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Suitman Video Project, Part 1

What we need to do now is let's fade out our our side fi background audio track that we've got going on here. We took a peek at how to do that earlier, but we haven't actually put it into action yet, so we're going to do that now someone a mouse down to my timeline panel and I just want to make sure that I'm on the right audio clip show, the one I want to mess with his indy called scifi in troop, so all you need to do is click the little right facing trying with the very end of that audio clip, and when we do that, using back in again, we're going to get this handy audio panel and like I was telling you earlier, we were kind of doing an overview of all this stuff don't do what I did when I first started altering the audio in photo shop, however long you want audio to fade out for that time period that's the that's, the number that you want to put into this field right here, okay, so if you want a faded out for about two or three seconds and we're something on the top two or three into ...

this field, you don't have to type two s for seconds photo shop is in the put that and automatically for years, that's handy but it is worth noting again that unlike you might think if you want the audio to fade out say maybe the twenty five second time code I thought you would type twenty five seconds right there you know the time it would she want the fade out to occur but you don't you simply input the length of the faith that you want in seconds all right, so whatever you would like to enter there, go ahead and do that and again you can alter the volume here okay? This particular audio clip fades in automatically the person that created the the clip did that so we don't have tio adjust the fade in point unless you want tio fade it more than the person who created the audio clinton did in the original file so that's why we're only having a faded out at the end and unfortunately we had a a spirited audio discussion during the break I don't know of a way for you to drop the middle of the audio so for example if you're the video clip that you bring in has audio of its own and maybe you want to drop the background audio while that video clip audio is playing. So for example, if you filmed an interview you're interviewing somebody and you want the your background audio like our scifi intro here to be louder but then with that interview segment stars you want to drop the background audio and have it be very subtle and then when the interview portion is over you want to bring back the volume of that audio clip I don't know of a way to do that in photo shop that's I think a little bit beyond the scope of the audio controls that we've got here so these fade in and fade out sliders air really all you have and in so far is audio control okay so you can fade the start fade the beginning and that's about it that said yeah as people really dive into editing video and photo shop you all are going to figure out all kinds of amazing workarounds to do just that anything you want to do so there could be a work around on that but there is no set control for it ok so now we have said our audio to fade out for two seconds at the end so we can go ahead and close this panel just by clicking the triangle again or clicking anywhere else in your timeline panel so let's go ahead and scroll over a moral position our play head just before the end of the audio track and let's see if we like our fade out well not only do I not like it I didn't hear it s o let's see let's find where our audio really starts ending anyway because the creator may have made it fade out a little bit ok, so it looks like we haven't yet gotten to where that audio ends way dio okay, so it's got a little bit of a fade out on it anyway, so that's fine at least you know how to do and again we'll be covering all this several times during the day we're going to go over each project if we have time three times if we don't we'll cover each project twice and then every project that that I've built for you and there are four from every single one has audio, so we're going to be doing the same thing can all day long. Okay, so let's take a look at our entire video and see if we like it and I think we're pretty much done with it then we can take some questions actually will start to rebuild it again and we're going to stop it each point and takes questions here's a good thing to know I'm gonna go and stop the video by pressing the space bar the cross fade is too long for me I want to see more of the man dropping out of the sky okay, so all we have to do is click to activate the transition that we want tio effect so if I want to make this cross fade shorter in duration I simply click to activate it point my cursor at the right end of it and drag it to the left okay, so now we'll zoom back out and of course as I change those transitions, my the placement of my cinematic hit needs to change as well. But that's fine it's so easy to drag the stuff around and you'll get faster and faster at doing this and you'll have more of an idea of how to be precise with it. The more you do it way see more of our guy falling from the sky looks around straightens attack notice the smoke that's coming off of his feet I think that's very clever, I did not have that. Ok, so since we change the length of that transition now we need to slightly edit when our text in our solid black background comes in so let's scroll over and all we have to do is position the play head and I'm positioning to play head because when you do, your clips will snap tio so it just makes it easier to be a little bit more precise with your placement, okay, so that should do it so well. Scoot our play head back a little bit and we've got a nice fade in of the text and fade out and remember again, you want to keep that text on screen long enough for folks to read it, so for example, if I shift clicked toe activate my text layer and my solid color phil layer in the timeline panel here, I can shorten them both at the same time photoshopped should have shortened both same time, but if I shorten it that much, when this thing plays bag, that text may not be on screen long enough for folks to actually read it. Okay, so just keep that in mind. If you're gonna add text, we'll let it hang around so it can be read. All right, so now what we're going to deep is we're going to close this project up, and we're going to start over from