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Suitman Video Project, Part 2

Uh let's look at trimming your video, ok super super simple we're going to zoom in and it's a little bit so let's say for example, we want to take a little bit off of the beginning of this cloud footage it's a simple is pointing your cursor at the either beginning or end of the clip which everyone you want to change aniston is your cursor turns into that double sided era with the bracket then you can click and drag in the direction you want a clinton truman the clip ok, I like to click to activate the clips, but you don't have to, but what you do need to do is pay very close attention to the direction in which that little bracket is facing. Okay, so this bracket as I'm pointing my cursor at the beginning of that clip is facing to the right, so that means that I am going to affect with my next click and drag the clip to the right of that bracket is telling you hey, I'm gonna mess with this one right here it better be what you want so if I want to trim off the front of those clouds and I...

'll zoom out a little bit, then I can click and drag to the right and finish up opens a nice big preview so you can see each frame of the video if you drag slowly enough in order for you to decide precisely where you want that clip to start now as soon as you release your mouse button photoshopped trims those frames off they are gone, they are deleted all right for the purposes of our video here and then photo shop scoops everything over on that video tracks so that it starts at the beginning ok, so if I want to trim some frames off the end of the cloud video ok, then I do the exact same thing I'm mouse over to the end of that clip click and hold down your mouse button and then make sure the bracket is facing to the left case of the bracket should be pointing at the clip you want to change so then you can drag that clip in and again you get this nice big preview and you can decide precisely which frame that you want that clip to end on and then when you release your mouse button photoshopped trims off those frames and scoots the other video closer to it and that's all there is to it trimming anything shortening the length of anything that you bring in to this project works in the exact same way whether it's the duration of how long text stays on the screen whether it's the duration of transition we're gonna look at adding those here again in a second or if it's the length of an audio clip it all works exactly the same way any questions on trimming the video clips like any questions in the audience sure lisa looking at the top of the timeline it looks like what it's showing you is the number of frames that you're trimming is there a way to quickly figure out how much time you might be trimming off the video gosh that's a good question I'm not real sure we can we can look at that during break that is a great question thank you you can change what you're seeing in the time ruler okay so right now it's showing me frames okay ten f twentieth and so on and so forth I believe if you option click that time code indicator down here at the bottom of the panel you're going to see seconds instead okay so option on the man her fault on the pc the timecode indicator and that's this guy right here to change what your ruler is showing you frames versus second great question cool way have a question from a d an um and claire bar r a has a similar question is frame trimming nondestructive his video trimming nondestructive let's just see let's try trimming off quite a bit of our landing man all right now let's see if we can expand him again so yes it is not instructive so once you trim if you decide to change your mind you don't have to re import your video but again, a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big thing to keep in mind is that this video does not live in photo shop. Okay, so you have to keep these files together. However many video and audio clip she bring into this project, I have to travel with this photo shot file if you want to work on them somewhere else, those clips have to remain in the same place that they were on your hard drive for this photo shop document to be able to play them. So if, for whatever reason I throw away this landing, manage this lammy man clip from my hard drive, when I opened this photoshopped document, I'm going to get a dialogue box saying, hey, we really looked hard for the landing man but cannot find him and then you have the option of telling photo shop where you moved it, tio at that point, the eclipse and the document are linked again, but just be aware of that, but when she render video into a standalone file such as a quick time we've you're an mp for then you don't have to worry about that, but again, those files are packaged and kind of squashed together and compress that you can't edit anything in there. You'd have to start over so if you want tio what your photo shop document to remain editable, they need to make sure you keep those audio and video clips in the same spot they were when you imported them. So your first step really in any video project like this would probably be to gather up all the individual pieces of media that you want to use gather up your audio, gather up your video, gather up your stills if you want to bring in stills, gather up your logo's if you want to do some quality branding, gather up all of that stuff and put it in a folder and name that folder for the project that you're gonna make like a suit man okay? And that we've got it all in one folder next to each other and just don't move anything out of it that folder cool and just to follow up from net ingenuity who is a longtime creative viber can't can you show again how you re expanded that clipped video? Sure, some of the scroll over and mark in my timeline and do remember that that is a scroll bar right there this thing right here you're going to do a lot of scrolling and then this view size can't control how big, how expanded or how zoomed in your timeline panel is ok, so to trim a clip, we're just gonna point our cursor at the start