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Ultimate Human Performance Juice & Smoothie

Lesson 14 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

Ultimate Human Performance Juice & Smoothie

Lesson 14 from: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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14. Ultimate Human Performance Juice & Smoothie

Lesson Info

Ultimate Human Performance Juice & Smoothie

I think I think who out there has a juicer they have a juicer. Ok, cool. I want to show you guys a juicing recipe when I first discovered this recipe was before ah long run and I went out and had the best run of my life and ever since I have started to use this juicing recipe as one of my go to recipes when I just want to feel good so you could take some really basic ingredients and this is this is not the smitty I'll demonstrate the smoothie in just a second but I want to get some tips you juice you juicers out there so number one is this we all know what this is, right? Ginger ginger one of the best anti inflammatories known to man one of the top ultra runners in the world scott jerk he just runs with a big hunk of ginger in his pocket and when it gets hurt or when he gets injured he'll just start to eat the ginger right away to shut down that inflammation as quickly as possible incredibly powerful anti inflammatory you want of course shaved a little bit cut it, slice it but you cond...

uce it you conduce a golf ball sized piece of ginger and that's. What you'd want to use is the first component of this juice about a golf ball size of ginger is what I personally is brandon inflammatory it's got some spice, ok? And then you want depending on the size of the carrot anywhere from about five to ten carats. And this also depends on how much juice you actually want to make. Carrots are incredibly rich source of beta carotene scene really good for your eyes. Really good base reduce people say that they're sweet and they have too much sugar it's pretty negligible if they've got they've got sugar in them, but they've also got a ton of water and a lot of vitamin content. So carrots are going to be the second part of this juicing recipe, so you're going to put ginger into your juice. You're going put carrots in your juicer, lemon juice as a digest, if I like to use one to two chopped lemons in this juice as well. Okay, so I'll put the lemons in there also as a digest, steve, and then I use a really good liver tonic. That's great it cleansing the liver. If you take pharmaceuticals if you drink alcohol. If you do, I'm concerned about your liver health in general because your liver is your body's. He talks of fire. Cilantro is another component, and I'll just take about a handful of cilantro and put that into the juicer as well now I'll run all this stuff through the juicer, and so now I've got my big cup of juice it's very important that you not store juice. It begins to lose a lot of it's beneficial properties pretty quickly after stores, you're gonna want to drink this fresh, but I'll do a few other things with it before I drink it. First of all, I add olive oil and all typically add about two tablespoons or so of olive oil to get some of those polly finals and and antioxidants you just stirred in your drinking it right away. You'll see some my cells and some fat globules and stuff a cz you drink it, but the olive oil doesn't actually full on separate as long as you stir it up and drink it one of the other things that not only adds minerals, but we'll also keep the olive oil from forming these globular ls is assault, so I go through a lot of sea salt all usually use an aztec salt or a himalayan salt, both of which have over seventy different minerals and electrolytes in them compared to regular table salt, which is basically just aluminum caked. Iodized salt that's void of most of these minerals, so all usually put up to a couple heaping teaspoons of salt now I attended, I tend to go through a lot of salt also because I sweat a lot. If this isn't a workout day for you, if you're not a heavy sweater, you may go through a little less salt in that, and you may just add, like a pinch of sea salt to that juice, but you mix all of those things together into the juicer, so you store your sea salt and your olive oil after you've juice the lemon, this launcher of the carrots and the ginger and this would be what I would call the ultimate human performance juice. So for you juicers out there, that's your recipe, try this one out sometime this week. Now, of course, we also have our ultimate human performance smoothie, and I'm not going in a make one, but I will give you guys out there a chance to actually try out this movie. So, um, this is pretty much what I eat for breakfast every single morning, and I've chosen ingredients that make this basically a smoothie that contains just about everything you would ever need, the only thing that I'm really missing today that I'm going to use ah pretty good omega three fatty acid rich substitute four is a missing brazil nuts, which I used for testosterone and for selenium, and usually I'll keep shelled brazil nuts in the freezer because if you buy them are in the shell brazil nuts in the freezer, if you buy them shell that the grocery store, they usually very moldy, they're very bad for you, but if you keep them in the shell in the freezer or I'll just pop up in three or four and add those to the smoothie today, I'm going to use walnuts as a substitute for that. So you're going to start off with some kale, so we're gonna put some kale into this smoothie, and usually I don't really measure anything at all. Um, I always just go by, feel, go by look, but we're gonna put about that much, kale, if I really wanted to, I could devein it, but we're just going to throw everything in those about three large kale leaves, the next thing that I'm going to add into there is an avocado all usually use one toe, one and a half avocados in a smoothie. Um, this is a little messy, but we're just going to basically dig this right out do we have a spoon, we do have a spoon. But since my fingers are already messy I'm