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Household Solutions for Active People

Lesson 26 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

Household Solutions for Active People

Lesson 26 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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Lesson Info

26. Household Solutions for Active People

Lesson Info

Household Solutions for Active People

You guys you know, we talked a little bit yesterday and the day before about how we can sometimes think that exercise is just the tool to fix everything right. We can just go beat up our bodies and train and go for a run and go lift weights or go play tennis or go golf and it just kind of cleans out the body or maybe we can go to the sauna or the steam room and detox and sweat a little bit. But the fact is that it really doesn't make sense to be spraying water on a fire on one end and gasoline on the fire on the other end, by dumping a bunch of things into our bodies or on tour bodies were in the environment around us that is basically creating a toxic stress load. We just got done talking about stress, and one of the things that I mentioned was how even things like food additives and environmental pollutions toxins, molds things of that nature can create a court assault released in your body and can create stress. It can also create things like hormonal disruption. You know, the xeno ...

estrogens and the fighter estrogen's that we talked about yesterday causing estrogen dominance and women. There are endocrine disrupters and things like perfumes that can cause issues with men and testosterone and what's called andropause. These are all issues that affect athletes and you know, I got to tell you, I have actually had the opportunity to go and do sessions and train in locker rooms of professional athletic sports teams. Some of the best teams on the face of the planet world champion sports teams and you walk into their locker room, bathroom and it's, just lined with deodorants, shampoos, hair products, personal care products and it's, just one big line of chemicals and endocrine disrupters. And I can't help but think how much better those athletes would be, how much longer they might be able to stay in their sport, how much better they might feel, how much less they might get sick if they weren't dumping those things on their body. And now, since jesse's kind of helped me become healthy and teach me how to kind of do things like create your own household cleaning products, even make yourself smell better. Naturally, I've become very sensitive. I'll walk into a gym and aiken right away, tell if there's. A lot of toxins and pollutants last night were on the elevator at the hotel and three ladies walked in and right away I felt my testosterone levels start to get converted into estrogen's is all those perfumes kind of field the elevator because you start to become very sensitive and be able to smell on detect all of these things once you start to clean them out of your home and out of your body and how do you work out environment so it's really kind of cool how a lot of the stuff that you're about to learn affects you not only mentally but you'll really notice a performance effect as well on a big time performance a boost when you clean up your body cleanup yourselves and you stabilize your hormones by making some of these changes so that being said I know jessa my wife has a lot to teach us so she's going to be going over personal care products household cleaners today and a whole bunch of stuff that's super duper easy to do if you just know how suggests thank you been a lot of times I'm always surprised how people you know take such good care of their diet and their bodies and that sort of thing but what is the reality is like your cleaning products and stuff like that you inhale them a lot which goes directly into your bloodstream which goes directly to your organs and it's like unlike eating it doesn't go through a whole filtration system it's like immediate the same thing with your body products that's why you know when you put topical magnesium and you generally put it in a very vascular area is because it's going straight into your bloodstream and it's going out to your body? So I find that it's very interesting that people put a little to no emphasis on cleaning products and body products when in fact there are probably I don't want to say more important, but there equale is important and sometimes I feel more important because they go directly like I said into your bloodstream, so I'm going to teach you um a lot times people are intimidated by it they think that they can't do it or they don't know how it's done it's really, really simple in lot of housewives for a long time have been making their own products from the dawn of time, so it's very easy and a lot of this stuff is stuff you already have a home, a lot of cleaning products are just vinegar and so that those air probably the two main staples that I use in my cleaning products. So first off we're going to talk about how to make a simple dish, so so this is what goes into a dish soap you're going tohave you have shredded, so I like to use dr bronner's it's, a vegetable based soap it's very clean has no ingredients that I would have a problem within them so dr bronner's is a good one lifetime you have local soap makers and they use goat milk base and they used hemp oil base or all of wheelbase soaps and those are all really good so if you could get local one even better but this is dr bronner's and then you're gonna need some hot water and you're going to need uh let's see here two cups of hot water so I'm gonna pour it in here hot water is used for dissolving the soap basically you're trying you're turning yourself into liquid throw in this and this might take him not too long depending on how hot your water is to do to dissolve the soaps justin is that dr bronner's those shavings that you just dumped in there is that come in a box or a bottle or you know you just get your cheese grater out and it's soap so it's not going to like put any kind of chemical on your cheese grater and destroyed it so it was like a dr bronner's bar so use the cheese grater and you shredded yeah ok exactly and actually I have a great laundry detergent recipe as well where you do something similar it's a good arm workout especially depending on how much you're going to make so we're just going to do