or the end of that particular clip make sure that bracket is pointed at the clip you want to change and then to shorten it weaken drag it in ok let's say we come back at a later point in time and we want to change the trim that we did you simply point your cursor back at the starter the end which everyone he changed and just drag it back out and it won't let you extend the video clip beyond its originally so even though I'm dragon for all I'm worse way over to the right you're not gonna be able to increase the duration of that that video clip ok so dragged to the left to shorten it and then if you decide you want to come back and lengthen it again then point your cursor at that point in drag to the right and again photoshopped will only let you extend it to its original duration hey um elisa see ask can you clip the middle of a video or just the beginning or end of the clap and similarly cactus kim wants to know if you can use uh different sections of the same video clip in your in your clip in different spots in the video absolutely yeah so what she's talking about is splitting clips all right? So trimming simply refers tio taken a few frames off the start or if he framed off the end okay, splitting a clip is what she's talking about and you can absolutely do that, and we're gonna be doing that, um, in one of our projects today, musher, if it's the next one, but it might be the one after that is the masks video that we looked at earlier this morning. We put text in between segments of the video and the way we created that was we split that clip into three pieces, and then we just tucked text in a solid color film layer in between. So we'll be doing that later on in the day and to me listen, you didn't say exactly on dh just following on that, will you be showing us how you can loop a clip as well? Can you move the clip? I need to hunt and find where the where the looping controls are. I don't think he can loop audio, but we'll have to hunt and see where you can regionally video. Thank you. You know, you can I think you can set that in the render dialog box. Okay, we'll try to find that. You all right? Yeah. Chris. All right, so we've got more video clips in here. Was there a question from the audience? Yes, ok, I'm sorry I didn't see katherine katherine with the fabulous bmw motorcycle thanks. So if you have multiple clips and you want to make them all the same length is there a way to show the properties and set them all at once? Well, that's a good question yes, so if you either control click a clip you can see its duration and second so this particular clip is fourteen almost fifteen seconds but not quite another way to do that is to just click the little right facing triangle at the end of the clip same thing with audio it'll show you the duration of audio as well straight question all right, anything else from the audience for you all like freaking out? Okay, so let's keep bringing in more and more elements to our peace here we can go ahead and, uh add some transitions all right? So we can do that next so you're transitions are handled by the half black, half white or half light gray square in the timeline panel so just give it a click to activate it and then photo shop is going to show you all the transitions that you can create in a little pop up panel and it even gives you in very unfocused shop like style it gives you hell per text and tells you what the heck to do with these icons which is handy okay, so you simply click and drag toe add them so if we want our video to start with black and fade into this first clip of clouds what we do is we click and drag the fade with black transition icon, so click and hold down your mouse button and drag it to the point of the clip in which you want to add it so the front or the back beginning of the end and release your mouse button in photo shop adds the transition. Now that transition icon is gonna look different depending upon your zem level of your timeline. So let me close that little box, and as I dragged my zoom, see how that transition it's icon changes it expands or narrows, so don't let it throw you if you see that, okay, see it's, just a tiny little sliver that transition is still there, but you your zoom level of your timeline panel your seems so far out that it's just tiny and you could barely see it, which arguably makes it near impossible to click and drag to change the duration of it. So if that happens to you or you don't know if you really added the transition or not, just click and drag that zoom level to the right, and then you'll see it hangs there right there, so the transition duration is handled in exactly the same way is trimming clips, so you just point your mouse cursor at the end of that transition, and when you get this cursor, the double sided arrow with the bracket and again, the bracket is pointing to the transition you're gonna effect this particular clip, we've only added one transition to, but if we added another one, which we will do in a moment, so I'm going to zoom way out. So I'm my timeline panel is very compacted if I click to add another transition, okay, there could be a point to where those transitions are nearly touching each other, depending upon the length of the clips. So for example, if my video clip was really, really short like that, then that bracket that indicates which transition you're about to effect becomes much more important, because now they're really close to each other. So it's, easy to grab the wrong one, but it's no big deal if you do, because you can just if you accidentally shortened transition that you don't mean to, you just drag it back out again, okay, so I'm gonna press commands the your control, zito undo that trim that I just did so we can see our transitions on either in and as I zoom into my timeline panel, then my clip gets a little wider, and I can see those transitions more easily, so do you keep that zoom slider in mind that helps you see what you're doing a little bit better? You're not stuck with working at it, working with this at a very, very tiny size. Okay, so to change the duration of a