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Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide

Ben Willmore

Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide

Ben Willmore

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Class Description


  • Use layer masks to manipulate your images and edit photos

  • Understand how Blend Modes can help you create cool effects

  • Learn about the various tools and panels

  • Discover the secrets of smart objects

  • Use filters to fix problems and create eye-catching effects

  • Learn about color adjustments, such as hue, saturations, and lightness


Adobe® Photoshop® CC is a huge, unwieldy program with tons of features and capabilities perfect for photo editing. But with the right instruction and a little perseverance, you can master it and create next-level images that will wow your audience.

Ben Willmore is the perfect guide for your journey through Adobe Photoshop CC. His easy-going, straightforward style takes the mystery out of this powerful program and makes you feel like you can tackle anything. Ben divides this course into easy-to-manage, bite-size chunks, so you can master each skill one at a time and gradually build your confidence.

This class will show you:

  • How to use Camera RAW to adjust the majority of your images.

  • Tips to automate repetitive actions to speed up your workflow using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Selection essentials so you can work on small areas in an image.

  • Various ways to fix problem areas.

  • Advanced techniques when retouching images.

For students who’ve only been using Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Illustrator, this is a great way to learn about the many advantages of Photoshop Creative Cloud and its new features. Ben will instruct you in everything from retouching to compositing to masking to troubleshooting, all the while giving you helpful examples and visual aids to drive home each lesson. By the end of this intensive course, you’ll be ready to make some serious magic with Photoshop CC.


  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Those who want to gain confidence in Adobe Photoshop and learn new features to help edit photos.

  • Students who’d like to take ordinary images and make them look extraordinary with some image editing or Photoshop fixes.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Class Materials

Bonus Materials with Purchase

Color Palettes

Edges and Textures

Hand-drawn Frames

Hand-drawn Graphics

Layout Templates

Practice Images - Lesson 18: Tips and Tricks

Practice Images - Lesson 19: Actions and Automation

Practice Images - Lesson 17: Advanced Layers

Practice Images - Lesson 12: Advanced Masking

Practice Images - Lesson 15: Advanced Retouching

Practice Images - Lesson 10: Blending Modes

Practice Images - Lesson 2: Camera Raw

Practice Images - Lesson 8: Color Adjustments

Practice Images - Lesson 5: Layer Masks

Practice Images - Lesson 4: Layers

Practice Images - Lesson 9: Retouching Essentials

Practice Images - Lesson 3: Selection Essentials

Practice Images - Lesson 14: Shooting for Photoshop

Practice Images - Lesson 13: Smart Objects

Practice Images - Lesson 1: Starting from Zero

Practice Images - Lesson 7: Tonal Adjustments

Practice Images - Lesson 6: Tools and Panels

Practice Images - Lesson 20: Troubleshooting and Advice

Practice Images - Lesson 16: Warp Bend Liquify

Practice Images - Lesson 11: Filters

Script Elements

Week 1 - Day 1 Homework

Week 1 - Day 2 Homework

Week 1 - Day 3 Homework

Week 1 - Day 4 Homework

Week 1 - Day 5 Homework

Week 1 - Photoshop CC Workbook

Bit Depth

Color Modes

Color Spaces

Logic of Keyboard Shortcuts

Pen Tool



Week 2 - Day 6 Homework

Week 2 - Day 7 Homework

Week 2 - Day 8 Homework

Week 2 - Day 9 Homework

Week 2 - Day 10 Homework

Week 2 - Photoshop CC Workbook

Homework - Shooting for Photoshop in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Filters in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Advanced Masking in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Advanced Retouching in Adobe Photoshop CC

Week 3 - Photoshop CC Workbook

Homework - Warp, Bend, Liquify, in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Tips & Tricks in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Actions & Automation in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Troubleshooting & Advice in Adobe Photoshop CC

Homework - Advanced Layers in Adobe Photoshop CC

Week 4 - Photoshop CC Workbook

Bens Actions Sampler ReadMe

Bens Actions Sampler

Bens Styles Sampler ReadMe

Bens Styles Sampler

Texture Sampler


Save for Web

Facebook Q&A #1

Facebook Q&A #2

Q&A #3

PSD Preferences

File Formats

Customizing PSD

Ratings and Reviews

Student Work

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Ben Willmore is exceptionally and intimately knowledgeable about Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, including Bridge and Camera Raw, and how they work together. He's also a wonderful photographer. That's great, but what's even better for us is that he's an incredible and generous teacher. He shares his knowledge and experience in an organized, thorough, thoughtful and relatable way. I envy his efficiency with words and ideas! He isolates hard-to-understand concepts - things we'd be unlikely to figure out on our own - and explains them in simple terms and with on point and memorable examples. I completely enjoy Ben's teaching methods and his personality. His admiration and appreciation of his wife, Karen, are telling of what a good guy he must be, and he's got just an overall pleasant personality. I love his amusement when something "ridiculous" happens during an edit! This bootcamp is fantastic and just what I need. It's only one of Ben's many CL classes that I've watched and learned from - they are all excellent. Thank you, Ben Willmore. (And Karen!)

Lynn Buente

I purchased this course ---SMART MOVE!--because, at 74, I learn more slowly and need more practice. While I've had some "novice" experience with PS, this course is moving me along in a totally different way. Most tutorials just tell you what to do. Ben tells you not only WHAT to do, but WHY (--or why not) and HOW. Understanding better can lead to using the practices in PS more fluently AND to greater freedom to be creative. I find Ben's approach to be kind of a "come as you are" session. No matter where you are on the learning spectrum, there is something to review, something new, or a brand new challenge. The relaxed manner of presentation is great, but doesn't minimize the content of the class. I appreciate the additional explanations and theory. These help to make total sense of the tools and practices of good editing. I would really recommend that, if possible, you purchase the course. The practice images, the homework, and the evolving workbook are great review and reference points. Personally, I have downloaded the classes by week so I can view, re-view, and stop, start, and repeat segments as often as I need to --which is often! Also, sometimes I like to view and work on one segment of the class at a time. My study of this course will be a LOT LONGER than four weeks, and I know I'll be referring to it as long as I'm a Photoshop user. Thanks, Ben! (And thanks to your wife for her contribution as well.)

Carol Senske

I've used PS for about five years in many of it's various versions. Learning on your won is a tough proposition, and I've struggled the whole time. Seeing work I admired and that inspired me to strive for great er things then not being ablr to figure out how to do them was a major frustration. The jargon was sometimes foreign, the complexity of the program overwhelming but I soldiered on and learned bits and pieces. A friend recommended Ben's course and I immediately came to CL to see what she was so thrilled about - I was amazed! Ben is down-to-earth, explains each step, gives shortcuts, defines terms, and shows how to accomplish what he's teaching. After two weeks I bought the class. I not only bought the Photoshop course but I added the Lightroom course as well. I'll do that, on my own, when things slow down a bit, and I have no doubt that course will help me even more than the PS course. I'm totally at sea with LR. I like Ben's teaching style, appreciate all the homework and extras included, and greatly appreciate the magnificent, easy to use, workbook by Ben's wife. I give my wholehearted endorsement for this course!