so this is almost dissolved ok there you go and ideally, you want to wait until this is lukewarm until it comes to like a room temperature just for time purposes, we're going to just go ahead and mix it all up and I'm going to give you kind of like the basic idea, so I'm gonna pour this into the bowl and then you're just going to add in the rest of your ingredients, which you're going to be fourth cup of blistering and lemon essential oils lemon is really, really good as a degree, sir it's a natural degree, sir and it's also got a really great fresh scent and smell and woman is naturally a disinfectant, so we're going to pour in this is tow half a teaspoon of lemon essential oil. Where do you get a lemon essential oil? Did you make that with lemon now were you can order it online. My favorite place to get my scent oils is called mountain rose dot com it's from a it's from portland, oregon, and they support a lot of local growers in people who use good, sustainable methods of harvesting and all that stuff. So it's a they're great company, super knowledgeable lots of really great information on that site too, so if you ever get into soap making or anything like that or product waiting making this is glittering, and this is kind of what makes you're so bubble you use that you could make kids you know, a little bubble blower thing that you the glittering is what's going to make it bubbly basically and even if your soap does not bubble up, it does not mean that it's not working or that it's not you know president so so those are all the ingredients they're going have a fourth a cup of soap flakes, two cups of water quarter cup of glycerin and a lemon essentially and that is it and what will happen as it cools is it will start to gel like your so your normal dish soap so that is the basics of making um just so you have the glistening there you get the nice bubbles and you know the bubbles are not necessary yes, how long can you use it for? Um best like if you're using essential oils you get, uh probably a month is that it's the best before a month? Three months tops though here but most people are going to go through it pretty quickly, so especially if you make one batch this is only gonna like philip miss may be a little more than this bottle, so and so they actually double it. So our morning concern with dish soap here is say if you're washing your your dishes and dipping your hands as you absorbing a lot of the chemicals that are used in well, and it gets on your plates. I mean, you rinse, but you're not getting everything, so eventually you're probably going to be consuming this or it's going to be coming into your hands if you're not wearing gloves, some people work loves, which is great. Saves your hands. What about the fragrance coming off? Exactly? Fred rens a lot of times fragrance is like putting air fresheners and in soaps and stuff like that actually ends up coding the inside of your nose, which causes you to get, like, sick more often or allergies were often it's an irritated can get get headaches from it and that sort of thing. So so, all the sense in anything, if it's not an essential oil it's generally going to be coating the inside of your nose. So so this is ahh great, easy, easy product to make, you know, put it, put it or not, gonna bottled up for you just because I don't have to do the dishes, do it. If you got it, you're ready to go if you d'oh ok. So the next, when I'm going to teach you guys how to make is a distant thing, and I chose easy, what, like one that you would use often because there are lots of different things you can make, but I'm picking the most applicable ones that I think people use most often and this is a disinfectant spray and it's what you're going to need is distilled water is the best and you can actually easily make distilled water. You just basically pour in a vessel and let the chlorine evaporate off of it overnight or for, like, twenty four hours. So that's an easy way to make distilled water if you don't wanna go purchase it or you kind of like, oh, I forgot to make her by the distilled water you could make it so so it's two cups of water and then it's a quarter cup of vinegar vinegar is a natural, uh with the word it's natural it absorbs odors so so it's not going to smell that it will smell vinegary initially, but eventually it'll absorb the gross odors and it's also, um it's also disinfected so and then we have a tea tree oil, a quarter teaspoon, a tea tree oil or lavender oil teacher oil is nice because it's a natural anti bacterial so it's a good way to make a disinfected no, is it true that you need to be careful with teacher oil of an ingestion? Um, no, not I've never heard that, okay? Just checking I I believe it's not something that you'd want to necessarily drink in the same way that you drink say like regular oil, right? No no not like a reagan on no because the regular oil yet you do in just but like um this is I've never heard that but you know it's a good question but doesn't it? But it is an actual antibacterial topical so I mean you're you're putting it on your wounds and stuff like that so and then use pour it into a bottomless ones obviously too small but and then whenever you want to use that, just give it a good shake. You can also use lavender oil you khun you can use whatever essential oil the most disinfected part of this is a vinegar it's not gonna be like bleach or something like that. So if you wanted to put lavender oil in it that's totally fine you could use a rose if he wanted tio if you prefer that smell I'm just use the essential oils is what I would strongly suggest to d'oh. So find that chicken juice out on this cutting board I can literally use that and that will that will clean my town yes and I don't have to use harsh cleaning chemicals or like a like a normal disinfectant no and actually really is it disinfected is just getting a piece of lemon and just rubbing your boards with if you're really worried about because it's the acid it's killing what's present right there so yeah car villa on chat asking about the dish soap if you could use it in a dish washer no because it will create bubbles the blistering and it will create bubbles he loves the blister and out would you be able to use it in the dishwasher? I am not certain but I would not recommend it catch us because there is actual soap in there too so now isn't the brand of dishwashing liquid that we use called