Advanced Bass Production


Advanced Bass Production


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Day 1 Wrap-Up

You know we've covered so much today talked about like tracking you know set first while setting your base up getting the foundation right you know, tuning strings all that important stuff talked about tracking editing, getting tones revamping you know and all ready to start talking about mixing I think now the cool stuff coming up on day two do you want to cover some of the stuff really going over then yeah tomorrow will probably we're going to go morninto layering and more utilizing the layers today we've ramped a couple layers tomorrow well in this same song we're going toe reem a couple more getting a couple cleaner tones with the sbt classic as well as some more driven tones with the axe effects and it's funny that j t d chimed in because he's the one that I mentioned earlier really got me into just having super driven metallic sparkly, disgusting based tracks and he actually running up the sleeping giant record with those and that's when I fell in love with that so thanks jeff we...

'll do that we'll start like e queuing stuff out to make everything blend together so it doesn't sound like you're dealing with three four five tracks but more just one mess together track where we uh we'll feed into some limiter so that everything can kind of gunk up together in a really nice way talk about a little bit about compressing to the drums which isn't as much my thing because I cut so much loaned out a guitar talk about how much I'm high passing I high past guitars and talk about what other people I know do um that do it different ways that make records in different ways and ideo gating teo the guitar tracks to make everything like really punch and chug like I have everything none of that extra feedback that we're dealing with right now because I didn't bring a noise gate like an idiot that's what we'll deal with mostly is just not going to go super far into how to make a mix because that was jesse cannons thing but I'm going to show how I start toe workout base with guitars and with drums and then all and the day with like I said, I have another session where it's just a sans amtrak where I neglected to recorded the ira riel ample room talk about how you would deal with something like that using a magic you as well, which is justin bernard is his favorite trick engineer town temple and show how you can kind of deal with what you've been given and that will be helpful for a lot of engineers working with other people's tracks or when you come back to attract he recorded a year ago and it's like I've gotten better now but how can I save this so I don't have to retract it and I think that's something that everybody deals with because you're always listening to your old stuff, like how I did that really bad. And I'm gonna try. And I haven't done it yet. So I'm going to actively try and rescue a base tone that I could have done better on and see how that turns out.

Class Description

Everyone knows that bass guitar is the foundation of a great modern rock mix. It’s the unsung hero that holds the entire track together. Join Winds of Plague bassist and Soundtemple Studios founder Andrew Glover for a course dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to record, edit and mix great modern bass tones.

Drawing on his 10+ years in the music industry, Andrew will guide you through tracking and getting tones using real amps and amp simulators. Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of editing and mixing bass that will take your tones from good to great including tone layering, eq/compression, and much more.