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Content-Aware Move Tool

So now we're going to take a look at using the new content aware move tool in front of shock cia six and again it uses content where technology where photo shop is analyzing the pixels outside of the selection you make in determining the best way to copy them to the inside of the selection where everything looks really so here we have what appears to be a looks like team captain america winning soap box here but if you look at my layers panel you'll see I've got another layer called move over here if I turn off that layer hide its visibility temporarily you can see the original shot all right so these so boxes they're dead even right but we can use the continent were moved tool to scoot that soap box a little bit of ahead of the other one now you'll notice that I didn't move it very much there's a reason and this is also fun once you've done that I highly recommend sitting here and it's hard and the visibility often on it is a lot of fun it's all about entertainment I couldn't move tha...

t soapbox much further than I moved it ok, so this is not a tool to use to move something from the far left of your image to the far right don't even shoot don't try because it's not gonna work you can scoot things around in your object there in your photo a very small distance and it will work if you have a good chunk of free background space around that item and we do indeed have that here in this shot so let's take a look how it works it's very similar nearly identical to the patch tool in that you can create the move on a different layer just like I did here. I could have also duplicated that later and then moved the item but to be more efficient I did it on an empty layer so I have fewer pixels smaller file size you can use the content were moved tool to draw a rough selection around the item you want to move, but you don't have to just like with the patch tool, you can use the selection tool of your choice, get it all set up, create your empty layer and then switched to the continent remove tool to do the actual moving magic so let's, take a look at how to do that. Go ahead and create a new layer onto which we're going to do are moving and now we're going to come over and let's just go ahead and use the content were moved to a first, then we'll do it again and use a different selection tool so the contents were moved to a lives in the same tool set as the healing tools and the patch tool that we just used and it looks like two intertwining arrows so go ahead and click to activate that now we're going to try to the options bar okay and just like the patch tool there's a mod poppet mini ok for this tool content where move can be used in two different ways you can use it to move an object in your photo you can also use it to exit stand and objects that's what the other motives called extend and we're gonna look that teo extend its handy when you need to make a building a teeny bit taller teeny bit wider that kind of thing so you can extend elongate items when he put the toll in that moment the next many we have is that adaptation menu again this is controls how strict photo shop it here's to copying the pixels that are just outside of your selection inside your selection you've got the same choices here is you do with the patch tool upset to content aware and again we've got the all powerful sample all layers check box which allows us to do our moving on a whole nother layer which means we're not messing up my original photo so here we go we've already got the tool activated we've got her options bar all set so let's go ahead and draw a ref selection around our soapbox guy and for this particular one I'm gonna go outside of the wheel just a little bit and then when I come down to the front of the soap box instead of just staying close to the soapbox, I want to catch that shadow that's being cast by the front of it so that that's going to help it make the retouch look, riel, come around here and close up our selection. And as soon as you release your mouse button, you get marching ins. Okay, so now scroll down in my document just a little bit at this point, it's exactly the same as the pashtun. You simply click inside the selection hold down your mouse button and drag the object where you want it to end up when you release your mouse button here again, we've got a handy rich cursor that lets you know how far away from the original position you're moving the object soon as you release your mouse button photo shop is gonna do all kinds of blurring and now we have a winning soapbox. Okay, pretty amazing stuff. Now we do have an area right here, an area right here next to those two wheels on the driver's side that we need tio clean up a little bit that's easily done with either the clone stamp tool or the spot healing brush. Even all right, so let's do a little bit of clean up real quick, I'm going to make another empty layer and I'm gonna call it clean up on wheels just again letting myself my future self no what they think I did on this layer so now let's come over here and let's have a go using the spot hailing brush to see if we can clean up that area, make it look a little bit more real spot healing brush lives within the same tool set the very top of that tool sick we can give it a click to activate it and we're gonna put the patch or the spot healing brush rather in content aware mode ok, so that was new and c s five I believe so go ahead and turn on content aware turn on sample all layers because we're going to do this fix on an empty layer and we need to tell photoshopped to look through that layer so what lies below? I'm gonna go down and brush size a little bit by pressing the left bracket key and let's just see if painting over that area just a bit can clean it up thiss told it an ok job down here on the front will butt back here I'm still not getting the realistic look that I want, so what I could do using back out is I could switch to say the clone stand tool or maybe the regular healing brush you know it's all about finding no in the tools that will do the job and running through all of them until you get the effect that you want. So let's, go grab the clone stand tool constand tool looks it's icon looks just like stamp. All right, so let's, activate that. And then we can come over here trying to the options bar and make sure everything is set the way you want it with this particular tool way, have a sample menu instead of merely a sample, all layers checkbox we have a sample menu, which lets you determine how many layers underneath this layer currently active layer that are going to be looked at, ok, so I'm going to say all heirs tips and zoom back out you back in. So now what you want to do with the client stamp toll e going a little bit further is you need to tell funny shop, which part of the image you want to copy over? All right, so I want to grab a little bit