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Building Layouts by Scraplifting

So let's talk about inspiration where do you find inspiration normally for your scrapbooking pages if you're not going to use a template magazine sometimes have had as in magazines, what about him? I like that people in the online chat room too while we're talking, how about do you ever look through the galleries and pinterest is a great place to find scrap booking? Um inspiration is there anywhere else that we're talking about online? That is a great like maybe I don't know about I'd like to find some more scrapbooking layouts ads are a great place, especially it especially for that linear look adds a lot of very linear, but we're going to talk about first, um finding inspiration in the galleries, finding inspiration from other people and for my first lay out, I'm going to scrap with somebody and that something even a scrap lift is holly over at the sweet shop, of course she's ah sugar babe so she's on the site team and she's pretty amazing and I was strolling to the gallery and I lov...

e this layout and is so cute and it's so simple, but it really captivates my eye with all of these triangles, so I'm gonna make a template from this layout I'm not actually usually out, but I'm going to use it as inspiration to make my own template so that I can scrapbook um, ali out that looks just like this. So let me make photo shop just a touch smaller. Ok, so this temple is actually included in the r s v p section is already done for you, but, um, let's learn how to make it let's not just use the template, so my end product ends up looking just like this. You can see ways in which it's different than holly's. When you're scrap lifting, you don't have tio look exactly the same as the original. You really just want to be a jumping off point. Now, please remember when you scrap lift. If you are posting into the galleries, you want to make sure that you credit the original layout. It's very important to give credit where credit is due, just like you credit your products, you're going to want to make sure that you credit the layout as well. You can link back to lay out with that gallery allows that or you can just say, um I scrapped lifted this layout by holly. Ok, so let's start with the dreaded blank canvas. I'm gonna open up a new canvas twelve by twelve from the pre set that we created the other day, but if you don't have a preset, you could do twelve by twelve three hundred d p I and also transparent background and remember to save a preset for something that you use all the time all you have to do is click save preset, and it will save it with the dimensions so that you can have it, you can also rename it if you really want to scrap book way out, something like that, so I'm going to start with a twelve by twelve and let's make it bigger so that we can see ourselves what we're doing in here and close this so we can see. So obviously we're going to start with a background paper and you can try and make it exact you can try and replicated exactly how she did it, but I'm not going to be perfectly exact. I'm just going tio draw triangles and really start making it my own so here's, my background paper and I'm gonna lock it over here in the layers college so that when I am drawing in that sort of thing, it doesn't move, so you can lock it so that it can never be touched again, you can lock it so that it cannot move, you can lock it so that the the it cannot be painted and you can lock it so that it will always stay with the same transparency on the edge you're not going to need to worry about all that just lock all and then we're going to use our polygon tool because while there is a shape tool of a triangle, it's already at set dimensions so we would have to go in and edit that triangle. So I'm just going to make my own triangle, and we wanted to have three sides and we don't want a smooth corners and we don't want to start so let's click and drag, and I wanted to be straight up and down as close as I can get it because all of these triangles are gonna have, um, either either going to be pointing up there, they're going to be pointing down so let's, just start with one that points down, and we want to make sure that it's a different color than our background papers so that we can see it and I'm going tio hollywood something they go on up here in this corner that I really like, and I'm going to make it big. Now you can see I'm not being exact, I'm not using her lay out as a and I'll be all putting on my putting it on my page and really copping it perfectly. I just really like the way that these triangles look and that's what I want to scrap, lift tracy. For each shape you don't have to create a new layer it automatically creates the next layer yeah, so if I were to draw if I were to go on to my polygon tool and draw another one again it's going tio create a new layer for the shades are not like brushes so she was well enough without the same layer yeah it's not like that it's when you create a shape you're creating a new layer ok? Perfect okay, so now I have another triangle and I'm going to make this one point up and we're gonna put it over here and at this point I'm like, ok, what am I building around let's make sure that we put the photo on here so that I have the photo placement so that I know what I'm building around so I'm going tio pull it on into the middle and if you if you have something like this and you want to pull it directly where it is on the other documents if you click and drag and hold down shift it will take that layer and put it exactly on the new document where it was on the old guy ackman ok, so now I have my photo placement and I'm ready to go let's go back to holly's, you know? And so I'm going to put this up a little bit higher and duplicate this I'm not gonna have to draw a triangle every time since I'm using the same shape over and over again I'm just going to duplicate the layers and rotate them and re size them so I want this one point down and we're gonna put it underneath now what these triangles do and what makes it such a cool layout design is that they kind of point in the direction that you want to go even though some of them are pointing up in some of them are pointing down and not towards the photo it still gives your eyes directions to go in places to move around the campus it's a very it's a very fun layout design and it gives your place lot are your eyes lots of places to look so I'm going to resize that a little bit because I don't want it touching my photo and then I'm just going to click in drag ok so let's talk about what happened here I know that you said well do they create new layers when you when you draw with a shape? What happens is if you try and click and drag to create a new layer like you do with brass tries layers sometimes if you have the path selected