seventh generation is no no I use it's called bio queen that's the one I bio claim you there is you can make it I just I'm not showing it here so and I have made it I'm just not showing it here but yeah so there you go so you can have a little spray now ideally good you would also get a pcb free spray bottle you're using plastics like I mentioned most of the containers that we store things in our glass you know glass spray bottles are quite as easy to find is just like a pcb free plastic spray bottle and glass spray bottles especially your cleaning and you carry stuff around the house and get more risk of them breaking and things like that like a pcb free bottle yeah, and I like to, like, make several bottles of these and keep it under my bathroom sinks and one under my kitchen saying, I just kind of generally I will double my stuff and just keep it around the house so it's easy to grab. I always have it available, and I'm not constantly mixology ing in my kitchen. It's easier to make bigger batches, in my opinion, yes. So I have a question for you because I heard you mention with the dishwashing detergent that the glacier and causes bubbles, so could you use that for kids at bath time? Because kids love bubble bath, so did you make up? You could make a bubble laugh and I've made some for my my boys, I'm not going to go into here, but yeah, there are recipes online to that you can look up on how to make a bubble bath it's really, really easy, so it's something similar to that. So yeah, I think yeah, you bet any other questions? Yes, you mentioned like the show flies on the stuff that you're making. Is there anything that we should be? I've been around too long aa lot of it is not going toe on lee saying that I would worry about, especially if you're putting in essential oils is just like that. Generally you're not keeping him in dark road on dark bottles or dark bottles if you're keeping them in your sink little store longer because of the darkness if you're leaving him out on the counter it will it'll break down faster but if you're leaving essential oils out um it can store for a long, long time is long like months probably three to six months is what I would say so but once you put essential oils and that was tend to break down after some time I get concerned from peter's question that he might not be cleaning his house often doing I get that cisco and it's really competitive to find an apartment and it's almost prohibitively expensive to go out and get your own place if you're going to be next to downtown. So when I gone and looked at like a room in a pre existing apartment, some of the people that I've met with their smoker and so I'm not really interested in discussing the politics of that and whether it's ok or not but for me as being somebody who wants to be healthy can you talk about some of the the risks associated with that and then also the benefits of potentially not actually going into that arrangement you mean like if somebody and lived in there one smoked before he like they are active smokers inside the apartment that I would perspectively moving into oh ok, if it were me personally, I would purchase a hepa air filter either off of amazon or elsewhere and filter the air in your homes that you're getting rid of a lot of that potential you know, carcinogenic effects of secondhand smoke go on also I would use like an air like diffuser where it's a cold air diffuser and you can actually put like tea tree oil and it and it will put it into the error and it disinfects your eras well, colder diffuses were very cool I a couple of years ago came down with with mersa I don't have a basement with mercy but it's a staph infection that you contract from jim's and I was working out of the gym, I had an open wound I contracted mersa and it's something that I could have very easily spread around the house from wounds, and we actually got a cold air diffuser and we were defusing essential natural anti bacterial oils like tea tree oil and oregano oil and some different oil mixes from that company actually mountain rose herbs tio kill a lot of these bacteria that were kind of floating in the air and potentially around the houses wayto mitigate like infections we've got sickness in your house those cold air diffuses air really cool to combine with essential and it smells really good if, well, the oregano oil this is so amazing, but the teacher dale does lead to follow up on that. I understand that it's not optimal to be in an environment where you're getting second hand smoke all the time yeah, because it can actually live on your skin in your clothes and how compromising is it to your system if you're in that environment regularly and you're not a smoker yourself, I would say it's pretty compromise yeah, it is an issue. The other thing that I would consider is daily use of a full spectrum antioxidant I'm just to make sure that you're equipping yourself internally to deal with some of that free, radical exposure that you're getting from the smoke. So um, yeah, I'm not going to straight up tell you to go search for a new apartment, but I'd certainly mitigate the damage that could an air filter or their diffuser and antioxidants so so what's next for cleaners. Next we have scoring powder, which is super super simple to make, um, it's equal parts salt equal parts baking soda the salt is a scrubbing mechanism in the baking soda is absorbing mechanism so can I interrupt you? What is scoring scoring it's like you know the powder like if you want to, like, get the rings off your toilet or something like that or in your bathtub in the sink you can actually spray your sink or if you're really bad stain I like to spring my stuff with vinegar and then I just leave the scoring powder on overnight and then the next morning it comes off a lot easier because it's allowed the baking soda time to absorb the stain and also the vinegar they both work of us as absorb er so that's a really good way to get rid of some really tough stains works great on pans that you burned rice in. Not that I have ten that bird never burn anything, so this is easy. I like to use funnels just because it keeps things from getting really messy. This is the baking soda like equal parts baking soda, two salt so they're using a cup of baking soda use a cup of salt is this could take a little while yeah, we're just getting word is going to dump it we're going to dump it there we go and then assaults