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Close that document. If you're curious, we've been looking at the back of the wine lab less with the front looks like you already. So now let's, take a look at a feature that is on ly in the program because people screamed to the highest heavens for three years and we put it back and see a six and that is contact sheets. So what I want to do is show you what the heck they are. Then we're going to look at how tio make one and I created a couple already. I created a couple already. Thank you photoshopped. So what? This is all going to full screens to concede a little bit bigger. These are not my pits, these air stock images, but they're funny. So I did a search for pets with sunglasses, and I made this fictitious company for the book called pet shades pets days dot com you consent to me money if you make a bazillion dollars off of that. So here we have a slew of shots with sunglasses on their pits, so contact sheets is a great way for you to take a slew of images and have photoshopped re...

size them into thumbnail so they off it on fewer pages. So multiple images on the same page this is a great thing for photographers if you've done a photo shoot and you want to quickly print out a contact sheet like postage stamp size that you can control the size of these images as I'll show you in the next document if you want to print out a sheet for your clients so so they can see you know some of the photos, maybe they'll pick one or circle one from the shoot for you to enlarge or print so on and so forth so that's what a conscience contact she does you stuff a bunch of images into a folder and you run a script that tells photoshopped how you want them place on the page, how many columns you want, how many rows you want? What kind of label and you want underneath? Do you want the full image name? Do you want the image name not to appear? What fought do you want the image name to appear in and so on and so forth they're very handy if you do a lot of shooting, you could also use this if you're honest you to show off different versions of a design for designers like if you create a bunch of different versions of a product at then you could quickly make a contact she printed out take it to your client, take it to art director circle not that not that you know that one, that kind of thing also useful if you're trying to figure out the perfect image to use for project say for example, you've downloaded a bunch of stock photography, but you don't know all the images would work that you don't know which one you're art director client wants make a contact sheet out of those things, email it or printed and have them tell you which one to use so let's look at how to make these this is one of the easiest things that will do the first step is, of course, too corral all of your images into a single folder, so if you buy the class, you're gonna get, you're going to get all these images can you believe it? So here we are, we're in a folder number fourteen on the first day contact sheet and within that folder, I've made a folder called pet shades and we've got twenty two, twenty three some on images in there, so can you imagine placing those all in a document by hand being right there? So steph allan put all those images in a single folder now you're going to choose file automate okay, so here's contact sheet to its right here and I will say that when adobe ripped him out of sixty s for they did include this functionality in bridge so you could make contact sheets and bridge but not photoshopped announced back photo shop, so we'll go ahead and click contact she you get admittedly an older looking dialog box and the first thing that it wants to do is to tell it where the images live, so since we've already put ours in the folder, we're going to leave this set to folder but you could choose individual files and you or you could choose files from bridge either way we'll leave it set to folder next thing you need to do is telephoto shot where that folder lives, so we'll click the choose button and we're going to come over to our files here's my files were still in day one and we're gonna go down to where that pet shades folder is and we're going to give it a click and click open ok, you can use these check boxes right here to include any sub folders that you might have a nested within that folder let's say you've got a folder, nelson wedding sheets and within that holder let's say you've got other folders by date, so maybe you did some shots of the bride before the wedding they needed some rehearsal dinner you know, see you might have folders inside of folder so you can turn on include sub folders tio have photoshopped dig damn through all that as well and if you do that you can turn on group images by folder so it'll cluster those together there were in the other folders we're just going to cool down here in the middle of the document is where you can set up the formatting you can tell a photo shop what size paper you're printing on if you're going to print it you might want to leave it set to at least you know anywhere in were higher than two hundred forty if you're printing on your engine printer at home depending upon what you want the quality to be like to be honest in your own tests with your own printer rgb color mood how many colors eight bit leave all that alone down here in this sectional seem a little bit so you can see it the thumbnail section that's where you can really control the formatting so this is where you can tell photoshopped how many columns you want how many rows and if it needs more pages to include all of the photos that you told it to include it will just create more dot hkn it's okay so you're telling it how many columns and rose you want on a per page basis so if you want your from nails to be larger what do you do fewer columns and fewer rose not exactly intuitive but nevertheless a way to get it done and we do not say get her done in texas he's not from texas ok, so if you've got images that need to be rotated then you can turn on rotate for best fit photo shop will do what it thinks it needs to do so far is rotating and like I said you can also control the fund can you guys see it the style of boxes along and I literally can't move it up any farther so down here this is where you can set the fund that's used as well as the size for the labels and if you don't want any labels you can just turn that off see youse finally in his caption final want captions for now but if you've got in the contact she if you have several images from the same shoot that are identical, then you definitely want to leave