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Text in Video

So now let's go ahead and add a little bit of texts we're going to add some text at the beginning and I'm gonna cheat just a little bit and come over here to the video I already made and I'm gonna double click to copy my text there we go so see activating or selecting highlighting text and a video document is exactly the same as it is in an image a regular old document that you've been using forever just double click the big tea in the layers panel I can copy and paste text from one document to the other very easily okay, so now I'm gonna go ahead and create a type player case we're going to click t tio activate the type tool and I'm gonna go ahead and position my play head at the very beginning because that's where I want my text to appear hey so you have to do is click within the document now if you're in a tight a lot of text that you want to automatically wrapped the next line, then you could make a text box remember we did that the other day, so if I just want to add, uh, make sur...

e that my text does not exceed my safe area I can click and drag to create a text box hey then I can paste my techs coming to theaters in two thousand thirteen and if I want to center it on screen, then you can change the size of the text box. Unfortunately, photoshopped doesn't have a vertical alignment system. All right, so there's, no way for me to center that vertically within the box had to change the hot to the box. Okay, so just be aware of that, ok, now, why is my text appearing is on white that's because that's, the color of the document of the video that we made the new video documents we chose wide as a background color, but we are not stuck with that at all. All right, you'll notice that photo shop added our text to the end of our video clip, okay, that's because it's in the video group or the folder rather that footage shot made for us when we started importing all these video clips, okay, we don't want our text to appear at the end of the video, so what we need to do is make photoshopped, create a new video track so that we can grab that text and skewed it to the front of our video of the beginning of our video. So that's very easily done in the layers panel. Ok, so we're going to come over here charlie ayers panel, and you can see that the type player appeared at the top of the video group well, all we have to do to create a new video track which allows us to make our techs play at the start is to drag that type player outside the group okay, so we're just going to click and drag it slayer thumbnail and drag it up out of the group and see how when I get out of that group I get a little highlighted line at the very top that's outside the group as soon as you see that you can release your mouse button and squeezing back out, you can see that now I've got another video track from my text ok, so now we can just click and drag to skip that guy over to there came to the start so the next thing we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and scoot are video clips over to the right a little bit or we could just short in the cloud video okay, so I'll do that so I clicked at activate the cloud video point my cursor at its left hand and and I'm gonna drag it over oh to about here way can always change that we want here we go so now we're going to add a solid color adjustment layer to the beginning right here and that's going to be the color that the text appears on so it's exactly like building up a document and photo shaw okay, so we'll move our play headed back here. There we go. So now the easiest way to add black is to use, like I said earlier, solid color adjustment layer. So how do we create adjustment layer? We're going to click the half black, half white circle at the bottom of the layers panel, and then we're going to choose solid color. Color picker is going toe opens photo shots way of saying, what color would you like me to add right here? So we'll go ahead and she's black and click ok, and now we can scoot this color feel if we want down onto our original video track. Here we go, scoot everything over, and I'm just shift clicking toe activate more than one clip, ok, so now we've got our text sitting on top of black, okay, and that fade with black transition that we added at the beginning of the cloud clip works perfectly tio fade that little text block on tio our video generally, when you're adding text and other colors, background colors like this to go behind the text and video, you want to stick with either very dark or very light colors, okay? Because otherwise they can be hard to see, I wouldn't want to make this background of, uh, really a light blue the text is much more prominent on black okay? And I kept my text to fairly bright but yet dark color because I wanted it to be visible so dis be aware that you really need to stick with light colors for text or dark colors for text ok else they can be hard to read and remember what size screen that you're dealing with here what size project that you're dealing with here this video that we're creating his twelve eighty by seven hundred twenty pixels I need to make my text fairly big or nobody's gonna be able to read it ok, so keep that in mind as well and when it comes adding ted, she just don't wanna have a slew of it okay? Because you need to keep it on screen for as long as it takes for people to read it so it needs to be big in the philandering needs to be on screen long enough for them to read it. We kind of got to keep all of that stuff in mind unless of course you're creating a star wars type in true where you've got a bunch of text scrolling by you know I haven't tried that yet but anyway, so we've got nice big text and here again, if I decide to edit my text, what do I have to do come over here to my layers panel double click my text and I've got all of the familiar text formatting controls right here in the options bar so if I want to experiment with color a little bit on that I can just click the little color swatch up comes my color picker and I can change the shade of her tend to blue if I want whatever you'd like I love that the controls are familiar we're all used to using them I could even do some quality turning on this text see how the one in the three has a wider space in between them than say the tour the zero zero the one hey that space between the letters is called turning you concurrent to tighten that up or expand it ok so if I click between the one in the three and I wantto reduce that