hopefully hurry, there we go and then if you want, you can add really any kind of essential oil. If you wanted to smell nice, I think here we have this is peppermint just in time for christmas of government throw in there and then you close it up and you shake it now if you let it sit for like three days which is obviously you're not going to go through this in three days the smell gets a lot nicer yes is that what kind of salt or using just table salt? It doesn't really matter if you're not eating it so I like to use the cheap stuff cause why why washed down the good soul you know so that's a good question I'm I that expensive as taking assault you know what we don't think that in there you know isn't it so you get more yeah cleaning your toilet it literally will go down the drain eventually so it's kind of pointless so just give it a real good shake and the longer it sits the better the flavor or the better the smell um also really now that I'm thinking about it you can make if your carpets in your house you can make a carpet powder you know those ones that you buy cats and dogs on do sprinkle it on there you just use big basically all that is is baking soda and essential oil or a scent and it's the same things pour it in there let it sit for atleast three days before you use and then a sprinkle it on your carpet let it sit for twenty minutes and then just vacuum it up like you would the stuff you buy at the store so that's a really easy really easy recipe so this smells like christmas I have to say yeah, ok, so window cleaners I learned this one for my mom and it's. Really simple. All window cleaners are is water and vinegar. That is it s so here I have a half cup of water, half a cup of vinegar. You can obviously make this a lot more quantity. We just have a little spray ball here is so we kind of made smaller for you and that's. Why? White vinegar? Basically white manner. You could use apple cider, but it's very strong and smell on dso white vinegars easier and this and if you use actually, newspaper is the best when nuclear you can possibly dio because actually newspaper leaves its streak free it's really good and it's a great waiter recycle! So that is all it is is one of winter is equal parts water to equal parts vinegar. That's it questions. Yes, I just want to point out the last two questions that the student audience said here have been mentioned in the chat room. Like assumes they popped up here. You guys asked so that way. But we do have a few other questions regarding the liquid soap that you're making and how much they should be diluted, so seal addict was talking about buying unbranded pure, organic castiel liquid soap, and they've been diluting that I don't know if you're gonna get into castiel soap it all but are you diluting any of these soaps that you're using our yeah that's when dr bronner's isa castile soap and it's and I mean it's still it'd with two cups of water to a quarter cup of so we also had a question about I know dr bronner makes a lot of products is there a specific type of dr brunner soapy recommend no if I'm mixing it with like a sense um I generally well just by their like incented stuff because I want to make up my own um but if you if it is scented I wouldn't even bother with the essential oils to be honest. So so there was another question that was basically on inline with why if dr bronner's makes a dish soap why make a dish so and what the fed is generally cheaper to make okay, yeah their health benefits though tio making your he's a good product and I would told I mean there are some politics that I do by just because I want the convenience and that's totally fine I'm if you are willing to put out the money or if you want to save a few bucks or you just want to feel like for me a lot of this is just the feeling of empowerment and knowing I like to know so that's another good reason right there so there are environmental consideration shipping considerations your own personal economics of course come into account here? Well yeah I mean, there are some products that we straight up purchase. We were just talking about dr bronner's and I know we haven't yet launched into personal care products but here's a perfect example this is dr bronner shaving joe this is exactly what I personally used for shaving if you turn it over the ingredients are sucrose white grape juice coconut oil olive oil shikaki I powder hemp oil yo by oil, corn oil, lemon grass oil, lemon oil line oil so these are all mostly just essential oils that you put on your face it smells very nice and I'm not absorbing toxic compounds into my skin when I shave I couldn't probably figure out how to make something like this myself but there are some situations where convenience comes into play as well, but yeah, this doesn't settle the dr bronner's product that I used for shaving yeah, but you know, like things like that windows spray like that's so cheap and it's just like always in your house white I even make a trip to the store that's kind of how I look at it sometimes it's like I have this stuff why would I take me justus along to drive to the store is it would for me, justin bottle it up here in my kitchen so that's kind of how it's a time management sometimes two sometimes it's not sometimes it's not worth the time so awesome yeah that's next next we're going to do some simple body products um I'm really kind of gotten into the body products thing lately it's a lot of fun especially around the chris oh yes yeah so what kind of products was she used if you're clean after up after like kids or pets I would use generally my disinfectant like especially I've actually been doing with pets quite a bit way have a puffy well he he's still a puppy but he's a huge puppy now um when I'm cleaning up after a dog I generally will just especially if it's carpet um first I'm getting it off as much of it is I can now and then I'm using a lot of white vinegar because it absorbs the smell and then actually another use for waits is I actually waited so that it's like soaking up a lot of the whatever is left deep in the carpet so that it's really helpful with animals you could use the same approach with kids it's still pretty safe the vinegar is what's going to absorb the smell and like I said the carpet powder is a good one um yeah just water and vinegar is really goes a long way so that helpful okay okay good

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