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Fix Rejected Images

Lesson 8 from: Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

8. Fix Rejected Images

Lesson Info

Fix Rejected Images

So here's my uploaded files and here's the ones in review. Those are all the images that are in review. Then there's also reminders, reminders telling you, Hey, we want this image. But in this case, this image, it says there's a data issue, right? And so it's saying that there's a keyword issue, and the keyword issue on this one was that I put the keyword. It was I put IPhone and IPhone is not acceptable because it is a specific copyrighted or trademarked name. So instead, they would want you to write smart phone or phone or data phone. Or, you know, stuff like that, right? Or device or mobile device, things like that. Generic terms, not IPhone. So I just have to go into this one and keyword it differently and then submit again. And it will let it go because they want the image. This one. They want the image, but there's no model release. I forgot the model release. So now I just have to upload the model release attached to this and then send it back through. All right, so the reminder...

s there for things they want, But you didn't quite dot all your I's and cross all your tea's okay, rejected images. They will also reject images for various reasons. And one of those reasons is that this one here, you can see up here that there's logos. They're just high school logos. But they are logos, right? It's somebody's intellectual property. So all I had to do was go in and remove the logos from the background and then uploaded again. So now when Joe Designer comes to make this image, he's gonna grab this image and he's gonna pull it onto his canvas and noticed that it says Adobe stock on it. But what he's gonna be able to do is he'll be ableto work on this image and do everything that he wants to do to it. And then, if he likes it, or if he gets it approved, all he has to do is right. Click that and say, I want to buy it and it will immediately replace this image with the full image and he'll be done right? So you just waiting on approval. So it's a really simple way, and this is amazing thing that adobes done is what they have done is they've connected you It's almost like you is a photographer sitting inside of the studio with the designer, and the designer says, Oh, I'd like a sad mascot. I've got one of those here. I'll put it on your desk top for you and then you just sit there and wait until he needs something else, right? And that's amazing connection. So if you want to be on the lap of all of the designers out in the world, they're all using Photoshopped in design. Illustrator, Premier. And by the way, you can put videos. You can submit videos up there as well, so all of that stuff is useful to. So now I'm gonna finish my design notice that I have. There you go. This is loser high. So I just see I got rid of the old high school logo, and now I, as the designer, can put loser high up there as so there. There's my add Don't be a loser and this guy's from Loser High and he lost is the game right? So that's great. Now I want to buy it. I just simply right click it and say I want to use its been improved. The rial image comes down. So that's how connected you are to someone who is working on images. But I had to remove that logo because it was a trademark or copyright issue. Um, I think and I havent investigated this yet, but I think the reason they were either rejected this plane. Two possible reasons. Number one, You're not supposed to photograph the tail number on a plane, so I think that's the issue. So my first thing is, I'm gonna go and remove the tail number, and I'm gonna resubmit it. If they still reject it, Then I'm going to assume that they're worried about the issue. Did you know that boat holes that the shape of the whole of a boat is a copyrighted thing? So that's a possibility, because this is two boats on the bottom of that. I don't know so but I'm assuming that it's just simply that tail number. So I'm gonna go remove the tail number. I'll resubmit it and see if they reject it again. Because I've got about five images of this plane that could be sold, and then on this one, I know what the issue is. I uploaded it and The guy's got like Nike symbols on his shoes. He's got the name of the bike on his on the bike, and then he's got like, a Hurley shirt like it's got there's like 1000 low goes in there and I'm like, Oh, obviously So I got to go on. Do remove all those. So I'm just gonna go back to light room, Open it up is a PSD, and then I'll resubmit it once I removed the logos and then that will go through. So the in this one right here is simply a grain issue. They didn't like the fact that I had grain on the photo, so they say Artifact problem. Clean up the image, send it back. So I just got to go turn off the grain, resubmit it, and it'll go through. So they're giving you all of the information that you need, and they've got eyes on your photographs. Someone's looking at each one and saying, Yes, that could go through No, that can't not sure about that, you know, and they're sending it back to you for rework. So it's like having someone give you advice on what to submit for stock photography before you go if if you're having a tough time learning how to keyword and that's a real challenge, I mean, that's a whole art in itself. If you want to learn how to keyword, just go to stock dot adobe dot com And you can do this on any stock submission platform and learn from what other people are doing. But this is a really good way to do it. So what I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna go to my desktop. So let me hide everything here real quickly. And I'm gonna open up this test folder because what I did is I made a test of this image, so I don't know how to keyword this. Let's say so. I'm wondering how I should keyword this. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the website to stock dot adobe dot com and then I'm gonna go and grab this image, and I'm just gonna simply grab it and drag it onto that and look see it. It says, Okay, upload this so I'm gonna upload it. And what it's doing is it's searching through its database for images that look like that and So in a second it's going to return a bunch of images that looked just like the one that I submitted. So now I'm gonna go through and look for the one that's closest till one I submitted that is at the top of the search because I want to learn from the people who have gotten to the top of the search. I don't want to learn from the person on page 12. I want to learn from the person on top of page one. So this is probably the closest one, so you can see that he's got this one. But he's also submitted a whole bunch of others that are similar to it. And I'm just going to simply look at this one, and I'm gonna look at all of his keywords. See that? So we've got fence and beach structure, background, see, etcetera, etcetera s. Oh, look at that and learn from what the guy that got to the top is doing. And by the way, the fact that I clicked on it helped him, right? So it just helped him, um, and also see fence for protection of the dunes at the beautiful natural beach right, So now I know. Okay, that's a pretty good title. So I can learn from the title. I can learn from the keywords. And so that's going to help you to learn how to key word your stuff so that when you're trying to submit your image, you know better how to do it. And it's really a process of learning. What's the best keywords and what are people out there searching for to find things? And you really have to think like the designer think like the person who's gonna finally use the final image. And that's how you're gonna learn how to get your images at the top of the search so that you can sell your images. Not only, I mean, we all want to. We all want to do amazing things with our images. We want to provide them to our clients. We want toe, you know, do gallery work. We wanted all that kind of stuff, but there's about 1000 images in every single one of your portfolio's that's doing nothing for you right now. Nothing. And it could be out there in some kind of additional income. Some people have made a career out of stock photography. Other people just make enough money toe, go to dinner the next week or make enough money to buy a new camera. But regardless, there's money out there to be made, and you're not making it cause use your your portfolio is sitting under your bed, and that's not the place for it. But you first have to organize your portfolio so you can find stuff. Then you've got to get it out there, and that's what Adobe Stock is attempting to do. They want to get you into the computer of every designer on the planet, and they're working hard to make that happen. You just have to pull out your portfolio from behind your bed, right?

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Ratings and Reviews

Ryan G

This is a great class if you're just starting out in any kind of stock photography. It seems that the other stock agencies require you to "audition" a few pics before they "let you in." I just uploaded 1 at a time to Adobe and they accepted my 2nd image after rejecting the first. Easy. I just started to upload to go through the process to see what it was like. I think the feedback they give you from the rejected photos would help me become a better stock photographer. Thanks Jared for the inspiration to try this. BTW Jared, I couldn't believe your high school bleachers photo where you added "Looser High" and pronounced it Loser high. I cringe whenever I see this and sincerely hope this was just a joke.

John Oeffinger

This is a very good "beginner" course. Jared uses excellent and creative examples to nail his learning points. He offers up solid nuggets or ideas in how to develop your workflow. I really appreciated learning how to use Adobe Stock to research and develop keywords. Definitely recommend this course for people thinking about or just starting out in stock photography.

John Dowling

Great teacher, great class. Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating getting into stock photography.

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