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Adobe After Effects CC Quick Start

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Class Introduction & What is After Effects


Adobe After Effects CC Quick Start

Lesson 1 of 23

Class Introduction & What is After Effects


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Class Introduction & What is After Effects

So let me start by introducing myself. I'm Chad Perkins as Jim mentioned and I'm a filmmaker, motion graphics artist, I do some visual effects, I'm a member of the Visual Effects Society so I like me in my movies and I've been teaching After Effects for about a dozen years I think which is kinda crazy when I think about it. And I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Certified Expert in Affect Effects and blah blah blah a bunch of stuff. But I'm really glad to be here. I love CreativeLive and this is really, really exciting. We have an amazing audience of like really, really cool people which is very exciting and we got a great day with After Effects. After Effects is really, really exciting and fun and for those of you that don't know what After Effects does, the name really tells you kind of like what's going on with it. It's a really generic name, After Effects, like after effects but that's really what it is. It's After Effects. Like you make art in Illustrator and then you take i...

t into After Effects to polish it, to animate it, to make it look prettier, whatever and same thing with like Photoshop art that you make and take it into After Effects and bring it to life and create animation or if you edit something in Premiere and you wanna add really dynamic titles and motion graphics and you know, whatever else you wanna do with it. Or you wanna remove things in your video and do visual effects with it. You can do that in After Effects as well. So it's kind of hard to quantify just exactly what After Effects is. So we're going to take that apart, we're gonna kinda give you a really whirlwind tour of After Effects. It's such a huge program, it's such a big world but we're gonna go kind of through all of the different things that you can do with it and so it'll be just kinda a good taste, just a good sampler platter like one of those like chocolate boxes you know that you get from the store for Valentine's Day and it's like all the different kinds of like, oh this is a caramel, this is like a nut one. Just a whole bunch, just a little like that of just After Effects. Like here's a sampler platter of what After Effects can do. So looking at the day that we're going to cover, we have some really, really great things. We have some great art. One of my buddies made some art, it's really, really exciting. So we're gonna start out kind of slow. So if you're new to After Effects, if this all scary to you, this is really, really great for you. If you do have some experience in After Effects, I still recommend that you hang out and watch this because we're gonna be talking kind of like best practices, like the most efficient way to do things, the best way to do things so even if you are like, oh I can kinda figure out how to do stuff, we'll show you how to figure out how to do stuff better than that. So we're gonna start out just the total basics, just getting familiar with After Effects, probably like the first like 45-50 minutes is just gonna be getting acquainted, making buddies with After Effects and then we're gonna start getting into the fun stuff and learning like how to make things move and how to make things animate, how to bring things to life, and we're gonna do some pretty fun animation things. We talk about text a lot, we're gonna talk about how to make text like really, really great and bring text to life and we're gonna talk about shape layers, making really beautiful shapes from scratch in After Effects, it kinda has like this built-in shape creation tool which sounds really boring and if you've just kinda fiddled with it, it probably looks pretty boring but it actually is thrilling and can do some amazing things once you get into it. We're also gonna talk a little bit about effects and we're going to add another dimension into After Effects and take like 2D flat art in Illustrator and make it three dimensional which is really, really fun, and we'll talk about also how to get things out of After Effects as well as how to render and a million other little tiny amazing things in between.

Class Description

Knowing how to utilize the tools and opportunities in Adobe® After Effects® can take your video from amateur to professional. Award-winning filmmaker and author Chad Perkins will help you get started with utilizing this motion software. This course covers the basics of starting a project and how to make the most of the many ways to bring life to a video. You’ll learn:

  • How to start a project and create a composition
  • Working with layers
  • Creating text
  • Understanding animation
  • Working with textures and shapes
  • Creating 3D motion with lighting and camera
  • Compositing techniques

Learn to enhance your video projects by animating text or creating transitional effects with this quick start into Adobe After Effects CC.


Adobe After Effects CC 2018


Grace Duong

I really enjoyed this course! As a self-taught After Effects user, this was great if you want to cover the basics and understand the program even more. I also enjoyed Chad's obvious enthusiasm for After Effects and his energy. Definitely felt like I took away some useful tips for my workflow!

a Creativelive Student

If you want to get into learning AE. Watch this video first. I've watched many AE tutorials and I still had many 'why' questions. Chad is great and explaining things and even uses great analogies​ so you understand what is going on. I highly recommend it. Thank you.

Pauly Wright

I bought this over a year ago when it was over $50 and it was still worth every penny then. I'm a videographer that knows Adobe Premier Pro and I wanted to understand After Effects more to make information, figures, stats in videos more engaging. Chad is really enthusiastic, passionate about what he does and he doesn't waffle. After watching this i'm now confident to put this in practise. Highly recommended.