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Black White Options

Lesson 20 from: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Workflow for Photographers

Daniel Gregory

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Lesson Info

20. Black White Options

A repeatable workflow means the editing process is similar even when working in black and white. Learn tricks for working with monochrome. Add in tools like vignettes.

Lesson Info

Black White Options

black and white work is the same. So this is the reason I love this workflow. Let me do a black and white image. So even if I take something that's got a lot of complexity to it, So this is the image that's the black and white version out of this. This done completely in light room, 5000 brushstrokes. So we're not gonna actually do the whole thing in black and white. Um, So what I saw when I took the photograph was this little area right here in that and this little heart rock. So it looked to me like a broken heart to people Lane, and but I just I got this cool metaphor and this thing is little about this big. And I was like, so in my world, this way saw so people asking, what did you see? I'm like, this is literally what I saw. Like in black and white. The contrast, the structure, everything. The editing process, though, is basically the same of what we just did. I go into the development module, I'm gonna convert to black and white this case. Like I said, I get a little aggressive w...

ith the black, So I don't mind that that shadow gets deep black starting with the white. You start to see that structure of some of those highlights come out. I sent my overall base exposure. Okay, so now I'm at least sort of in that ballpark. But I had that dark radius around there. So how do I get that? Well, there's a global tool that is the vignette. So I start to bring the vignette in, adjust the feather on the been yet to my favorite Just the feather on the vignette. Adjust the midpoint a little bit, Allow those highlights to kind of creep back out. And I'm starting to get closer and closer to my edit Global edit though across the whole image, the vignettes affecting everything central to the editing piece. Once that was done, I come in, I get my sharpness. In this case, I is cranked on the sharpness because I wanted that texture. And once I had that decision then I came back and got on the clarity. So I did the sharpness before the clarity 30 punched in. Now you can see my vignette widow. Okay, Global edit. Both of them are global But now that's the one impacting the other. So in this case, I'll come back down then and Aiken back that vignette out a little bit. This image he area. I want a darkened. So I draw migrating across there dark and the exposure down other side So they kind of relatively way the same equal nous. And then the rest of the work is done with a brush, so the black and white process is still black. Point white are set. The profile monochrome black point, white point exposure, Highlight shadow adjustment drop down into the other areas. Now, if I would have wanted to adjust specific colors within the black and white, I would have job down in the black and white panel, and I could have made my reds or bites lighter or darker. But the process is the same. Then the brushwork comes in. That's the last bit. Is that little bit of brush works? We even in the black and white world. Same exact process. Nothing changes in the workflow global regional local. It's just a different implementation of the same tools and techniques. To have a question. You talked about the fact that it would be weaken do presets for this. So it's not a preset for like, because each photo would different. Correct? What do you mean when you say a priest like a preset? Like if I decide that I like a high conflict, my blacks are normally get dropped about 50 for a black and white image. And I punched the highlights up. Always. I would sue a preset for that. I'm not a huge presets aren't my favorite thing because they're they're individually image needs each damage. He's a little bit of help, but there are certain things that I know are just gonna happen. Um, like, profiles. I know Lens corrections gonna get turned on chromatic aberrations. Gonna get turned down some of those things just get it turned on by default.

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a Creativelive Student

I watched this course live. Really good!. Of course, I like all of Daniel Gregory's classes. It's a real treasure when one finds a really good teacher who thinks like oneself. I thought that I already knew Lr well so I was really surprised about how much I learned from this course. I learned so many ways to improve my workflow efficiency.

Anne Dougherty

I was impressed by the amount of information covered in depth, and by Mr Gregory’s teaching style. I’m somewhat new to Lightroom and found his explanations of its capabilities, and why you would use it rather than Photoshop for specific processes, enormously helpful. I especially appreciated his lessons covering printing. This is invaluable information. Great class.

Warren Gedye

This was a great course. Daniel certainly explains it well and in terms I can understand! Super worth it and learnt loads of new tricks! Great job!!

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