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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Lesson 24 of 33

In Studio Proofing with Adobe Lightroom

Jared Platt

Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

24. In Studio Proofing with Adobe Lightroom

Lesson Info

In Studio Proofing with Adobe Lightroom

We're going to now talk about the process of delivering in our studio so now let's assume that instead of sending to the client online, we want to send to the client by having that client come into the studio and discussed the print, the images with us and there's two different ways to do that there you khun do that straight within light room. And so if I were doing that in light room and I was doing that in front of the client, I would have already collected a folder here inside of my collections of the images that I want to show to the client. Once I have those, I'm gonna ask you guys to pretend to be the mom and dad's of these clients because you're the ones coming into the studio, and I'm going to show you how I go through images with the client in front of me, um, inside of light room so that you can see a really good work flow for selecting images with a client. We've already talked about the selection process for you, you know, because you're going through and starring and whate...

ver, but now let's talk about the client's workflow, so what I do, the first thing that needs to happen is I need to create a collection set. So I'm gonna create a collection set and I'm gonna start off by saying c l so that we find it right up to the top and then I'm going to say altman family selection session so I'm creating a collection set up here it's a folder just like the folder we created on smugmug it's a folder but it's just a collection of virtual collection none this actually exists in reality it's just all virtual and then inside of that I can right click and I can create some collections so if I create a collection now I'm going to call this collection um uh favorites altman favorites and I'm going to put it inside of that folder and hit create and I want to set it by the way as the target collection if I said it is the target collection and hit create then all I have to do is hit the beaky and it will be thrown into that collection. So what happens is the target collection you putting a target on the collection? And then when you hit the bee key it takes it and throws it to whatever collection the target is pointed out and then if later I wantto change the target to some other collection I simply right click the other collection and say set target as collect our set set as target collection and now the target changes but the image doesn't move, all it is is a target for the minute you hit be wherever the target is it's going to go to that collection, so I'm going to set the altman favorites as the the target because we want the target to be easy for us to get to. So now, if I'm looking at the images with the client and we're going through and saying, ok, this is what I want to do, we're going to go through these images, and I want you guys toe let me know which image when I when I pull up a set of images, and this is how I'm talking to a client, so pretend you're the client. I said, when I look at a set of images, I'm gonna pull him up on the screen, and by the way, the secondary screen is where they're looking. So when I click on this, I'm looking at the grid, they're looking at this here and it's shift n and so when I'm this is what they're looking at and I say, what do you think of these three images? Do you see how nice that looks for them? And you can collapse this bottom here and make sure that top is collapse so that you have as much? Real estate so if you have a really large monitor like this one, that secondary display becomes the display and so we can't really show that here, so I'm just going to show you what it would look like I'm gonna change my display into that screen them or should I just show it this way I'll show it to you the way they would see it so I'm going to go into the survey tab those out tab that up so now you can see what they're saying but I'm gonna this is what I'm seeing on my screen in the grid and this is what they're saying and so I'll say okay you ready? Tell me what you think of those images which ones do you like just shut him out middle right, left middle right okay, so we want the middle one I just hit the bee key and uh hold on let me turn on some mouse pulls a here am I getting I think I am but see, I don't think it's showing it um so I'm hitting the beaky and then do you like the right one? Is that what you said you did? You said you like the room so I'm gonna hit the bee key again and see how it's adding it to the favorites I'm just hitting the bee key and then I say ok, what about those images so I'm collecting ones that are similar to each other of those which do you like top left top left okay the almost kiss I'm right bottom right good all right what about these let's see what about these images here they don't know left won this on the cast okay the kiss and I like this one so now I like this one so I'm adding it you didn't necessarily call it out but I like it and we're in this together and this one I'm going toe I'm gonna add because I think it would be a valuable thing for them to have um oh guess what we have that window thing remember yesterday our monday I told you that sometimes light room thinks there's a window in front of it I can't click this there it is okay somehow the window disappeared but if I click watches if I click here I think there's a window right there so I hit be on that okay let's take a look at these which ones you like uh for left and forage for life all right okay I like those and how about this set right here so there's looking at each other there's kissing and then there's looking kind of cool right far far right I like I like having a square print now and then ok this one I