transition, simply point to the transition you want to effect, make sure the bracket is facing the correct way and then click and drag just like you do to trim a clip. Ok, so if I click and drag that transition to the right, I'm increasing its duration, and I can come over here to the transition at the end of that clip, and I can click and drag that if I want tio, you can also delete transitions hit super easy. All you have to do is click to activate them, transition and press the delete key that's it okay, so that that let's see easily experiment with different kinds of transitions, as you can see what you think about just a regular old fade from one clip to another, or you can cross they them together, try the fade with black fade toe, why fade with a custom color and so on and so forth? Another neat transition that I like to add in these projects between the clips is across faith, so we can add that in between these two clips click the transition icon click to activate the cross fate icon and then click and drag it between the clips and a soon as you see that black rectangle, then you can drop it and you can affect the length of the cross fade in exactly the same way click point your cursor at which end of it that you want to effect and you can just drag it okay? You can also set the length of these transitions as you're adding them with the transition panel right here so if you know the exact link that you want, you want to be super precise about it you could certainly internet here, but if you're experimenting, I think it's easier just to click and drag the ends of the transitions around any questions on transitions and I don't know how to add custom transition so ixnay on that questioning we're hearing you on the secret language there. Well, uh the bass asked, can you set a transition default toe automatically be applied as you add more clips to the time learning negative beyond scope of video editing and photo shop? Next question way question from claire of our way of our age clarify can you change the transition fade from black to fade from white or do you have to delete it? The first transition you set and started new yeah, you have to delete to change them and I think I say that let me control click yes, this is the great way tio find out any things about photo shop because again the program was so comprehensive that no human could no all of it all right? So there's contextual or shortcut or help her maiden name is all over the place. So if you're curious about something like that, I usually start control clicking on the mag or right clicking on a pc to see if I can bring it up any kind of contextual menu. So I did indeed get a contextual menu by right or control clicking on the transition icon that I added and it looks like I lied you can't change them see we are learning right here and creative live so you can change it without having to delete it and add it back and you can also set the duration right here and you can also use the trash can icon to delete the transition if you don't I want to just click to activate it and then press the delete key so that's awesome I don't know you could do them we I love these questions I learned things too and then time lots tom ask and he's from austria are transitions always linear? Or is there something like an s curve transition? And then the second part especially I don't know if this is x name part of it uh also their way to import other trend additions sandy that was e don't know waiting for other transitions and the transitions that we have here are linear so maybe there's a priest that folder buried somewhere in photoshopped that you can create custom transitions but I don't know about, uh if you could do that, if they really do function like photo shops other presets, then you're going to start seeing those things appear on that photo shop market place that we looked at the other day uh and you can just type into a google search for a photoshopped marketplace or I made a custom you're areal to go to the brushes section of that that website and that's lisa dot ai in slash custom ps brushes but you can also just to search for photoshopped marketplace cool and from guitar goddess how do you remove a transition if you decide you don't want to anymore? Well, you have to do is click to activate the transition so right now the clip is active, not the transition, so if I press the delete key my clips going to go away so just make sure that you click to activate the transition to see how it gets a little white border around it now that you know it's active so at this point you can press the delete key or like we learned a moment ago you can't control a right click the transition itself and click its little trash can questions all right, so let's, go ahead and keep building our suit man project here when they go ahead and, uh, zoom back out a little bit, somebody timeline isn't quite so, so wide the next thing we can do this go ahead and add another transition on the end of our landing man so let's add a fade to black. All right, so now we've got a fade to black coming into our cloud clip, we just run it here, fade to black, we better clouds go ahead and shorten our cloud because that's too many clouds so here's a great instance her situation rather when you need to really pay attention to the which direction that bracket is facing because I put across fate transition between these two clips, the's two clips are now ever so slightly overlapping. All right, so this is the end of the first clip, and that little line right there is actually beginning of the second clip, so be careful about which direction that bracket is facing case that tells you which clips he has changing. So if I click and drag right now, I'm affecting the clip to the right if I click and drag in that position, I'm affecting the clip to the left so pay attention to which way that bracket is facing so if I want to turn more off the clouds I need to make sure the bracket is facing to the left so I can click and drag tio shortened that quite a bit here we go so now when I click the space bar to play the video I can see my