the very beginning, and we're going to stop to take questions on each little segment that we do. We're going to start with creating the new document again that we're going to start with importing, we're gonna second thing, we're going to use important video, then we're going to start trimming the clips, then we're going to begin adding audio in adding transitions and adding the text and adding the solid color field layers, so we'll stop at each point and take a few questions on each of those aspects. Yes, it could we ask you some kind of general overall question before, so we're wondering if you can speak tio adobes system requirements for running photo shops of video features, people are wondering how much memory do people really need to run things smoothly? And if you don't know if you could have a resource or something toe give people we definitely want to have a cz much memory as you can afford, the more memory you have, the better photo shop is going to run happier it's gonna be in the happier you as a result are going to be I've got four gigs of ram in my laptop, I believe, and adobe would tell you that you only really need oh, I have eight gigs of random in my laptop adobe would tell you that this program will run on two gigs don't you believe it? It might run, but it won't run well, so like I said, I've got eight gigs of ram in my laptop, and my philosophy on ram has always been that max it out if you can buy as much as you can afford and a handy resource for ram for you is a website called ram seeker dot com so our a m, s e, k e r and it's a good online resource for for ram, and you can tell the website what kind of computer you've got, you know, a mac or a pc, and then you tell it which model you have and it goes out and shows you it's kind of like an aggregator shows you all the different places that you can buy the ram and so that's a nice little resource to have in your in your pocket ram seeker dot com. So the more rain you've got, the better off you're going to be with this so as much as you can. Eight gigs about fifty bucks on ram seeker so francis not is expensive. It used to be. I remember. I remember back in the day when I bought my very first macintosh performa five fifty and I wanted to increase the ram. Uh, it was like six or seven hundred dollars for four meg of ram. It was crazy. So happily, those prices have come way down, child. In the start, we'll make another new document and see if there's any questions on that sounds great. So it's going close the document that we made here, okay, we'll leave our we'll leave our finished project open in case we need to snatch some items from it, such as text. So the first step in creating your your video is to choose file new and from the new dialogue box you're going to change the preset may need to film and video, and when you do, the size menu contains a slew of frequently used sizes for video, and again, how do you know which one to pick? It depends on what you're out putting into are you out putting it to the web? Are you out putting it? Teo, you know, a real tv, what are you doing? So the video clips that were working with for the most part today are all twelve, eighty by a seven hundred twenty pixels, which means they're nice format for for wide screen, so I'm gonna go ahead and leave this set tio htv hd tv and when I choose that photo shot fills in all this other information for me and you probably won't have to change any of this stuff, you could change the background content if you want to different color it, maybe you want to change that to black, and then that would mean that you wouldn't have to add all of these solid color phil layers, but I don't want to do that because I want you to know how to add them so it's an easy way for you to control what color your clips or your text is fading into your out of by using the adjustment layers. So I haven't really worried about what the background contents is because, like I said, we're going to be using those field layers, all right? So click ok in photoshopped creates your document and you get those handy guys that show you the safe area, so for example let me make my timeline paying a little bit smaller so you can see my screen so you're safe area is the area inside the guides the center bit the next little column in row of space here is your video safe area okay so nothing should be clipped when you're this video is being broadcast on your cable network even if you sent it to a tv station nothing should be chopped off if you stay within this area right here thie outside area is called on over scan area and that area may in indeed be chopped off depending upon what your video is being played back on have you ever noticed that have you ever at home when you're playing with the aspect ratio of your tv with your remote control to try to get the viewing format of the video that you're watching correct because some of them are wide screen some of them aren't wide screen if you keep your aspect ratio set toe wide screen on your tv then if you play a video that's not ride screen it squished right? Ok so when you change that aspect ratio sometimes a little bit more video footage comes into the viewable frame than it did when you had it set on a different aspect ratio that's what's happening with the over scan area since you can't control all the conditions that your video is going to be played back you know in thiss area may fall outside the viewing area on that person's monitor depending upon what they've got their aspect ratio set teo on their on their tv so just bear that in mind so just don't let anything important fall outside that very first set of guys ok, try to keep everything that's important inside this area right here, okay? And then be sure to keep any text inside the center area don't let your text go pass these guys right here take it again in the exercise files I've made that little graphic for you that explains all of that, so do take advantage of that, okay? And if you don't see your guys don't panic, you've probably hidden them temporarily so you can toggle them often on with the keyboard shortcut, which is command or control semi colin temporarily highs that brings them back. You can't remember that keyboard shortcut no worries because you can trot up to the view menu and choose show god's ok and there's the keyboard shortcut command something colin ok, so that's the way to turn them off and on. So if you're using photo shops new video