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The New Blur Filters

The next thing we're going to look at our some of flutter stops amazing new filters we've got four new filters this time around and that is just unprecedented unheard of an amazing they are incredibly useful and they let you create shallow depth of field affects after the shot so that means if you want your foreground or your focal point to be all nice and tech sharp in the background to be nice and blurry you can do that after you've taken the photo so if you can't get it right in camera or you don't think to do than camera or if you just want to create a different look overhearing photoshopped the nay blur filters can get it done for you we've got a field blur, an iris blur and a tilt shift blur and we've also got a couple of other knee filters adaptive wide angle and oil pain we're looking go look at those later in the day but now until lunch we're going to focus on the super useful and incredibly fun blur filters can we get some news on eyes on the e I e I want canned laughter can ...

we put candle after I want to button haha audience applause ok, so the first thing I wanna do is fuss added amy if you click the filter menu in c s six you will notice that it is greatly shortened from the filter menu you've ever seen before all right, that is because in an effort to reorganize the filter menu and eliminate duplications and don't be took out, all of the categories filter categories that can be accessed through the filter gallery. Okay, so I'm gonna open an image so that many becomes active and show you what I mean. I'm gonna open an image and show you what I mean. There we go. This is gonna be funny. Wait to see what I do with this. You won't believe it anyway. So here we have our filter menu. There used to be a bunch of other categories down here that simply opened up what's called the filter gallery, but since you can go straight to the filter gallery as vessel e and access all of those categories down here, see all these wonderful filters and categories I don't, we decided to take him out of the filter menu that's all well and fine. While it does indeed produce a greatly shortened filter menu, it also cripples your ability to figure out what the hell filter you ran if you're running it on a smart object because the filter the name of the smart filter that appears in your layers panel simply says, filter gallery instead of gaussian blur, plastic wrap, render distort. You have no way of knowing what filter iran and worse than that you can't even double click on the little smart filters label on your layers panel to rename the dad come thing, making it impossible to go back to your document and figure out what filter in iran that drives me crazy. So I feel like we took one step forward too short in the filter, many which who cares? And then we took two steps backward because we lost functionality d too, a reorganization for no better reason. So anyway, in my mackerel review of the program, I did list that as a con in it lost a half a mouse rating over that take that a baby. All right, so let's, look at what the heck I'm talking about so let's say we wanted to run a filter on this image, I would come up here to the filter menu and she's convert for smart filters. This is going to allow me to run my filters non destructively, they're going to stack up in layers panel kind of like a layer styles, meaning you can throw the darn things away. If you decide you don't like the results of the filter, you also get an automatic mask we saw that and use yesterday a little bit. Yes. So if you need to hide the effect of the filter itself, then you don't have to add a mass it's already there for you. Somebody going press. Ok, so photoshopped has now turned this layer into a smart object, meaning it's protected it's nothing. Come back up here to the filter menu and I can choose list to say gaussian blur and I can pump this up quite a bit, just for the heck of it. There we go and I can say, ok, now notice over here how photoshopped gave me a smart filter mask, meaning that when I paint within that mask it's hiding the blur and not any of the image, just the filter underneath that smart fields, or see how I've got that nice filter name, isn't it informative? Isn't it helpful? Why would you not want that? Now, if I choose any filter from the filter gallery doesn't matter which one it is? Well, it's, too stylized to make it really freaky and click ok look at the filter name isn't that unhelpful? Happily there's a fix? What we're going to do is we're going to re populate the filter mini, we're going to turn back on all those filters that adobe turned off, and that will cause them. To appear back down here meaning that if you run them from down here they will be maimed appropriately in your layers panel this may not sound like a big deal to something all but I think it's a huge deal because aa lot of times you need to come back and analyze what the heck you've done to this image and since you can not doubleclick the's things certain rename them like you can every other being in your layers panel except for layer styles of course there's no way for you to note what filter you ran all right so now let's take a look how to re populated let's go in the photo shops preferences on a mac go to the photo shot menu preferences plug ins because filters are kind of like little third party apple it's or plug ins if you will so that's why this command is in the plug ins meaning on a pc you're going to go to the edit menu instead and choose preferences so when we go to this plug ins we're going to turn on this option right here show all filter gallery groups and names that's going to re populate our filter menu and I do encourage you to do this straight away when you install cia six and then forget about it click ok so now when we get to the filter men you see how much longer it is all of those filters that were a moment ago on ly accessible through the filter gallery or now back down here at the bottom and if you trigger them from down here at the bottom we'll go do that see I don't even remember what the dead can filter we just ran to do those edges I think it was