay after it's been covered in sweat, you can make something like that pretty easily, using those ingredients that I just listed off, but I actually just, like, order one of these little bottles every month on dh this is one of the things that I list over at ben green fitness dot com slash creative live in night, personal care products, section of one of the things that I just, you know, it's not something I make, I just buy it, so yeah, and I might need another bowl like a bigger bowl if someone can grab me another bigger one, but anyway, so this is kind of what the deodorant looks like, and it will solidify because we've been moving. I don't know if you know coconut oil, but when you start rubbing and stuff like that it starts to melt a little bit so this will solidify you can actually use old deodorant bottles and just wind them back down and just shove it in there and it also totally solidifying you control your use that so that's a great option if you have an old deodorant bottle or you could just put it in a mason jar and just have it there and just wipe it and if you want to do that yes yeah so uh any questions about deodorant or does anyone need dio anyone pitting I've got a spatula with the solution a little more than you probably need let's take the question from the internet or from you in the studio audience about stickiness and the odor or anything else we've talked about peter of opinion actually on the antiperspirants doesn't like block your pores and stuff is that going to be a little bit numb and that sort of thing? Yeah because you because other health yes it can and actually a lot of people have get a lot of allergic reactions from the aluminum in a lot of times it will show up on your chest area like little tiny red bumps and that kind of thing like a high but yeah especially for women it's it's right next to your lymph nodes I mean that's a horrible place to be put in that stuff so yeah, I don't know of a good natural anti purse sprint personally so what's a good way to store the deodorant um I, uh you can use old deodorant bottles and you can just use wind him down and then just fill them back up. Um and then it worked just like it would have if you had purchased it. Um also you can use like mason jars. Just make sure it stays pretty tight. Like I said, keeping it in the fridge is actually kind of nice because it's cooling, especially in the summer months because coconut oil can get if it gets really warm, it'll totally liquid up. You made a big mess just like if you had left your deodorant in your purse in the car or something like that, it can melt and go everywhere, so just keeping it in a cool, dry area is a really great idea. Thank you. Then I know you mentioned exporting equipment, things like that my own personal question running shoes and I have a pair like you talked about, like minimal running shoes. You wear them with out side any of these things keep those from stinking up my entire apartment. I do where bieber it's okay, this is exactly what I put into my v brooms, ok, is this stuff this cool feat stuff right here so and we're going to show you howto make a cooling powder as well ok, so how often you putting that in the shoes every time I will ever know just little sprinkle okay, good to know thank you. I'm one of those people that's always on so like in if I'm at the gym, I will have my ipod and in this case, luckily I have a shuffle, but then even when I'm working or I'm out and about I have my smartphone or am I laptop on and the wife eyes on? And then I just got a tablet and I fall asleep reading or watching something like this to charlie rose on it um that also has the wifi on how significant are kind of the wifi or the electromagnetic waves and materially how is that affecting may in a negative way, you're going to have that one to you? We're definitely going to talk about that during the brain section, but it is incredibly significant. There is a great book out there called disconnect there's another one called zapped um zapped is written by anne louise kittleman. I don't remember with the book disconnect is written by who the book disconnected wouldn't buy, but mounting evidence suggests that wifi signals are really serious issue for everything from growing plants in your house to growing children in your house so it is it is a real significant issue it's the reason I personally have dirty electricity filters installed in every electrical outlet in my house it's the reason I unplugged my wifi router at night so I spend at least half of my life not getting exposed to that wifi signal and really go out of my way to do things like keep my and my phone on airplane mode keep my phone away from my ear on bit's something I certainly focus on and something we're going talk about in detail during our howto hack your brain session, which is the last session of today, so what's not ok next since you keep bringing up the foot powder thing, I'm going to show you how to make your own cooling body powder or foot powder however you would like to use this this can go and more places than just your shoe. So um basically in a body powder it like ben was saying it's very similar to what goes in your deodorant aa lot of times I remember my grandmother, she had a little puff powder and she powder herself everywhere tio deodorize basically so it's a different way of deodorizing and it's also great for like places that get very hot like your feet and sweat a lot, and so you want to absorb those orders and kind of make them smell sweeter I guess the best way to describe it so what you're