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Head and star adding a few transitions shall we? So let's go ahead and skewed our play bit skin our play it all the way back to the start by double clicking the two zeros in the time ruler there we go and now let's zoom in a little bit so let's say we would like this video to start with black and fade into the clouds ok, so we're going to click this little button right here it's a little half black, half white square diagonal and again, if you have or your mouse button over these little icons and let your mouse be still for a second, then you're going to see a little tool tip, so don't worry about it if if you don't memorize what all these icon steve because you can just have her over them and the program will help you out with that so let's, go ahead and click the spending when we do put a shot gives you a little pop, a panel of all the different transitions that you can have in your clip and there's not a bunch of them but that's okay, because I don't know about y'all, but transition...

s can be extremely distracting, so I've been teaching presentation designed for a bazillion years and there is nothing that drives me crazier than all these fancy shmancy transitions in between slides of the presentation is distracting okay, the thing you start focusing on the transition and not on the content and certainly not on the speaker you know, if you're all excited about the transition, you have just tuned out. So in my own humble opinion, I think that applies tio video as well, so we've got very simple transitions here in photo shop, which is fine, but as you saw in the previews of the videos that we're going to make in class, they looked darn good. Okay, so the ones I used the most are the top three that's what we used in our projects fayed simply, uh, fades clip into the next thing or the text into the next thing that appears. So for example, if we just put a fade just a regular old fade into this video clip it would fade from whatever the background color of our document wass to the video. If we put the transition at the first of the clip, we put the transition at the end of the clip, then it's going to fade from that clip into also whatever comes next or the color of your background document. All right, so if you want to start with black in your video and you need to choose this fade with black okay cross fade simply fades one clip into the next thing so it fades a little bit of one clip and it fades the beginning of the next clip so that they look like they're faded together. Fayed with why? Pretty obvious what that does fade with color kind of the same thing, but you get to pick which color and you want the item, whether or graphic or text or video clip to fade into, and you can also set the duration of the transitions in this little pop up panel. But I find that to be a heck of a lot easier to do in the timeline panel, because transitions when we add one here in a second, they're going to show up as a click and drag a ble entity, so to lengthen or shortened you do exactly the same thing as you do to lengthen a short in the clip. Ok, so let's go ahead and and our first transition it is very difficult, so pay attention, click actually, we're going to black, so click and drag that's it. Okay, you drop the transition and now I'm gonna zoom out so you can see this a little bit better. Candles in back in there is our transition. See how when I point my cursor to the end of it, I get the same kind of double sided arrow and brackett. That I do one more trimming clips that let she alter the duration of the transition and you get a handy rich cursor that shows you the length of it so for example when I went to video editing school way back when we were always told to put three seconds of a solid color a fade on the front end of the video okay? So it's very easy if you you know if you want to do that to distract the transition and watch the rich cursor until you get to three okay, so we're just lengthen e the transition okay when we zoom back out see how everything is compacted so you're transitions carry the icon that they do from the transition panel ok, so that's why I say it's easier to change the duration of the transition here my opinion that it is to open this paint clicked to activate the transition clicked open that panel and then click within the duration field to change that. All right, so now it's preview our transition that would close that so double click tio set your play head at the very beginning and we're gonna press the space bar see what we've got that nice will fade hey so let's double click and started over again so you just faded right from black into the video so if we wanted to make that transition longer we could simply click to activate it not click on something else you can see what it looks like when it's not active so there's our transition okay so just click to activate it and it gets a little white border around it as well and I see some glazed eyes and audience here don't worry we're going to go over all this a slew of times so if we wanted to lengthen our transition a little bit we simply point are cursed at the right portion of it and just drag it out so now it seemed back out let's take a look at this double clicked us that your play head at the very beginning see how now we've got more black and it's taking a little bit longer to fade into the video clip way now what do we want to have happen when we're finished with our clouds in our landing man comes out of those clouds okay you can add a cross frayed ok so let's look it across faiths so that would fade our cloud video into the landing man ok so here again we're just going to click the transition icon we're going to click to activate the transition we want to add and then we drag and drop it between our clips ok see how the area where the transition is gonna land is being shown to you by black outline black border rather soon as you see that black border go ahead and release your mouse button in the transition appears once again if I want to zoom out so I can see that transition a little bit better here we go you can control the length of that cross fade ok in the exact same way click and drag to increase the duration of it ok so now let's take a look at that wasn't back out so let's see that one more time I'm clicking to send my play head position press the space bar so now you can see how the cloud video see right here you can see a little bit of both videos so it's fading them together here we go and it looks like now I