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Perspective Crop Tool

So perspective crop a new tool in c six is handy if you take a shot at an angle and then decide you want it straight okay or flattened so this is a shot I took and a museum and I've cleverly replaced the copyrighted painting within eyesight photo painting so this isn't the original painting that was in that frame that that is the frame so imagine if you took a shot at an angle and then you wanted that to be flat you can use the new perspective crop tool so it lives within the crop tool fit so tried over two year tools panel click and hold in your mouth spent on the crop till to expand that tool set seemed to see everything that's nested inside there and you want to choose the new perspective crop tool and it couldn't be simpler to use what you want to do is click on each of the four corners that really need to be straight and then photo shops can straighten it flatten it out doesn't matter which corner you start at so I'll quickly click to set a point here come down to the corner of th...

e frame clicked us at a point move mouse over to the other corner and you can see a grid start to appear soon as you add three points hey click to close up that grid if you need to adjust in appoints let's say you didn't click you know right on the item may be clicked over here somewhere then you could use these guys to find team that mesh even after photoshopped is added it for you but when you get that mesh on top of the image that you want to straighten out or flatten out, then his press return and that's it so it's very, very easy tool to use told you that one more time just so way have repetition so we all capture this information. So the new perspective crops who lives in the crop tool set incidentally another keyboard shortcut for you see how museum in see how all the tools and the crop till said have the same keyboard shortcut arguably one of the easier ones to remember because it's cc for crop well if you present hold the shift key you can cycle through all those different tools so find the tools keyboard shortcut by clicking and holding down the mouse button on top of it. This is the keyboard shortcut on the right hand side and then to activate other tools inside of a tool set that contains many most of them do just add the shift key so you can see this icon changing as I do that so that's another way to activate that too although you do have to memorize what the icons would like to know when you land on the right one okay, so here again we're simply going to click on all four points of the angle that thing that we want to be flattened out but a shot puts an editable grid on top of your image if you didn't get your clicks in the right spot you confined to him here zoom in, zoom out if you need tio and then when you're finished simply press return or enter where you could also doubleclick inside the mitch to accept the crop or last but not least you could click the little check mark in the options bar on that committee is the current crop photoshopped has a one track mind while you have an active crop box or an active free transformed box or inactive selection or anything like that on your screen, it really won't let you do a whole lot until you accept those things also when you're adding type same thing when you add text yet still photo shop hey I'm finished adding text now for you can go to something else so press return and now we have a flat in image out of an angular shot. Any questions on that one that was pretty self explanatory way dio we have one from fashion tv from singapore perspective crop till can fix the keystone effect too yes cool maybe not every image and let's see a question from a news a news jim mary sorry uh what if the frame I want two perspective crop has more than four sides e I don't know I haven't tried it on something that is more than four says try it but I know he has to report back and along those lines photo t wants to know does it work on a fish eye image or is that also for any kind of lin's distortion things like geometric distortion that you can get with shooting with wide angle lenses or fish islands is you're better off using the new adaptive wide angle filter that we're going to talk about tomorrow I mean you can try the perspective crop to fix some of those things and in some instances it might fix it but there are tools may specifically for those purposes like the adaptive wide angle you see a six and the limbs correction filter that's been you know in the program for quite a while now I'd have a go with one of those other filters besides this pay a question from trish to ninety seven can you do this on buildings say several in a photo individually no you can't get question you cannot do more than one perspective cropping image at a time so what wouldn't really be able to do that okay um decadence visuals from hamburg, germany with the perspective crop tool will we lose some of the resolution especially the stretch side it's not changing good question it's not changing resolution at all it's on lee changing the angle of the shot. So it's not messing with resolution. You might lose some pixels, but pixel dimensions and resolutions are two very different things. Resolution is pixel size. So that perspective crop till is not changing pixel side at all. And let's see, um so does it work from smith, a texas and, um, similar to deb, a couple people asking this. So so even if you can't work on multiple buildings, can you work on an individual building? And then can you fix a building in an image but not crop it? No, not with the perspective crop tool. You know, first I find all the crap, too. Yes, cropping means pixels are gonna be gone. And then, um a well bites asked what if you want to keep some of the wall, can you click around the frame and then the large, the entire crop selection? Evenly? Yes, absolutely. Yeah. And the way you could do that is press and hold the option key or ault on a mac and drag outward on any of those corner handles. And that will expand your original grid to be able that bigger equally. And a question from helios imaging into coma. Can you maintain a fixed document size when correcting perspective? Maybe you can certainly use the options bar to dial in with high, thin resolution. If you'd like, appear to you to style those numbers into the into the options far before you pressed, return or enter.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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