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Working with Text Part 2

Lesson 9 from: Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Starter Kit & Wedding Albums

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

9. Working with Text Part 2

Lesson Info

Working with Text Part 2

This is that clipping path situation right? So we didn't knock the white background out it's still there s so even though we have this text trap going on because the graphic now I've moved it to the front now the white is actually covering the test just so that's why I've put it to the back so we don't have to add a clipping path on top of everything else but we could do that but let's make sure we have it fitting in the frame the way we want so I'm gonna white in the frame so the lemon doesn't get cut off over there and maybe I'm going to make this a little bigger so I'm gonna hold command shift and drag out to kind of really want at least to have it push into these other columns just a little bit just for fun and now we have the situation with the straw so let me go back and where we can bump this text wrap up a little bit or now still doing it will go in and I'll get my directs election tool and I'm just going to pull this out we'll just do like this so it'll bump around and not go ...

in between the straws okay? So that's really fun um let's do we'll do one more example of inverted text rap and then we'll go back here and talk about styles real quick so I love this example because I just think it's so pretty, but here we have a pair and I can make sure I don't steal my thunder and turn off all of these settings okay? So we're just back to like normal and what would happen if we took text and instead of wrapping it around the pair? What if we wanted to wrap the text in the pear now the pair is not a shape that we drew with one of our polygon tools or something like that we have several options I could grab the pen tool and trace the pair and make my own path but that's more work than we need to do, eh? So we're not going to do that instead I'm going to take the type here and I'm gonna draw a text box across the whole pair and will fill it again with placeholder text on what we're going to do instead of wrapping the text around, the pair were going to wrap it too inside the pair, so I'm going to select the pair and I'm going to go to text rap on I'm going to say wraparound object shape but I'm goingto invert it so right now it's pushing all the text away so much so that we don't even see it it's all mushed into this little corner but if I come up and I tell it invert and I tell it for the contour options that we want teo detect edges look at that and now we've got a little more text than we I have a room where we have more room than we have text there we go, so now we've actually wrapped the text into a photograph, which I think is really cool um and if we want to increase a little more buffer space there, I'm going to select the para again and then we'll increase this um, ej now it's spilling out at the top here because it's outside, you know, this is extra text, so I'll just grab the text frame and pull it down to force it to be here within the pair and that is pretty cool, I think that's really exciting now the things that make this work, of course, is that this is on a white background, so this is another photo spin image here. If we didn't have a nice white background, you'd want to go into photo shop and then mask something, create that alfa tunel, and then you could have that contour under here. When you select the pair, you would come down to contour and you'd be able to choose alfa channel, so if you don't have a perfect white background or maybe you have a picture of a person and you want the techs stielike in their shirt or I don't know something like that then you'd have to take it into photo shop in mask everything out or in design you could use the pen tool to put a frame around their shirt but that takes a little more work okay, so that was an inverted just in case you missed that so you select it here and then click the invert button over there okay, so let's go back to this document let's talk about how we can style this type right? We talked about objects styles on our frames so in session one when we were just kind of having an overview we looked at working with objects and creating those objects styles teo add strokes two images and to be able to create a style and then apply it to your whole document we could do the same thing with text, which is really, really handy so to do that when I'm going to do and what I suggest that that you do is style something first so like if I want a style this whole paragraph let's change it from verdana teo palatine oh, who regular troops and so dangerous with my touch pad my palm's okay, so I've changed it to politi no let's make the point size eleven and yeah, so we're going to make a paragraph style based on the way I've styled the text here so we will open our paragraph style panels will go upto window will come down to stiles and paragraphs styles and just like we did with the objects were going option or alter click just to save ourselves that steps so I'm gonna hold down option and I'm going to click the new style button and we'll call this text body so we're naming it and if we come over here on the left side, we want to see like, okay, well, did this really work? I'm not sure we're going to say basic character formats. Oh yeah, okay, palatine oh, eleven point it's already pulling all that information because we've already styled it and it's highlighted here so it's creating those attributes in a style all right, so we can go back to general we want to make sure we apply it to the selection, so we'll say apply here and I'm going to click okay? And now what I want to do is highlight all this text so I'm gonna put my cursor and here command a or control a and I'm going to say text body when I click the style everything updates so all of this text is now styled, which is great because you look we had a little sneaker get in there, the great thing is that it's easy to edit now let's fix this while I'm thinking of it so I'm gonna hold down command to select this image that's behind the text and I'm gonna go back to my text ralf little booger groups and user modified path we got to get this guy there we go and apparently it's snuck in on us I have to do a better job of building that electromagnetic field around it okay so now we've styled this text and we've made that a paragraph style so the nice thing is if I want to edit that if I decide oh you know what let's actually instead of palatine oh eleven let's use ten point five or something so if I want to change that at any time I just double click but style right here I go to basic character formats instead of eleven I could say ten point five and when I click okay the entire thing is goingto update which is really nice um another thing that we might want to dio is maybe we want to adjust is that in dent for the paragraphs I'm not a big inventor I know they taught me that in keyboarding teo you've got in dent but I feel like there's some flexibility there now but let's just pretend we