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Dodging & Burning Washi Tape

Lesson 27 from: Layering in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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Lesson Info

27. Dodging & Burning Washi Tape

Lesson Info

Dodging & Burning Washi Tape

Let's talk about watching tape, I know that it is the bane of existence let me uk they'd call it marmite it's one of those things that people actually love or it is the bane of their lives, it is one of the two is yes, it is people I mean, people love to hate it because it's so hard to use to make look realistic straight out of the box if we just had washi tape over this photo and I'm using some cool take pac from jen brett um, if we just had washi tape over this photo and I make a little smaller another look realistic and it looks kind of just like its floating in air, and so what we can do to change that is we need to dodge and burn it to create some highlight in depth. So the first thing that we're going to d'oh is we're going to make sure that our washy is definitely where we want it, because once we dodge and burn and change the washi, it is damaging so you can't go back and move the photo and because you'll still have the highlight there and it won't look very good, so what we're...

going to do is we're gonna make sure it's where we want it make it a little bit smaller and then we're gonna open up the dodge tool and we're gonna get a smallish brush and we have to make sure that we rast arise this layer otherwise we can't edit it can we're gonna get a smallish brush that's about right? This is about sixty five pixels which is good for the size that I have the washing take that but if you're washington that's bigger you're going to need a bigger rush of its smaller getting the smaller brush but for right here I'm gonna bump it up just a touch too probably eighty and then you want the mid tones we wanted to be set to midtown's and the exposure toe a really low exposure twenty percent because it's easy to overdo it and so it's a lot easier to take it away than it is army to add it again than it is to take it away so let's start here and we're going to want to click on one side right above the edge of the photo just right the very tip because we're going to create a highlight that goes right at the edge going to click it and then we're gonna hold downshift and we're gonna do click in the exact same spot on the other side and it's going to create a straight brush line across the top of the photo he and she's really subtle but we're going to build so let's make our brush just a touch smaller so it's kind of added grady in effect teo, sixty and then we're gonna click again in the same spot and hold downshift and click again. We're going to repeat the process until it's dark enough or light enough in this case, the highlight is visible. Okay, so you can see that it's starting to build now he could see the highlight, and now that we can see the highlight, we're gonna want to burn with the burnt tool what's over the photo because wanted to look like it's stuck to the photo, so the same exact process we're gonna click on one side, hold downshift and click on the other side until we get a darkness that really works for the photo that we're working with. Okay, so let's undo all that so we can see the difference so you can see all of the highlighting, disappearing and let's do it one more time, and this time I'm going tio duplicate it so we can really see the difference and you can see how fast it is, so we're gonna go to the dodge tool to about eighty pixels and we're going to click, click and then we're going to drop it a little bit. It doesn't have to be precise, it just has to reduce slightly one more time usually is three times, but the right amount, or do you just play it by whom? It's yeah it's until you feel it but it really depends on the color of the washington okay a darker washi tape is not going to take his much highlighting this is a really light washing take so it takes a lot of highlighting and you do it on the same layers, right? Yeah, the same where is that? And we've got that highlight good. So let's do the burn tool and burning a couple times. Okay, now let's see, the difference here is the burned washi tape and here is but not burned let's put them I'm gonna put them side by side so we can see a few clicks and add so much makes it look way more realistic than if you just have it hovering above the layout. So do we have any questions about blend modes and layer mass and and pain? How about in the online audience? Well, they were saying how much they really they found brushing actually intimidating right? So they found this really really enlightening us to how simple the steps are followed there really is. Yeah, yeah, yes. Any questions from our studio? Yes. Jenny mentioned recovering by blending right? Is that any? I mean because recovering stuff is not easy for me what's the easiest well, so you have a paper that's pink and you really want it to be blue? How do you easily rick color it very good question let's let's go back to this blue layout this works perfectly let's do the opposite way okay let's do read okay, so I'm not at a solid color phil and we're gonna make it read okay? We're gonna make sure it's in damn it and now it's really simple you just change it to color and now you have a red paper and now this is a super bright red paper so if it's like that and you're like whoa you can just go in here and change the red okay darker you get the less bright it's going to be now does that work with offices well recalled her in that way or it depends on the alphabet it's gonna work on anything it's gonna work most effectively on anything that's a solid color even if its variations of a solid color okay, there are other ways to rick uhler as well that would work on things that are more multi colored. So okay let's say that this is a paper okay and it's all different colors on the trump this great one on the bottom it's all different colors and we decided that the read in the paper it doesn't really match so instead of a blend mode at the very top of this layout but underneath my photo because I don't want to play I don't wanna mess with my photo I would open up uh hugh and saturation layer okay, and the since the hue in saturation is what we want to change is the red that we want to change. We're going to go into this. This is called, these are all the channels that you can change it. If you go into just read, you can change just the reds in the layout with this lighter, so now we're changing it greens, and it won't affect the other ones. Now he had reds and pinks, that's going to change both right. But if you want to re color just the reds, or just the blues, or just thinking, yeah, you have, but if if you have something that's, just one color, the color layer style really works, so color. One mode, thank you.

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I have recently discovered digital scrapbooking and have been using a great scrapbooking software that I downloaded on-line. There are limitations with the software that prompted me to look deeper for ideas. Traci's course was fantastic! I learned so much from her not only in scrapbooking layouts and using different elements in a page but my level of understanding of photoshop has improved dramatically. The presentation was easy to follow and broken into perfect chunks to go back and review the techniques. Thank you so much Traci for presenting this awesome course. I will look for more of your courses. Your scrapbooking is beautiful and inspiring!


I'm a photographer. I do a lot of graphic design for my business. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable. I saw this class being shown for free on Creative Live one day and it wasn't my first choice to watch, but was the best out of the list... I was wrong. This is a great class. I didn't expect to learn that much and I've been learning a lot! Great info!


This course was amazing. I learn some things I didn't know how to do. Traci is simple and straight forward in her teaching. Very easy to understand.

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