stylized so we'll go down to style eyes and find edges or glowing edges whatever it was I would know because I can't see the name of it so we'll go ahead and click ok and now see how in our layers panel the filter is named appropriately that is the end of lisa's rant on the re populating of the field trimming you all right so now let's delete all of these filters and look how easy it is if you've had the wherewithal to turned this image layer into smart object first you conceivably just click and drag him to the trash can icon at the very bottom of your layers panel allows you to back out of filters on a one by one basis which is really really nice all right now let's take a look at the new field blur ok unfortunately nublar filters don't work on smart objects don't test by that too much so anyway we're gonna go ahead and rast arise are smart objects with the happy image later again I'm gonna control clicker right click near the layer name and to say rast arise layer so that makes it back into a pixel based regular old image layer so to run these new blur filters non destructively you have to duplicate the layer you just have to do it so press command jay in the mac or control j on a pc and I would name this field blur just so I know what I've done since we can't use smart objects we don't get the automatic naming all right so now let's go up to the filter menu and you'll find these new filters under the blur category and they're right up top field blur iris blur till shift we're going to start off the field, the blur and immediately you get an entirely new workspace that we've never seen it but a shot before all right, this is an amazing work space expect to see more filters take advantage of this in subsequent virgins the program what we've got here is a nice big preview practically full screen okay, we've got controls for the filter on the right in a panel group but if we collapse that panel group by using these microscopic tiny drank als at the top right then we can go pretty much full screen with our preview of the image and instead of messing with the sliders and these panels adobe has given us on screen image controls for this blurring it's really new groundbreaking stuff so if I collapse those panels and use the on image controls I've got nothing that's distracting me from around my image which is a really nice way to work okay so we'll bring our panel's back by clicking those triangles again okay so what you've got here immediately when you run the phil blur filter your whole image becomes blurred do not panic you also see what's called a pin and a blur ring ok photoshopped drops one pin on your image automatically but you can drop is many pins as you want ok so let's say for example that you really don't care about this chick over here all right you're focused on the deed so we're going to drag our pin just click and drag it to the area that you want to remain blurred click to drop another pin on the area that you want to stay in focus now you can use this black and white ring that's around the pin this is called a blur ring and this is really groundbreaking interface items here that that you don't need a manual or any instructions on how to use these things really you drag the ring in a circular direction isn't this amazing that he's never done an interface control quite like this you drag it to the left to increase the blur strength see he's gone you are you drag it to the right to decrease blur strength ok so if I want the guy to be in focus but not the chick. Then I drop a pin on him and reduce the blur strength to zero. And I couldn't come back over here to her click her pin and I can continue. Tio determine have blurry. She is solving back out if you want to temporarily hide all these pins so you can really see what your image looks like. Press and hold the h key. So that's. A totally different image, huh? Another great thing to do. We've got photos of exes, family reunions, you know, display or might on out. So go ahead and release the h key and these pins can be moved around anywhere, and you can set a slew of him on your document. So if you'd rather have the dude and out of focus and the the chick lit over here in focus, you can simply move those pins around and you can set more pins if you want only her face to be groups. If you want only her face to be in focus, then you put the pin right on her face. Reduced the blur strength using the blurring and you do need to drag in a circular direction. That's the one thing to kind of get used to, but it makes sense. Now if I wanted this area the bottom half in her legs and stuff to be out of focus I can simply click to drop another pin and then I could adjust the blur strength of that area isn't that something it's really noon different interface on image controls let she really focus on your image and to create the effect that you're after instead of having to use a bunch of sliders in the dadgum dialog box you know and then get out of that and then look at the image and say oh I should have done a little bit more over here what have you and having to start over it this is just amazing stuff really really really amazing stuff uh just a little bit more about these blur rings to activate the blurring and you need to click to activate the pin okay and you know the pins active because it's got a little white dot in the center of it and another neat thing about this is you get that rich cursor that tells you blur strength as you're dragging so less black around the blur ring means more blurring ok some more white is serious blur more black is less blur and you can drag it all the way around to get to zero to retain areas of focus it's really really amazing so that's field blur ok kind of basic the only controls you have are dropping pins and blur strength all right so let's take a look at another filter the iris blur and this one gives you even more control over the shape of the blur you can have the blur shape be oval or you can have it be more of a rectangular in shape with rounded edges you can control the width of the area that's between the blur likes like full on blur and sharp you can control how why that areas you get a lot more control with