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Class Introduction

Now let's take a peek at what we're going to be doing today. So here we are, the Adobe Premier Quick Start. And I just wanna go over with the basic concepts that we'll be covering. So this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna meet Premier Pro. I just want you to get comfortable with it. I'm gonna go over the interface, talk a little bit about it. We're going to then build a rough cut. And just a basic rough cut, just so you have an idea of how to bring clips into the timeline, and how to manipulate them in the timeline. And that's where we come into refining your edit. So you know, the idea of editing, it's a lot like word processing. You're writing a document, and so you write that first draft, you just get it out there. And then you wanna go in and you wanna tweak it. You wanna pick better words, you wanna make sentences shorter. And that's akin to refining your edit. Making it more exciting, making it flow, getting out all that extra material that will just make your show drag. We're...

then gonna get into some of the nuances such as working with audio. We're gonna be bringing in an interview clip, and cleaning that up. We'll bring in some music also, and work with that. We'll learn how to duck music under, and even clean up audio that may not necessarily be perfect. We're gonna then of course, everybody likes to smooth out their edit, and that's one of the key values of transitions. So we're gonna look at applying transitions, manipulating the transitions, making them longer, shorter, and even modifying them. And then in addition to transitions, we're gonna be looking at filters and effects. And filters and effects can do many things. You can use them to stylize your show, you can use them to fix problems, you can use them to color correct. So we're gonna look at applying filters, how we do it, how we modify it, and some other things that you can do with filters. We're gonna then look at motion effects. Now motion effects are things like picture in picture. How do you do a picture in picture? Maybe how do you do a pan across a photograph? I know a lot of the creative live audience are photographers, and you're taking your photographs and you're putting them into video. But you don't want it to necessarily be still. You may wanna focus on a unique element within the frame of that footage, or the frame of that shot. And we'll be learning that, and that's part of motion effects. Of course you can't deliver a show without a title and without lower thirds. So we're going to look at creating titles, and creating lower thirds. And then we'll move onto some of the clean-up, some basic color correction. If your color balance is different when you shot the footage, how can you easily clean it up? If something is of low contrast, how can you fix it? We're gonna cover this lightly. We have an entire course on color correction in Premier Pro, but we wanna make sure that if you take this course, and you watch it, and you need to fix a problem, you can do some nice, quick fixes. And then of course, when you're finally done with your show we're gonna talk about different ways that you can export your show, and then archive it. Clean it up, make sure that you can go back into the program six months later, a year later, and maybe make changes, and be able to find all of your footage. And then of course we will wrap up. We will be taking questions throughout the day. And I'll be happy to answer those as they come along. And we'll do some wrap-up questions at the end of the day for anything that we might have missed that you're interested in what we have covered.

Class Description

If you want to wrap your head around the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, and only have one day to get up and running, this is the course to kick-start your entry into the world of video editing. Join Abba Shapiro in this fast-paced, one-day class, as he guides you through the basic skills you need to create a video with Premiere Pro.

Abba will cover:

  • Setting Up A Project
  • Importing Video And Photos
  • Basic Editing Techniques
  • Working With Audio
  • Applying Filters And Transitions
  • Creating Titles
  • Exporting Your Project

Feel comfortable and confident in your editing, this course will show you how to take your videos and photos and turn them into visual stories. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business to include video, this class will help you get the technical confusion out of the way so you can focus on being creative.

Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017



One more amazing class from Abba! The is a fantastic teacher who would explain complicated issues and make it souds so simple. Lots of information to work with. Really great speaker and his humor is brilliant. Love his class!!! Will be rewatching it again and again.

a Creativelive Student

This is the most succinct class for Premiere Pro that gives you exactly what you need to get started. The software is deep, but this will get you up and running in less time than trying to find it in a book or on the web. Abba's style is easy to listen to and he doesn't waste words as he takes you through the panels to show the options and how to think about not only using the tools but how to organize your media to make it easier to get the job done. Teaming with Colin Smith was great because Colin is also on Creative Live and gives great tutorials in Photoshop Cafe so it was fun to see the video they created together.


This is an excellent class to learn Adobe Premiere Pro - there's a lot of information included and Abba is a great teacher. He's clear and to the point and easy to listen to. Highly recommend.