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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Lesson 28 of 33

Adobe Lightroom Movies and Slideshows

Jared Platt

Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Jared Platt

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28. Adobe Lightroom Movies and Slideshows

Lesson Info

Adobe Lightroom Movies and Slideshows

So now let's go to our our collection and so when we go to the collection we're looking for assault picnic collection and you can see that I've got video and I've got photos so then it's a question of I want this at the very end so I'm gonna take this to the very end that's going to like our last slide so we're taking it down here gotta move this this this is going to be like the last seal that's a video I'm gonna make this the last video this is the last slide or should I do it the other way? I like the video ending it that's kind of fun guy so I have the video end it now remember here's the uh here's the one where his the explosive too and so we're going to remove that one from this slide show I have two of these I have this one and then a psd where I removed all the tracks and stuff and so I'm obviously going to use the psd version of it so I'm removing that um I love hold on I love this shot right? I love that shot with a little blur and I I love that shot and so I'm gonna I'm gonn...

a take out this this one here so that I just have that one um I'm gonna take out I have multiple copies of this one so that it's big like see how he's much smaller in that one and this one is much bigger I like the fact that he's tiny that to me means mohr and so I'm going to take that one out so this is where I'm just kind of cleaning up my concept this right here I need to move up into the timeline a little bit and so I'm going to move it I'm gonna move it over and then I need to find my movie and I'm gonna bring the movie down here but I want the movie to be right before it so you're going to see this movie and then you're going to say boom the result of the work so that's that's the behind the scenes idea on dh then of course we'll see them play but I'm not going to do two of these I'm gonna get rid of this one and just showed this one which I think is really, really sweet um and then, well, this is by the way, this is the on ly family photo that we ended up taking that this is for me this is the way to do a family photo shoot all about relationships and kids and when it's a family photo it's just the family having fun that's to me what a family photo should be um okay, so and this one is when I'm teaching him what to do with the his his, uh, right here. So you see that's the one that it's relating to that because I wanted them like this, so I'm showing him how to do that. So I'm gonna take this and move it over right in front of that one. So now we have everything organized the way we want. And so now, it's, just a matter of, um, going into the slide show and in the slide show all of these things there now organized the way we want him to be organized, that start to finish. So we highlight all of our images, and the first thing I'm going to do is create the slide show you don't actually have to, you can just hit play, but if you want it to become like a solid together slide show that will then be available to you all the time, if you come up here to the top left hand or right hand corn, you can't create slade saved slide show, and when you do that, it makes a slide show for you. And so we're gonna call this salt picnic ss for slide show. We're gonna put it in the same general areas we had it, and we could make virtual copies of everything, but we don't need to create and notice then. This is what you get so this is what a collection looks like this is what a slide show looks like on the slide show is just a collection with a purpose and so this is where we collected our images and got him ready and this is the saved slide show this collection here not only includes thie images and the organization to the images but it also includes everything that you do in this panel and from now on out anything I do in this panel gets automatically saved to this so the next time I double click on this it'll take me right to this I can it play with no, I don't have to do anything okay, so now I'm going to come up to the top here and by the way, now is the perfect time for me to quit light room and then started again because for some reason that window that ghost window was in front of and I couldn't click certain things so I'm just just restarting there okay and weird, huh? My slideshow picnic disappeared on it wasn't there maybe that's part of the ghost window the ghost window it is the aliens from yesterday got it. Okay, so in that case we still have the images in the same order so that because the collection was constantly saving everything and so all we have to do is highlight this again create another collection which everybody asked me to repeat things anyway so I'm just going to repeat I did this just so they could repeat it show you how to do this so we're gonna call this salt picnic uh slide show and we're going to put it in there and include the selected photos boom oh, there we go! I know I didn't mean to do that. Sorry we're going to go to the slide show totally did this the wrong way so you go to the slide show see that's why you need to repeat it so you highlight all your images in your collection, go to your slide show and create a saved slide show when you do that, you're going to say, uh, salt pic nic slide show and then included inside of this discussion area here and hit create and now I have a safe slide show right here okay, so now if I go back to the salt picnic um I will get these, but then if I double click this salt slide show, if I double click, it takes me to the slideshow module and everything set up the way I left it. So now I'm going to go in here and do a little bit of change to this so I could stroke the border of things I could, you know, to add drop shadows I can change the background color. I can even go down and change the background itself like I can put a background. See this little area right here. If I drag any image from my timeline into here, it will become the background image for the slide show. So if I took se this image, I could drag it into there, and now it is the background and I could then take the opacity down so that there's just kind of like a a ghosted something in the background. I don't want to do that. Someone turned it off, but just so you know that you could do that in the slide show. You can change the background color to whatever you like. You can even do a color wash that will go from great a black or whatever. So there's a lot you could do