need to reposition my cinematic hit audio because as you add transition that does change the length of video clip okay, so now our cinematic hit is gonna happen a little too late but no worries right? All I have to do is trimmed these clips so I'm gonna click to activate the first audio are scifi soundtrack and then come over here and make sure but I've got my play head in the right position for the landing and then scoop my other audio back over so that they are right next to each other so now when we hit playing way all right let's go ahead and save our documents so funny shot loses its mind we m we're all good though with cia six what do we have auto save so this file is being saved if you have not changed your preferences every ten minutes anyway but we're doing a lot of stuff so I want to go ahead and save it just in case all right now let's look at the file that I made for you guys previously when I open him up okay? So we can see what all we're going to do here all right and again when you purchase these files or you purchase this video you get all of this all right? All of it all of it all of it so not on lee for today are you going to get the finished photoshopped documents where you can see the whole time my panel and in the entire project completely build but I'm also giving you the individual files so you can see in the folder over here for example the suit man folder and I named them according to the name of the little think videos and I mean you're going to see the rendered video so you're going to see what you're going to make and then I gave you the individual audio files and the individual video files that I used to create these projects so you've got all of that so you don't have to deconstruct the document physically to try to rebuild it so I'm giving you all the individual fouls too so that's cool thing all right, so here I can see in our finished project some of the other things that we added let's. See, what is this guy over here? We've got looks like a text layer over here. That's where that coming to theaters in two thousand thirteen came from. Looks like we've also got a solid color adjustment layer here. Okay. That's how I added that's how I got a black background behind my text. Okay, solid color adjustment layer. Or you could just as easily create a new image layer and fill it with black. Okay, but I needed something to put behind the text. Here. You can see the video clips and the transitions there's a cross fade in between the two clips. Here's, our scifi intro in our cinematic hit. And we're going to split those up on two different tracks here in a minute. And then over here, as I collect to activate the item in the timeline panel, it activates, of course, in the layers panel. And if I move my play head over there, I can see what's happening at that point and that's where our legend of suit man text and underneath it is another solid color adjustment later, okay, all right, so let's, go back to the project that we're building together. And I'm actually going to delete the cinematic hit from this track because what I want is that side, if I enter to play continuously and I want that special effect to play also not instead of so let's, go ahead and click to activate the cinematic hit and press the delete key that's his that's how easy it is to delete clips and delete audio case and nail I can go ahead and extend my audio your audio will not extend past its original length. Ok, so you can't increase the length of the audio beyond what it was originally and photo shop you can certainly make it shorter, but you can't make it longer. Yes, is there a way to automatically have the music track play repeatedly? Yes, yeah, I believe I'll have to hunt for that, but I think it is in there. There is a loop I know there is a loop when you're exporting your videos, he can determine whether the video ends there it lose, but I think there's an audio lupin there too will find it during the break and we'll come back to that ok still lists. Go ahead and add more on you. So this time we're going to click the little musical news and we're going to add a new audio track and that's the way that you can have several different pieces of audio playing at the same time good for special effects so we'll go ahead and click new audio track there we go and now we've got two audio tracks down here, ok, so we just automatically appeared underneath the first one, so now we can click the plus sign to the right of the second audio track and now that's where we're gonna put our cinematic hit, okay, so now many grab it and scooted around, we're gonna grab our play head so we can see exactly the time code when he is hitting the ground are as best as we can tell and once we get are playing in the right position and you can simply grab that cinematic it and just move it to wherever you need it to be and male. Our goal is tio trim a little bit more off of our videos so that we don't exceed the length of that scifi soundtrack because we want that to be playing during her videos and this is all great stuff to see because you can see it's it's you know, there's trial on air with this stuff and this is the kinds of things that you will be doing so I'm just clicking to activate the clip and then pointing my cursor there we go, we'll call that good now let's, go back and find our hit so we position our sound effects. There we go. So now, let's, take a peek at what we've got, so we've got our scifi inter music playing way. We're gonna have a cross fade that fades one clip into the next clip, and hopefully wear we go. Our sound effect is in the right spot, so it's super easy to scoot things around and move things around and continue editing. And again, you just have to click to activate the thing you want to mess with, and then point your cursor and click and drag in the direction you want to change it. Same thing with the transitions. If I decide that transition that at the beginning of the movie is a little bit too long, I can simply click to activate it and shorten it a little bit by dragging into the left.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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Lesa's methodical way of coaching is done with ease and clarity. Together with John Greengo and Sue Bryce, she is one of my favourite mentors in CL. I purchased her CS5 and even before finishing it got the CS6 intensive class. Now Photoshop is no monster to fear but a powerful monster to create impact-fully beautiful photos. Good for both beginners and advance users!