think is super fun it's just its own but do you like it or no yes all right let's keep that one and then this little subway set is fun I love this thiss one is my favorite what do you guys think? Yeah that one and then this one is a good detail so we'll keep that one kiss or no kiss no kiss got on then we'll go to this sat here which of these top to the top to up to you okay I like that one and I like that one on dh blast set left the last one the right one the right one in the last one c and what your butt but you're not going to argue you just saying which ones you like all you want is a gut reaction from and then once you do that you go to your favorites and now you've narrowed it down and so now you can go through and say ok of these so we're going to highlight you know this whole segment here that's the entire bridge segment right there and we're going to look at that entire bridge segment with them and say okay now look at all of these together and first you're going to look and see if you have any repeats things that are just duplicative and if they are you're going to get rid of them so you say you know you've got a lot of kissing stuff you've got kissing here and kissing here you've got holding hands here and here so let's talk about say these two right here so I mean if I hit the command key and I click on these it doesn't delete them from this the collection but it removes them from the selection so I'm gonna I'm gonna ask them to compare on lee those who want to get rid of all but those so you've got to hold it which do you like better write the right one okay so the right one is the one we want that's the one that's better so we're going to increase its star rating and I'm going to say we're going to go four stars with that one now so that I can see the difference between how they what they like about the pictures now what about this we've got kissing one here and we've got a kissing one here so which kissing one do you want the one on the right okay so we're going to make that on four stars and then we're going to go do you guys want this one? Yeah that's just a great one to put your house somewhere um okay and now let's see what else do we have? We had this one and I think I think we've got that good now let's talk about the difference between this and this so they're both of the bridge do you there and they're both kisses which one do you like better the one on the right? Okay so let's, write that one, two, four stars and then we'll move to this set our sorry, this set right here. So now this one's very unique. You've got all subway shots. Do you want all of them or is there some that are better than others? Like which one do you respond better? All of them. Okay, so we're going to do for four and four, and then this one obviously is its own, so we're going to keep that one or no. Ginny is not okay. So let's, not let's, not keep it or whatever. Okay, so now let's, do this set right here and see. You've got them looking off. You got them looking off. You've got them kissing. You got a cute little moment there, respond to those and tell me which one makes you more excited. Which one do you like more? Which one feels better, like one and for all. Okay, so you like this one? A lot. And you like this one? A lot. I tend to agree with those. I think those air every agree that those are probably the best ones. Okay, good. So now all I have to do is go down here to the library filter and say, now let's, search and see what the well, it looks like my that window that fake windows right over my men out to quit light room here in the second started back up but let's go the attributes and do four stars in about now I can show highlight all these images and say ok, those of your images now what do we want to do with them? So I'm gonna hit tab and I'm going to look for what we want to do with these images. So now we can look at it this way with the client and again there looking at him in that survey mode, I'm looking at him in the grid and I'm going to be seeing this as well. So at this point I say okay, uh, what do you want to do with this? This square one? Shall we print it as a canvas like what you want? Yeah, I think that's probably one of the coolest obviously want to print this one as a canvas is well, so like let's just say that these two and this one the client decides those of the canvases, so I highlight those and when I highlight them, those three are all showing up inside of if you look at their their view is here and see how they're looking at those, so I get them a view of images that they want all eight by tens or they want all five and I say you want these always five by sevens yes okay so then come over to this same collections folder over here and I right click it and I create a collection in that collection and they're not watching any of this they're seeing this and I created collection I say you want these as thirty by forty canvas right that's what you want okay thirty by forty canvas do you want them metal campuses or do you want them to be like matt medal okay so see how I'm putting the information into the name so I know what needs to be done and then I'm going to put that inside of the altar and family selection folder here and I'm going to include the selected photos in that collection and hit create and I have just created a to do list for myself of images that need to be done in that style and then I just keep and then I'll come right back to this one and say all right let's see how their their view has not changed at all I go back and forth this is my little set that I have decided they don't want and then I go back to the altman favorites and their view hasn't changed because the selection is still there and so now I say okay, what do you want to do with this? Let's, go back to attribute their what do you want to do? And by the way, if this keeps changing, if you click on this little ikon up here that looks like a lock, it will keep that filter alive