that on else you'll never know which file your client really likes you don't have those file names on there soon I mean like I always keep my camera set on burst moves so I'm firing off like five shots of everything when I click the shutter button one of those in the middle if I'm not shooting with a track hade will be the sharpest image right? Just from camera shake introduced by depressing in are releasing the shutter button so I always leave found them honest caption that way I know what exactly the one that they like and I'm not guessing okay, so when you're all done, you simply click ok and you sit back and you have a nice if of tea while photo shop gathers up all your images, re sizes them, labels them and creates however many documents it needs to to fit all of your images onto that page. Now we're going to end up with c it's already on the second document. Now we're going to dip with quite a few because I restricted it to three rose by three columns so that my thumbnails would be larger but it does it all automatically and it's really fast course the more images, the more slowly it's going to go. So here we go. So now we've got pretty big thumbnails right compared to what we did have so that's a neat thing, so contact sheets back in the program. Pdf presentation is nearly the same thing, but you would use that when you want tio put the m a single images on their own page, so for example, we could run pdf presentation on the same folder of images and what we would end up with is a pdf document one image per page full page so we could either send that pdf to a client and they could simply page in eight through those different photos, but you can also turn it into a slide show so you can send a pdf slideshow to your client and they can click play with pdf document and it just goes through all the images so that's anything the dialog boxes nearly the same such use file automate pdf presentation and it's the same kind of thing where do your files live? Do you want a multi page pdf or do you want to slide show pdf all right what color do you want? The background what information? From the meta data of the image do you want included in the pdf do you want finally entitled description author copyright the e x f info from your camera that's going to be stuff like did the flash fire what what was the aperture? What was the iast oh what was the shutter speed kind of stuff like that in any notes that you've included for the client so that's a handy thing as well and if you click the presentation option then you get a few more settings down here at the very bottom how fast? How long do you want each of the images to stay on screen. Okay by default is set to five seconds. Do you want to loop the presentation? So in other words, do you want to continue to run it after it ends? Do you want to start over? And what kind of transition do you want to put between the images okay, so you can do a fade you can do across why you could, you know, feud a few different options there for you for presentations, all right? And so if there's any questions on contact sheets, I'd like to answer those and then at around straight up four o'clock I've got a another special little thing that I want to show you that's actually going to be a free maybe on the on the unpaid course, so even if you don't buy the course, you'll be able to see the maybe that will do after we take questions for contact sheets. Cool uh we've got one from helios damaging of tacoma can the export to pdf print option b disabled directly from photo shop? See of sex or would preventing print from the pdf contact she need to be handled in acrobat pro directly that's a great question I believe it needs to be handled an acrobat pro because that's where you can what he's talking about is you can create a pdf and prevent people from printing it that's what he's talking about and that's kind of anything to dio if you're printing out nearly full size images and you don't want somebody tio snatch them, you can also prevent people from copying, pasting from a pdf you can prevent them from emailing it you can do on all kinds of privacy options, security options but all of that needs to be handled in acrobat. So you create the pdf and photo shop and if you bought created cloud or master suite or any of the bundles, acrobat comes with it, especially that I know the production premium of the design premium acrobat comes with those bundles, so you may have acrobat already, but you would need to set the security options over there. Um, kg photo twenty to ask, can you put a margin on the left side so they can that you can punch holes in it? That's a good question can you put on margin? You can't really I don't think he can really specify margins. What you can do is is tweak the size of these thumbnails, but let me just pop back in there and check on that so we'll go into the file menu, choose, automate and then contact sheet tio, if I turn off auto spacing down in the thumbnail section, I may be able to change that margin. There's not really a margin setting per se, but what this does is it lets you determine how much spaces in between each image, and maybe if you increase that to say, point to five point five, maybe would then put that on the sides of the page as well. So that's the only way I know of that you could mess with the margin. So it be a combination of changing the columns and rose quantity and then turning off that auto spacing in increasing the amount of space that photo shot by default. This between your some nails, all right, one last question, because we're out of time, but from vera m can custom in design templates be applied in contact. She two? I don't believe so. I don't know. You can also d'oh the same kind of thing through bridge, and I'm not sure maybe if you dug down into the a bridge application folder, if you found a presets folder for those contact sheets, maybe if you copied the same thing from the indesign folder, wherever that lives like in design process, maybe if you copy that into the bridge presets folder, it might work. I'm not real sure I haven't. I haven't tried that there's, not a simple way to d'oh.

Class Description

Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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Lesa's methodical way of coaching is done with ease and clarity. Together with John Greengo and Sue Bryce, she is one of my favourite mentors in CL. I purchased her CS5 and even before finishing it got the CS6 intensive class. Now Photoshop is no monster to fear but a powerful monster to create impact-fully beautiful photos. Good for both beginners and advance users!