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Live Action News Template Breakdown

This first one here is a for the same same client and they wanted to do something kind of fun they wanted like a fake election night thing because this was done back around the election and they want to do an election night thing theme that, uh incorporated all these crazy elements of like, you know, a fox news or msnbc or something where everything is all just like, you know, cnn wolf blitzer and as everything's crazy and that's what they wanted something over the top to kind of emulate all of that and um so we went way over the top with it and I think it sze gotta funny it's a little bit long and that was that something that, you know, we may be cutting back on that I won't show you the whole thing, but I get you to a part of it where you see how absurd it is but there's so many sight gags and so many audio gags in this and it was all done with after effects with premier and of course photo shop and everything's that's all done with the adobe sweet. So without further ado, let me int...

roduce this to you on dh then I'll go back and explain some of the things I mean, I could play the whole thing, but I'll play uh chunk of it here for you get that other way from space have taken over the white house and the frequency of flying feline sightings appears only to be increasing as the storm approaches and now back to our live action news election night coverage joined now by political analyst and protein purification expert dr sylvia spiegel welcome dr spiegel this appears to be shaping up as a one sided fight oh, absolutely. Adam this is a one sided fight it's elven what? My name it it's eldon akron it's right here on the screen as I was saying adam are poland shows conclusively that we're looking at a landslide victory for the incumbent and frankly I can't see it going any other way tonight uh you know, the real keys to winning this election and were are and always have have been, uh market leadership and obviously superior knowledge in the area of protein purification and well there just so shiny dr to hear you tell it the incumbent seems to have generated a nearly insurmountable lead in this race. So tell me, dr spiegel what would it take for this young green upstart toe overtake the obvious market leader? Um you know they're not going to be able to touch the big guy uh he's unreachable uh no it's a slam dunk tonight we're going toe paint that map read and, uh we're looking at global domination, quite frankly from schenectady to uppsala thank you dr spiegel for your insights as usual now, even with this apparent tsunami of polling data among the throngs of others wishing to stay the course with the candidate that they've known for years even if he is a little unresponsive or inflexible or not available when you need him there does appear to be a tiny little grassroots movement among them or open minded voters of the green tea party. So we thought we'd send a reporter out just to say that it and we turn our attention now to our very own reporter emily chavez rum rahman nama djalminha who has been following this movement very closely. Emily good evening, arnold. Well, it appears this movement it's gaining some traction despite the media hype for the big money candidate. In fact, some protein purification voters believe that a truly scalable solution it's not a laughing matter. In fact, one green tea party activists has recorded his own music video which has gone viral singing the blues about thie inertia parties complex platform but the bigger story tonight well, it's actually counting the votes before we call the election for the old guard I'm standing here in front of a suburban office park polling station waiting for voters to emerge and here's one now ma'am excuse me where the pundits right? Were you shamed into voting for the market leader sir did you vote for the incumbent like the pundits claim they said the establishment they would threaten you in front of your colleagues if you vote a green oh no so you didn't succumb to the pressure no man I voted green all the way way all did right it's a no brainer I mean any candidate that offers me flexibility scalability yeah and intuitive and a modular system and from a company that offers me everything I need from our research that's going to get my vote yes every time right people yeah yes no don't underestimate the power of the people man yes well so there you have it. If this group of voters is any indication it appears the tightest turning away from the inertia party and toward the green tea challenger as the man said don't underestimate the power of the people man reporting live this is emily chuck but I'm a christian our live action news back to you edwin thank you very much. Emily so dr spiegel slam dunk for the inertial party okay, so I want to just advance up to um this part here where you get to the big map because that's all green screen make their own choices how true thank you, doctor speak okay let's take one more look at the big mac eighty percent of the precincts are now reporting and with the exception of one small area here in red in central jersey, most regions previously entrenched in the inertia camp are turning green and I'm now getting word hang on yes, yes, we can officially call it tied apparently has turned a combination of scalability, modularity and intuitive design turned out to be a winning platform for the green tea party. These people may indeed get what they want. After all that wraps up our live action news election night coverage for the complete story please visit us online. I'm alvin akron. Thank you and good night. Okay, so that's a pretty crazy crazy video. And again that's uh, that's a great client, they they love to take chances and have fun with their productions. So some of the obvious things that would be after effects are, of course, all of these motion graphics. And in this case, I noticed somebody had mentioned earlier on asking questions, making a comment about editing templates and this was a package. I think we this package we got from pond five, but the globe was everything was all blue and they needed some green in there, so I was able to go into the aftereffects template and make some changes. You make