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Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

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Why You Should Scrapbook Digitally

Traci Reed

Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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1. Why You Should Scrapbook Digitally

Lesson Info

Why You Should Scrapbook Digitally

I'm tracy, I am so excited to be here with the studio audience and with everybody online I'm going to go in a little bit about the course and then we'll talk about me and, uh I'm ready are you guys ready? Okay, so I want to find a little bit about the course it's for all skill levels. Now I know that we talk about it being advanced digital scrapbooking, but I'm going to take you from the very basics and how shadows work and how to translate that into your scrapbooking and all the way into higher level stuff like um warping shadows and making things look like they're curled away from the page. And what do you do if you have a really puffy flour and some pieces air touching in some pieces aren't the reason why I'm teaching it in photo shop instead of in photo shop elements is because photoshopped just really can do more than photo shop elements obviously photoshopped elements is photoshopped light so there's a lot less options and a lot less control over the program than in photo shop an...

d also now that photo shop you can get phone, shop and light room and a bundle for just ninety nine a month I think it's real really a great way are a great time now for people to start advancing in the photo shop because it's, so inexpensive you can awful year of photo shop is just one hundred twenty dollars used to be thousands of dollars down, and then you could have photo shop, and now anyone can get into photoshopped. Ok, so we're going to get to my story and I'm gonna give away all my secrets but let's, talk to the audience and I'd like to know who each of you are and how long you have been digital scrapbooking so ripple, I'm marie paul I mean digital scrapbooking since two thousand five on enough, not an expert, but that's why I'm here. Deborah? Hi, I'm deborah and I've been digital scrapbooking since two thousand six allow hi, I'm lauren and I've been digital scrapbooking for two years since my son was born high end dahlia and I've been digital scrapbooking since about two thousand six. I've actually met you on sweets that's, sweet shop you have time? Yeah, I actually was on the create teams for several of its designers there, and I've learned a time I have my experience, but I'm here to learn more because I know that you're awesome at this excited to be here on I'm jane and I've been digital scrapbooking, along with paper scrap booking since two thousand six, mostly digital since about two thousand nine. But my layouts look really flat so I'm here to steal all your secrets oh, good well I'm giving them away so they don't have to steal way have a lot of veterans so that's really cool I think that unless you've really concentrated and made a really firm effort tio like improve things like shadowing and layering on a lot of times we could get stagnant even the veterans have some stuff that they can probably learn, eh? So I'm really excited so let's start with day one okay? So first we're going to talk about the why of shadowing why does it matter? Why do we care? We're doing this as a hobby doesn't really have to be so intense do we really have to worry that much about shadows? We're going tio talk about how they're cast in real life because there's anybody actually ever think about how shadows are cast in real life when you're shadowing and photo shop? I kind of I know that I just go, okay? Well, I like the way that that looks and I don't care if it looks realistic because it looks pretty on my page, so we're going to talk about how they're cast in real life and we're going to get into all of the mechanics of that, then we're going to take that we're going to translate it into the shadows, styles, palate and really figure out how you say ok, this is a really big shadow and it his cast really far away from this object and how do we do that and photo shop and how do we replicate these things and we're going to learn howto realistically shadow various flat objects and floating objects we're just gonna go into everything that we could possibly use in scrapbooking we're going to go through curled ribbons and papers and vellum we're going to talk about tricky things and we're just going to go all in because if you were going to learn anything we're going to learn it all right and then finally we're going to um learn how to make and save layer styles and actions because that's important because who wants to shadow the same thing every time you do lay out it's kind of important if you have your things that you like the way that they're done that you can do it that way every time and then we're going to take our shadows to the next level we're going to war we're going tio learn how to make things look curled we're going to have a lot of fun in segment for so let's talk about our goals for the course my main goal for this course all three courses together a deeper understanding of photo shop most people play with it on the surface and they know how to get what they need but don't really understand it, so we're going to have a deeper understanding of photo shop and how to make it work for digital scrapbooking then we're going to have a deeper understanding of the wise behind design choices. Why do we put this picture here instead of over here? Why do we have all this blank space and why are we clustering the way that we cluster and last but not least confidence? I want people to be confident in photo shop and not just nervous or I can't switch to photo shop because of unused to finish up elements so I don't want I don't want to switch to photo shop because it's scary we don't want that we want confidence in photo shop and we want people to be able to do what they need to do and not be worried about it now let's talk about why do we care? Well why do we care about all this up? Why can't we just use a template and use some stock shadows and call it good on scrap booking for my family? I'm not scrap booking for everybody else why do we care? Because at some point you're going to be wanting to go deeper scrapbooking for your family is awesome that's the only reason I scrapped lip but we want some realism eventually once we're used to the program, we're going to want things to look right we're going to look at somebody else's page and go hey, how come I can't make mine look that way so let's talk about that and I can be a really effective scrap likely out it's fun it's fun to look at it's fun to have more than just a paper and a picture and a flower and we're done it's fun to play like this. This is one of my all time favorite layouts because it's fun and it really captures the mood of my middle son who doesn't know not ever, ever stop talking ever! He never stops and you could see my frustration and you can see the fun I had with the layout and then we want to perfect the craft. I'm a perfectionist and I want it to look perfect and that doesn't mean that I'm obsessive. That doesn't mean that I'm going to be crazy, and if the shadow doesn't look right compared to the shadow, then I'm going to freak out doesn't mean that it just means I want to get to a higher level than where I wass and then maybe next week I'll get to a higher level uh, we care because we want to understand the program, we send a lot of money on these programs and it's kind of important to understand it maybe sometimes um who here could be a faster scrapper who here wants to get more done? I have pictures from the last ten years that I still haven't scrambling because it takes a while, and so we want to increase the speed and we want to know how to do things better so that we can do it faster so that we can get more done because our leia r album's air never ending, right? He never stopped, so let's get more done so that we can get more pages on their albums and last to design team positions is a natural evolution in this industry, people who've been scrap booking a while, they like to get on creative teams. It's fun, it's, fun to work with another designer it's fun to get free product, but if you're layouts don't look realistic if they're not clustered well, you're not going to get there because designers need really amazingly outs to show off their product, right? So we want to get their some of us might want to be on design teams, so let's go there too. Okay, so what are some advantages to chisel scrapbooking? Anybody have some over papers? Grab looking, no mess, no matter what else. Compact, compact, you takes up a lot less space, you can make changes whenever you want the undo button on my leg is like I make one album for myself and then if I want to make it for my brother I just change change the color page and everything else that's exactly the same yeah so takes up less room on the bookshelf less expensive for the most part you can raise your product over and over and over again if you want tio even if you don't raise your product but you could make it perfect you could have I think that's this big in real life you don't have to use it that big and digital yes, exactly you can shrink things down to make them fit there's always new skills to learn there's always something fun and innovative and digital scrapbooking that you couldn't do last year but now the program is changing you can do it this year super fun you can take it anywhere, laptops reportable you can put him on social media easily shareable there's more product options with paper scrap booking your limited to what they release on a quarterly basis there's very few lines there's an entire digital world out there that is just massive. You can shop anytime and you're jealous. Yeah, you can. If you need a specific project life card, you can go buy it yeah, you don't have to go the story not to worry about it and then it's easy to store you don't ever see it, which actually cause a problem. That's what we're gonna talk about organization, it's, it can be a problem. Before I started really worrying about organization, it was bad. It was all over the desktop, who has stuff all over the desk top. Oh, yeah, yeah, it was all over the desk top. It didn't make any sense. I was buying things that I had already purchased before, but he doesn't take a room in your house. You might have a lot of external hard drives. Maybe you're really, really addicted, but there are a lot smaller than an entire craft room.