going to need is you're going to need a cup of baking powder which absorbs smells a cup of error route which also absurd, I think it's almost the identical ingredients of your foot back. I was going to say this is sounding kind of familiar. A cup of arrowroot flower and a cup of white clay powder. Okay, on ly difference on mine is you're going to be using powdered mint. Um, you can get menti and open the packages and powder it in a coffee grounder. Our grinder you can grow your own mint and dry it and you know, powder it. Whatever. However you want to get it on dh, then this is a powdered orange peel. Um so with roe that and there is and it's an invigorating smell so great if you're working hours feel, smell so good. Yeah. And did you make you want to know? I mean this I think our hotel housekeeper thanks for pretty crazy. I basically basically got in and I polled a bunch of oranges and just let it sit out on out on the counter and I put a little note for her not to throw it away, eh, so you can let it dry on the counter. It took me three days during the counter or you can use your dehydrator and it will take a couple hours for its dehydrate you just dehydrated and then throw it in your coffee grinder and just crying it's also great for um um you can throw in with like mexican mo goes and stuff like that and get a nice orange flavor so there's lots of uses for orange peel so don't throw that away you can you can put it down your garbage disposal and just turn that thing on and have a nice orange smell. I like to boil my orange peels so that I get it's almost like an air freshener, so lots of uses don't throw those away they're good for you okay, so stir all this stuff up and then we're also going to put in one hundred drops of lemon oil and mint essential oil. So like on these air again, the type of things you're getting from the mountain rose you don't have to get in just from there you can like whole foods will have it most of it your we have like a really great herbal store where we live or they all they sell and is herbs s o if you have something like that, this is gonna be easier in a mason jar, but what I would do is I would throw this in a mason jar give it a good shake I think our funnels little narrow so it might take a long time if you want passengers saved the life of so many gym bags but you're gonna want to shake this because thesent oils will make it kind of lumpy and like, you know, the carpet deodorizer and that kind of stuff and the longer it sits, the better the smell is in the more permeable it is so fantastic embarrass you and I jump up here from the studio audience and pass it around folks video a little spa smell going on here it's getting better and better as we go yeah I'm like we got a small cloud here sorry about that. Okay, the next thing I'm going to show you is how to make a nontoxic simple sunscreen um the best way, but basically what you want to do is you want to find your favorite lotion ok doesn't matter I don't care what kind of lotion you use whatever you prefer, I like to make my own motion there's really great there's some really great lotions out that they don't have all of the preservatives really your best option for lotion? Your lotion should really only have like a month shelf life if it's sitting on the counter or three months in your fridge otherwise it's if you can't find a lotion like that it's probably full of preservatives there's just no way of getting around that so so here we go so here we have our lotion and zinc oxide which is really what people have been using since ancient rome as a sun screen it's basically what it does is it doesn't absorb into your skin and actually sits on top of your skin and the sun literally will touch it and bounce off it's like a mirror almost if you're right mary wearing a mere all over your body when you wear it it's got a white kind of look to it doesn't it doesn't but it's not your natural skin color you're gonna look a little why if you wear this stuff but it doesn't have all the chemical properties that you're going to find in other sunscreens so and as long as you don't hang a giant camera around your neck and where a floral print shirt you'll probably be ok that tourists walking around yeah white face we need so what you're going so this is exactly zinc oxide now like I said it does not it sits on top of your skin you don't want to inhale this stuff so when you're making your own sunscreen um you don't want to be breathing the stuff in because it is not good internally and like I said it does not absorb so make sure you use this what I would do is I'd normally he's a bowl but here's our lotion you could make your emotion or you can purchase your own lotion you know what the spf thirty of zinc talks that is its thirty however I'm going to give you a little warning this stuff is does wash off eventually it is oil based your lotion is oil based so it will resist water naturally um so if you're going to be in and out of the water or you're sweating a lot you're gonna want to reapply this more than you would ah a commercial sunscreen what commercial? Waterproof sunscreen so you have your lotion and then you use about two tablespoons of I got here I have three fourths a cop a lotion and then two tablespoons of zinc oxide and like I said you don't want to read this stuff and so be careful when you're stirring okay should we be wearing the elevation training mask right now to protect you feel that need how you can go for it bus that thing out then you can get a workout while you're making sunscreen that's right? So I