document feature, these guides appear automatically, but if you don't see them then you probably just gotten them turned off are there any questions on creating the new documents and about the safe and unsafe areas? Yes, there are in fact okay, so question from fashion tv in singapore can you work on a suggested size and convert it later to another video size or is the initial choice video setting is very crucial you can alter the size you want to make sure that you don't alter the shape so you want to keep the same aspect ratio or else you may when you export your video you might be trimming off areas but yes when you when you choose the export option which will do when we're finished with all of our projects uh file export render video okay I'm actually really clicked back over to our video we won't actually render it but we're just gonna look at the dialogue box temporarily here briefly so here's your dialog box so you have the option of setting format here but you've also got the option of changing the size so if you leave it set to document size and the the videos in orender whatever your photo shopped document sizes but if you want to change it you can simply inter new dimensions here and like I said, as long as you keep the same aspect or issue then you should be fine but what you don't want to do is prepare a wide screen video and then change the size to where it's perfectly square because then you're going to chop off stuff on the edges and you won't be able to control how that's you know cropped off, but you can't do it here there's also some a bunch of other priests is here in the documents eyes precent in you so pretty much the same options that we saw in the new document pre set menu as well. Great uh, ahrar goodman photo ask uh, you said you could drag and drop them into photoshopped some video clips, and with that automatically set the resolution the frame rate to whatever the source file is yes, yeah, and in what what we're talking about here is that if I hide my photo shop environment temporarily so you can see my desktop, which I'm doing with the keyboard shortcut of commander control h for heidi okay, if I just open the video, we're open our landing man, I can click and drag the icon of the video file itself onto my photo shop application icon and when I do photoshopped will open it as a video document. Now you don't get those handy dandy guys, but you could create the guide yourself. Creating guides is is easy as turning on your rulers first, which you can do by pressing commander control are see how now I've got a set of rulers that appeared above into the left of my video just that guides then you simply click and drag within a ruler and you dragged them out so I could create my own guys hey, you can also have photoshopped place guys for you automatically precisely if you know uh the exact placement that you want the guys to appear so for example, you could choose the view menu choose new guide and then you can tell photo shop in this new guy dialog box whether you want a horizontal or vertical guide and the exact position within your document that you want that guy to appear so you can create those guys yourself but I think it's easier to select photo shop do that for you yes yeah I saw you drag um video files to polish up can you uh can you drug more than one? Um I believe so you can shift, click or command click depending upon where those files are on your hard drive with their consecutive he can shift click tio activate more than one file and then dragged more than one icon onto the photo shop application icon to open them up separately. But that would open up a separate video document for each video file that you dragged onto the application no, they're going to open it it'll open up however many documents so for example, I can close this guy hide photo shop again if I click the landing man movie file or video file and I shift click to activate more than one file and I dragged them on the photo shop is going to open up to video documents it's not gonna open the clips up within the same document that makes sense play one, play out two separate video and I wanna what to call it a touch it brought together, then you would not do it this way should. The question is, if you have two different video clips, but you want them to be in the same video project or same photo shot file, then you would use thie, uh, layer menu video layers new video layer from file you'd open up one video clip and then when you would use this command to import the second video clip into the same photo shop document. But if you just open those videos like we did by clicking and dragging them onto the photo shop application icon, they're going to open up and separate documents, which really isn't what you want, so open at one and then import the other clips into and we're going to do that again when we start the project over here in a second. Any other questions on creating new documents or the safe? Because they do we dio um a question from high serve following up on joe's question is how many video or audio trucks can you have in one project? Is there a limit? I don't think you're limited great only by the ram you've got in your computer we'll have another one from wayne from winnipeg, manitoba, canada the new document dialogue has options options for twenty nine point nine, seven and thirty frames per second can it do twenty for many dea sellers? Record khun record in twenty four friends per second I believe so I haven't tried changing it myself there but it seems like you can change the frames per second okay, thank you I can look on break and figure out where that's at ok, so you're saying the yeah the new document dialog box maybe when you open that frames per second, right? Yeah, I don't see if your per second in the new document dialog box cool but you could probably set that yourself and you can also set that on export as well. Thank you uh w r leave what makes the title safe area more safe than the video safe area it's just smaller that's all so it's you know centered on your screen so you don't have to worry about people changing their aspect ratio between wide and, you know regular format anything that's in the middle you know is not going to get chopped off around the edges so that's all it's just smaller and it's in the middle that's easy um maybe one more from tatiana how do you open up the timeline menu that created the new video document but I don't see the