cross fade and then at the end of this particular clip then I've got another transition that fades to black ok and we could shorten this clip a little bit if we want to as well and there's our fade to black ok so now let's start bringing her audio creating our techs and all that kind of good stuff so let's go ahead this time let's bring in our text first so I want to click the other document the finished project and I'm gonna double click the type players that I already created and I'm just gonna press command or control see to copy that to my clipboard I'm cheating so I don't have to remember the fun and the color and all that stuff that I that I created for you at this point in our document we can press t to activate the text tool and now you can either simply click and paste that texan or just click in type urine text if you do that you will be creating point text if you type keep typing and you want the text to rap to the next line you're gonna have to manually push the return key. If you don't wantto, I have to do that manually. You can create paragraph text instead, which basically means instead of just clicking and then typing, you click and hold on your mouse button and you dragged to create a text box. And if you do it this way, this will insure that none of your text ever falls outside of the safe zone. All right scenes make your text box the size of the safe zone if you want, and since I've got text pasted to my clipboard or copy to my clipboard, rather, aiken simply press command v or control being on a pc tio at that text and if I want it centered or left aligned or write a line, you're just dealing with the regular old text layer here so you can use all of your formatting controls in the options bar. Ok, so if I want that to be left aligned, I can simply click that to do that I want to centered. If I want tio left line the whole mess, I can click up four times in quick succession to activate all of it or highlight all of it, or even simply press command or control a tio select all the text and then when I click the alignment buttons I'm changing both lines of text instead of just the line okay but I wanted it to be centered text color is handled right here of course your text warp works everything this works just like it does in photo shot because we are in photo shop the only thing that we don't have that I kind of wish that we did is we don't have a vertical alignment control so in order for this text too appear vertically center instead of toward the top then I need to bring down the size of my my text box there okay? So when you add ticks just like in any other photoshopped document it the tex layered appears above the currently active layer so because we were messing around with the cloud clip that's the layer that was activated in my layers panels to my text layer appeared above that that means that in my time line the text is appearing in between my video clips well that's not exactly what I want so there's a couple of different ways to fix that depending upon your own personal preferences of how you want to organize your own timeline panel you can either drag the text layer below the cloud clip course when you're in the middle of formatting text photo shop doesn't want to do that so you can drag the clip down in the layer staff because whatever is it bottom of the layer stack is gonna play first. Okay, so now if you look at my timeline panel, you could see that my text layer is right here. Another way to do that is to create another video track in the way create another video track very easily is you can simply click and drag that layer out of that video group and that's going to do the same thing is gonna liberate that text if you drag it to the top of your layers panel it's gonna appear you know what the left hand portion of the beginning of your video so now please him in in my timeline panel, I can see that my text is appearing on its own video track here and the video track itself is named according to the type player which is kind of nice so six in one hand half dozen in the other it's whether you create separate video tracks for your text or you have them within the same video track, which means you're in a video group in your layers panel it doesn't really matter is however you want tio organize it in some projects when you're adding text, it might be easier just to have all the text on one video track hey, so for example um let's go ahead and add some more text so I'll go backs are finished project file and I'll double click and copy the legend of suit man will come back over here to our new project and I can click and drag to add another text layer paste my text in resize my box again those handles can be contrary here we go, here we go that looks centered all right, so if now I have to video tracks you can think of of miss text tracks, they're still video tracks because later on we're going to animate thes pieces of tech so that's why it's a video track? But even though text is inside of it, it can be animated anything that's in a video track can be animated all right, we're not going to get into that until after lunch, but if I wanted to organize my timeline panel so that all of my text for this particular video was in one group meaning it's in a folder over here in the layers panel and it would live within the same video track over here in my timeline panel I can simply click to drag that other techs down to the pre existing video track where my other text isthe and watch what happens in the layers panel when I released my mouse button photo shop plopped both pieces of texana group so basically anything that lives within one track is going to be put into a folder or a group over here in your layers panel and that's, just an organization thing. Okay, you can do that or not do that. But the way tio have everything end up on its own tracks, you can keep dragging things out of those groups. Okay, so it just depends on how you want to organize it. So what we need to do right now so we need to drag this legend of suit, man, text clip to the end of our video came because we want it to appear after our