Adobe® Illustrator® CC for Beginners


Lesson Info

What is Adobe® Illustrator®?

This course is part of: Adobe® Illustrator® Creative Cloud®: Essentials for Creating Projects 

Gain the fundamentals necessary to tackle the world’s best vector based illustration software Adobe® Illustrator®. Brian Wood will take you step-by-step and explain everything a beginner needs to know to get up and running with Illustrator, including:

  • Interface & tools
  • Using the pen tool
  • Applying color
  • Formating Text 

In Adobe® Illustrator® CC for Beginners Brian will use a series of projects to teach you everything you need to create your first graphic or illustration. 

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3.1



  • Pretty good so far but he's using a very different version of Illustrator and my currently updated version does not have the tool bars top and bottom for dealing with artboards.
  • Very informative course. Creative Live is a great substitute for spending 4 plus years in school.