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The next thing that I want tio talk about is the new type of menu and so open up another document here there we go. We're gonna open up a couple of wine labels that I designed recently all right, something that has a lot of text on it basically. Ok, so here's, a slew of text that's highly formatted. All right, so new photo shop cia six is the type menu. This mini right here is not in cia spy. Okay, so brand new menu. This menu is extremely handy because it gives you faster access to a lot of things related to text that were buried in preferences, namely, oh, the dad gum fun previous iseman used to have to dig in. The preference is to get to that you take you like two or three steps. So the fund previous size simply let you control. We switched to the type tool lets you control how big these previous are over here in the previous are what the font face really looks like. So instead of just choosing a fund by its name, which is great if you've memorized what all the funds look like, a lo...

t of graphic designers have let me tell you, but you get a nice preview of what the font looks like should you choose to use it over here on the right hand side back and see us for you had to turn that on that preview was not even on by default and I can't tell you, you know, the kind of hardship that caused portal a graphic designer for a long time trying to pick fun but thankfully and see us five but we turned it on by default, but now and see a six, they've moved into a new tight menu so it's easily accessible so you can change the size of his previous as you can see, some of them are really little and it's hard to see with that front really looks like, so if I zoom out and I come up here to the tight menu and I choose fought previous size extra large now look what happens when I go back into that tight mini now the darn things were visible, okay, maybe with photo shop you know c s twenty, we'll get a keep on for an optometry visit to see all these things, but, you know, changing the size of the thumbnails and the layers panel using panel options as well as making these previous bigger go a long way toward your eye happiness when you're spending hours and hours and hours in this in this program, so anyway that's one do you think that's in three new tightening you again liberated from deep within photo shops, preferences other things that are now in the tight mini that haven't been there before, let me actually get on an active type players they're all active is the ability to add paste. Laura um, it's and text what on earth is laura? Um, tips and text you might ask yourself well, it's, placeholder text it's gibberish so you can insert photo shops own brand of gibberish by simply grabbing the type told me to go and turn off that layer and we're gonna grab the type tool and we're going to make a text box when we talked about text box earlier text boxes were great to use when you've got a finite space into which your text has to fit. So since I know all my text has got to go and here I'll go ahead and drop box it's now been a text box, so now I can choose the type menu pace lauren hips and and now I get it gibberish at whatever formatting options I have going on in the options bar. Okay, so I'll make this kind of regular, not moulded, not fifty four points. Maybe black has said a purple. There we go. So that's your lauren gibson so that's new and photoshopped. Page layout programs like in designing cork and had that for every but this is new and feather shop and it is great if you need tio design for manning, but you haven't yet got final text from the copy editor so that's a nice thing all right? So that's new and other new things I go back to one of the layers and I made in the tight menu includes more language options so photo shop cia six actually supports east asian languages and you can actually change the, uh, alignment of the text because, you know, in some east language asian languages, the text is not rid left to right its rid rightto lift or bottom the top and so on and so forth it also supports mill eastern characters, so I got a few more language options in there and there's just also other hand the items that weren't, you know, really accessible in easy to find places before, such as changing type into a path or a shape, which means type is already a vector anyway, meaning it's based on points and past. But you can turn type into an outline in order to do really cool things with it like fill it with a pattern, you can rotate individual letters independently of each other, making overlapping do all kinds of interesting things to text when she turned it into a shape ok, so you've got those two options right here, which were like I said previously married one of the most exciting things in the tight menu is the open type features which you can't believe how deeply these things were buried open type features let you take advantage of extra typographic goodness that the designer of the font actually built into the fund itself such as alternate letter forms. So maybe if you're designing a wedding invitation for your initial cap of maybe the couple's new last name, you might want an extra big swash or flourish on that one capital letter well open type funds the format let's those fought designers build in a slew of extra characters or alternate character's extra swash is and flourishes or different versions of lower case tease or different versions of eyes or razor piece you know a closed a as opposed to a you know what a that has that little circle with the bottom you know, so different versions of letters. Well, the only way to access those is through the open type menu previously to get to that thing, you had to open the character panel you had to select some type and then you had to come over here to the character panel fly out mimi and then you had to choose open type from here and then whatever options that were built into that particular open type font it would appear from that submarine me so that's three four steps to get to those options and a lot of people never even knew they were there meaning most people so now since the day he gave us a type menu they thankfully liberated that open type from being buried so deeply to appear as well so it is actually discoverable so you may say, oh photo shot can take advantage of open type features wow, I didn't know that before because you may never have encountered it over here in the character panel so that's a really nice thing orientation again if you want your text to go left or right or up and down bottom to top in your anti alias menu is now in this the menu as well. So a lot of the things in the tight menu but let's look at something to need panels that we haven't see us six available in the new time in you character styles in paragraph styles you can think of these as text formatting recipes so let's say for example, you're designing blind labels and you know that you're gonna have to make a red or why the blush sparkling so on so forth and you're going to make all those different ones within the same document meaning that the end result is going to be the same size so basically you've got all the same for manning but different text character in paragraph styles can really help you out because they let you. Once you have designed the for manning, they let you save the formatting of styles that when you bring in more text on another layer instead of having to reform at all that stuff again, you simply clicked. Activate the character, the word or the paragraph click to make a make it highlighted and then you apply the style and photoshopped takes care of the rest. It it changes the fun changes, the color changes everything. So the difference between character styles in paragraph styles are the differences between the character panel and the paragraph panel. So, for example, with character styles, you can do things like bolding in a tallis izing changing, fun changing font size with paragraph styles. You get all the