just going to continue down the path that I've started down and I've got a paper towel to fix this later on so we're going to basically put the avocado in next ingredient that will add will be what will actually add some some liquidity to this movie and that will be our coconut milk so I like my smoothies thick enough to chew and eat with a spoon when you chew your smoothie or when you switch your juice in your mouth you actually absorb a lot more the vitamins in the nutrients in the minerals compared tio if you say just drink it straight down so I like to make it thick enough to actually really to you with a spoon you know exactly the precursor you start developing all this stuff that you need in your mouth with digestion now because I'm an athlete I liketo have protein in my in my smoothie today I'm going to use something called living fuel which is one of the sources of protein that I'll use this is really chock full of spire alina kloer l a ground up broccoli health et cetera this company also makes a protein that I really like that's like a vegan based protein called living protein I just happen to have the living fuel on hand cause I travel with this but I'm going to put a couple scoops of that in and then I'm going to add one of the best natural blood sugar stabilizers on the face of the planet in their cinnamon, so we're going to put some cinnamon in there just a couple of pinches of cinnamon, and you need about two teaspoons of cinnamon a day to really get the really good blood sugar stabilizing effects given martha stewart run for I am giving my student thing missing is my julia child wash you're not adding anybody out there, so ok, so we're gonna have a couple couple things over a couple of pinches of salt, then I'm going to blend this and then add the rest of the ingredients the reason I blend it first and then add the rest of the ingredients is because I like my smoothie once again to be thick and chunky so I can chew it everybody, we're gonna start me. Oh, ok now, that's, step one and I'm I've actually got the ultimate human performance move the audio is part of a download for this course where I actually walk you through, you could put your mp three player on and I walk you through it a pace that is not going to be such a break neck pace that you won't be able to do this on your own now I'm gonna add some texture, gonna add some coconut flakes and I'm also going to add one of my favorite go to ingredients as a really rich source of spire alina spiraling as one of the most nutrient dense c type of vegetables on the face of the planet, these air called energy bits I get these from energy bits dot com and they make spiral aena they make lorella but he's a handful of these, they're actually really, really great it's satiating your appetite, getting rid of appetite cravings little put a handful the spire alina in there and in your powder had spiraling my powder had some spiraling and as well, so we're getting a super nutrient dense movie. Today we're going to some cacau nibs, organic dark count ibs, which gives me a lot of that chocolate flavoring, a ton of the chocolate antioxidants, a lot of the wakefulness properties of chocolate but without a lot of the dairy and the sugar that I get if I just broke up like, say, a milk chocolate bar and put it in there and then the last thing that'll put again normally if I were at home, I would use um, brazil nuts today I'm going to use some walnuts, and the important thing is is, once you add your chunky components to your smoothie, you just want to give it a little bit of a blend. On one thing that will also, uh, sometimes put in there would be like a coconut oil or an m c t oil actually, since we've got a little bit of coconut oil, um and because that m c t oil was actually the same m c t oil I traveled with to thailand last week, and I don't know how hot it got my bike bag, and I just want to be cautious. I'm going to use the coconut oil instead so we use about a tablespoon or so full of coconut oil. Sometimes I would throw a raw egg in there. You've got a bigger chance of dying in a plane accident than getting salmon l a from a raw egg, but today I won't do that, since I'll give a chance for people in the audience to try this way, just give it a little bit of a blank, not much that's it ok, so just a little bit of a bland just to kind of make some of that stuff in so it's nice and chunky, and we can eat it with the spoon, and that is the ultimate human performance. I'm totally not lying to you, jesse will vouch for me every morning, this is what I drink. And it is it is almost exactly what I just showed you uh let's let's get a cup so I can show you the texture of this to get a cup out here that I could toss this into somewhere um you know what? I'll just finish up my water we'll dump it in there so this is about a perfect texture you could see that I could pour this but it's also a texture that I could also if I wanted to eat with a spoon so during the break I'm going to leave some so that folks can come up and try a little taste of this movie will pour this into the cups during the break, but basically we'd all do is all sit down and usually I'll open up my my blog's street for the morning and just see the smoothie with a spoon and that's my breakfast every morning she would get a lot of those nutrients vitamins, minerals, justice, not a smitty person, maybe your person so there you have it. I know we're getting very close to wrap of time for today's session, but do we have any questions or anything else you'd like to cover about the smoothie way have lots of questions coming in from online all over the spectrum really of things we've discussed on one of the questions I just wanted to clear up we mentioned how to find the raw milk and there's real milk dot com that we were able to find and there's also raw milk dot or ge so we're not sure exactly which I think it's raw milk dot or guy would know if I saw it's kind of an ugly website and I think it's wrong ok wait just clarify for everybody out those asking questions on it so I think we have time for a couple more questions so other questions