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Animating Clips and Graphics


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Starter Kit

Lesson 9 of 10

Animating Clips and Graphics


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Animating Clips and Graphics

Well, we know how to size the clip we know how to position clip we can have a drop shot of the clip but how do we animate the clip that's the last big concept I want to talk about that we haven't discussed yet we've touched on it's called key frames but we haven't shown them how it's done ahh key frame is a point of change during playback we always use key frames in pairs there's always a starting position and unending position and one of things that I've learned is if you want to animate into an effect, the easiest way to do that is to create the finished effect first then add key frames don't start by starting with a uncompleted effect and then create the key frames because what happens is you're both creating key frames and you're creating the effect at the same time and you're stumbling over yourself so here for instance I wanna have this tree image start full screen and fly back to this position I'm going to create a key frame I want to have the flying done right about there and I...

want to have the fly back start here so let's put our play head where we want the finished effect to be and what we've changed is we've changed the position and we've changed the scale so see this stopwatch setting right here click the stopwatch and it sets a key frame at the position of the play head in the selected clip for position and I've said another key frame for scale nothing appears different in the timeline but we can see now that the key frame highlight is here if there's no key frame at the position of the play head nothing appears next to that particular parameter if there is a key frame at that particular frame where the play head is parked which is not easy to say where that particular frame of the play had this park if there is a key frame at that position then you'll see the key from indicator which is a solid diamond now I'm going to go back to the beginning of the clip which is here and notice that now the diamond is hollow indicating that there is a key frame to the right but there's no key frame here I can either click toe add a key frame or click the key frame button over here you need to use this to set the first key frame after that you can either change a parameter or click in here or click here to be able to add a new key frame and what showed up his two key frame indicators in the timeline portion of the the effects display now we're going to go back to our default setting which is going to be three twenty let's see we're going to scale this to one hundred percent and it's going to be three twenty I just click on it to highlight it two forty make it bigger but put up a pup way are so let's just make that bigger so it fills the frame wait so I've now set this so as I play it it's going to start here starts full screen and it gradually uh look at that this is the big problem that we've got is that there were two key frames next to each other to delete q frame we're just going to click here to delete it go back to our first key frame zoom that up a little bit where we are now as we go through I'm using the arrow keys and notice how it's stepping back and animating so that it goes from our tree it now animates back using key frames if you want the animation to take longer change the location of your second key frame the distance between the first and the second key frame determines the duration of the effect this is about an eight frame move so it pops back pretty quickly if you didn't want it to start at the beginning then you would put a key frame in the middle key frames are how we animate everything play it there it is now to render this because notice that's got a yellow render bar means that it needs to be rendered before final output we can also render by going to the sequence menu and say render from the end of the out or render whatever you have selected well, just click here but it will play this in real time and have it look wonderful so animation is done by adding key frames. We always add key frames in pairs and you always create your effect first and then you add the key frames to animate into the effect because it's easy to reset in effect back to zero it's not as easy to go from a standing start into the effect, so we've seen how to take something simple like a photo montage or slide montage add music to it adds some dissolves create that we've seen how we can create a picture in picture effect by stacking to arm or clips and scaling the top clips to be whatever size you want let's take everything and we've learned how we can animate by applying key frames let's take everything we've learned into something totally new and interesting jim don't look whatever you do don't look because as soon as you see this you're gonna laugh it made you going to say, larry, how did you ever get anybody to allow you to use photo shop? This is a photo shop graphic that I myself created it is it is a piece of work that's all I can say it is a piece of work it has three layers to it, it has the text, it has a logo and it has a background image now, let's, just imagine, for the sake of discussion that this logo was actually a beautiful loco, a company logo that I would like to animate like make it spin, and I'd like to have the text increase in size. Well, I've already got the photo shop graphic why not take what I've