After Effects & Premiere Pro


Collaborate with your creative team using After Effects and Premier Pro CC. The dynamic linking capabilities of After Effects & Premiere Pro CC makes video post-production more streamlined and easier to manage. In this class, Jeff Foster demonstrates how you can use these two programs to make the post process more collaborative and manageable.

Software Used: Adobe After Effects CC (12.0), Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2013



  • This class was long on off-topic talk by the teacher, too short on actual demonstration of techniques and use of features. Also, there seemed to be poor planning for the class presentations. The video examples the teacher went to frequently hung the computer. With appropriate planning this could probably have been avoided. I resent paying for ad-hoc, hit-and-miss presentation salvaging. This appears to have been extracted from a longer presentation, and in my opinion it doesn't merit stand-alone class treatment.
  • I expected more from this class. The teacher crosses the same errors I have when using the dynamic link feature. A lot of Off-topic content.