do want all of the new paragraphs we want them to invent a little bit so we'll go back to the text body style double click and over here under spacing here it is in dense and spacing first line in dent is currently set to zero so that means the first line of each paragraph is currently not indented so I'm gonna turn on preview so we can see this and first line in debt I'm going to bump that up looking a go it just wiggles right on we can see it happening in the story so I don't know what we wanted to be maybe just like ten that's good um so I've got that indented just a smidge and if we want like any extra spacing between paragraphs or anything like that this is where we could do all of those adjustments if you don't want any hyphenation we could come in and say don't hyphenate anything so anything that you want to change about the way that your text is looking is going you want to now do it in the style okay so that we have um all of that stuff will auto update and everything will stay nice and clean okay let's do one more thing let's say that we want a drop cap over here in our first opening segment right? Because drop caps are so funky and fun so we want way want to put a drop cap in here okay but if we just edit the paragraph style the text body style if we tell it to put a drop cap in what is it going to dio it's going to put a drop cap at the beginning of every paragraph that's not what we want so what we're going to dio is duplicate this style so I'm called it text body I'm going to click and drag it to the style button to make a copy of it so now it's called text body copy so I'm going to double click that and we're going to call it text body and it will put it in all caps first for the first year around only okay now text body first that's nice it has a new name and we'll click we haven't applied it yet let's say okay and then I'm gonna put my cursor in this paragraph it doesn't really matter where I just need to have my cursor in this paragraph and then I'm gonna apply that style okay? Because right now this paragraph is tagged with text body because we tagged everything with text body to re tagged this with the text body first I'm going to just put my cursor there and then click right here nothing happens because right now text body first is an identical copy right now we're gonna get serious so I'm gonna double click to edit this we'll move this out of the way make sure previews on so it's only gonna affect this paragraph now and you'll notice if I come down here look at that there's a section called drop caps and nested styles so I'm gonna click it and I can style my drop cap right here so what is the drop cap if you're at home going, what is she talking about? Drop cap is the really fancy fun letters that you often see at the beginning of a magazine article for example where it's extra big or it's an extra fancy font or something? So what we're going to do is tell it that we want to drop three lines three lines down groups so you can see the preview here it's dropping that first letter and on ly one character if I tell it to drop, you know, three characters or more it's going to start dropping everything so we just want one in this example, right? So that's nice so basically it's taking the palatine oh fun and it's enlarging it and dropping it down like that, but what if we want it to be a different fun? What if we went this letter in this case the why to be a different font but just for the one letter then we want a character style now this is where it starts to get I don't know exciting, but when you're new to this I knew when I was new to this I was like I don't get it what's the difference between characters and paragraphs and like why would I use one over the other because you there's some room for like confusion there for sure so the way I like to think of it is the paragraph is really for like just your text, right? So most of the time you're making paragraph styles the only time you need a character style is if you want something specific within that paragraph to be styled a certain way so in this case we're saying we're going to create a character style for drop caps that show up within the text body first paragraph style blend that was confusing you'll see okay let's do it then it'll make sense so character style we don't have any character stiles right now um other than this guy but that's irrelevant so it's not gonna work so we're going to make it on the fly so we're going to a new character style and, um I'm gonna call it first we'll call it drop cap first or I guess just drop cap is fine drop back okay? So basic character formats well let's pick a font I am going to go with something called hiatus size who I don't remember twenty two I don't know twenty four I forget let's preview so we can see how about that um in a minute okay, we have to style it and let's change the color so character color will make it it's brown all right, we'll click okay whoa now it's going to show up that's um big so that's okay we could always scale that later and there's also an option here to scale for dissenters that's perfect. So this character is a why obviously and wise in this typeface have a really slow was she fun descend her meaning the part of the letter that swoops down below the baseline so here it swoops down and it's like on top of all of our other type so there's an option here where we can scale for dis enders which means it's going to scale that why up so that the descended er is not in the way of everything I came so that actually looks pretty great I think so we're going to go ahead and click okay, so let's just review what the heck we just did because it is a little crazy, right? So first of all we made a paragraph style and we applied the paragraph style toe all this text so just text in general paragraph style character styles are only for specific little bits like maybe in your document maybe everything that you want tohave uh underlined for like let's say hyperlinks you wanted to be a certain type of underlying in a certain type of whatever then you can create a character style for that so character styles can actually take place within a paragraph if that makes sense it's more for like individual words whereas the paragraph is for the whole text so this text is now tagged with the text body first style so how do we know that if I put my cursor in here with my type tool I put click to put my cursor and I see you in my paragraph styles it's tagged text body first if I put my cursor here it's tagged just regular text body so if I want to see a drop cap here guess what I'll click text body first boom drop cap see how that works so this is really this whole paragraph has the same treatment as everything else except that that it has a drop cap assigned to it and the character style that's telling it to look like this so we're telling it to apply drop cap and then we're using the character style to tell it how the drop cap should look makes sense the neat thing is let's go take a look here at body first um over here under general for body first weaken tell it what to be based on so I'm going to bein base it on the regular body text body style what that means is