already created and spent months creating and create a small little? I'm designed challenge here. This one took me a while to figure out any way I want to pull this into premiere so here's, how we do this? We make sure we're inside the project panel doesn't really make a difference. We could do it inside them media browser, but I'm going to go up and do file import. This is the old fashioned way off importing a graphic, and I'm going to find my my clip and click important it opens up a dialogue. This dialogue on lee shows up when I'm importing a layered, photoshopped graphic or layered png or layered tiff, but these just ways to psd that's got layers to it. We have four choices merch, all layers merged layers, individual layers or sequence if I select, merge all layers. It's going to bring in every layer whether it's three or two or one it's going to bring it in as a single layer image like it was a j peg that I download from the web this is fine, but you're going to lose the ability to manipulate each individual layer we can bring in merged layers hang on, look up the definition this imports selected layers I can say don't bring in the other shape but do bring in the mountain majesty do bring in the background and condensed them down to a single layer image so this brings in all the layers and condemns us it when I do merge all layers this allows me to select which layers I bring in this also allows me to bring in selected layers I just want to bring in the text or just want to bring in the background but it brings each of those layers in as its own graphic element or we could bring it into the sequence, which is what I'm going to do here. I'm going to bring in all three layers as three separate elements and at the same time create a sequence with it so I click ok it homes and whistles for second and there it creates a text and logo bin which when I double click it I've got my background layer my mountain touch layer, my yellow shape player and a sequence called text and logo that has my three images in it if I put my play head here if I turn this off there's my text there is my yellow thing, gus and there is my background I want to do three things I want to blur the background while at the same time spinning this logo in an interesting and evocative way but smaller and in the corner and I want to have the text increase in size so I'm going to manipulate using key frames and using the effects controls that we just talked about to be able to manipulate this image not again think about photoshopped document that you've already built wouldn't it be cooled to convince the client that you can animate this in a simple, easy way that allows you to create an animated logo that they could put it the beginning of a youtube video think the production credits that you see on every movie that you see those congee very simple pieces of animation of very complex pieces of animation if it's complex give it to somebody else but if it's simple, why give it to somebody else when you yourself can do it let's start by animating the text select the logo, go up to the effects control twirled down motion and I'm going to animate the text but see, we're gonna have the text and a graphic start a little bit later and I'm gonna have a tech start a little bit later yet this indicates that first I see the background then let's just play that a bit more there we go so I'm gonna have the text fade in it's going to be on a dissolve command d and then as it fades in it's going to start um it's going to start growing so I'm going to add the dissolve later because otherwise it gets too hard to set the key for him. So select the clip when a set scale gonna have it started eighty percent I'm going to set a key frame by clicking the key frame and then it's going to increase in size over the duration of the clip tio here to one hundred percent. So now as I play this back and we'll just trim that out, share all right, so I play this back mountain majesty grows and then it freezes and everything just stays in place done so I've got by opening key frame to say this if I wanted to start moving by closing key frame where wanted to stop moving and your images will always be of high quality if you scale them to one hundred percent or less, I want to have it fade in command d and now you see the finished use of the text it fades in, zooms up and stops well let's get our yellow thinking to spin first we need to position it select a clip go up to the go up to let's go toe window effect controls twelve down motion to scale this to about forty percent only because I was practicing this I'm gonna make it smaller click our little icon up here which allows me to move it I'm going to move the frame that contains this up to up here I think we can see that and now watch what happens is I rotated it's not rotating on its center which is indicated by that black dot it's actually rotating on the frame that contains the image let's take a closer look at this this is the frame the photoshopped frame two contains this image the suit which was designed to be a little bit high it's not at the center of the image the crosshair here indicates the center of the frame when we rotate we're not actually rotating the element we're rotating the frame that contains the element which means I need to change the point around which the image rotates or scales and that is the anchor point I spent a lot of times I was getting ready to teo do this presentation trying to figure out some easy numerical formula that would allow me to say this is how you move it and it can't be done