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Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock

Lesson 7 of 8

Upload a Release to Adobe Stock

Jared Platt

Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock

Jared Platt

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7. Upload a Release to Adobe Stock

Lesson Info

Upload a Release to Adobe Stock

the last thing we need to do is show you how to upload a model release. So if you clicking on something that has a model in it at the very bottom you're going to see, is there a recognizable property or a model? Yes. And then we're going to these to drop downs. This is search for an existing release so I can click on that. And if I already have a release, Aiken search for it, and then I could just apply it. But if I don't So if I don't have that release, I can create a new release, click here and then I'm just going to name the release, and then I'm gonna attach to release. I simply click here, and I just need to find that release, right, Simon and name it. Uh, I'm not gonna actually tell you her name, but I'm going to attach the release, and I'm not actually going to do this now. I don't know where the releases, right. I just need to go here, and I need to find that release and exported as a JPEG and then just come back here, click on it, open it. It will upload that release, and it w...

ill be inside here attached to that so that any time it's sold, they can tell we have a release on file. This is fine. All right, That makes sense. Simple enough. Okay, so and then once that's done, after you have accomplished all of the tasks over on the right hand side, then all you need to do is hit this. Submit for approval. See that green check box right there. That means it's ready to go. You have accomplished all the tasks that have to be done, and you'll notice that there are a couple other ones. There's one down here and two over here that I've already done that as well. For so now when I hit, submit for approval. All of those that are ready to go are going to be submitted to Adobe for approval, and I hit Submit. So when they when they go for approval, Now you have eyes on it that are gonna look through and make sure that you have dotted all your eyes. No. Yes. Dotted all your I's and crossed all your tea's. Sometimes I get that backwards. And if you've done that, if you've done all your work, then they will look at it and make sure that there's no legal issues that they're aware of.

Class Description

Learn how to accelerate your creative business potential by organizing and managing your images in Adobe LIghtroom® CC and monetize them by submitting to Adobe Stock®. Jared Platt will show you how you can bring new life and unlock the financial potential of images you already have sitting in your hard drive. Find out what kind of images buyers are looking for, and how you can accelerate your photography career by showcasing your work to millions of creatives in the Adobe Creative Cloud network. This class is perfect for photographers of every level, from the enthusiast to seasoned professional.

We'll Cover:

  • Unlocking the Potential of Your Photo Archives 
  • Connecting to the Creative Market Place
  • Posting Your Content to Adobe Stock 
  • Creating Original Content for Stock 
  • Making the Most Out of Every Image

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Ryan G

This is a great class if you're just starting out in any kind of stock photography. It seems that the other stock agencies require you to "audition" a few pics before they "let you in." I just uploaded 1 at a time to Adobe and they accepted my 2nd image after rejecting the first. Easy. I just started to upload to go through the process to see what it was like. I think the feedback they give you from the rejected photos would help me become a better stock photographer. Thanks Jared for the inspiration to try this. BTW Jared, I couldn't believe your high school bleachers photo where you added "Looser High" and pronounced it Loser high. I cringe whenever I see this and sincerely hope this was just a joke.

John Dowling

Great teacher, great class. Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating getting into stock photography.


This is a solid introduction to the field. Concise and entertaining. Many of the nuts-and-bolts details refer to Adobe Stock, but the content as a whole is worth the time even if you have other markets in mind.