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Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 4 of 36

Create Chevrons with the Shape Tool


Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 4 of 36

Create Chevrons with the Shape Tool


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Create Chevrons with the Shape Tool

So who here is still into chevron's who likes him still they've been around awhile I still like him I use them all the time but who knows how to make them really easily no okay this is what the magic of shape tools now there's a few different ways to make them but I'm going to show you the easiest way first actually let's open this so with your grade on because it's easier you want to use your rectangle tool again in a draw um it depends on how long you want your papers are your chevron to be I don't want mine to be that long so let's make it a little bit shorter and then really simply if we were to rotate this tool so that it starts going diagonally her rotate the shape so that starts going to actually then when you had another one let's flip it around negative one hundred on the wit so it flips if you were to move these two together then you have this weird, awkward space in between so instead of doing that we're going to use our direct election tool and you click and drag just to se...

lect these two points on the end and then you move just those two points up if you hold shift will go up in a straight line and then it will always tell you this he can hit don't show again because it doesn't matter and then you duplicate this layer and just like on the shadowing class you dragged the center point to the edge and then you can come up here to negative one hundred to flip it and you have a perfect chevron now you can replicate it down the line by holding down command option and shift until you have as many zigzags as you want. Just make sure that you select them all so you don't lose in these eggs eggs you can make them smaller if you squish them vertically, you could make some sharper if you squish them this way, you could make them even sharper. You can edit your chevron's in so many different ways now. The problem is is that if you drag them this way they get taller and if you drag them this way they get whiter but they never get fatter. So if you want a fat chevron after you've drawn a really thin one, then when you have two dio is coming here and holding down shift. You want us like that all the points on one edge of your chevron's so it's like all of these bottom points and then once you have them all selected, you can click on any one of them and hold down shift while you drag and it will make the entire chevron beggar squish squash yeah, I like it danny is saying she thinks chevron's are very, very cute and cannick abroad says I'm still very fond of chevron's they go so well with boy layouts, she says with three sons I have a lot of those that I miss you means a lot of boys a little chef e when you have three three's a lot crazy but it feels like three hundred when you have more than one I think so we have this chevron now and it's actually a bunch of different shapes still so what we want to do is we want to merge them all together because if we were to keep them separate they would when we went to clip papers onto them it would just clipped a one of a little chevron pieces so I like to, um march him altogether but you can see if you go to your direct selection tool they still have the lines between cause they're still separate shapes so you have to make sure that you click and drag to select all of these points again and the key with things like chevron's and stripes on your layout is that it's super fun to have some variation in the size so I like to have a big old thick one and a little tiny skinny one in between and then I probably make this bottom one somewhere in between the two sides is just tio finish off job hazard just to make it somewhere between so that there's a good variation in the size, and then you can come in and you can clip your papers to all of the chevron's. Now. This obviously varies from the layout that I showed originally. It's, a little bit different. But I really wanted to show how all of these different tools work and how really easily you can use shaped tools to really add some variety or the layup to yearly out. You don't have to rely on things that are included in the kit. You, khun totally have at it, and create your own style with your layouts.

Class Description

Learn how to make your layers lovely in Layering in Adobe® Photoshop® for Digital Scrapbookers! Traci Reed will teach you how to assemble papers, photos, and embellishments so your scrapbook pages look professional and polished, not cluttered.

There are so many fun elements to work within digital scrapbooking, but making pages that are pleasing to the eye can be a surprisingly difficult task. In this class, Traci will teach you how to use basic Adobe Photoshop tools to improve the overall look of your layout. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to create realistic depth
  • Enhancing using the dodge and burn tool
  • Designing with lighting effects

In Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers you’ll learn how to layer from the ground up. Traci will show you how to lay the perfect foundation and how to finish it off with advanced final touches like painting and stitching.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Shadowing in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I have recently discovered digital scrapbooking and have been using a great scrapbooking software that I downloaded on-line. There are limitations with the software that prompted me to look deeper for ideas. Traci's course was fantastic! I learned so much from her not only in scrapbooking layouts and using different elements in a page but my level of understanding of photoshop has improved dramatically. The presentation was easy to follow and broken into perfect chunks to go back and review the techniques. Thank you so much Traci for presenting this awesome course. I will look for more of your courses. Your scrapbooking is beautiful and inspiring!


I'm a photographer. I do a lot of graphic design for my business. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable. I saw this class being shown for free on Creative Live one day and it wasn't my first choice to watch, but was the best out of the list... I was wrong. This is a great class. I didn't expect to learn that much and I've been learning a lot! Great info!


This course was amazing. I learn some things I didn't know how to do. Traci is simple and straight forward in her teaching. Very easy to understand.