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Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

Now let's take a look at another new filter called thie adaptive wide angle filter and this one is another great one for photographers so here's an image that my girlfriend care nace shot in horseshit band and one of the one of the things about shooting with a wide angle lens or even a fish islands as you can get cem distortion you know not only do they let you include you know big old swaths of the scene but oftentimes things can become curved that used to be straight such as the horizon line in this image so what we're going to do is we are going tio straighten it out immediately automatically using the adoptive wide angle filter so let's go ahead and give that a shot this one does work with smart objects I might go ahead and choose filter convert for smart filters and then we'll go back to the filter menu and choose adapted adaptive wide angle all right so foot shop opens up this honking big dialog box and the deal is that photoshopped looks to see automatically what kind of camera ...

and what kind of lends you used and it tries to find a reference point for that lands and camera through its vast lin's profile database that we got in c s five I believe when the lynns correction filter head it's big overhaul so you can see down here at the bottom of the style of box that photo shop knows exactly what camera and what linz karen used to get this shot chiefs and nikon d two hundred and here's her limbs model okay if photoshopped confined your camera and lens and that's coming from the information that's embedded into your image that was stored there by the camera when he took the shot. If photo shop can find here lands andrew camera, then the on ly thing you have to do to straighten out something that really should be straight is click the point at which the distortion starts. Next thing I want to do is mouse over to the point at which the distortion ins and I'm going to click again to set something that's called a constraint that's basically a fancy way of saying photoshopped, I'm going to draw a line across what's curved please straighten it out that's all that means, but the reason I haven't mouse over to the other area and clicked iscause I want you to pay close attention to both what I'm doing and what's happening on screen because I'm doing nothing I'm not pushing any buttons I'm simply mousing to the other side of the photo and watch how photoshopped automatically curves that line exactly to the distorted area that's because it found my karin's camera and lens profile so the only thing you gotta do to fix it is click the point at which the distortion ends and that's it and it will warp your image toe wear what you drew the constraint across become straight and it's really amazing if you'd like to see what it's doing to your image to make that area straight you can turn on this check box at the very bottom called show mish and that gives you an idea of how photo shop is warping and pushing and pulling your image to straighten out the part that you told it really ought to be straight pretty amazing you don't want to leave that mesh on because you can't see anything but it's really really an amazing thing if if photoshopped cannot find your lens profile or your camera then you would get another set of sliders appeared that would allow you to tweak uh tweak your photo manually but I'd say unless you're shooting one of them with an off the wall model maybe one that that's fairly old thiss lin's profile database is massive and it updates itself every time you run this filter the adaptive I tingle filter or any time you open the lens correction filter if you've gotta live internet connection it goes out and update it's lynn's profile database constantly in there are just thousands thousands of profiles in there so the chances that yours won't be found are fairly slimmed and then especially if you're shooting with cannon an icon it's going to find your profile click ok photoshopped applies the transformation now what if we wanted to use this photo? What are we going to do with it now that it's all funky we can simply crop those areas out and if you don't want to have to crop out that much, you could use content where scale to try to build back up a little bit of that area now you may not be able to build up all the sky because we've got a pretty good dip and the top of the image there, but if you wanted to increase it just a little bit issue could with content aware scale so really, really amazing stuff and again since we were able to run it on a smart object you know, week we've used that filter non destructively so we can turn off its visibility I in the layers panel to see are before and after if we'd like tio, we can throw the filter away if we decide we don't like what it did all kinds of options there, so I'm going to go ahead and revert this image to its original state we're gonna look at that one more time so cheese file revert it's a great tip free if you just want to revert tio your image without actually closing in reopening it which would be a lot more steps so here again the first thing we're going to do is choose filter convert for smart filters photo shop was going to let you know that hey, I'm going to turn this into a smart object ok? Please don't tell me that again and then we can go to use the filter menu and then she's adaptive wide angle and we get that nice dialog box we simply click at the point at which the distortion begins mouse over to that where the distortion ends and click again and that's it I didn't have to click anything else. I was holding any magic buttons while I was drawing that line and it is just incredible click ok photoshopped applies your change and you are good to go let me show you one more thing on that filter that a buddy of mine created his name is kevin eins and he's, an amazing photographer based in atlanta, georgia and he gave me the permission gave me permission to show y'all this image it's not going to be provided as a download. Sorry is kinsey. But anyway, I wanted to give you an idea of something a little different that you could use the adaptive wide angle filter for so what he's done here is he shot this image ok, it's a bit reflective, you know, so he made a duplicate of it, okay turned it into a smart object and because the image was just fine to begin with there wasn't any distortion in it, so he manually placed some constraints and then he just twirled the manually to create this very surrealistic artsy effect so again with your favorite beverage on a friday your saturday night you can play around with that filter and create some some really, really interesting effects any questions on the adaptive wide angle filter graphic designers probably won't be using that when that will be distant for tiger first thing so a question from london cat could you fill in the space? Could you fill in the spaces with content aware you could that's what we're talking about a moment ago you could try using content where scale to fill in those areas it would be tough to fill in all of them if you're dealing with a photo that was as distorted is is karen's wass not that that's a bad thing at all but you know she she needed to use that wide angle lens to get the whole scene in the photo so but if but if you've got an image that was corrected to that degree with the adaptive wide angle filter it would be really difficult to fill in all those areas you might be able to fill in some like I said earlier to get the size that you need in other words but it would be tough to fill him and completely thank you um and certain in a t k is wondering have if this will work that tool after cropping the original, since it relies on the camera's lens data. So that is it going to still do it. If you've cropped image, and then you try to adjust the line. Yes, they should.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

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