Adobe® Mobile Apps: Work Where You Want


Adobe® Mobile Apps: Work Where You Want


Class Description

Bridge the gap between your mobile device and your desktop with the Adobe® Creative Cloud® app and tools. In Adobe® Mobile Apps: Work Where You Want, Erica Gamet will help get the most out of the Adobe® Creative Cloud® app and its associated features and tools.

Erica will discuss the features and functions you’ll find in the Adobe® Creative Cloud® app and teach you how to navigate the Adobe® Creative Cloud® Libraries, Creative Cloud Market, and Adobe Color CC. 

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015


  1. The Adobe® Creative Cloud® App
  2. Adobe® Creative Cloud® Market

    Erica shows you how to find free downloadable assets in the Adobe® Creative Cloud® Market.

  3. Adobe® Creative Cloud® Libraries
  4. Adobe Color Themes and Color Site
  5. Workflow