Class Description

Learn how to create more polished and photorealistic scrapbook layouts with Traci Reed in Shadowing in Adob® Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

Shadowing adds depth and perspective to scrapbook layouts, but stock Adobe® Photoshop® shadow effects can look artificial. In this class, you’ll learn techniques that make adding and modifying shadows a simple process that yields believable results. Traci will teach you how to create shadows that fit the texture and composition of the elements you are using and look great on the screen and the printed page. 

You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of Adobe Photoshop shadows
  • Realistic shadowing of objects
  • Options for adding finishing touches

If you want to create more photorealistic pages, produce product for sale, or just take your design skills to the next level join Traci for Shadowing in Adobe®Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Layering in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I bought all three of Traci's classes and am very impressed. Even though I consider myself a professional Photoshop user, I learned some great new tips and tricks. Not only that, I found the classes inspiring and it kicked my digital scrapbooking creativity up a few levels. More than worth the money. Easy to watch, inspiring and a great teacher.

L. Phillips

This class was fascinating and moved at a good pace. Scrapbookers these days use so many varied Photoshop skills and are some of the most creative thinkers around. I learned so many practical - use it right now! - tricks for shadowing any kind of object and make styles out of them for one-click usability. There's a bit much of the biography section at the front of the class but I felt the usable information was enough to warrant the purchase so I can skip the personal section. Traci is a friendly and clear speaker, and a wealth of knowledge. She should definitely be featured in more advanced scrapbooking classes AND even for creating vector embellishments!

a Creativelive Student

Awesome class! WOW, I had no idea about the world of shadowing. I just started digital scrapbooking and knew my layouts were lacking something and now I know what...depth! I definitely feel more confident now in adding shadows to my pages and I have also graduated from Elements to the full version of PS thanks to Traci's suggestion. I am headed now to search for more classes by Traci. Thanks for a great class!