like to carefully starks I just don't like to kick up the dust it's the same reason you should be careful when you're playing like mineral makeup why you should not be breathing mineral makeup in it's not the best for you to be breathing so we're going to start star stir and yeah so there you go you can also put it in a blender just make sure a lot of times like if I have a blender that's for my body products and I'm a blunder let's for my fee food because if I'm making sunscreen and I do not want bangkok aside in my blender so just so you know, issues with batting fragrance like an essential well, if you're purchasing a lotion um it it actually you don't want to use citrus some in lotion actually interferes with the zinc oxide eso any citrus lucent lotions are not a good option andi don't want ad citrus essential oils like an orange or a lemon type of lotion or oil? Yes, exactly so that was a good question. Thank you, but but yeah, any pretty much any other scent is okay, but if you're like purchasing your lotion, it probably has a scent and actually, if you make your own oil or your own lotion at home has a real strong coconut smell to it cause it generally it's me cocoa butter or, um, coconut oil, so and that just smells like the beach anyways, right? So s so this is about the texture of, like a regular and see how it when you rub it, it stays very white, so people always made still going to protect you from young without you having to george a lot of you can't rub it and for the most part but it's going toe the reason it's staying why is because it's not going into your skin it's there to reflect the sun it is not there for beauty really per se what would you suggest for the starting off the lotion that you're starting off with there's you know, I was actually wondering and valerie in the chart room was also asked, you know, there's a concern that the lotion itself will interviews interview and interfere with the zinc oxide yes, like I said it generally if I'm going if I'm purchasing a lotion I will go for a high quality lotion like something that does not have a long shelf life that does not have all the preservatives they're generally present in lotions. Okay um so I guess starting out with a high quality good lotion is are there any that you recommend that you know off the top of your head? Um I make mine so I actually am in including that I'm just not going to be able to show you because we do not have heat and it's not hard to make yourself but really fantastic recipe for lotion in the pdf thiss course so I would use that's actually what I use when I do make my own sunscreen is my lotion that I make it home yes natural ocean is I think it's called the staff company and they have a coconut cream and just like oh, naturally you could probably eat it so yeah, you know it's funny yeah, and they have some things similar to in which their sunscreen the active ingredient is also just the zinc oxide with much of national stuff. So yeah, you could always use their thing as a start if you want to make your own. Yeah, but I did have a question where do you produce your zinc oxide on? This one is called I think it's called soap works dot com also, I believe mountain rose um also sells it on their site as well. So, um so yeah fantastic. All right, what's what's next next is a body miss, so if you're working out and don't have the option to take a quick shower um this is something that would be good for you or if you just want to, like, freshen up in the middle of your day. This is nice to have in your purse or your gym bag something make it being in. So what we are going to make is body mist and like I said, you could make your own distilled water or you can purchase it, so you're gonna have five ounces of distilled water pour that into a little bottle two ounces of which hazel you can actually use a vodka if you'd like or some kind of perfume carrier but which hazel is probably the least expensive um but if you have liquor in your cabinet that's fine too I'm to one of our ultimate performers use vodka never never you then you can use two teaspoons of whatever essential you would like if you're using it for like jim purposes for sweating and that kind of thing I would tend to use a tea tree oil I don't like to use a reagan oil because it kind of could be burning um and tea tree oil is a little milder topic clea in my experience so I'm using tea tree oil here for all our gym enthusiasts, okay? And then just a half a teaspoon of goaless sarin not a lot um go it's just a nice little oil in there so that it's not like dry as drying because which hazel can be drying if you just use it straight so I don't sure that actually made it in there but we're so and then basically all you do is give it a shake so this is simply something you would missed on your body say after work out or maybe if you were on stage sweating, putting out if you're in a situation where you just need to make yourself smell good real quick exactly. I wanted to mention that I travel with these in my bag these air made by a company called action wipes and all use this when I'm traveling to clean myself when I need to do you know when you hop off an airplane sometimes for example you just feel kind of stinky but maybe, you know, have access to a shower. This is basically, uh, water eucalyptus oil, melaleuca or tea tree oil uh eh lang glowing flower oil and frankincense and it's just on this white that you wipe your body down with and this is another example of kind of a product you can feel safe about weapon out of your bag and using on your