more of that shadow, okay? And have it around that well, so I'm going to do this with a modifier key press and hold option on a mac or altana pc in click in the area that you want to copy released the modifier key mouse over to the area that you're gonna fix, and you'll notice five cm in see how my cursor is filled with my sample point that I just said as you move that cursor see it's letting you know, giving a preview of what that copy your clone is gonna look like should you choose to go forth with it? So as I paint photo shop is copying over that area and now if I zoom back out and use my space bar to move around within the image, then in just a couple of minutes we can create a nice looking shadow that looks a bit more real. And of course if you're doing this at home on a real clients image, you would take a lot longer than I just did to clean up that area and you would absolutely be charging by the hour for that this is a new technology I think you know, at least one hundred seventy five an hour for this kind of thing on the low end so let's do that one again shall we let me go and turn off the layers that I created for you? So we're back on our original image layer this time let's have a go using a different selection tool, okay? So I'll move up in my image just a little bit I'll create my new layer first and we're going to call this one quick select and then we'll compare the team we'll see which one did a better job okay, so now I need to click back on the layer that has the pixels grab my quick selection tool and again I'm using quick selection because there's high contrast between the item I want to select in the background and now I can click and drag to paint and create a selection those of you in studio audience can see me I'm not sure if the if the great internet can see me but when I'm using the quick select tool and I'm not using my tablet at home I keep two fingers on those bracket keys from my brush size keyboard shortcuts which allows me to quickly a decrease brush size when I get down here to an area like the's wheels that I don't want photoshopped to grab a whole big swath like that and now hold on the option key or all key to put that tool insidetrack mood and so keeping two fingers on those the bracket keys let's maybe a little bit faster with the quick selection tool so now we've got a decent selection going on here I need to get a little bit more of his helmet and now let's pop the selection out a little bit so that we don't leave any weird outlines around where he used to be so we'll use the select menu again choose modify expand we'll try five pixels this is a fairly low resolution image so that should do the trick and it did so now we're ready to activate our new empty layer that we've already made, so we'll click that inner layers panel, and then we can switch to content, and we're move tool again. It lives in the healing brush set so cheese content, and we're move. Take a peek at the options bar make sure everything is set to your liking this time. Why don't we change the adaptation to strict and see if that does a little bit better job at a around those wheels? So now we're ready to click inside the selection and move it down a little bit again? You just don't want to move the object very far, and that to me, looks like it did a little bit of a better job. I'll go ahead and get rid of our marching in so that we can analyze, but a little bit easier. Press command to your control d on a pc two d select, and we've got a little bit of an area around that back well, that we need to clean up, but the front will looks, looks a whole lot better. So again, your success with this tool is going to be dependent upon the contrast in your image and how much free background space you've got for photoshopped toe work with around the object that you're trying to move. Ok you'll notice that we didn't have any problems over in this area it was on ly in the area that's closer to the other so box racer that we had a little bit of a clean up to do with so let's take a look at this on another image all right so let us say that you would really love to frame this picture hey could really really really love to frame this picture but you need these girls to be closer together okay waken use content aware move to scoot this little superhero over to the right a little bit okay so let's give that a shot again let's create a new layer onto which we're going to you are scooting and since we got better results using the quick selectable to creator selection first before moving to the continent were moved to on the soap box racers let's start with that method so my click back on the image layer grab the quick selectable or any other selection tool of your choice or even the pen tool if you want to use it to make a path and then load a selection from the path so we can select our girl fairly quickly again I'm keeping two fingers on those bracket key so that I can be more efficient I was a little bit so you guys can see so that I'm a little bit more efficient with what I'm selecting and changing my brush guys, all right, now we got a bigger area and here selected and I wanted so I'm gonna increase breast size just a touch hold on option on a mac or halt on the pc to remove that area from the selection. Get rid of that area, teo. And now what I need to do is expand that selection dis attach so we're gonna get the selectmen you modify expand again. This member, the even her hair is a completely resolution dependent going to try eight pixels and that's pretty good. I've got a little area over here included in my selection that I didn't mean to. So what can we do to quickly get rid of it? Pop in the quick mask mood, grab your brush tool in this pain over the area with black so that's another way like we were looking at earlier that you confined to your selections. Now I'm all good to go soon and a little bit I'm going to click to activate the empty layer onto which we're going to do our move, go grab the continent were moved tool peek at the options bar make sure I got everything set the way I want it, and we're going to click and drag within the selected area, and we're going to move her over here. Hey, released your mouse button, finish out, does its magic hold your breath if you would like tio cross your fingers and it did a pretty good job. Ok, we've got a couple of areas that that need to be cleaned up, but nothing is not, you know, too tough to fix using either spot hailing brush healing brush or the clone stamp tool. Ok, so let's, look at that one one more time I'll go ahead and delete that layer, so we'll create our new empty layer this time let's just use the regular old uh, content were moved to make our selection. We might change the adaptation to media, make it not quite as strict and draw your selection around the offending object. This kind of thing would definitely be easier to do with a graphics tablet because you could use your pin, the