with that background, but I like black because I'm very simple. Um so I'm going to go up here and there's several things you could do to a slideshow you khun watermark them. You can show the star rating toe all the images so as they show up, they show up with little stars in the corner but what I want to teo is, I want to do the intro and the outro so I can do an intro screen here so if I click on this it's going to show an intro screen over here and I'm going to choose what it's going to be I just go here's where it shows what I'm gonna do I click on it, edit it and I'm gonna go over here and change it and call it salt picnic and I'm going to hit okay and now assault picnic is showing up there and so what I need to do now is grabbed the scale of it and just scale it up so that it's they're actually there okay? So that's going to show at the very beginning of slideshow and then I can go to the ending screen and change what this is going to say so I want to turn on the ad ad this ending screen and I'm going to go on edit that and I'm going to say um triple scoop music because that's who's providing the music for the for that and so I am going to him okay now triple scoop music is there and they're going to be just like that and so that's going to be the intro and the outro screen now if I wanted to add mohr screens like a the end I want to add my logo and then I wanted to add this and I want to do that I need to go into the print module and add this to my slide show I would go into the print module and I would go find a what I have here let me show you how I do this if you go into the grid and you go I have some designed templates and stuff like that and in my designs I also have this it's just a black photoshopped image with jared platt photography on so that then could be taken I can take this and because I'm not moving it around I'm not making copies of it all I'm doing is taking up and why is it valuable then for you to create a template catalogue or tow have a working catalog because you always have access to your temple it's so now anytime you're creating something you have access to all the things you've made before that were helpful before so I grabbed this and I drag it into the picnic show and go back to the picnic show and there it is so now I can say that's going to go and I could make us many of these I wants and now that will be the last scene then it will say triple scoop music got it and I could do the opposite I could make this one say triple scoop music and I could make the final one say jared clapped rv however I want to do it but the beauty of it is this can all be made within. Light room cause all you need access to his one black and one white frame with nothing on them. And then you can take any black frame into the print module, and in the print module you can go to the identity plate type whatever you want in or you could go the identity plate. If you go there, I didn't play and edit it. You can also use any graphic. So if you click on graphic here, then all you have to do is go on, locate a peon geographic and stick it on there and so then from then on out that p and geographical be available for you. You can put it anywhere you want, and then you're just going to print this to a file and if you print this to a file, so if I if I print those right now right now, it's actually going to have plata ta gra fi black dog. But if I print this to a file and I add it into I'm gonna add it up to my creative cloud files into my design files. And if I add this as, uh platt photography times to andi, I had saved now it's in there I printed as a jpeg to that file. Now I have to do is go back into that file go to my creative cloud design files right click it and synchronize that folder there's one new image in it when I do it it synchronizes and now that's that image is coming in to that folder and there it is so from here on out when I go to designs there's now too I can make us many of these as I want and I could just go factory mode for thirty minutes and I can make it many different designed templates that I want for slideshow endings and then I could just take those and dragged them onto slide shows as needed so now let's go back to our salt picnic and that's our ending slide so we're we've got everything together now if you spent thirty minutes making your little things like that then how quick with this slide show b go choose your images put them into a collection, start finding videos that relate to him put them in the same collection, move them around until they work together and then go into the slide show save the slide show and make sure that you had set this up as a preset because you have presets available to you right here full standard what you're looking at here is actually full standard fools framed slideshow and then you can come down to the very bottom and this is an important step come to the bottom and decide what music you want to use so I'm going to select some music and I'm going to go into so I save all of my rights managed music all the stuff that I use on a regular basis from triple scoop I save it in my dropbox so that I can find it very easily and I'm going to go down to my heirs rights managed to do well it's also easy to find um just hit dot mp three there they are s so this is all the music that I used on a regular basis and I'm going to look for something cute um well did you use this one and hit cheers okay, so this is by sparrow and we're going to fit the slide show to the music by clicking this button right here it fit the slide show it's set this of each side is three point four seconds the fades or one second but I don't want fades so I'm going to turn the fades to zero that's going to be cuts on lee it's just going to go right? So I'm gonna fit it to music again and that makes it four seconds each but I don't want to be for science because I think four seconds is too long for a slide show so I'm gonna go to say three point two seconds and now this is a really important point audio to music balance so the video are video to music balance if I go one hundred percent video whenever the video comes in it will duck the music so that I can hear the video and then as soon as the video's done it will bring the music back in if I want a little music playing behind there then I don't go one hundred percent I just kind of go almost too they're I want fifty fifty or if I want the music to always play and have no audio then I'll keep it on the music side so I'm gonna take it down almost to the end I want a little bit of music in there but I want to hear some of that audio playing and so and you have to get investigate where that's going to sound best for each one but I'm just gonna put it right there I don't want it in random