body. I always have one of these in my bag for those emergency times when I've been thing, this is good for an airplane actually because you can't bring liquid on an airplane sometimes, you know, unless it's less than three ounces, so this is a good option protest? Yeah, cool. So many questions about the stinky controllers. Um, well, actually there's a there's, a lot of national household products and bionic was asking if there's certain ones that we should focus on more that are especially harmful to us that we should make sure if we can't get everything all natural sure not there yet which one shall we focus and I would focus on the ones that you put into the air which unfortunately a lot of clean cleaning products end up in your air like a lot of chlorine products and stuff like that but I would spoke us on like your air fresheners if people a lot of people use air fresheners and it to me even when I go into a house now it's like overwhelming I can really feel it in my chest and then my nose um but so your air fresheners I would say is a big one um the stuff that you wash your dishes with is a big one because even though we're all rinsing and stuff like that, you do ingest them um yeah and doesn't probably be my biggest ones that I would probably start with and disinfectants because people use them all over the place, especially in the winter months they're used all over the place on hand and you can absorb that just by grabbing things like they did a test on kids using disinfectant, that stuff that you wipe on your hands they've literally found it on the bottoms of their feet because it literally goes through your whole body. I know what they've also done tests on both men and women using shampoo and body gel in the shower and within three hours urine tests revealed presence of a lot of those parabens and ballots and chemicals in their urine, despite them simply having rubbed into their hair and place it on their skin. So this stuff really does get absorbed, your skin is a mouth and as just and I both like to say, if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your body and that's it's a really good rule, and we'll hopefully have time here to go into a few other products that that I use that once again, if you rattle off angry and she could be like, yeah, I could probably eat that hair gel wouldn't tell me funny thing is, when I put our lotion on, my dog literally follow is being around the house trying to look my legs like so my dog can eat it and wants to eat it like it's a good sign um, so for like things that you probably can't make yourself or if you're just, you know, starting and there's some things that you're wondering how toxic they are. You guys might know the side, I think it's wg environmental working group or or something like that and it basically you could enter in whatever, uh, body care hair care product or house cleaning product, they'll give it a rating from, like zero to nine on house like not edible, exactly, so it gives you like a reading no like this is exciting in toxic and these chemicals have been shown to do these kind of things or whatever and and then there are ones that are lower on the scale so people that air slowly transitioning no like hey look dr bronner's on here is with a score of like one or zero yeah they can use something like that I have a pretty comprehensive list of products that you could purchase instead of make if you did want to just purchase this stuff also over a benry filled fitness dot com slash creative lives some of my favorite you know shampoos personal care products soaps lotions things that I would consider to be ok in terms of of products you know these air these air to such examples like I mentioned hair gel this's the hair pomade that I use this is what's in my hair right now it's made by a company called nature's blessings and if I read the ingredients it's nettle rosemary sage peppermint time alfalfa olive oil coconut oil sage oil rosemary oil pure mineral jelly natural fragrance and good intention whenever that is but this is what I this is what I put into my hair rather than using like the spray and hair spray or one of the palm aids that actually has chemicals in it another example is this is simply essential oil and I probably could have made this myself this is comprised of coconut oil and a that late free fragrance I believe thatyou sandalwood and this one is from be green chemist dot com and this is just an essential oil aiken dab across my chest for example as a natural cologne help me to smell good without actually dumping into constructors on my body with the spray on clone so these are just two examples of kind of clean personal products that I can use a man that that replace a lot of the dangerous things that we would normally be putting on our bodies so let's go ahead and open things up to more questions. Now I know that you did mention that fragrances can be overwhelming sometimes when you buy a lot of commercial products and for me personally I always notice that smell with laundry detergent and close that come out can any of these things be used in the laundry cycle? I know that's so maybe that could be versatile for that but do you have any suggestions for people doing laundry? I I actually have a good I'm a good uh uh laundry detergent I didn't bring arrest me here but it's very similar to the dish washing detergent and if you if you want I can give out that recipe but it's a lot of it's just borax baking soda grated bar soap so it's very similar in that exact recipe is actually in the ultimate home our ultimate