let's say we decide okay you know what instead of politan no fun I want I don't know adobe castle on or something if I want to edit that I'm going to make sure nothing selected, and I'm going to come over to text body, going to double click it will go to basic character formats and let's, just change it, tio. Oh gosh, no adobe castle on ok, and when I click okay, it updated all of these styles. But guess what? It also updated this so this paragraph, if you recall, is a different style, right? We have text body for everything else in the document, and we have text body first for this paragraph, but we only changed but the text in this style, but because this style for the first paragraph is based on the style for everything else it updated. How cool is that? I just think, that's amazing! So if I want to go back, we'll just get out of here and d select everything. I'm pressing command shift aid to just make sure like I'm good, right? Nothing selected that I don't know about, so get out of there. D select everything, and if I go back, that text, body and let's do something ridiculous, like don't ever do this, but just so you can visually see in case seeing the difference between kathlyn and politi nose too hard on your screens, let's, do something ridiculous, like, change it, tio oh, this will look terrible, but the o so you would never do this, but you can see it easily, right? So we only changed the style for all this body, but because the style for this first paragraph is linked to it, it will still update I just think that's amazing, okay, so that is some style basics for you, but I just I get really excited about that and styles are really important you want to get into the habit of using them that's one of those things where I get a little sloppy sometimes because I don't build a lot of huge documents, so I often tell myself, oh, I can get away with just I'm going to make a style just all style, this text, but I won't create a style for it, and it bites me every time it just comes back to get me every time, so make sure you get in the habit of using your styles because they are really great. You have a question, um when you send someone, you're in design file let's say, would those all be saved in there too? Like he did show up? Good question, so would that go along with it? The answer is yes, thinking this, of course, right? So it does, it will save with the document so if I sent you this document even if I didn't package it and send you fonts and said you image links the stiles would be there but you would need the fonts in orderto actually render it and could you save them? Um paragraph styles character shells and have them available for another document like yes and this is what's really exciting you don't even have to save him out separate so what you could dio is if you've got all of you know whatever styles you like in another document and you want to load them here, all you have to do is go to that little panel menu so the paragraph style panel go to the menu and say load paragraph styles and then you just find the graphic I don't even know if I have stiles in here you just find the not the graphic the file yeah, the indesign document on dh then you click open and it will just load whatever styles are in there right into the document is that often does a really good question. Yeah, so and also if you create styles while you don't have any documents open, it would just also then be like a preference that you would just sort of like if you have styles were like I always use this I just always want them there and then they'll just be there so it's really yeah styles are amazing and there's so much more like you could probably do at least a one day class on just style it bananas how much you can do with it but it's really exciting because the whole point of why you do that is to make your document really easy toe edit so it's one of those things where you just want to take that second to build that style and then you can use it all the time so even like in my little keynote presentation this morning I built styles into it because on every slide I didn't want to have to be like rebuilding the text and sometimes not that I've ever done this but if you get lazy you could just like copy and paste text boxes that are already styled and then reenter text but not feeding from personal experience when you do that the problem is you're always going to change your mind right about oh like now I want this pond instead or I want this treatment or this color or whatever and then you'd have to go through your whole document and update every single text box so you can see why the stiles would be so important because then you just go click change and the whole document updates so it's like a key to working with text in design is to really use those styles ok so just know when it comes the style's the easiest way to create them is put some texts out there style it how you want highlight it and then option click the new style button and that will make a style based on whatever you've got selected so it just saves you from you know this I don't know I'm not a huge fan of looking at all of this craziness and here it's a little leg so for me personally I always just have a way better time I just style it and then option click or all click and then give it a name and you're pretty much done so many questions before we get on um what sorts of things does it take into the character styler paragraph style like if you had changed like the spacing between the lines can you control what it absolutely what's all in there so much stuff right? So everything is going to read everything and if we look here within this paragraph style options we know this whole thing down the left side is all the things that you can change right? So you have like your basic format so things like letting which is the space between the lines of text right? Kern ing is the space between individual letters tracking the size whether or not you're using underlines there's so much I mean the in dense and spacing you can have tabs set if you need tabs at certain places paragraph rules are like lines. You can have horizontal lines that come at the beginning or the end of paragraphs. So many things, I mean, gosh, I you know, hyphenate, I'm big on turning that off because a lot of the documents I create end up being, um, just not good for hibernation, but so you can turn that on enough. You've got your justification, you're drop caps. I mean, you can set up bullets for numbers and lists and all that kind, soft and actually in the course I did last year for in design for a week, if you want more with stiles actually went into it a little more crazy last year, so and it's all still relevant. It was still cc. I don't remember, actually, one person wants, but it's hasn't changed that much. So if you're really like, oh, wow, I want to see bullet lists, a number, lists, and like all of that, I would say, check out that course because I went a little more into it last time. So that's really cool, but yes, you khun put all kinds of attributes in their spacing, letting color's turning all of that.

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