Advanced Lightroom Adjustments

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Advanced Lightroom Adjustments


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Class Introduction

This class, its purpose is to show you what we can do in Lightroom so that we don't have to go to Photoshop. I am the type of person who wants to spend all of my time doing more important things than sitting behind my computer and so Lightroom is the fastest, most efficient place to do that. So I spend any time I am in the computer, I wanna spend most of that in Lightroom and then the remainder of that time that I have to go to Photoshop, I better be being paid to go there. So, I have a rule of thumb and that rule is, that if I go to Photoshop my client needs to be paying me for that work. The only time I go to Photoshop where the client's not paying me is when I messed up and I really have to fix something that's my fault but generally speaking I can do most everything inside of Lightroom and then occasionally I have to go to Photoshop but that's when they've ordered an album, that's when they've ordered a print, something like that where the client's literally paying me for that work...

, that retouching work. And that's my philosophy so I'm going to show you all sorts of things that we can do inside of Lightroom without going to Photoshop. A lot of things that you'd, you might not think you could do. For instance, this image here is a photograph from Sweden and I love the image, I love the guard sitting there in the right hand side of the image, I like the, it was just a foggy, foggy morning and so I was running around taking these photos and it was just fantastic. It was the funnest, probably three hours that I've spent in a very long time. But this is the way it actually looked. So now I'm gonna go back and forth here. So, it looked like this when I took the picture but what I wanted it to look like was that. This is not a Photoshopped image, it's all done in Lightroom. So again, it looked like this when I shot it. You can see that we've got these, these extra lampposts here in the way that kinda muck up the front of that. I like all the bricks and so I had to get rid of those and also it was early morning and the lights weren't on. I thought it would be better if the lights were on and so I did that. So we're gonna show you how to do those types of things inside of Lightroom.

Class Description

Join Jared Platt to learn how much you can do with your RAW images before even opening Photoshop. Get schooled in serious Lightroom retouching and editing. Discover the develop module, and its ability to reveal complicated problems and solve them in an instant. 

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 - 2015.3



Jared is a very good teacher, he explains things clearly and gets to the point. He is also a very good speaker so he is easy to listen to.

Helder Cardoso

Liked and recommend.


I would enjoy his courses and get so much more from them if he stopped selling his products so much.