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Introduction to Capture

Let's move out to Capture and have a look at some brushes here. What I'm going to do, there's a few things you can do in Capture. Okay, let's have a look at that. So, this is Adobe Capture. That's my sign in there actually. So let's just come out of that. And this is a library of brushes, we'll be back there momentarily, okay. So, we can create vector shapes here, from pieces of artwork that we find. In fact, I'll do one of those, right now using my camera. So what I'm gonna do is just pick up the iPad for a moment, okay, and I'm gonna tap this image down at the bottom here, and that's two things, I can either go to the library or tap the actual image icon. In fact, I'll use the camera. I'll tap the camera. Okay, and it gives me a little direction on how to make a vector graphic, there, and then launches the camera like so. So, I got a piece of paper here on the desk with a fab CreativeLive sticker just there. And I've got a slider on the right hand side here, so I can model how much I...

pick up from there. On the left hand side, I've got a little Magic Wand, the cap at the top there I'm just gonna tap that, so it will try and clean that up a little bit. Okay and if I'm happy with that, all I need to do is to hit the tic on the right hand side, that passes me through to the optimization area here. Let me just put the iPad back down for a second. And I'm gonna move that piece of paper out of the way. So it's giving me some guidance here it's because it's just been updated. As luck would have it, it wanted to update this morning. So this is where I can erase content I don't want, painting content I do want, and undo and so on. So, just from my finger now, I'm not even using the pen, I'm just gonna brush across these areas here, like so, to get rid of those, and when it gets into the finer lines down here, I'm gonna actually switch to the pen. Just track around there. Just erase that content. I can change the size of the eraser here. This is a brand new little feature. This is one of the ones that was introduced, the ability to change that brush size. Before you kinda had to guess, where things were gonna disappear. So, let's just get rid of those bits, there. I think that's pretty much okay. Let's just see if we can get that bit, just there. There we go, and that little bit just at the top, in too tight about it, but there you are. And of course this whole range, over on the side here, switching back to the finger now, 'cause I'll get it all a consistent weight, and let's max out the brush, just there. Once I've done that, okay, all I need to do is tap crop at the top here, 'cause it's a good idea to crop that in nice and tight. Also you can just twist, or use the little range slider underneath, to change the angle, that's it. I could clean that up a bit further but I'm not going too. And then I'm gonna tap smooth along the top here, and this gives me a chance to make a choice. So, I can either have it all rough and ready, the way it is and the way it's captured, or I can allow Capture to use some of its underlying power to attempt to smooth this out and get a nice shape. Sometimes I really, really love the result of this. Other times I like it gritty, depends. And the great the thing is you can tap between the two, so you can compare them. If I tap on just there, it takes slightly longer to do what it's doing, but you do get this nice clean result. If I tap off you can see the grittiness of it just there, and if I tap on then you can see it. I think I'll go with the gritty version this time, and I'll tap Save, we'll just call this CL here. So just get rid of those things. so CL for CreativeLive. Let's save that. It's gonna go into my Mobile Magic Library, and save that. So, now that shape is available. Now just to show you where I might use that, apart from taking it into Illustrator, and working on it still further, is I can actually go into Illustrator Draw, okay. Come up to my shapes, here, go to Mobile Magic, and there is that shape, which means I can now bring that out, okay, like so. What's a good color for CreativeLive? I'm thinking blue, yeah. So what I'm gonna do is long press on that, or double tap on it. There you go, and it fills that with blue. And of course I could do that at reduced opacity. You remember, it does the way it works right. Is it uses the properties of the currently selected brush, okay and over paint all of those different things, right. So I could add and build the texture, and we'll be looking at doing something exactly like that, in just a short while.

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