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Rich Cursors and Straightening

So I'm gonna open up another image here funnel supergirl shot and what? I also wanted to show you about the crop tool before we get away from it not press sea tow activated and we get our automatic crop box that we can tweak and change around I want you to pay attention to what happens near my cursor as I click and drag any of these handles ok, they look like little clear bars all these old grab a ble areas around the crop box okay, if you grab any of those things, you're going to get another new feature and c s six which is a tiny thing but it's one of my favorite enhancements see that little within high little overlay that's appearing next to my cursor as I drag that's called a rich cursor and there are several tools that have it and boy howdy let me tell you this is a productivity enhancement like no other it's a tie anything but it is going to change your photoshopped life so the information that you see when you're doing something with the tool that takes advantage of it depends o...

n what you're doing with that tool. So in the case of a crop box, if we're dragging one of the corners it's gonna give us within a hyatt information now my width and height is being displayed in inches you can change that and photo shops preferences if you'd rather if you work a lot on web images, did not it not so much in print? You might want change that two pixels. Ok, but it's a great way to be precise with your cropping because you got that information right there. Now, if I released my mouse cursor or my mouse but rather that rich cursor goes away. And now let's move my crop box around now you see, I'm getting other info, okay? So as I'm clicking and dragging to move mycroft box even though the image underneath it's really what's moving this rich cursor is telling me how far I've moved it from its original position. It's not x my co ordinates. As you might think, it's, how much have I moved it from where it was originally? Ok, so that's also hand the information a slew of tools. Take advantage of that. I'm gonna press escape to get out of this crop a switch total. So we get rid of that automatic crop box and I want to show you what it looks like with free transform. Okay, so the great a great way to resize items that are on their own layers or resize layer content rather is to use the free transform tool. For example, if you look at my layers panel over here, if I zoom in, you can see it. You can tell that this image while it looks like a single image in the previous, is really comprised of two different layers. Ok, our supergirl is on one layer in our golden gate bridge is on another layer, so if I summoned free transform aiken resize layers independently of each other cases, for example, if I want to make supergirl smaller or larger, if I wanted that, I could click to activate that layer trotted to the edit menu, choose free, transform or more efficiently press command tea for transform or control t for transform on the pc. When you do that, you get re sizing handles around that layer content. Okay, well, now, watch for the rich cursor information as I click and drag one these corner handles see how you get information according to what you're doing so as I'm re sizing, I get that size information within hive if I move the item around, I get information on how far I've moved it from the position it was originally in and you'll see those kind of cursors pop up all over the place and they're really super handy, so I just wanted to mention that before we get away from that, ok let's, go hang close this image and we'll open up another one to play with ok, so let's say you shot a picture of vacuum man have you guys ever seen the superhero before? Got me all hadn't seen recycle man either where are you so let's say you shot the shot and it's cricket can you really want that nickel that vacuum cleaner to be straight in previous versions, it was a bit of a pain in the rear to straighten images you had to go get the ruler tool, which is nestled deep within the eyedropper tool said blah blah blah blah hard to remember hardy it at well and cia six straightening is a feature of the corruptible yeah so let's go ahead and press see to activate the crop tool and you'll notice we're up here in the options bar all seem a little bit so you see it there's a new straightened button okay when it looks like a level, so give that a single click and then this is really hard it's rocket science of pay attention you need to click in drag to drawn line across the part of your image that you want to be straight and here's another instance where that rich cursor comes up so when I'm clicking and dragging to draw a line which is really my way of telling photoshopped straightened the image according to the angle of my line and that's, what it's going to do? Well you're rich cursor with this tool is the angle not that you really need to know that in this situation but another instance where rich cursors appear so click and drag pull down your mouse button and draw a line doesn't matter how long the line is across the part of your image that really should be straight release your mouse button that's it so that's nice so that's the new rotate their straightened feature rather which is really only rotating your name is that's all it's really doing but that little level and drawing the line across the part of your image that you really want to be straight is quite handy and of course now if you pressed return vacuum man obviously the vacuum is straight now he looks a little menacing as he's leaning for with that vacuum now pretty funny so let's take a look at that on one more image before we move away from it. Now I don't know if this has ever happened he all has it happened to us we don't have dogs but you don't want to lock your refrigerator at night I have this picture was so cute okay, so it's cricket right depending upon how you look at the photographer probably doesn't think it's cricket, but if you want the refrigerator to be straight you can use the crop tool so we're going to look at up, straightening it horizontally or straightening it against a vertical line works the same way, so we've got the crop still active. Go ahead and click the little level in the options bar and draw line across what you want to be straight okay, so we could do like we did a moment ago. Click and drag take it doesn't matter how long your line is release your mouth spent in photo shop rotate she remains underneath the crop box ready for you to accept works exactly the same way vertically I just pressed escape to get out of that so let's say we want this line to be straight tips and I've got the crop tool active. Now click the straight and level in the options bar and then click and drag to draw line vertically if you want and then just release your mouse button so it works either way for nickel and first is horizontal line so that's all there is to straightening an image now so much easier than it's ever been able to be done before in photoshopped jester there, jake just star when you straight in does it also crop? Yes, and then a question from sam cox in colorado is there a can you remind us again if there's a vertical straighten tool it's the same thing s o just like we did a second ago you can click that little level after you've activated the crops will and you can either draw a horse online or a vertical line doesn't matter which one photo shops is gonna rotate your image according to that angle cool and then uh see duncan digital photography ask how do you get the ruler tool to auto crop when straightening and you get the ruler tool to auto crop when straightening it doesn't automatically so another way to straighten your image would be to go grab that ruler tool, which again is buried in the eyedropper tools it and so you grab the ruler tool and then you come over to your image click in drag to draw line just like we did with the crop tool and then click the straightened layer but at the top so they changed that I didn't realize that thanks for teaching me something new in previous versions and c s five this button said, straighten it and say straightened layer and you automatically got a crop when you strained okay cause photo shop assumes that you don't want to leave transparent pixels hanging out after it did the rotation in previous versions you had tio option click that button to get it not to crop okay, but we'll see if option clicking actually makes it well try this a tiny little test here no, all right, we'll do it with a crop full instead, to get that auto cropping. Any other questions on that? A question from guests. Three, three, five, eight, five. If I sent you my brother, could you straighten him out? Sure, he bet texas girls constraint on anybody else. Uh, what more, from mary from costa rica can straighten with content? Aware? No.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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Lesa's methodical way of coaching is done with ease and clarity. Together with John Greengo and Sue Bryce, she is one of my favourite mentors in CL. I purchased her CS5 and even before finishing it got the CS6 intensive class. Now Photoshop is no monster to fear but a powerful monster to create impact-fully beautiful photos. Good for both beginners and advance users!