so that when you move between different things, it doesn't change the so it doesn't go back to two stars. Plus whatever, so that lock is really useful, and then I would go through and say, okay, what are we going to do with these? Well, we just want those little five by sevens great, so I right click here created collection five by seven prints and included inside there and hit create, and now I have five by seven prints as well, so I can collect all the things I need to do right there. Then as soon as I'm done with that and they leave, I can then highlight the entire set here and do any adjustments to anything that needs to be adjusted. I don't have to look at them individually to do it. I do all of my editing amongst all of them together so that I can see them, and then I just simply go here those of the prince highlight all those and send them out five by seven prints, and I could just export them two folders or and in most cases, what I'm doing is I'm highlighting all the images and then I'm exporting them to a folder as a high resolution image in a specific spot. So in this case, let's, just put it on the desktop and call it prince create choose so I'm sending it out as a full sized file, and then I just tell it right here, five by seven and hit export, so I hit that and then I'm gonna go the thirty by forty highlight all that export that and this one, I'm going to do thirty by forty canvas metal, and then I come down here and it's still gonna be a j peg, but I have to resize that print now thirty by forty I'm probably going to want to go into on one software and do a perfect re size, so I make a bigger image and then I bring it back in here, so I export to perfect resize perfect resize will increase the size of it really well. And then it comes back as a tiff and that's what you were seeing that's, why we had duplicates of the kiss shot. We had a bigger version on a smaller version, all right? And I can show you how to do that if you want you want to show you other that okay so but you can also if you're going to go so this is a mark three image so natively it can go almost to a sixteen by twenty but if you want to go up to say twenty by twenty four or a twenty four by thirty you khun do that inside a light room pretty well re sizing and light room is pretty good up to one or two sizes bigger than what it currently is, so if you have a sixteen by twenty, you can kind of step it up to normal sizes above that inside of light room without really breaking apart does a good job, so you just come down to the re sizing area here and you would say, I want this image long edge to be and you have to change this two inches. I want this to be, you know, twenty four inches in width at three hundred dp I it'll do a good job re sizing it up, but if I try and goto forty inches, if I tried to double the size of it, I'd really better go and do like a perfect re size to it. Instead, you said, probably max in light room was twenty twenty for shooting from a mark three or what did you say shooting from a mark three I'd be okay to go twenty twenty four and that's about it that's about it. At that point I would go to perfect resized because it does a much better job enlarging images beyond that. So um but at twenty four inches and with I'm okay with that I can get there very easily in my room I've tried to compare and see how how much I can do and I generally find that I can go whatever the sizes can go one and almost two sizes bigger inside of light room without seeing a difference between doing it in perfect resize and doing it in light room but once I goto big big there's only one place to go and that's perfect precise and it also used to be called genuine fractals soaper on one software bought genuine fractals and so genuine fractals was the go to program to enlarge things and they basically bought that and then incorporated into perfect resize so it's a genuine fractal process that's happening in on one software so it's just a plug into light room and sir, if I missed it are these going at one hundred percent three hundred d p I hundreds that were white house was looking for that's, right thank you white house wants three hundred d p I s rgb images while the white house will also take a r g b nineteen ninety eight image and they will then convert convert that image for you, so either way, that they'll accept bull when they're obviously printing from as rgb great things. Um, okay, so I hit export on those, and it will export those out to the discus. Well, and so then when I hide and I go to my prince folder here, you'll see that I've got two folders, five by seven and my thirty by forces, which actually changed twenty four inch. Candace is on this. I just did that. But there they are. And if I open those up there really beautifully done images, even though they just came straight out of the room.

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Ready for a whole new approach to your post-production workflow? Join CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt for the ultimate three-day introduction to everything you need to know about working with Adobe®Lightroom® 5 (and beyond) to make your workflow efficient.

You’ll learn a basic, seamless Adobe Lightroom 5 workflow, and also how to customize that workflow to fit your specific needs — whether you’re outsourcing, taking pictures on the go, or working in a studio setting. Jared will cover ways to select and retouch images more productively. You’ll also learn about automating settings, plugins, and hacks that will help you work more efficiently. Jared will also guide you through the core image adjustment techniques every Adobe® Lightroom® user should know.

Jared will give you a step by step look at his entire workflow, start to finish. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver higher-quality images and products while cutting your post-production time in half.

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