global changes, those temples, that's, what's nice about most of them, and sometimes you have to make masks and do changes that way but what? There's transparency that definitely helps. You can turn on and off layers. So depending on who makes the temple, it depends on how much you can go backward and make changes yourself. So the globe in the background has changed. Made more transparent. We used another layer. This all these video monitors that was originally just black. We did another video clip of a newsroom video monitors that's thrown in the back. So this is like many, many, many layers deep and so that's added in there, of course, the flying graphics um those were all the globe that spins in front. That was part of that package, and was turned green. The text that was done in after effects that's just extruded text and that was brought in and let's, see here all of these these frames were just made in photoshopped thes small sub pieces were edited from the original long lower third. The live action news logo was illustrator. And so we kind of had a team of people working on this to get it done in time, so it really helped to get some of that content made from other groups. One one running gag, of course, was everybody mixing up everyone else's name, and I always find that funny because everyone's got these outrageous names and the teams that work together they don't really know each other and so that's why it was funny they kept screwing up the names another gag of course you probably caught was every time the camera cut from the pundit the background changed and of course she ends up on the moon because she's nuts on and so that was that was fun so that kind of went through there and then of course the gag of too much junk on the screen kept coming in and as it went away to the reporter for one thing the crazy guy that she interviews um the actor was really getting into his part and he took it to a whole new level and I think it scared people so some of our early testing is that we make his picture smaller is that oh yes we can and we have a lot of fun doing it you know so we did we just said okay let's bring in those graphics and we started pounding on and of course I got crazy animations going in there and with sound effects and they come in and they're battling it's kind of like a fight match you know that's kind of how you feel on election night anyways I fight you know so it's okay let's go you know w w e on this and you really go with the graphics so we just kind of went just insane with the graphics andi we had to do an edit on the video his video but we couldn't cut away so idea a little after effects camera move right there like the cameraman was, you know, jostling on and off motion blur camera move and we're able to do a cut at it and then come back quick so that was all after effects to create that and that really helped of course our little graph here ah, animation was all done in aftereffects and of course our uh big map at the end it was all after effects and masks that were just turned on and off for for things to turn green and he's on a green screen there but the uh thehe shadow again was just a was a fake faked in three different references of shadows using layer style so we kind of got the feel of there's a bunch of studio allies casting different shadows on eamon so that wasn't really three d at all. It was just green screen. So one thing this animation here this really cool three d animation that was done by an outside agency for that product so we just inserted that in there so that was already done for us that was done with a very expensive three d animation, so the that project was was all just after effects and, uh photo shop and premiere so that's that's, that kind of a workflow and I'll probably be able to get into that a little deeper later on on dh. Then finally, the one that I showed you some snippets from before that we did some green screen with we did some animation with and we had a lot of fun with it. I'm going to just show you some segments of it because I can't show you all of it here. It's it's gone live now, but I want to hold some of it back for next week. So I'm just going to show you some of the first parts of it, and then the animations that we we did. So we get this going. 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Adobe® After Effects® Creative Cloud® is a hallmark broadcast video and film production program — but it has so many functions, it’s hard to know where to start. In this essential video-editing class, renowned video producer and Adobe® Certified Expert Jeff Foster will walk you through how to use the many functions of Adobe® After Effects® to enhance your projects with visual effects and motion graphics.

You’ll learn the basics for controlling movement, animating simple objects and 3D space, create interesting text and title animations, composite videos with and without green screen. Using real-world production examples, Jeff will guide you through this complex program and unpack the tools and terminology so that you can apply your skills right away and with confidence.

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Jeff Foster seems like a great, knowledgeable guy. But this course is so disappointing. The classes are disorganized, convoluted yet shallow, and waste an awful lot of time. And they’re just lectures — you’re just watching him do stuff — no lessons where you can work along with him to really absorb what’s going on. My biggest complaints are 1) It seems like he didn’t prepare very much, so we end up watching him go through features one by one, sometimes just to try to find the thing that’s going to illustrate the point he’s trying to make; and 2) he’s unnecessarily confusing. Here’s an easy example. In the “parenting” class, which hinges on one layer’s relationship to another, he created identical layers and named them identically. So he’s explaining that “blue solid” is the parent to “blue solid.” And then he proceeds to discuss the layers, which are numbered #1, #2, #3, by calling them “the first layer” (#3), “the second layer” (#2), and “the third layer” (#1.) After Effects is complicated enough! Maybe I’m spoiled by having learned Illustrator with a wonderful Creative Live course. This is not that.