stylist rather, and the drawing is a lot easier than with the mouse. Alright, let's, call this good with this method. I don't really need to pop my selection out because I drew it larger casey can skip that step, so once everything is set in the options bar let's, go ahead and click and drag to scoot our superhero girl over a little bit and release your mouse button. And photoshopped does all the blending that it needs to do in that time it did a much better job so let me get rid of the selection so you can see it by pressing commander control d I've got just one little area up here that I need to fix and since I did that fat move on an empty layer all I have to do is grab the eraser tool and just delete that little bit right there so I can press either grab the area's her tool and come over here in just a race that and that doesn't work at all so never mind so that's continent were moved exciting useful maybe yeah thea other portion of that tool is to use it to extend and things like building all right so if you look at my layers panel here this photo of manhattan the empire uh the empire state building is is tall but it ain't that tall so what I've done here is I've extended it this a little bit by using continent where moved so let's take a look at how to do that works the same way we're going to create a new layer onto which we're going to do are extending because we don't want to mess up our original photo at all we don't want to have to start over we don't wanna have tio close the document and reopen and all that kind of good stuff just to get back to our starting point if we happen to messa we don't want to take a chance on saving over the original image so here again you can either use the content where move tool to create your selection or you can use the selection tool of your choice. All right, I'll go ahead and use that tool and this time I'm gonna click and drag to draw a straight line across that a segment of the empire state building go around the antenna come back down here now I'm ready to extend it content where moved tool is active in the options bar you want to change the mode to extend adaptation many works the same way you'll have to experiment that with that because it will vary on an image basis make sure the sample all layers checkbox has turned on and then when you're ready to do the extending you simply click and drag in the direction that you want the extension to happen and when you release your mouse button put a shop, does the blending that it needs to do to make it look real so here's our before and here's our after now because I've got sky behind here, you know and not a whole bunch of other buildings it's not duplicating anything weird so it did a really good job also because I wasn't moving it I wasn't extending it very far so let's, take a look at that again with another selection tool so all this crab uh, way can have a go at it with the quick select tool zoom in a little bit, keep my hands on the bracket keys so that I can create a good selection and now I want to pop a selection out just a little bit to give photo shop a little bit more room to work and I'm actually gonna go into quick mask mode and get rid of just that part of the selection so switched to the brush tool painting with black and I can get rid of that part of the selection. There we go. Press cue again to get back out of quick mask mode, pop out your selection to help photo shop, select, modify, expand I'm gonna try maybe four pixels on this one that ought to do it and then switched to the continent were moved tool make sure that it's an extend mode experiment with adaptation if you want and click and drag to move the building up now if I keep moving in a push to see what happens, okay, now I've gone beyond where the original building wass and you can see it didn't fill in all that area I would have had to select a larger portion or a taller portion of the building in order to extend it further, okay so that go back to where I was a moment ago by pressing commander control zita undo and now I can click and drag upward and you can hold down the shift key to keep you from moving left and right if you only want to drag in one direction and I'm just going to make sure that I don't extend it beyond the size of the piece that's in my selection press commander control dida diesel it to get rid of that and here's our before and here's our after so once again using it in very small doses and if you've got a good swath of background around the item that you're messing with it it will do an amazing job and these kind of tools are going to keep getting better with each version of the program all right? So here's another example of the exact same thing here's our original and I increased the skyline and then I came back in with the healing brush to fix the hard line that I got so let's take a look at that exact same the never create a new layer onto which you're going to do you're extending and this time I want to use the quick selection tool to grab the buildings down here again keeping my fingers on the bracket keys and we've got a decent selection of our buildings here so now let's pop that selection out just a little bit selectman you modify, expand let's, try five pixels and see if that does the trick looks like you need a little more to go back to the selectmen you modify expand will do five more that looks pretty good we'll give it a shot anyway. Now click to activate the layer onto which you're going to do you're extending, switch back to the content aware move told, make sure the the options bars all said, we're going to try this one set to strip and see what happens and then just click and drag a little ways and let's see if we can increase the height of those buildings, press command or control data d select and you can see that that time I didn't even need to come back in with the healing brush and fix uh, the area above the build the buildings. The reason I had to do that is because I cheated and I just used the the rectangular marquee just to draw a very fast selection and because my selection didn't follow the contours of the buildings and I ended up with a weird line up there's that I had to get rid of it with the healing brush so it's a good thing to have if you purchase the course and you get the exercise files it's a good thing to have these other layers in there, even if you don't necessarily have to use them, because it gives you more ideas of how to fix. Retouch is like this. If they don't go as perfectly as they happen to do right here. So here's our before and after. So again, you just don't want to extend very far. You just don't want to move very far and it's going to work better on images that have a good little chunk of what I call free background space around that area. So photoshopped has more pixels to copy from.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

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