man has landed in walks out of frame. Okay, so I'm just positioning these things how I want them to appear. Now, if I want my text at the beginning, the coming to theaters in two thousand thirteen to appear before the cloud clip plays, then I need to scoop these two clips over to the right. Okay, so that's, what we're going to do, we're going to click to activate that clip, and hopefully when I shift, click to activate the second clip photoshopped lets me move them together, and it does, okay, so I'm just scooping them over, and now I'm gonna take my ending text clip and scoot it over. So now, if I double click the beginning of my timeline to reset my play head and I press the space bar, we've got our beginning text and then we go into the cloud clip I'm gonna go ahead and scrub through this so it's faster and by scrubbing that refers to manually grabbing the play head by the hair of its head and holding down your mouse but and dragging it through that's called scrubbing ok, so if I scraped through to the end of the landing man clip that my text comes in okay, so let's go ahead and add a couple of transitions to the beginning and the end of both of those text clips does click your transition icon we're going to keep on with the fading to black so money grab that fade to black and put one at the start of the beginning text put one at the end of the beginning text clip and then I'm gonna grab another one and put it at the start of the ending text clip grab another one and put it in the end of the ending text clip so now if I double click to reset my play head and I scrubbed through it looks like the text color the text color has changed but that's just the transitions showing once we put our solid color black feel layer underneath that you will see the text when it's black it just will look like it's fading up in the blue so now we've got that fayed come through here and now this texas fading from black there we go and let's quickly add a ah an adjustment layer and then won't go take a few questions about texting adjustment layers and then we'll break for lunch so to add a solid color adjustment layer, I'm going to go ahead and click the half black half white circle the bottom of the layers panel choose solid color matches black from the resulting color picker click ok I'm not really worried about where it appears in my layers panel or my timeline because all I have to do is drag it to a different position to pop it into place so I'm going to click and drag the thumbnail of that color phil layer below the cloud clip because because I want it to run first right? I wanted to start first so anything that's at the bottom of your layer sack plays first, okay? And I actually wanted to be underneath my taste clips I simply click and drag it over and now I can scoot the's clips back over next to it and now I'm gonna put another solid color adjustment later at the end of our clip so aiken simply duplicate it by pressing commander control jay I'm not going to worry about where it is in my time line at this point I'm going to simply click and drag the layer thumbnail of that clip to where I wanted to appear in the layer stack so if I wanted to play after the landing man clip it needs toe live above the landing man clip in the layers panel so soon as I drop it see how it moved to the end so now let's scrub through our video and see what we've got star text is fading we've got our clouds we've got our cross fade I mean we haven't put our cross state and yet and then we've got our fade to black at the end of the landing man clip our text is fading in and their texas fading out so the last thing we're going to do is at our lacrosse fade in between those two clips and that made everything move around a little bit but we can just skated back here we go and there's our cross fade fade to black any questions on adding text or adjustment layers yes yeah I just uh I thought about the puppet use the puppet on on your techs can use the wet puppet or can you use the puppet work context absolutely it's can you imagine the possibilities we could animate the little kids superhero that we made yesterday in the video so absolutely we could turn that text into a smart object power power we can turn that text into a smart object and summoned puppet warp and do exactly what we did yesterday and if we turned on the animation properties we could animate uh all of that movement that we did any other questions on adding texture and I say adding adjustment layers footage shot considers a solid color feel layer to be an adjustment layer okay, so we said adjustment layer a moment ago we haven't actually gotten into adding, uh the adjustment layers that you might have specs such as levels, adjustment layers, black ally adjustment layers and that kind of stuff we're going to do that later on this afternoon, but photoshopped considers the's solid color field layers to be an adjustment layer as well. Yeah, but adding other adjustment layers is exactly the same, just like you would normally. Okay, um hello tim chow and wants to know can you change the anti alias scene for the text? Sure, you can do anything to text that you can do if it wasn't in a video layer as italy all you do is click to activate the text layer and you've got all your anti a listing right here that's what I mean it's exactly the same is how this stuff works when you're not dealing with motion, which is fantastic cause you don't have to learn a whole another program just to do this kind of stuff, which is great if you don't if your whole livelihood is not based off of video editing, you are not going to be adding video and photo shop all right, if you're a professional video editor, this is not the place to do it. You might do your home movies. Here are little bitty promotional pieces like this, but you know, if you on ly at a video every once in a while, having it here and photoshopped in a program that you already know how to use with tools, you already know how to use that function in the same way. On video is they do images it's, just fantastic.

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