order and I don't want it to repeat I wanted to just go through okay now I'm going to hit play you right quick question you said just a second ago four seconds way too long for each for the slides for the individual's what's your personal optimal what's what's your number jarod like three point two point two three point is my optimal number and I've I've studied it intensely and you want to know how I studied it yes sir I studied it by I would sit with the client and watch a slide show and I would watch at what point did I get uncomfortable waiting for it to change like I would be like helping not bored with this image as soon as I have that thought I look and think ok what's the time so I would just sit there and just start okay, I think we ought to be done with this, you know, and at that point that's so about three seconds or so is about where I feel like you get bored with that particular image and you ought to move to the next one but you know the thing about this versus an emoto if you're just going in slideshow uh frame here it's everyone's the same amount so it's not like you're changing the amount of time in an emoto you can actually go in and highlight the ones that you really think are important and so all of them will be three seconds and then when you highlight him those will stay for five seconds but they still hit the beads which is really cool this doesn't do that. This is very simple but we're going to go are we ready on audio and play and it's going to build is going to prepare everything beforehand to make sure that it has a smooth you know everything smooth and you don't and by the way you want to highlight all the images and you want to be on the first image because if you're on the middle of the images will actually start you in the middle of the slideshow wherever, like it ought to appropriately start and the music will start halfway through or whatever. So you you select the very first image so that you start from the beginning and go forward. So right now, it's bill, because we didn't build all of the the one for one previews eso it has to actually it's building those one for one's previous now here we go. You may be a mystery you think you're going fast? You're not actually so you get a way through let's keep it that way you carry on, wait, then keep it simple. Another part like taking our wall line in the process of photographing because, you know, taking those landscapes I think it was important ah, on again, that music is triple scoop music. So, uh, any time you need music that's the place to go so that is the process of making a slide show inside of light room. But remember all of that stuff now, if I go to that, I can highlight everything inside of this collection and just simply export it and just make sure that the video option here is alive and well and I can choose original and unedited but that's not gonna help me I want to choose the h two six four, which is the best quality I can get out and maximum quality so that when I send out all those images, I get full sized j pegs full size, good quality video, and then I can upload them to an emoto and let them do something even more tricky than what's going on inside of the slide showed program and the advantage to doing it in an emoto is that then you khun broadcast it to all sorts of different things at the same time, so that is the process of making slide shows. So this one I want to show you because it's a really interesting example of of a senior photo where we're going in and we're doing a senior photo and we're doing the behind the scenes and there's no there's, no audio involved it's all video, so we've turned the music all the way ofthe army always up, and we've not done the video, so this is the end this has all been set up, so I have to do is double click this, and then we're going to hit play so this how quickly your slide show, then we'll go wait e wait so on so that that's the process that I go through to do very simple slide shows for my clients that have some video involved but it doesn't take me a long time because of the method behind it first collect you don't go to the video first you go to the photos because that's what you're going to show so the video you goto the photos first choose the photos then you know what you're looking for so then you scrub through and find this stuff you're looking for that relates to those once you find it, you go in, scrub through it, find the and again its brevity you gotta find the little tiny parts that are worthwhile a few hours of footage or whatever just find that little spot that's right next grab it, throw it into that collection and then organizing together a just the video to match the photos as much as you can and then send it on out you notice on this one all video was black and white, which is really useful because it looks documentary and I don't have to do a lot of adjustments on it thinking it looks cool but it also takes last time that is video and it's all done in light room and then if you want to trick it out a little bit more you khun simply send it animal and they'll do and even you know that first one that we saw was an emoto this one that we just did was straight out of light room both have their merits one is simple one is a little more complicated and has a little bit more ability to, you know, pause and follow the beat of the music and so it's really up to you, which way you want to go? All right, so fantastic segment and we got two more. So tell us what we're gonna be doing in our next segment, please. Our next segment is I've been waiting for this segment the entire time I'm so excited about the segment because it is a game changer on the way we deal with albums and so it's smart albums is where I'm building albums. I also and that's not to say there are other options. If you're building your own albums, smart albums is the place to do it if you want someone else to do it and someone else to design it and you're not very good at design and you're not very good at dealing with that stuff, you want to deal with a client on it stuff, then then you'd go to someone like a lion album design, and they'll do it for you. So someone else doing it for you is perfectly good that's another outsourcing option, but what we're going to do is we're going to show you how to design an album. With light room. So between light room and smart albums, we're going to design an album. And what did I say? I was going to do it in five minutes and thirty seconds, five minutes and thirty seconds will design the album, and then we can tweak it to our heart's content. But if you can get it done in five, five hours, five minutes and thirty seconds. There's a lot of time to play.

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