space I can do it with the character panel if I want tio or I can do it with the keyboard shortcut which is option left arrow on a mac our ault left arrow on a pc see how the space decrease between those letters all right if I want to increase space is exactly the opposite ault right arrow on a pc or option right arrow on a mac any time you're adding text I do encourage you if you wanted to look professional to take a peek at the spacing between the letters and if you see big old honking gaps then tighten up that turning just a little bit because nothing highlights a a typographic newbie more than kern ing problems okay, people will just have a hard time reading the text they won't necessarily know why the text is hard dory, but they'll just no it just doesn't feel right and it's difficult to read so just be aware that this extra little tip for you ok? So let's say our text to sit now we want tio fade our text in and out what we've already done that with the video clips all we have to do is add transitions to the text ok, so the text actually looks like a clip in your video track ok, so we're gonna click to open the transition panel and I'm gonna go ahead and add a fade to black at the beginning of my text when it comes in and then to get it to fade back out we're gonna add the same transition on the end okay solve zoom in a little bit more she can see it so we clicked and dragged add this transition now we're going to click and direct at another one on the end of the text so now you can see I'm fading the text in and then I'm fading the text out so let's take a peek at that double click to set your play head back a very beginning click the space bar see how our techs fades in and now it's gonna fade out and then our clip fades up from black and then we're gonna have a cross fade have sound effect will go ahead press the space part in that now the only other transition that we haven't added yet is a fade out on the end of the clip okay, so we can go ahead and do that now go ahead and click tio open the transition panel again and we're going to fade to black again and drag that to the end of the video clip ok? And we're actually going to shorten this clip a little bit because we're going to add more text at the end and we're going to add another solid color adjustment layer okay, so we can do that real quick before we take a break so I'm gonna cheat again and go back to my other document that I made free so I can copy and paste my text there the legend of st man I had a heck of a time figuring out what fake thing I was going to call this one because you know, I wanted everything to be super here of a themed and he did didn't really have an outfit on, you know, unlike recycle man and bathroom man or toilet paper man an invisible man and all those other superheroes we've been looking at all week long so I decided to call him seat me and so let's go ahead and add another text layer saga hand position my play head where I wanted to occur and click to activate my type tool I could make another text box if I want by clicking and dragging before I start typing, go ahead and paste your text in, and I'm going to reduce the the height of my text box here so that I can make it look like it's centered photoshopped seriously sometimes when you're creating text boxes, these little handles commie darn difficult to grab okay, so we'll call that good and again I want my this text to be on I could put it on the same video track is the other text by just clicking and dragging it within my timeline panel or I could click and drag it outside of the group and photo shop would create another video try for me whether or not you do that just depends on how you want your timeline panel toe look and by me saying how it looks, how you want to organize it however it's easiest for you I could have kept everything on the same video track if I wanted I get put the text of the start on the same video track and then have my two clips and have the text on the in, but in my experience my timeline panel makes a little bit more sense to me it's easier for for my brain to make sense of it if I have my text on separate video tracks so that's completely up to you don't have to put it on separate tracks I am that's just because it's a little bit easier for me to keep track of what's happening so now let's go ahead and add another adjustment layer we're gonna add another block of solid black for the text of the end of our video to appear upon instance, I've already done that once in my layers panel aiken simply duplicate that layer all right? So we're gonna click to activate that solid color phil layer that we trade in a moment ago and we're going to use our keyboard shortcut of commander control j to duplicate it. All right, so remember the layer stacking order determines which items play first, so if I want that duplicate adjustment layer to play, if the end of my video that I'm gonna drag it up in the layer stack okay, so that it's at the top of that particular group again, I could move it around over here in the timeline panel but sometimes it's easier just to do it over there and your layers panel there we go, so now I'm gonna move my play head to that position skewed our text over and we're going to go ahead and add a transition to the beginning and the end of the text. So we'll do our fade with black at the front. And then we'll do a fade with black transition at the end, and we're going to take a peek at what that looks like, and then we're gonna have a little break till it your brains calm down and then we'll come back and keep building on this project. All right, so let's scroll to the beginning beginning of the project. Doubleclick, the double zero just place your play head, their press, the space far. Now that audio is fading up on its own. I didn't put that fate in there, but we could have, and we'll we'll look at doing that. Our cinematic kit now is not in the right spot there. We dio skipped him over now and then here comes our fade to black, and our techs should fade up and fade out. There we go. Cool, huh?

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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Lesa's methodical way of coaching is done with ease and clarity. Together with John Greengo and Sue Bryce, she is one of my favourite mentors in CL. I purchased her CS5 and even before finishing it got the CS6 intensive class. Now Photoshop is no monster to fear but a powerful monster to create impact-fully beautiful photos. Good for both beginners and advance users!