around the shape that um of the layer that you want to duplicate and then you click and if you hold down command option and click and drag it will add to the shape player rather than create a new shape layer which could be a problem because if we go into clip papers to this later it's going to be a problem that's going to clip to both shapes so we don't want that so you have to make sure to watch out for that the path isn't selected now so it's creating a new shape now perhaps your photo would be vertical instead of course you don't scrap lifting doesn't mean that it is an exact copy it just means that hey, these triangles really inspired me and so I'm going to use them to not making my pretty similar so her similar to hers because we have the same kind of photo in the middle I want to show kind of ah really scrap lefty scrap lift really big nice copy so I have almost all my triangles ready to go and that is all I'm going tio um scrap lifts from holly's layout is just the triangles and the photo placement everything else I'm going to use my own kids I'm going to use my own photos and now I'm gonna start building the layout from the triangle position okay got all the triangles I'm a bill the rest of it from my own aesthetic and how I wanted to look ok? So I'm going to be using my popular if september kid uh let's open up the papers he's a really fun bright papers I really liked that feel of her layout as well so I wanted to replicate how fun and bright the papers are and just like with the templates that we used before now that I have my own template I can come in here and I can choose all of these players individually and clip my papers to the paper layers oh, but that's leaves and I don't want that so let's try different layer let's do this one instead just because a kid is theme doesn't mean that you have to use all of the themed objects so this kid because it was released in september is kind of fall themed but really I'm just going to avoid all of the fall embellishments because this layout has really nothing to do with fall this is my little list on the couch watching youtube does anybody else's kids like watch youtube incessantly it's crazy what is going on? And of course there are always the most annoying obnoxious youtube people my kids like the ones that scream at the video games I need headphones just to survive in my house okay? So now that we have the papers all settled we want to start building our layout and based on some of the rules of design now are we always going to want every single time to follow every rule of design? Is that necessary? You know no, we don't need to follow every rule of design in fact, this layout breaks a few of them um so I'm going to resize these papers we talked about that last time resized them smaller so that you can see more of the pattern and we need a background paper and we're good to go now as you can see even when I'm starting from scratch I always, um start with my papers now you could be a big embellish er and you always start with your embellishments that works too but for me my work flow is always papers so um how often do you guys and how often in the chat room do you guys scrap lift do you ever do it? Yeah that's um might that is my number one go to besides uh besides using templates and I think it is most people's number one go to besides using templates people who have been paper layouts and try to do additionally yeah, that's fun especially when you're trying to recreate the shadows. Okay, yeah, I love going into the paper scrap king world for digital inspiration to what about in the chat room, jake? Hell, yeah looks like scrap lifting is something that a lot of people are doing and they find their ash sharing all sorts of different sites that they go to for inspiration example laughlin seemed to just they're going through online although libby says she doesn't get inspiration from designers, newsletters generate seems to be online sites where they get their inspiration template and see what the designers showed as example what other people that created him david the template oh yeah, so when you use that template, you can still kind of scrap list because even though you're using the template someone because so many their ways yeah, that makes sense and it seems that scrap lifting his some of them but most of them are doing all their mama tresses not too often, she says, I might get a very loose inspiration from a paper layer, but I almost never actually lift a page. Yeah, well, I know church personally and she is very outside the box with her scrapbooking and she's the people one of the people that other people scrapped lift. So at this point in making my lay out, I'm going to start adding shadows because I feel like once I have all of the paper, the paper piece is settled if I just go in and select all of these layers and add the paper shadows I haven't done and I never have to worry about it again, so I'm just holding down command while I click on all of the polygons and not the actual papers because again, if we select the papers it will play the shadow, you know, to the paper and not the polygon. Now, technically, you could come in here and actually click and drag and select all of these layers. Make sure you click and drag on the outside of the campus, because if you were to click and drag on something on the campus, they would just move that around. That you could technically coming here at this point and click and drag to select everything. And, um, I would dislike the background and add a shadow to everything, because because it is adding it to the papers. But their clips, you're not going to see it. So if you really want to save yourself time, it's okay to go in there and do that.

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Traci Reed will teach you how to design a custom scrapbook layout – from start to finish – in Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop.

In this class, you’ll learn how to build layouts from scratch or from a template – you’ll also learn how to create your own pocket scrapbooking layout. Traci will explain the benefits and challenges of each approach and show you how to build a page that fits your individual design sensibility. She’ll also teach you an efficient process for managing your entire layout design project.

Designing custom layouts demands a high level of organization, but keeping track of digital files can feel overwhelming. Traci will help you prepare for the important first step of getting organized. You’ll learn an easy organization system you can use so you can always find the files you need – when you need them.

If you’re ready to create photorealistic pages that reflect your own, unique style join Traci for Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop and learn how to create pages that pop.

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