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Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

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More Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time


Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

Lesson 7 of 13

More Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time


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More Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

So, we can navigate to shift one, two, three, but on here on two, what happens if I hit shift two again? Well, the clip changes and it changes and it changes. How is it doing this? What is it doing? Shift two will toggle me between every clip that I've loaded into my source monitor prior to this edit. That's really useful, because let's say, and I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna clear all this. Okay, there should be an option here that says close all. So now my source has nothing, and I can go down here and say, "You know what? "I'm cutting between Colin and the dancer, "and let's pick one more shot, "and this beautiful underwater shot of me." I'm dragging them all into the source window. Boom. They're all there. What's a real world use of this? I'm cutting a scene, wide shot, over the shoulder, over the shoulder, maybe have a close up. Clean over the shoulder, dirty over the shoulder. And I can sit there and use shift two and I can switch between, now look. Colin became just an audio. The...

re he is. And I can quickly shift between which scene I want to put in. I don't have to keep going down here and clicking. Okay, that's really useful. The other thing that's really useful, and I have to make something just to do it. No, I'm not gonna do it that way. I'm gonna go ahead and drag that, make a new sequence based upon that clip. Let's make a new sequence based upon that clip. So I'm in my shift three window, shift three multiple times will toggle me between my active sequence. So I have multiple sequences open. Which one do I wanna go to? Shift three. Very, very useful. So multiple tabs actually allow you a lot of flexibility when navigating. So with J K now, we did I and O, there's a couple other ones that are really useful. Let me jump back here to this. If I'm working on this clip, if I double click on it, it loads that specific clip back into my viewer, okay? And maybe I wanna work on the effects control for that. But sometimes I just want to find that clip because maybe there's, I'm doing this interview with Colin, and I know there's another sound bite that I want. So I don't necessarily wanna load the clip that I'm working on by double-clicking it into the viewer, I wanna do what's called a match frame, which is load that same clip from my project file. So, it's a match frame, the keyboard shortcut is F. I hit F, it loads the entire clip, and now, see I have all these little markers for his little sound bites. I can move that and find exactly what I want, mark it in, mark it out, and bring that new clip in. So match frame allows you to bring the entire original clip into your source monitor and then you can grab another piece of it. Really very useful. Let's see if this is actually, if I have this in metadata. No, I don't. What's interesting if you look at this, and this is something cool that I just discovered like, literally like two weeks ago, and I think it's really cool, so I'm gonna talk about it. I needed to transcribe this stuff and cut by the transcription, okay? So, there's a new plugin that just came out, literally last week, or maybe even this week, called Transcriptive, and what you do is, you take a piece of video whether it's on your timeline or a bunch of clips, and you select them. Transcriptive you buy, I think it's like $1.99, I don't know if there's a beta still out there. It sends it to a artificial intelligence transcription service, and there's actually two services, and you pay for those services, but like the first thousand minutes, thousand, yeah, thousand minutes is like free, and then it's like seven cents a minute. And what it does is, you send it, it goes up to the magical place in the cloud, it says, "Yes, you still have minutes left," if not, it says, "Give us a credit card," and it's seven cents, and then it translates it, sends it back down, and then tags it and puts it against the clip so now you can just type in what he was saying and jump right to that point. You can also export this as a Word file so you can read it and make basically a paper edit of a narration or an interview, and cut things down very quickly. You can also use this, it's about 95% accurate, so you can go through as a word processor, you can change, you know, like Siri sometimes doesn't understand things, Alexa does, they argue with each other. But you can change it and use that as a captioning file, either closed or open. So, this is something I have, the metadata is now attached to the clip, and I could literally just type in, I'm gonna say, he's talking about, I guess you might say Mavic drone, Mavic, which is the type of drone. Nope, it doesn't do that. Let's see if he says beach. Okay, so yeah. He's at the beach and there it goes. "The two parts to flying at the beach are when it comes to flying a drone at beaches." and then I go ahead and click on it, and it jumped and actually selected that section, and I can edit it in. Not native in Premier, but this is still wickedly cool, that I had to bring it up. It's called Transcriptive, I think the company is Digital Anarchy, and speaking of third party plugins, just in general, Premier can do a lot of great stuff, there are some amazing third party plugins, and a lot of them are actually free. Because usually what they do is they give away some just to kinda get you to come to their site, and they're pretty good, and then they sell some, which is only normal, and the prices really have come down. If you go to and you Google Adobe Premier plugins, you'll actually get to an Adobe page, which will list a lot of those plugin vendors. Some of the ones that jump to the top of my head that have free plugins as good paid ones are Digital Anarchy, who else, FX Factory Pro has a lot of free ones, Red Giant, Boris, BCC, Sapphire, but just look at that stuff, and download it. And a lot of, and this is what I think is really nice, I'm a big fan of the plugin community, because mostly they're like little guys. They're like one or two people, and they just write some great code, and it really takes these things to the next level, but I completely lost my train of thought about how wonderful they are. No, no, they're great little guys. They all have free stuff, but they, pretty much every plugin, there's a free trial. It's either it works great perfectly for 15 days and then it gets watermarked, or in some cases it is watermarked, but you can test to see if it solves your problem. So, you know, check that out, because that in itself is a whole set of advanced tricks and techniques. Because sometimes with a third party effect, you can do with one click what could take you 20 minutes you know, to create yourself. So, that's a little bit of an aside, and it popped up because of that. That's why I seem to have a million markers there, but you kinda see how cool that could be, because I just marked my in and out point and hit shift three, ah, come on shift three, save into my window, come on there, shift three, go to the end, function end, hit the period key, I just put that sound bite in.

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Want to know how to edit smarter and faster? In this rapid-fire course, Abba Shapiro will show you techniques that will take your current skills to the next level. You will learn the value of the various default workspaces, as well as how to create custom workspaces to suit your specific needs. He’ll cover how to change the layout of your timeline for different editing strategies and how to jump quickly between those custom layouts.

You’ll learn:

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  • Faster, more efficient workflows for mastering clips
  • How to fix problems with filters and effects
  • Advanced audio editing techniques
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With this course, you will be flying through your editing with keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts making amazing videos.

Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017


carla valencia

great class! easy to follow and very good tips.


A lot of new information on a color correction and color grading for me. Abba's shortcuts are very useful. This class will speed my workflow. Highly recommend this class. I am very thankful to Abba for answering all my questions!

Olivia Preston

Abba packs in a lot of information, but in a way that it's easily absorbed and leaves you eager to look deeper into the concepts after class. He took the time to answer my questions, and makes things easy to understand. He takes the intimidation out of advanced editing!