extra formatting that you get in the paragraph panel right here, some of which include alignment so left centered, right aligned. Um, indention is the first line going to be indented do you want in denting on left and right margins? Do you want a little bit of space before or after the paragraph? Do you want hyphenation? D want justification? All that kind of stuff is considered paragraph formatting it's great for things like headlines of heads, body copy things like that were spacing, alignment, indentation come into play those kinds of formatting has to be done with paragraph styles if you're just bolding attallah sizing changing fun or changing font size you can use a character style okay, so I will tell you that these air funky okay this is a new feature and as oftentimes happens with me features there a little bit quirky but they get better you know, in subsequent versions of the program so I will say that about character paragraph styles that they're a little bit funky and it's a trial on air situation I will also say that if you are tempted to create character in paragraph styles and foot a shop that is a darn good indicator that you should not be in photo shopped to begin with you should be in in design cork express some program that's meant for handling large blocks of text now that said if flu shots all you got clothes shops all you got and these character in paragraph stiles came come in handy but only on a per document situation that's really the only time when they're going to be useful for example in this situation right here if you're doing several versions of a same size piece of art just with different text then they can come in handy as in the case of this one by the label so let's say I've got one text layer type player rather and I formatted it exactly like I wanted okay, so everything got my government warning there blah blah blah blah blah it's all formatted well, now let's say I get from my coffee editor text for the white one mind if I have created character in paragraph styles I could have this done in five seconds all right, so let's, take a look at how to do that quickly so I'll go back to the layer that's all formatted and it's simply a matter of clicking on an area highlighting it in defining the style. All right, so two steps you got a telephoto shot? What part of the text he wanted to define the style from you're going to pop open those extra panels and they're only available in the tight menu from the panel's sub menu, so we'll start off with paragraph styles ok, so this is what it looks like kind of a no frills panel here once you have text highlighted that you wanted to find a style from all you have to do is open this panel and then click the little piece of paper with the dog your corner icon and that creates a new style now photoshopped names them in the most unhealthful way known to man, but to be honest, it couldn't guess what you want to name them anyway so immediately upon defining a style double click it and give it a name when you double click it you open thie style options for that particular style where you can edit that style so say for example you create a style and then you decide shoot I really need that type to be nine point instead of eight well, instead of having to redo it you could just edited and changed that font size right here and then everywhere in your document where this style is applied will update so that's a handy thing but more often than not I use this just for the name, so we're going to call this one body coffee and click ok ok, so now we've got our body copy style now let's, come down here and let's do our government warning because it's a different font it's narrow in less leading track and so the letters are closer together, so now we can click to add another style and we'll double clicks to rename it something meaningful and we'll call this one got a warning and that's really all you do I mean, this is really the bulk of it right here okay, so I'm gonna make another style double click it I'm going to call this headline click ok now I mentioned for care character styles it's you really just want to limit that to bolding font changes things like that so for this you are ill I could make that a character style, okay so highlight it and I could come over here to the character styles panel do the exact same thing you know, I call this one uriel because the girl is really based on body copy styling but it's also bold it so it does take a little bit of thinking to determine whether you should be making a character style or a paragraph style it's a whole it's a trial and error kind of thing but if you're used to using these things in in designer work express they make a little bit more sense here but they're not going to function the way they do in those other page layout programs you cannot import styles you cannot export styles for some reason known only to the lords of today be you cannot import styles from in design. Mickey would kind of expect that you might be able tio so that's what I mean in the book I call this a gym in the rough because it really is it's a neat little thing that could be useful but it's referee on the edges right now so if you copy and paste text from one document to a new flood a shot document and that text has had a style apply to that style goes along for the ride and appears in that other document but that is the on ly way to get styles from one document to another their documents specific okay that's gonna be my funky ok? So let's turn off our red label is good are in formatted label and let's apply just a couple of the styles we've got here so we'll start with the paragraph styles expand my pain a little bit so you can see some of the highlight the text I want to add it he didn't want to resize my text box when a highlight the text I want to add it there we go and and then you simply click to apply that style now I've got a little plus sign that just appeared next to that headline that's photoshopped telling me hey there's some other format and going on here so to get rid of that you can click this will curved era right here which is called the clear override but so basically you're saying hey, I don't care what other formatting that text may have had I on ly want the formatting that is defined in the style that I just told you I wanted to use a blow job so we could click clear override the plus sign goes away and our text looks like we wouldn't expect so that's basically character in paragraph style so you can see that very quickly we could come in here inform at all of that text in a very short time so again takes a look spare imitation to figure out if you should be making paragraph styles or character styles he'll hear we'll add the uriel formatting and we get our bold id uriel so character in paragraph styles any questions on that part then we're gonna hop into contact shins yeah let me just ask you a quick question since we have a global audience from steven do you have any tips for working with foreign fonts? Also what does setting in language split does setting the language in the test dialogue we do you know, to be honest because I don't use other languages I haven't actually done it so I would need to play around with it to be able tio answer those questions I believe changing the language in the tight menu simply changes options specific to that so he turns on other features anything you changed from this menu right here is not actually going to change the language that you're typing in to do that you would need an extra language pack that you can purchase so for example, I've got a lot more experience with this in cork express an idea and photoshopped to be honest and you can buy different language packs for cork that make it function in those languages you know, east asian all kinds of things like that but the's the's options here in the tight men you simply turn on or off features that those other languages use such as changing orientation, that kind of thing

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