human performance home detox diet great that kdf that's a download and so and then also like if you want like a kind of, you know the dryer sheet kind of thing just get an old rag that you don't care about anymore and douse it with an essential oil and throw in with your laundry you don't want to dash your laundry with the central because that's how you get oil stain s o and then you throw that in to your laundry and you could just keep using that rag over and over and over again we've mentioned parabens a couple times in here and I thought maybe you guys might take this op to talk a little bit more about it for those of us who aren't quite sure like we might know it's bad for us but we're not really sure what it is or what it does right parabens, fale, eight's aa lot of soul fights I mean there's a ton of different chemicals that are present in many of these cleaning products or personal care products and you know I'm personally not a chemist I'm a physiologist so rather than telling you the chemical makeup of these actual ingredients, what I can tell you that they do is they will bind to, for example, hormone receptors in your body that normally something like testosterone or estrogen would be meant to bind to and take up that receptor site and render you less able to be ableto react to the president of something like testosterone or progesterone or a natural hormone like that in your body. The other thing that happens is your liver has to detox a lot of these compounds that are basically foreign in the same way that something like a food additive or artificial sweetener like sucralose would be formed and so there's a pretty heavy toxic load on the liver and you know, we talked about for example estrogen dominant yesterday and how a liver that's had to stay very busy detoxing the body with the presence of things like these parabens and talat etcetera is unable to actually process a lot of the estrogen's you know especially that are passing through a female's liver and so we get a case of estrogen dominance and resistance to weight loss and there's a direct link between that and using a lot of these the's perfumes and lotions and personal care products and basically what are called endocrine disrupters or fake estrogen's from the actual products themselves. So great way had another question here from aaron g asking about hand sanitizer I know these soaps are great if you're at home but what if you're traveling our commercial hand sanitizers okay or do you recommend making your own? I would say this the actual body mist is a good option or these white apps are a good option because the teacher oil he especially views a tea tree oil um have a good anti bacterial ari present in them. Um, so I would use something like this the oil of oregano that I talked about as a natural way to have anti bacterial and viral properties, and you know something you can carry in a ziploc bag down to an airplane, for example, you can also place that topically compute, put a few drops optically into your hand and rubbed that in, and it creates it creates a lot less of the the antibiotic resistance type of issues as well. So the bacterial resistance, if you're going to use the oregano, we'll make sure it's properly doing because if it's one hundred percent pure oregon oil, it will burn your hands way use ah, wild mediterranean oil of oregano that's mixed in a seven to one ratio with almond oil, which makes it highly absorbable. So I've got that particular oil over at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash creative lives so it's it's listed as one of our preferred hoyle's. Yeah, we just had another question come in from kimmy from greece, and they want to know what is your opinion about ozone layer in the ozone air cleaner and chemicals that get into the air in any form? Is that a concern when you're buying commercial products like this? Uh, my question is, what time is it in greece right now? Watching so basically environmental concerns about you, the fact of you using yes, personal care products and household cleaners and what it's going to do to the atmosphere above you? I would imagine that it's bad for the ozone. I realize that sounds like a very nine scientific cop out answer, but even though I'm not sure if something is bad for your body and bad for the environment as a whole, I would imagine it's not all that hot for the atmosphere. I can't say it's creating holes in the ozone layer, though, because I don't know, so we've covered a lot of detox tools and recipes. I mean, we're set to get started with this now and then I know that we've talked a lot about getting all this stuff out of your house out of your body, and now we're gonna be talking about sleep. Is that right? We're going to talking about sleep. I ended session one today, just hinting at the importance of sleep. I am kind of big time into bio hacking your sleep, packing your naps, basically going to every last step that you can, too. Beat insomnia to help yourself get into deep sleep phases as quickly as possible to help yourself. Kind of napa at the drop of a hat, and we're going to go over all that stuff in the next session called sleeping your way to better performance. So, that's, what we'll be covering in session three today before we head out, we do have a few quotes that I do want to share. Bionic ahs, you mentioned earlier, had a question that embarrass answer in our audience, and she did say thanks to embarrass the audience, is so well informed. So it's, really great to have that.

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