iris borers so let's take a look at that dallas is going click ok photo shop applies the filter and you go back to your regular regular photoshopped interface okay but because we had the wherewithal to do play the layer first if we don't like what we've done we can simply toss that layer right or you could even drop opacity on the layer to give him kind of another worldly effect he's there but he's not really there all right so let's look at this on another image and then we'll pop into iris blur or yeah iris player so I'm going with our theme of superheroes this to me looks kind of like kryptonite that's how this brain where it's right there it's the danger working at home all alone my wonderful husband ok so here's a before in here's an after this was made with phil blur as well I just dropped two pins I've got one pin here sit tio blur strength of zero where I want to remain sharp and I've got another pin here set tio higher blur and I've also turned on was called boca b ok e eight, the japanese term that can describe highlights if you use the boca slider that I'm about to show you, you can make areas in your image sparkle and you can actually create speculator highlights, and he noticed if I turn off the original or turn off the layer I made, we've got no sparkly bits over here, but if I turn that layer back on, you guessed correctly that's over here in that pretty let's speculate highlights so let's, take a look at how to create that I'll go ahead and turn that layer off. We're going to duplicate this layer. Why? Because the nublar filters do not play nicely with smart objects, so now we've got that layers we're going in this field blur too, and now we're ready to pop into the new for your filter interface. So choose the filter men you go down to the blur category she's feel blur the shop opens up that gorgeous, nearly full screen preview I love this new interface, it's really amazing. And immediately photo shopped drops a pin and blurs the heck out of your image simply it doesn't matter which way you go about this you can move that pin to the area you want to stay in focus and then drop another one where you intend the blur to be or you could leave this pin in the area you want to be blurred and then drop in another pin and then set the blur strength of that one two zero and if you can't get the hang of dragging in a circular motion in that blur ring you can use the blur slider over here on the right hand side and that pale doc okay, so whichever way you want to do it there's no right or wrong again the photo shot police are not gonna knock on your door all right? So let's say we've got this one set where we want that blur to occur now we're going to come over here tio this other pin and we're in a blurred about twelve or so and now we're going to turn on the book in effect. Now for some reason unknown to me the focus sliders do not appear sometimes over here in the panel doc, did you see how I had to click the tab if you don't see those sliders, click that blur fix tab and they'll show up I don't know why they don't always show up whether it's a size of my application frame or what kind of where this is going on, but if you don't see them, just click that tab will appear ok, so here's our focus sliders right here at turn it on if you want to use them and we're simply going to drag the slider to the right, this determines the strength of the boca. How much sparkly do you want to introduce to the highlights in your image? This ladder, right here, we'll let you colorized those speculative highlights a little bit if you leave this color set to zero the highlights or just going to look white, all right, but you, depending upon what you've got in your image and what was good to you, that may be fine, but if you want, introduce a little bit of color to them and go ahead and drag that slider. The lightness range here lets you determine which range of highlights are affected by the spoken effect. Typically, you're gonna want to leave it set to the default, because right now, it's affecting the upper end of your highlights, which means the lightest highlights, which makes sense for a speculum highlight anyway, but you can drag these if you don't have a lot of highlights and your image, the upper end range and I mean, you know really, really like great toward white then you might want to drag this a shadow slider to the left a little bit and that just increases the range of the highlights there going to be affected by this going to go ahead and leave it I said to the default zoom back out so you can see this beautiful sparkly effect so as I dragged the light book a slider to the to the right see how I'm introducing speculate highlights pardon me pretty and if I want to introduce a little bit of color to them then I'm going to drag my book a color slider to the rival of it now you're not gonna want to do this to every image but sure it's finding it to some of them it just really makes it all nice and sparkly andan here again if I want to tweak the range of highlights that are being affected by this slider then I can use thes black and white sliders on the range bar and see is I'm dragging the shadow slider to the lift I'm increasing the range of highlights that are affected by this and which looks terrible but we don't drag that back up to the right a bit do we have a question from the audience know I was I was going to club my hand because I feel like that was really awesome hey we've got audience excitement I'm excited there are guests in the internet. Are there gas like air goodman's photos? So guess so. Let's. Go ahead and click. Ok, and get out of that. And here we can see our before and our after makes, ah, really amazing, amazing difference.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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Lesa's methodical way of coaching is done with ease and clarity. Together with John Greengo and Sue Bryce, she is one of my favourite mentors in CL. I purchased her CS5 and even before finishing it got the CS6 intensive class. Now Photoshop is no monster to fear but a powerful monster to create impact-fully beautiful photos. Good for both beginners and advance users!