timeline but she's using c s five she's not going to see in its greatest rival she's using c s five extended and even there so I'm going to call the time one panel is going to call the animation panel ok, so video is on ly in the standard edition of photo shop c s six so if you're not seeing um the timeline panel urine see us five you ain't gonna but that said these panels depending upon if you've ever used say for example, the mini bridge panel before which is down here at the bottom of the screen we just tremendous a little bit new and c s six these panels appear docked at the bottom of your screen so if you've used the mini bridge panel before and you've left it uh collapsed like this I'm a double click the mini bridge tab if the last time you use that panel you had it collapsed when you open your first video document the timeline panel is also going to be collapsed all right so you won't see the whole thing because the timeline panel shares a panel group with the mini bridge panel so if you've used many bridge panel before and you've collapsed it when you open a video document, your timeline panel will be collapsed as well so just take a peek at the bottom of your screen and then double click the timeline and then that will open back up and then to make it larger to see all your tracks as you begin adding them are tall or rather then you just point your cursor at the dividing line between the edge of your document and where that panel group stars and when your cursor turns into an up and down arrow thin is click and drag and you'll increase the size of that panel all right? So going close my safe area exhibits or illustration rather and we'll go ahead and close the other individual videos that we opened and we'll go back tio our brand new video document that we made using the file new command so at this point we need to begin bringing in the video so we're going to choose layer video layers and if you're bringing in a clip, you're gonna choose new video layer from file if you just want to create stuff from scratch yourself, then choose new blank video layer so we'll choose new video layer from file and then you navigate to where that lives on your hard drive so we'll bring in our clouds first and click open and that's it now to add more clips ok into the same document so that you can create one video from them you could do in a couple different ways three different ways actually you could go back up to the layer menu choose video layers new video layer from file or in the timeline panel you can click the tiny little negative icon okay clicked that clicked all negative icon in another pop panel is going to open I'll zoom back out a little bit seeing to see that so you can choose ad media and that will add another clip to that same track you can also use that same mini to bring in several clips and if you choose new video group that's going to create a new video track okay another way to add another clip to the same track is to mouse over to the end of that track and click the plus sign and then here again for the shops going to ask you where those clips lives that it's navigate where they are on your hard drive so the second clip we want to work with is called landing man so we're going to click open in footage shot puts it to the right of the first clip that you open so that means they play one right after the other ok so there's no space in between so right from clouds to man dropping out of said clouds any questions on importing video into a document it's incredibly straightforward way we've got a few questions here uh this one's pretty easy when someone just wants to know steve hamilton or hamel dot com what does rendering video means? Rendering video basically packages it up compresses it according teo, the specific math that you choose what kind of file format you wanted me and you can export, for example as a quick time movie and if you do that, then a certain mathematical formula is used if you choose to export that maybe as an mp for filed in another mathematical formula and use so rendering simply means you're taking all of your footage all of your audio, all of your text stills and animation and everything you're packaging it all up and you're saving it in a foul format that can be played you know, by more people in other words, they don't need to have photoshopped play the video back, so you're packaging in compressing it and turning it into a specific format for the delivery method that you've picked and it takes a while I'll be honest with you, the only video that we're actually going to render is one of the shortest smallest one I've got a clip the masked man, the masked worker do that we looked at this morning he that's a real small video it's only six hundred forty pixels by three hundred twenty I believe so that someone we're going to render because the rendering process does take a while I think these videos and I don't think a single one of them I made was even two minutes long but they took a long time to render so we won't be doing that live because you all run screaming all right? So hopefully this a quick one for photo junkie who is running cia six for the life of me I can't find the video layer menu item in the layer main menu doesn't need to be enabled first I see the timeline panel but I can't add a video earlier no so that was choosing layer video layers new video where from file he should try creating another new document so choose file new and then make sure you're choosing a preset that says film and video and then see if that that many item is active it should be I can't think of a reason why wouldn't me but that would be one troubleshooting method tio to try and also if you just open a regular document, let me do that we'll just create a regular old document paper size my timeline panel is open because it was previously open okay, so panels hang around until you tell them to go where he collapsed them or what have you? I can create a video timeline even though I haven't imported any video layers yet, you could just give that a click. And now we've got a video timeline in a video layer. So that's, another way to do it. But if I go out to my layer mini and choose video layers, all that stuff is active. So I think it really should be on his screen. I'm not sure, maybe he's angered photo shop in some way that happens, not a shot, but a shot can smell fear. I don't know if you know that.

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