there's no easy numerical formula instead what I want to do yes, I'm going to zoom in on this to say seventy five percent size, and I'll just drag over and drag up. My goal is to put the cross hair, which represents the point in the frame around which the object represent rotates on top of the black dot at the center of my graphic, so grab the anchor point, click hold and drag and get those two guys tow perfectly align ride there now, when I say fit this in the window and let's, rotate this notice that now my object rotates right on the anchor point because I've shifted the point of rotation from being the center of the frame to the center of the object. The on ly way you see, this is to make sure that that icon right here is clicked, but once that icon is clicked, it becomes really, really easy to position by click hold on, dragging the anchor point to put it on top, so now we're going to add a key frame and the key frame is at the beginning will set it for rotation. I don't keep from anchor point because I'm not changing the anchor point. You only key framed that which is changing, so I'm going to set an anchor point for rotation and I'm going to go to the the mountain find that closing key frame by highlighting the mountain go up to effect controls click this right pointing arrow here that takes me to the second key frame without moving to play head go back to this yellow shape clip create a key frame here this allows me to navigate between key frames in one clip and a set key frames in a second clip and I'm going to have this go seven hundred twenty degrees, two full circles and now, as we play, this again will add a dissolve command d fade in there's our rotating logo there is our mountain majesty let's do one more thing let's go to the yellow shape let's look for a drop shadow and we got to be an effects drop shadow there it is dropping on top of the clip. We also have adjustment layers inside premiere the way we have adjustment layers inside photo shop and you guys already know how that works, so you're going to create a new one by going down to the new section create a new adjustment layer it works the same inside premiere it affects everything below that particular layer so a select our yellow shape go to drop shadow increased the opacity say somewhere around ninety or so create increase the distance, increase the softness take a look at what we've ended up with and now I've got this nice drop shadow the drop shot it was assigned to the frame, not to the object notice how the drop shadow this is maybe not ideal. See how the drop shadow the sun is moving the shadows high now the shadows low now the shot was high that's pretty stupid so let's just get out of this and we'll turn off the drop shadow by clicking the fx button the effects but no lodge to toggle and effect on with fx lit or off with affects gray. Now the last thing that we want to do is I wanna have the background go out of focus as the text comes in, so I'm going to go to our background text selected and we're going to look for a blur. Blurs are their own category under effects under blur and sharpened and just as with photo shop, probably the best blur to use when you just want something to go out of focus is a gaussian blur, click hold and dragged the gaussian blur it again appears inside. The effect controls a gaussian blur and it defaults to zero so there's no change in the blur when in the clip, when a blur is applied, click a key frame to say where I want the blur to start and click a key frame where I want the blur to end and let's just make this a nice blurry shot right about there and now is, well, let's do one more thing. I'm I'm feeling just bereft that I can't use the drop shadow, so we'll go back to video effects. Drop, drop it on top of the text, we don't have to add drop shadows inside photo shop. We can add drop shadows inside premier, click and make it darker. Around ninety percent, make it a bit more distant, too much split the difference right about there make a little bit softer. Ok, now we're done. We've taken are layered, photoshopped, graphic and animated it. It goes out of focus, and, of course, you're going to read the text because we are forcing first. We're forcing people to look at the logo because it's moving and your eye goes to movement. Then, once you recognize the logo, then we go to the text and we force people to look at the text because the background has gone out of focus.

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We are so happy that we bought this class. This is the prefect introduction for beginners. We admire not only Larry's knowledge but his talent & willingness to share it. He does it very well! We personally love his humor, (you may call it sarcastic). He makes it easy to learn & remember this way; much easier than a dry, word to word presentation. We owned Premier Pro for a long time, but remained intimidated by its spaceship-like appearance & got quickly overwhelmed. Not anymore! Thank you, Larry, you are fantastic!

Frank Crews

Larry is a terrific teacher - for me this course had a great balance of tech and artistic teachings - While he can be a little cheesy at times he gets away with this well because of his clear ability to teach and to teach clearly. When looking for the next level to take on I hope he is an option!


I actually do really love this class. For those of us who like and need to take our times in understanding how Adobe Premiere works, Larry is a great teacher. He keeps it entertaining and helps you cut time through talking about keyboard shortcuts.