cheryl for other fermented foods I mean things like sour dough or culture butter yogurts where did those fit into a lot of those air fantastic even sour dough when I talk about foods being digestible the sour dough process is one way that you can make bread amore digestible food because you ferment out aa lot of those those digestive inhibitors that would naturally be present in bread so sour dough bread even though I avoid most breads is something that all eat it also soaks agree when you make a sour look sour dough takes literally almost two days to make and that sounds scary and like a lot of work it's not it's a lot of resting time in a lot of no work at all but it also allows the grains to soak which is necessary or digestibility kelvin that's on like dehydrated foods dehydrated foods we issues dehydrated quite a bit I use I make a lot of like flax crackers don't be free no, I am not dehydrated foods are fine dependent like vegetables and fruits and a lot of times I use my dehydrator to soak my almonds and nuts in because that's one of the steps that you have the take to make them more digestible and then I put them into my dehydrator and dehydrate them and then we just snack on him so I use my d haidar quite a bit I use it to culture yogurts I use it to make natto which is a fermented soybean is a great tool to have for not just dehydrating food but teo also culture things because it can keep things at a steady temperature specifically not to not trust the state at a constant temperature the whole time otherwise it doesn't work. So um I think that one question that I think applies to all of us, as you mentioned yesterday that you used tio not eat like this at all used to have a very different routine and way of eating and I think that for somebody who's getting into this it's sometimes might seem daunting but you seem to do it very easily and it's simple and you know how to make it work so can you maybe explain everybody how to transition to a healthier lifestyle like this? Sure, I think one thing that's really, really important is to just have fun with food to not be intimidated by food food is not only a great thing to kind of gather around and socialize around and bring family and friends too but it's also just funded to play around with this stuff I never measure my recipes in a smoothie and just you know, dump a bunch of stuff in there and then you know I don't use measuring cups I just basically play around when I'm in the kitchen and you know for me personally the biggest light switch that went on for me or the biggest light bulb that went off for me was when I realized how much differently my body felt when I would do something like take this juice and drink this juice before I went out for a run versus slamming up peanut butter power bar you know and for me it was how my body felt that really really made things changed quite a bit and if you can somehow pair using some of these foods with the workouts that you're doing and see how you feel with this versus how you feel with your package do you know man in the can protein shake then that's really gonna inspire you quite a bit when you just see how your body can I interject on just the two yeah I'm just my biggest suggestion that people is so either surrounding yourself like with good food sometimes that means going from your pantry and just purging, getting temptation out and surrounding yourself I mean, that's the rial surefire way tio to really eat well is and then also just like for me, it was a lot of it I grew up cooking. It was something my mom felt was really important to know, and I'm really, really thankful that she did do that. But sometimes it's fun to just go out and, like goto a cooking class and get and those are fun. I mean, like, when we're thailand, I went to a thai cooking class, you know, it's it's empowering and just having the knowledge for yourself is it takes time and it's going to, but you're gonna be a lot better for it, in my opinion, going, when you're saying that the part about, you know, purging your purging your pantry because I can't have cookies in my house so I can shot good in my home, I will wake up thinking about it, especially if it's the really bad kind that I really like the way well, it is time for our fifteen minute break, and I know for this whole course this whole first statement we were talking about real natural foods putting together, I know the next thing we'll be talking a bit about supplementation, is that correct? That's right in the next segment we're going to be talking about pills, powders, capsules, tablets all of these different things that we see when we're at the health food the grocery store we see on online or in magazine advertisements we're going to talk about what works, what doesn't, how to time your supplements, what to take when to take it and pretty much everything you ever want to know about the wide world of supplementation. So mary and said, taking your advice from yesterday I did alternating cold and hot water at the end of my shower just a few minutes ago and I'm super hungry and then I turn this on you have food on the set this has been great to be here what a wonderful class and then mallory rene says it's good to also learn that these two have kids it's easier for me to listen to people who have kids so I know that this can realistically be achieved for someone who is busy who has chilled who have children. So I think it's just it's good for people out there to relate to you guys if they're busy if they have kids, you know this could be achieved as well yeah, I mean I had that exact same thought I thought, wow, I don't have kids I'm thinking this is hard it's not hard at all and you guys really I have been doing a great job of showing us just how easy it is. And it's. Simple, small changes that we can implement into our lifestyle. That make huge differences. So I think that that has been an extremely valuable thing to take with us and carry along. As we progress with our healthy lifestyles and achieving ultimate human performance. A swede brought it.

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